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[Drama 2022] Gold Mask, 황금 가면 - Mon - Fri @ 19:50 KST


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Hangul: 황금 가면

Network: KBS

Genre: family, revenge, drama

Episodes: 100

Airdate: May 23 to oct, 2022

Airtime: Mon to Fri 19:50 KST

Director: Eo Soo-Sun

Writer: Kim Min-Joo

Official site:






The drama tells the story of finding the answer to life in a mad fight between three women due to a tragedy caused by false desires and greed.






Cha Ye Ryun as Yoo Soo Yeon

She grew up with ordinary parents. After graduating from college, she met Jinwoo on a trip and She falls in love and marries him. Her life seems to mirror that of Cinderella and she is envied by others, but her life isn't easy due to mistreatment from her in-laws.



Lee Hyug Jin as Kang Dong Ha

He studied in a prestigious university, he has a brilliant brain and he is a person with unstoppable business acumen when making investments by judging the situation quickly. He may look like a master who grew up unaware of hardships, but he has been collecting money for a long time. However, unlike his cold appearance, he is a thoughtful and warm man who knows how to care for others. The patented product that his father was proud of passed over to the present SA group, and eventually his father when he died of a heart attack, he set the goal of taking all the wealth and wealth of the SA group. But after she met Soo Yeon, her happiness became another goal.



Na Young Hee as Cha Hwa Young

She is a fashionista who stands out among the glamorous upper-class women, and she excels as the head of the SA group. She served as the president of the Ability and Volunteer Group, and participated not only in her sponsorship, but also in her direct service to create Noblesse Oblige. As her name became known as an example of a practicing chaebol, she became a wannabe among female business executives and female college students. However, contrary to what is known to the public, she is a traditional and powerful woman. She has a strong sense of pride that she comes from a noble family and a high-class society right down to her bones. She is a person with the duality of drawing an invisible line and valuing and ignoring people if they are not people.



Lee Whee Hyang as Go Mi Sook

On the surface, she appears to be the wife of a wealthy and glamorous life, but after that, he is a big money lender in Myeongdong, who comes to visit from the business world as well. After her husband's death, she scrambled to raise money. She rolls and rolls the money, and now she lives by paying her back to her finances.




Lee Joong Moon as Hong Yin Woo

From the outside, he has everything from family, abilities, and looks. His marriage to Soo Yeon improved his SA group image and solidified his position as a successor. However, in reality, he possesses a sense of superiority and arrogance with a sense of choice that is full of bones. The only thing he wanted and decided for himself was his love for Suyeon. He began to turn away from the thought that he would, and he became a bystander. Unknowingly, her heart for her was shaking, Yura began to squeeze through the crack.





Yeon Min Ji as Seo Yu Ra

She is a well-known Korean designer who has made a name for herself by going back and forth between luxury brands. With her wide network, her gorgeous looks and her excellent speech, people naturally flock to her side. She is the only daughter of a man and the only daughter raised by her father, a successful Korean businessman, and she is so well versed in the arts that she has even studied art history at a prestigious foreign university. While she stays at Hwayoung's house, she takes Hwayoung's son Jinwoo into her heart.



Gong Da Im as Hong Jin A (Yin Woo's sister)

She is completely self-centered and enjoys being noticed. Since she fell in love with Dong Ha at first sight, he has constantly confessed to him.  She's never been without what he wants, but he's crazy because he can't have Dongha.



Suporting Cast:


Park Chan Hwan as Hong Sun Tae (Yin Woo's father)


Seon Woo Eun Suk as Kim Hye Kyung (Soo Yeon's mother)

Jun In Taek - DramaWiki

Jeon In Taek as Yoo Dae Sung (Soo Yeon's father)


Hwang Dong Joo as Go Dae Cheol (Dong Ha's uncle)

Lee Joo Eun as No Young Ji (Soo Yeon's cousin)

Jung Min-Joon

Jung Min Yong as Hong Seo Joon (Soo Yeon's son)








Press conference













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  • 0ly40 changed the title to [Upcoming drama 2022] Golden Mask, 황금 가면 - Mon - Fri @ 19:50 KST- Premieres May 23th- Cast: Cha Ye Ryun, Na Young Hee, Lee Whee Hyang, Lee Joong Moon & Lee Hyug Jin
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  • 0ly40 changed the title to [Upcoming drama 2022] Gold Mask, 황금 가면 - Mon - Fri @ 19:50 KST- Premieres May 23th- Cast: Cha Ye Ryun, Na Young Hee, Lee Whee Hyang, Lee Joong Moon & Lee Hyug Jin
18 minutes ago, joccu said:

@Lmangla  it seem that there is a new revenge daily coming on our way.  

ooh, trailer looks good and dark. looks like it will be angsty revenge where we will be rooting for the villain to fall... 

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Looks like the ill treated protagonist is going to commit suicide. 

I'm guessing she'll come back with the same face, hair and teeth but manages to fool everyone in the drama for 3/4 of the show that she is somebody else, like Miss M, Temptations of wife etc. etc.

So exciting. :surprisedwut:


I think I'll wait and see. 

I have a syndrome: once I start watching I have to know the ending. 

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On 5/17/2022 at 1:35 PM, maribella said:

have a syndrome: once I start watching I have to know the ending. 


I do this in Agatha Christie novels :D


this one is real dark. No handsome second lead men??


It is mostly the same, if the female lead wants revenge, she will get it near the end. Same as Fatal Promise, Red Shoes, Elegant Mother and Daughter

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  • 0ly40 changed the title to [Current drama 2022] Gold Mask, 황금 가면 - Mon - Fri @ 19:50 KST

I watched the raw episode last night, it looked like she was such a nice considerate woman before getting married - some kind of event organiser. Although if I opened my eyes wider, I would say she showed signs of a doormat even before becoming the abused DIL. :smirk:

But it's only the first episode. The husband is not a well known face - not to me anyway. He's tied to the mum's apron strings.

Her father IL was Dae Jang Geum's father I think. Also the adoptive father of Na Yeon  in The Promise. Can I hope for an eye scratching revenge show? Not sure if I like the FL at this moment. :surprisedwut:

edit: to those who didn't get enough of the little boy in Second husband. He is in here. 

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1 hour ago, Lmangla said:

worth watching? 

It seems like the usual hackneyed  storyline of an abused DIL of a chaebol family. 


I kept FFWing. I can't bear to watch. The FL was abused from the beginning of the first episode. So I skipped most of it esp. when she was kicked out of the house in the rain. Second episode, she eats dinner wearing an apron. Conclusion? Earlier before being kicked out, must be. Treated like a servant, no ajummas.


The MIL from hell and could be a SIL were humiliating her at dinner in front of a guest - whom I am guessing cheating  or will cheat with her husband.


I wish someone would recap these awful abusive episodes.  I'll watch when the revenge starts.



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