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[Drama 2022] Blind,블라인드


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2PM’s Taecyeon Angrily Confronts Ha Seok Jin After Apink’s Jung Eun Ji Goes Missing In “Blind”

2PM’s Taecyeon will set out on a frantic search for Apink’s Jung Eun Ji on the next episode of “Blind”!


“Blind” is a tvN mystery thriller about ordinary people who unfairly become victims of crime—and ordinary people who inadvertently become perpetrators by turning a blind eye to justice.


Taecyeon stars in the drama as Ryu Sung Joon, a detective in the violent crimes unit who is dangerously passionate about his work, while Ha Seok Jin plays his older brother Ryu Sung Hoon, a genius judge who tries to remain as cold and logical as possible when making judgments. Apink’s Jung Eun Ji stars as Jo Eun Ki, a social worker who becomes entangled with the two brothers after being selected as a juror for a murder trial.



On the previous episode of “Blind,” Ryu Sung Joon was shocked to recognize Ryu Sung Hoon in a childhood photo of the young boy who went by the number “11,” bringing him to the realization that his older brother had been adopted from the Hope Welfare Center. The episode then ended on a major cliffhanger as the mystery man who suddenly accosted Jo Eun Ki and covered her mouth with his hand was revealed to be Ryu Sung Hoon.




In newly released stills from the drama’s upcoming episode, Ryu Sung Joon is unable to hide his worry as he investigates Jo Eun Ki’s sudden disappearance. Afraid that she may have been targeted due to her mother’s connection to the Hope Welfare Center, Ryu Sung Joon passionately searches for evidence as to where Jo Eun Ki might be, practically glaring laser beams at a computer monitor at the police station.




In the next set of photos, a furious Ryu Sung Joon confronts his brother in a desolate area late at night. Grabbing Ryu Sung Hoon by the collar, the detective angrily asks him why he kept his identity a secret.






To find out if Ryu Sung Joon will be able to track down Jo Eun Ki—and why Ryu Sung Hoon ambushed her—catch the next episode of “Blind” on October 21 at 10:40 p.m. KST!


2PM’s Taecyeon Angrily Confronts Ha Seok Jin After Apink’s Jung Eun Ji Goes Missing In “Blind” | Soompi

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Watch: Taecyeon, Jung Eun Ji, And Ha Seok Jin Have Fun On “Blind” Set In Candid Behind-The-Scenes Video



Oct 21, 2022
by AliG

The making-of film for episodes 9 and 10 of “Blind” has been released!

“Blind” is a tvN mystery thriller about ordinary people who unfairly become victims of crime—and ordinary people who inadvertently become perpetrators by turning a blind eye to justice.

2PM’s Taecyeon stars in the drama as Ryu Sung Joon, a detective in the violent crimes unit who is dangerously passionate about his work, while Ha Seok Jin plays his older brother Ryu Sung Hoon, a genius judge who tries to remain as cold and logical as possible when making judgments. Apink’s Jung Eun Ji stars as Jo Eun Ki, a social worker who becomes entangled with the two brothers after being selected as a juror for a murder trial.

The video starts off with a tense scene involving Ha Seok Jin and Ahn Tae Ho, though that tension is swiftly broken as the director chimes in with very detailed instructions for the actors on how to make the scene even better. Then it moves on to a big fight scene involving Taecyeon, Kim Bup Rae, Yoon Jung Hyuk, and Kim Min Seok. Of course, their serious fighting is interspersed with lots of laughs as the actors goof around.



A scene showing a confrontation between Ha Seok Jin and Jung Eun Ji comes right after, the two petering off into conversations about just how cool they are when the cameras stop rolling. They are then joined by Park Ji Bin, who of course isn’t spared from their teasing and joking.




Finally, a scene between Taecyeon and Jung Eun Ji at a restaurant commences filming. The candid conversations between the two in between shots flow naturally. Between Taecyeon’s phone going off in the middle of filming and Jung Eun Ji’s dedication to making sure that Taecyeon doesn’t pretend to pass out on a table that has something spilled on it, they continue on with their eventful filming session.




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Blind: Episodes 9-10

by mistyisles



The plot continues to thicken with some important revelations that simultaneously raise new questions. Our detective is inching closer to the truth, but the truth may just upend everything he thinks he knows.




As the clock counts down, Tae-ho resigns himself to his fate. After apologizing for betraying the other kids, he kicks the chair out from under himself. Sung-hoon arrives not long after, and he and Sung-joon scramble to save Tae-ho. Sung-joon pulls on the cable attached to the noose until his hands bleed, but by the time they get Tae-ho down, it’s too late.

