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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama] Lost You Forever 长相思 starring Yang Zi, Zhang Wan Yi, Deng Wei & Tan Cian Ji

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Title: 长相思 / Chang Xiang Si
English title: Lost You Forever
Genre: Historical, romance, fantasy

Director: Qin Zhen, Guo Xiao (郭潇)
Screenwriter: Tong Hua, Wang Li Zhi
Producer: Li Li Ming (李黎明), Tang Pan Jing, Xiao Sha (肖莎), Yang Xiao Xin (杨小欣)
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: Tencent
Broadcast period:  

Note: Adapted from the 3rd book in the novel series "The Book of Mountain and Sea" (山经海纪) by Tong Hua (桐华)


Yang Zi as Xiao Yao / Wen Xiaoliu
Zhang Wan Yi as Cang Xuan
Deng Wei as Tushan Jing
Tan Jian Ci as Xiang Liu / Fang Fengbei
Dai Lu Wa as A Nian
Wang Hong Yi as He Shui Feng Long

Huang Can Can as Fang Feng Yi Ying
Wang Zhen as Shen Nong Xin Yue
Zheng Guo Lin as Gaoxin Emperor
Hou Chang Rong as Xuanyuan Emperor
Chen Xin Yu as White Robed Lady
Ye Xiao Wei as Tushan Hou
Gao Ji Cai as Lao Sang
Gao Xuan Ming as Chuan Zi
Chen Chuang as Lao Mu
Pu Tao as Sang Tian'er
Wang Lue Tao as Yue Liang
Sun Kai as Ma Zi
Shao Wei Tong as Li Rongchang
Shang Xuan as Hai Tang
Deng Shi Yun as Xuan Zhou
Gao Rong as Jing Ye
Li Shu Man as Xiao Xiao
Liu Bing Lu as Ling Lan
Xu Meng as Dan Shan
Peng Yi Bo as Zuo Er
Fu Rou Mei Qi as Miao Pu
Ding Jia Wen as Ru Shou
Li Jia Tong as Shan Hu
Wang Mo Tong


In ancient times, where gods, goddesses, demons, and mythical creatures live alongside humans, there are three mythical kingdoms -- Sheng Nong, Xuan Yuan, and Gao Xing -- that govern a region of the world. After Emperor Xuan Yuan plots and successfully destroys the Shen Nong kingdom in an epic war, the Xuan Yuan kingdom rules over both, while the Gao Xin kingdom remains neutral.


Emperor Xuan Yuan had a daughter, with Sheng Nong Chi You, named Gao Xin Jiu Yao that he kept secret.  He put her into the foster care of Queen Mother Yu Shan. Emperor Xuan Yuan dies in battle. Jiu Yao later escapes from Yu Shan and goes through all kinds of hardships and eventually disguises herself as a male doctor, settling down in Qing Shui Town. In Qingshui Town, Xiao Yao/Wen Xiao Liu accidentally rescues Tu Shan Jing, the future leader of the Tu Shan Clan, encounters Xiang Liu, a nine-headed demon, and meets her cousin, Xuan Yuan prince Qiang Xuan who had been searching for her in the wilderness.


Life is the encounter and separation, it is the starting time and oblivion, but there are always things that once happened, will leave traces, and there will always be a person who once appeared, will be unforgettable. The fated meeting at Qing Shui Town changed the destiny of everyone...


Credit: MDL, Dramawiki


**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**



Coming soon...



Coming soon...


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It's finally here. I've read before that it was going to be made into a drama series but news didn't follow up on it. I'm glad it's official. Another drama series to look forward to.

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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama] Lost You Forever 长相思 starring Yang Zi, Zhang Wan Yi, Deng Wei & Tan Cian Ji

Xiao Yao ends up with


Jing, but she almost marries Feng Long. Cang Xuan is her cousin, also in love with her.

I believe there’s an English translation of this novel at A Koala’s Playground. 

I’m looking forward to watching the first segment when Xiao Yao is in a male disguise as Xiao Liu - many funny moments there. The later parts are mostly politicking. Hope this airs soon - there’s nothing worth watching right now …. :sleeping:

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