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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2023] Meet Yourself 去有风的地方


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Credit: MangoTV


Chinese title: 去有风的地方 | Qu You Feng De Di Fang
English title: (unofficial title) Windy Place

Genre: Romance, Life, Drama

Episodes: 40

Director: Ding Zi Guang

Screenwriter: Wang Xiong Cheng, Shui Qian Mo

Broadcast Period: Jan 3, 2023 - Jan 27, 2023

Network: MangoTV, Hunan TV



Main Cast
Liu Yi Fei as Xu Hongdou
Li Xian as Xie Zhiyao
Hu Bing Qing as Nana
Niu Jun Feng as Hu Youyu

Supporting Cast


Wu Yan Shu as Granny Xie
Jing Lu as Granny Xie (young)
Dong Qing as Xie Xiaochun
Fan Shuai Qi as Huang Xinxin
Ma Meng Wei as Zhou Qingtian
Zhao Zi Qi as Bai Wanjun
Ma Bo Quan as Xie Zhiyuan
Yang Kun as Aunt A Gui
Ai Li Ya as Aunt Feng
Cui Yi as Liu Guiqin
Fu Jia as Xie Heshun
Jiao Gang as Xie Siping
Zhang Lei as Yang Deqing
Hao Wen Ting as Shen Xiaomei
Yuan Ran as Chen Zhilan
Liu Jin Long as CEO Liu
Xie Yu Tong as Aunt Hua
Zhao Pei Lin as Hong Hong
Zhou Bo as Uncle Xiang Dong
Wang Yi Jun as Liu Guiying
Xue Shu Jie as Dou Lao Lao
Cheng Yuan Yuan as Xiao Wei
Li Wei Long as Yang Guanjun
Xu Zi Li as Ye Sen
Wang Tian Yu as Xiao Liang
Zhao Jing Yi as Zheng Zi
Ma Yi as Xie Qiang
Song Fang Yuan as Xiao Yue
Peng Bi Yao as Ge Zi
Li Fang Ming as Da Xia
Cheng Zi Xin as Zhang Xiaolan
Chen Xiao Han as Xiao Xin
Han Xin Tong as Ke Xin
Li Jia Ming as Liu Xu
Liao Yin Yue as Li Meiyu
Qiao Xin Feng as Father Chen
Sun Min as Grandpa Yang
Zhang Shi Hong as Uncle A Chang
Li Jun as Uncle Ze Qing
Zhang Hao as Xiao Qin's father
Li Xiang as Hu Zi's father
Zhao Ai Cheng as Luo Xiaoqiao
Xu Zi Jia as Tuo Tuo
Ju Zi Xuan as Li Zixuan
Mu Yi Kai Fan as Guo Bai
Duan Chen Xi as Cui Lingdang
Shi Rui as Li Yulin
Ren Jie as Xie Huailan
Tan Li Fang as Xie Huailan (young)
Huang Zhen as Luo Quan
Wang Kai as Yang Xu
Qin Chuan as Father Ma
Wang Xin Fang as Grandpa Xie


Because of the death of her best friend, Xu Hong Dou's life and work falls into a slump. She goes to the "windy courtyard" in Yun Miao Village, Dali, to recuperate by herself. There, she meets Xie Zhi Yao, a local who quit his high-paying job and has returned to his hometown to start a business, with a group of peers from big cities.  Xie Zhi Yao begins to see Xu Hong Dou's kindness and seriousness. He invites her to use her years of experience in the hotel industry to help local employees improve their service awareness and help develop Yun Miao Village's cultural tourism business. At the same time, Xu Hong Dou is moved by Xie Zhi Yao's ideal of building a hometown so that the villagers can be independent and lead a purposeful life. The two fall in love and finally came together. As they work together they re-examin their past, help and inspire each other, start to heal and gain the strength to begin their lives again in this "windy place".


Cr MyDramaList| Dramawiki


A conceptual trailer




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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Current Mainland Chinese Drama] Meet Yourself 去有风的地方, premiered Jan 3, starring Crystal Liu & Li Xian

I watched episode 1. Wu Qian appears in a cameo as XHD’s best friend. Very touching scene of XHD listening to her best friends’s last voice messages. I teared up while watching it. Liu Yi Fei looks very radiant and natural in this drama - so neat and professional looking in her job as the Hotel Front Desk Manager, and really pretty in her off-work clothes - she really is a ‘Goddess’. 

I’m looking forward to the following episodes filmed in Yun Nan - scenery looks really nice in the preview 


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@omiki ah, that familiar voice from A Dream of Splendor, how comforting! And yes the scenery would be worth the watch - I wonder if that would be a regular treat viewers might get throughout the drama? If yes, I'd definitely be watching it, though I think the subs are coming out slow..

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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2023] Meet Yourself 去有风的地方

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