Before they can fully process Tae-ho’s death, they’re accosted by Moon-kang and his minions. Sung-joon puts up a good fight, but once Sung-hoon is overpowered, he’s quickly subdued as well. Wanting to torment Sung-joon as much as possible, Moon-kang wraps a gigantic chain around Sung-hoon’s neck to strangle him.

Though Sung-joon manages to break free, what really saves them is the arrival of the police. Moon-kang doesn’t try to escape or resist arrest. Neither do the brothers, but while Sung-joon is handcuffed, Sung-hoon isn’t, and the other detectives avoid meeting Sung-joon’s eyes.


We soon learn why: it was Sung-hoon who tipped the police off. Sung-hoon lets Eun-ki chew him out for betraying Sung-joon, but he had his reasons — he knew Moon-kang would kill them both if the police didn’t intervene. Unfortunately, the result is that both Sung-joon and Moon-kang are detained at the same police station. Which is exactly why Moon-kang let himself get arrested.

Sung-hoon, it turns out, has been sitting on the CCTV footage of Man-chun’s murder, but now he turns it over to the detectives. The footage clearly shows Moon-kang pushing Man-chun off the rooftop. As for Man-chun’s son, since Sung-joon resuscitated him from Moon-kang’s murder attempt, Police Chief Ki-nam’s lackey finished him off. Now Ki-nam orders that same detective to let Moon-kang take Sung-joon out and then do away with Moon-kang, too.


Feeling conflicted, the detective tries to double-cross Ki-nam by telling Moon-kang the plan and offering to help him escape. But Moon-kang just bashes his head in against the bathroom sink and goes looking for Sung-joon, who’s been left alone in the interrogation room. Before Sung-joon can react, Moon-kang wraps an electrical cord around his neck.

By the time Sung-hoon and the detectives get word of Moon-kang’s murder spree, Sung-joon has already tricked Moon-kang by pretending to pass out and reversed their positions so he’s the one doing the strangling. They have to wrestle him off Moon-kang, but there’s enough evidence to clear him of all charges and reinstate him as a detective.

That done, the investigation continues. While poring over Moon-kang and the detective’s call logs, Sung-joon finds one frequently dialed number in common: Ki-nam’s. His superior distracts Ki-nam so Sung-joon can swipe his phone. That’s how they find the video of Hye-jin’s murder, which tells them the killer is targeting family members of people associated with Hope Welfare.


Meanwhile, Eun-ki tracks down a nun who remembers sending three children to Hope Welfare: A boy named Gabriel (whom we know as #11), Yoon-jae, and Yoon-jae’s older sister. The girl’s whereabouts are unknown, Gabriel was adopted… and Yoon-jae died. His unclaimed ashes were buried with others in a mass grave.

Eun-ki takes Sung-joon to the gravesite, where troubling memories resurface. All this time, he’s remembered wrong — Yoon-jae was never his name, but a couple of other boys did call him that, around the time of his memory-wiping fall from play equipment. This identity crisis is extremely distressing for Sung-joon, and hearing him mumble about it in his sleep is just as distressing — if not more so — for Sung-hoon. He runs straight to the bathroom and reaches for a razor… oh. That explains so much.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2022/10/blind-episodes-9-10/

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Okay ep 11 an12.  I don't know how to do a spoiler tag so I'm just going to leave space.  SPOILERS AHEAD!



Didn't get to put my final thoughts from last week up but from what I can gather what I thought was right about Sung Hoon calling out to stop Yoon Jae from pushing SunJun...jealousy.  Obviously Yoon Jae resented Sung Hoon for not keeping his promise to him and his sister. Is Yoon Jae just telling each person who they want him to be like the mother and maybe Charles?  Anyway Yoon Jae was around Sung Jun in that park His spotty memories after fall Hearing the name being called out, kid telling him he was at Hope Welfare, etc. added more confusion. Mama minister is a piece of work though. Just for fun lol, what if mama had Sung Hoon before she married the judge?  Nowing how she would have been treated as a single mum she left him at the orphanage, then they sent him to Hope before the mom could get him back to 'adopt' him. I always thought BOF's cutie pie was Yoon Jae, #13, joker killer & not really dead. After of course it was clear Sung Jun wasn't Yoon Jae. I felt he planted things like the earring in the first victims car to sew doubt between the brothers. Like the deliberate yellow stain on the shoe stashed in Sung Hoon's car. I wish I had waited 'til it was finished to watch cause the weekly wait is killing me haha Also I think the scar on his ankle could have been shown on purpose to mimic 12. Ah 13, you are such a rascal.


