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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2022] The Crack of Dawn 江照黎明


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Chinese title:  江照黎明
English title: The Crack of Dawn

Genre: Thriller, Life, Drama

Director: Niu Chao

Episodes: 12

Broadcast Date: Jan 27, 2022 - Feb 27, 2022

Network: Hunan TV, Mango TV



Ma Si Chun as Li Xiaonan
Bai Ke as Wang Cheng
Liu Kai as Su Rui
Zhang Yao as Yu Hong
Gao Xu Yang as Shen Qiang
Zhang Ben Yu as Song Hu
Shi Ke
Lang Yue Ting as Chen Mu
Zhao Shu Zhen
Yuan Wen Kang as Liang Heyu



The drama tells a story of self-preservation and strength of an ordinary woman who worked hard for a life of stability who is faced with her husband's malice and betrayal, the burdens and problems of life.



Cr MDL, 

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**





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I just checked out the first 2 eps.  Recomended.  Excellent Actings.  Don't Miss it.  Only 12 episodes.  

Correction:  It should be 24 Episodes !


It is a Female Suspense Topic Drama. The pace is fast.  No time wasted. 


Evil husband.  Lazy and a loser.  And now a Murderer.  Because he needs her Money.


The wife is so hardworking and patient. Daytime is a Top Real Estate Agent.  Nightime selling fried noodles at the Night Market. Never complain. Even though her mother does not like her husband.  She bought a condo with her own money with some help from her granny.


Her husband tried various ways to kill her:

- refuse to get her the Inhaler, when she has her Asthma Attack.

- meddle with the car brakes when she borrowed his car

- tried to kill her with medication

- lastly push her into the sea in a rainy and stormy night, knowing that she has a phobia for waters


But the Police found that it was not the wife who died.  But the scumbag husband, Su Rui


Luckily for her.  She has a Guardian Angel in a Former Male Schoolmate Admirer.  Or is He Another Nightmare?  This Drama is full of Surprises



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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2022] The Crack of Dawn 江照黎明

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