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[Drama 2022] The Witch is alive, 마녀는살아있다


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Network: TV Chosun

Episodes: 16

Air Date: June 25 to Sep 10, 2022

Air Time: Saturday & Sunday 21:00

Director: Kim Yun-Cheol

Writer: Park Pa-Ran

site: http://broadcast.tvchosun.com/broadcast/program/1/C202200032.cstv




The black comedy mystery deals with three women tempted to murder during a peculiar time in their lives



Lee Yoo Ri in The Witch Is Alive Korean Drama (2022)

Lee Yu Ri as Gong Ma Ri

She is a housewife and she has a satisfying life with her husband and daughter. She learns that her husband is having an affair. Gong Ma Ri seeks an alternative method to end her marriage.


Lee Min Young in The Witch Is Alive Korean Drama (2022)

Lee Min Young as Chae Hee Soo

She is a daughter-in-law of a chaebol family. Her marriage life is not going very well. She takes care of her mother-in-law, who is physically unwell and suffers from Alzheimer’s. Chae Hee Soo endures her husband’s indifference to her and she also experiences difficulties in becoming pregnant. One day, her mother-in-law gives her a terrifying, but tempting offer.


Yoon So Yi in The Witch Is Alive Korean Drama (2022)

Yoo So Yi as Yang Jin A

Her husband is not a good person. Her husband’s death leads her to collect large amount of money from his life insurance policy. With that money, Yang Jin A is able to live a different life than what she was previously accustomed to. But, Yang Jin A tries to protect her money and suffers from anxiety that her money will be taken away by someone. 


Jung Sang Hoon in The Witch Is Alive Korean Drama (2022)

 Jung Sang Hoon as Lee Nak Goo
Kim Young Jae in The Witch Is Alive Korean Drama (2022)
Kim Young Jae as Nam Moo Yeong
Ryu Yeon Seok in The Witch Is Alive Korean Drama (2022)
Ryu Yeon Seok as Kim Woo  Bin
Chart relationship














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  • 0ly40 changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2022] The Witch is alive, 마녀는살아있다 - Premieres May - Sat & Sun 21:00 @ KST - Cast: Lee Yu Ri, Lee Min Young, Yoon So Yi
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@tulip06 I'm guessing this will be on Netflix. ???  We'll see next week.


  • Drama: The Witch Is Alive
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 16
  • Airs: May 7, 2022 - Jun 26, 2022
  • Airs On: Saturday, Sunday
  • Original Network: TV Chosun
  • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated


The source is from Mydramalist but their dates have been wrong.

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@tulip06as you can see below the dates have already changed.


I've been watching Netflix Love, Marriage, Divorce, Ghost. It just finished so I thought maybe this drama would take over. Why did I think it would be on Netflix I don't know.??


  • Drama: The Witch Is Alive
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 16
  • Airs: Jun, 2022 - 2022
  • Airs On: Saturday, Sunday
  • Original Network: TV Chosun
  • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
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:star:Spotlight: Young Bright Stars of Tomorrow:star:


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Let's celebrate their talent in our new Spotlight: Young Bright Stars of Tomorrow.  :partyblob:

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite Former K-drama child artists. :piggydance:




 Re : @confusedheart @partyon @Sleepy Owl @agenth

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  • 0ly40 changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2022] The Witch is alive, 마녀는살아있다 - Premieres June 25th - Sat & Sun 21:00 @ KST - Cast: Lee Yu Ri, Lee Min Young, Yoon So Yi



Favourite K-Dramas based on Web - Novels, Webtoons & Manhwa  

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re:  Your friendly neighbourhood EO Team


@confusedheart @Sleepy Owl @agenth and @partyon

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  • 0ly40 changed the title to [Current Drama 2022] The Witch is alive, 마녀는살아있다 - Sat & Sun 21:00 @ KST


This drama!  5 minutes into the drama and I knew I'm gonna like it. I was laughing for most. I wasn't expecting much but man, this drama is a hoot  :1646639759_ezgif.com-gif-maker(1):


I saw Lee Yu Ri from the thread and  I gotta check. I  watch most of her dramas because I like her and she's good so I check and I'm glad I did!


Just finished watching premier episode 1 and I was pleasantly entertained. I was  LOL for most of the scenes like OMG the fire scene how  Gong MarI  saw her husband all dishelved like TF with a  bulge. I laugh much.  It dawned on her that the younger woman  neighbor from   across  was the same one her pervert ego loving anchor husband was looking at.


Luvin Lee Yu Ri in this drama. I know  it's only episode 1 but heck. I'm happy I watch this! She kinda reminds me  Ayase Haruka  ( my fav ffrom jdramas and movies). She's riot in this drama. Her character is strong and good and livin  and vibin with  the life. I love that disco scene and her with the shades and dancing whoohoo! you go girl!  Hey  40 is the new 30! :partyblob:


Anyway, I love the friendship in this drama!  Gong Mari, Heesoo, and  Jinah  are  have been friends since they were young girls watching the new years eve Y2K doomsday  uncertainty leaving their youth goodby welcoming the 21st century. And yeah  One's a  divorce, one sing;e one killed?


I like the integration of the flashback.it's fluid. Good job there. It's atually present scenes but did the flasback whilst in the present so it's good for me.


