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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2023] Road Home 归路


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5 hours ago, pad-hari said:

But its catching up the pace slowly from 7th.

Ohh, hi and thanks for the tip. I watched 1.5 episode and am really confused bcs of the slowness and lack of dialog. Hope I can make it to ep 6 though, bcs so far I'm not enjoying it a lot... Honestly, from the trailer I expected a different kind of story.

On 3/20/2023 at 6:17 AM, Latte_Anyday said:

Can't help but feel Tan Song Yun is miscast here

I may agree with you on this one. But I will try to continue watching, she might prove us both wrong later...

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I agree with @Latte_Anyday and @leo2020  I watched episode 1 and it was sooooo slooooow that I almost fell asleeeeeeep    :sleeping:

I like Jing Bo Ran but Tan Song Yun looks a bit immature to act the adult version. Well, I’ll wait for this drama to show more episodes and see how the reviews are before proceeding. 

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This drama is not everyone's cup of tea.  It needs a lot of patience and tolerance to watch this beautiful romantic matured drama.

Now for the drama,


We can see how the show contrasted the difference between young and matured love.  How GX and LC grew up and realised what was important in relationship and how to keep it going strong.

It is already difficult to be in a normal relationship when you can see, talk & hug one another regularly. But to be in a long distance relationship with someone who is physically untouchable and is uncontactable most of the time.....that is the most difficult relationship to maintain, especially when you are young and going through a difficult patch in your life.  I have enjoyed every single episode. It's so sweet and romantic.  A lot of tolerance, understanding and definitely full whole hearted trust is shown here.


The original novel of this drama is already been translated.  So, if you read it and watch, it makes more sense and enjoyable.  the linkhttps://hui3r.wordpress.com/2019/11/23/the-road-home-归路-chapter-1/



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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2023] Road Home 归路

Agree, the chemistry is great! I haven't seen the ML before (I am new to Chinese dramas) but I know Seven Tan from Go Ahead (my first Cdrama, still love that one a lot). I love all the scenery and beautiful cinematography. Especially the snowy part at the beginning. It was filmed in Hemu Village, Xinjiang (up near the border with Kazakhstan, Russia, and Mongolia). I had to look that up because it just looks SO strongly like parts of the Rocky Mountains in the US (Idaho/Wyoming). Not just the mountains and snow but even the style of the farm buildings, with the newer tourist lodges overlaid on the existing ranching background. I felt like I was recognizing something I already knew, even though I have never even set foot in China before. 


Anyway, great slow burn chemistry, beautiful drama visually, and I like the soundtrack, too. It fits the scenes/locations/mood well.

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