I forgot to say he obviously picked the name In Seong deliberately. He knew the story because he heard it from 12. Didn;t 12 also say he couldn't wait to eat his mother's bread? So In Seong's mom actually abandoned him.  She probably immediately regretted it and ran to the captain, in which he found the kid and took him to Hope. Or should I say Nope!! Sheesh I feel like I'm writing fanfic lol 


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Put it in spoiler tags for you :)
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More is being exposed, but does it help our protagonists?


Episode title:  The Ultimate Suspicion

Ep 11 Recap - DO NOT READ unless you want to be spoiled:


Episode opens where we left off last week.  EunKi and YuNa both hear the eerie whistling.  A dark figure walks through the Center grounds.

  • EunKi is on her way to the storage.  YuNa is in the attic.  SJ is in SHs home office (and again we ask ourselves...why?)  The Joker is twirling a scalpel.
  • A man in a poncho grabs EunKi from behind.  It is SH.  He holds her mouth.  
  • SJ realizes SH is #11.  He finds the pictures of the juror in the desk drawer.  He tries to call SH.. no answer.  He calls SeokGu and asks him to track SH.
  • SH is driving away.   He turns into a driveway to a house in a wooded area.
  • Mother has been officially appointed.  SJ storms in and confronts her.  She denies any adoption and says both are her biological sons.  SJ shows her the photo from the orphanage.  She is shocked.  SJ knows it is a picture of SH.  Why is she lying?
  • Dad walks in, he says it was for the sake of SH.  SJ asks about Hope.  Dad says he found out about it when the director was arrested and it was being closed.  The kids had no where to go.  Mother says she adopted because SJ was always alone.
  • Dad says to forget it.  They are all family.  SJ explodes.  For the last 20 years, he thought he was adopted.  Mother ask why he thought that way.  His response, "I know, I wonder why I came to think that way."  SJ leaves.
  • He thinks back.  After his accident he didn't know who he was.  All he saw was his parents doting on SH.
  • SeokGu calls.  Shs phone is off, but they have his last location, Children's Center.  They are there and they found a little blood on the ground.  The CCTV was broken on purpose.  He thinks the target was EunKi.
  • SJ goes to see the traffic cams.  He recognizes SJs car leaving the area.  The officer tracks the car until it enters an area with no CCTV.  SJ goes to the area and sees SHs car in a driveway.
  • As he looks around he sees SH burying something.  "Where's EunKi?"  SJ starts to dig.  He finds something.  SH found a dead animal on the road.
  • EunKi comes out of the house.  He calls the captain and lets him know.
  • EunKi tells him what happened.  After SH grabbed her, they saw the Joker head for the storage.  SH told her not to call the police.  He doesn't trust them.
  • SJ starts to question SH about his secrets.  Hope Center.  #11. "That's you."  SILENCE....
  • Why did he hide it?  Because if he revealed it, everyone would suspect him as the Joker.  He finally says it, "Yes, I'm #11.  If I could erase it, I'd erase all of it.  That's how terrible those memories are."
  • SH gets a text.  It's pictures of him and YuNa.  "It's because of you."  YuNa is in danger.  EunKi says she was at the center.  They talked and she left.  She realizes it was right about the time that SH came.  They rush to the center..
  • SH runs to the attic.  There is a cabinet in the middle of the floor.  Blood is leaking from it.  He opens it.  He gasps and starts to cry.  SJ comes in.  EunKi arrives.  (OST #3 plays.  It fits this scene so well)
  • EunKi is devastated.
  • SH gives SJ his statement (sort of) at the police station.  He says he went to apply to be YuNa's patron.  He saw the Joker, not his face.  He says he found out YoonJae was dead shortly after he was adopted.  "Where is YoonJae's noona?"  He doesn't know, they were separated once they got to Hope.
  • He asks about #12.  SH says they didn't talk about themselves.  It was a prison.  They were put to work morning to night at an incineration plant (oh, so that's what it was).  All they were fed was stew with rotten vegetables and a ball of rice.  Kids who died because of illness or beatings were buried in a mass grave or were donated to research.
  • They tried to escape several times, but were always caught.  The last time, they were betrayed by Ahn TaeHo.  