MaRi - she married Lee Nak Gu who is national anchor. Natonal jerk if you ask me!  oh and peeping tom who the thinks too mucn of himself.  They have  teen daughter who's at boarding school.  Mari is like the millenial 40's of the three. She's strong not a pusher over when it comes to her husband. The husband wanted to divorce her because.... he said if she didn't get pregnant he woudn't have married her.  Mari thought her their romance was of love but it was just  lust. The husban wants to divorce and caboodles with younger woman who happens to be their neighbor. I think At least it was that neightbor. I need to watch ep 2. Heh!


Life as young girl for Mari was un happy one as her mother blames  and never lets her forget how her father died. On the day she was born was the day her father died due to car crash rushing to get to hospital to see her as a new born.


Lee Yu Ri's so good funny good acting! :thumbsup:


Heesoo - she's the  tame one. She's been wishing for a child but looks like she couldn't get preggers. She's been trying.  She married a rich  man who's an only son with three sister. She takes care of her mother in law without the husband knowing.  Looks like something will happen at the hospital that will get the mother in law killed? Hmm.


Jin Ah - the single one who has a tons of money thanks to the insurance the husband left when woobon died. Did he really die? Or was it scheme?  She's the artsy one with fashion  etc. Living the life with designer stuff. With all that money hiding underneath her mattress. Life does beging at 40. She's wary of cops. Heck with all that insurance money!


I like Ep 1. I like Yuri and her dialogues character.. Yeah Mari, kick that raging tent ( yeah I spelled it that way hehe) on your husband. It's not even for you. :kicks::smashes:



But my question.. who's that inside the trunk of the car? :lol:







cr: http://m.newspic.kr/view.html?nid=2022062610420082924&pn=82&cp=P7BFx43a&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=2022062610420082924&utm_source=np220326P7BFx43a





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On 6/25/2022 at 9:11 PM, backstreetboysfan said:

Here are the ratings for Episode 1! :).


TV Chosun’s new drama “Becoming Witch” (also known as “The Witch Is Alive”) premiered to an average nationwide rating of 3.4 percent


“Why Her?” Is Most-Watched Miniseries Of Entire Week As “Alchemy Of Souls” Remains No. 1 In Its Time Slot | Soompi

But where is episode 2? I watched the first on KOCOWA but can’t find 2 anywhere.

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Here is the ratings for Episode 2! :).


TV Chosun’s new drama “Becoming Witch” (also known as “The Witch Is Alive”) dipped to an average nationwide rating of 2.7 percent for its second episode.


“Why Her?” And “Alchemy Of Souls” Reign Over Their Time Slots In Fierce Battle For Drama Ratings | Soompi

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Have you booked your next trip yet?

If not, why not have a look at all these beautiful locations that have previously starred in kdramas? Come check it out - what do you want to see, or eat? 



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This drama still funny. Dark comedy about three women who're now in their 40's with different situations bonded by friendship and goals


Episode 2:  "Is An affair Conidered Love?"


" They say love has an experition date like canned goods. Scientifically speaking, love is just game played by hormone called dopamine and the experation date for dopamine is just 90 days. Then what do we do with that  has passed it's expiration date? Waht do we do? - Gong Mari


Having breakfast  and bickerinng already. Cheater hubby drank carton of milk and she said it's expired.

Achor L and GM  after 15 or was 20 yrs of marriage they're past that stage of love dovey. Jerko cheating hubby having an affair with younger woman who happens to live across. He wants a divorce. She gave in. There's just practically no love between there anymore. Though GM still holding on probably for her sanity and sake of daughter.


My husband is confessiong to me that he's in love with another woman. Love and  an extra marital affair betweem these two. There is a huge difference that can be explain through hormones or science. If I do it,  it's love.  If someone else does it, it's just an affair - Gong Mari


The scene  she gave in and said "it's simple. Okay.  Lets do it. Lets get a divorce".  She came to a realisation. Then gave the jerko hubby a satisfying kick in the nuts.   LGN is narct  self centered entitiled anchor.  He didn't actually love the GM but married her when she got pregnant. The scene was before the video of LGN went viral as netizen. GM must've planned already about speaking to reporter and to annouce that she's not divorcing  LGN.. Ho boy, cannot tame a witch on fire... so you want a divorce eh.. well she ain't agreeing to divorce and but plan to kill in some ways like make him suffer most likely.


Amongs the three ladies, Gong Mari and Jinah scene so funny. Heeso's life and what happened to her is sad.


Gong Mari and espeicllialy Jinah is such a mood! her expressions and all.




cr: http://m.newspic.kr


I like watching Lee Yu Ri as GM in comedic character. I'm so use to seeing her in melodrama. She always has to fight back with tears of dettermination. In this drama as her chaacter GM she  is still fighting back in strong laced with humor me type of determaination.


For Heeso, her story arc is sad. We learned in ep 2 that she lost the baby.  She's not divorce but they barely together. They've been trying to have a baby for th las three years. The husband is weary. And when he said, no more. He  told he he had a vasectomy. Aww. She's been trying.. not much the husband.


I wonder what her sick mother in law whispered to her. In the preview  she whispered  to MiL how does she want to be killed.


The identity of the person in the trunk of the car is still unknown.






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I had watched episodes 1&2, quite undecided if I liked the 3 characters. I like the story of 3 'don't give a damn' type of women.  But so far they seem farcical esp Mari. I like LYR in her revenge shows, absolutely satisfying watching her stand toe to toe against her adversaries. The ending of ep 2 is strange, she seems to put herself up for ridicule. A dark comedy? I had seen something like this on American tv. Mari reminds me of  Carol Burnett comedies. So sad I was so looking forward to another empowering revenge shows with LYR. Maybe will come back when it's halfway through.

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