  • Chief enters the observation room and they tell him that is SJ older brother, judge Ryu SungHoon.  
  • Hacker is in front of mom's restaurant.  He reads the flyer on InSeong.
  • Chief tells Crazy Dog that the adopted child was SH.  Chief wants him to take care of SH.
  • SH walks through town.  He passes the photo place where and YuNa took the funny pictures.  They had talked about her trying to change her future.
  • EunKi gos to see YuNas mom.  The police had already called her earlier.  All she can talk about is getting compensation.  EunKi can't believe what she's hearing.  She cries on the steps.  SH finds her.
  • SeokGu and SJ are investigating the attic.  YuNa wrote something on the door of the cabinet.
  • EunKi having tea with SH at home.  Thy talk about YuNa.  SJ comes home.  SH says EunKi will stay for awhile.
  • SJ offers his room, of course he has to tidy up a bit.  He tells EunKi that she will have a security detail protecting her.  It wasn't a coincidence that the Joker was targeting her.  Everyone is related to Hope.
  • Crazy Dog is using the "insanity" card to get out of jail.  He is banging his head on the bars.
  • The police team is putting all the jurors on protective watch.  They can't find the PD.
  • He is in hiding.  He puts something in a locker.
  • SJ is with the coroner.  Same killer.  YuNa has defensive wounds.
  • EunKi goes to see her mother to ask why she lied.  Why didn't she help those kids in the past?  They were being abused and killed.  She wants her mom to reveal the truth now.  Until she does, EunKi doesn't want to see her. Her mom is the one who called the TV station.  The PD said he would reveal everything.  But ... nothing...
  • The PD is on the street.  He is confronted by someone.
  • SJ is writing the boys #s on the board.
    • #7, Ahn TaeHo, deceased
    • #24, "?", deceased
    • #13, Jung YoonJae, deceased 
    • #11, "hyung", survived
    • #12, "?", "?"
  • SeokGu brings the report on YuNas phone.  He says she must have been close to SH.  They see the funny pictures and also the ones of SH going to Choi's house (taxi)
  • SJ goes to the place that took the rooftop video.  He finds out that SH got the video about 3-4 days after and it was an advertising ballon, not a drone.  SJ wonders why he hid the evidence at first.
  • Scene at the center.  YuNa is following a hooded man.  It is SH. (I think these are SJs thoughts, not reality)
  • SH is looking at the embezzlement documents.  He goes to see his father.  It's his last case.  He asks him if he has any regrets.  He does.
  • EunKi tells SJ about the footage the PD may have.  
  • SeokGu says they have a witness that saw PD.  They go to the locker, but it already empty.  They check the CCTV.  Someone else picked up the package.
  • SH goes to the sushi restaurant.
  • SJ goes home and searches SHs room.
  • SH comes home and SJ asks about the drone.  SH says it was a balloon.  He found the video the same day he gave it to the captain.  
  • SJ goes to the garage and searches SHs car.  He finds the black outfit and sneakers.  He runs back to the apartment but misses SH, who has just left.  He follows.
  • SH goes to a remote area and meets the man in black.  SJ can't hear what they are saying.  The joker stabs SH in the stomach.  SJ runs to him...END

Preview Ep 12

  • SJ looking at pictures of the crime scenes Voiceover is SJ saying he thinks he has figured out who is the killer (me, too, after all we are running out of living suspects :lol:.  I wonder if we are thinking of the same person)
  • EunKi asking the unconscious SH, "Who is it?"
  • Coroner looking at the bones they found. 
  • SJ looking at his phone, "It was a sushi knife."
  • SJ telling SeokGU, "He's hiding something"
  • Charles at mom's restaurant??
  • Someone scribbing, looks like someone who is mentally impaired.
  • SJ visits the chef (Oh, I guess we are thinking about different people, SJ)
  • Hacker talking to "Mom" at the restaurant, saying she bought him vanilla ice cream, his favorite (OH NO!!!!, not MOM)
  • SJ finds a bloody knife (looks like at the sushi restaurant)
  • Police digging (looks like several sites in the mountains)  Looks like they found at least 2 sets of remains, maybe more.
  • SJ is saying someone is impersonating Jung YoonJae.
  • Bones and track uniform at the dig.  Can't see the number.
  • SJ questioning the chef at the station.  (I guess we were thinking about different people)  SJ asks, "Where is your brother?"
  • EunKi telling SJ, "What if YuNa's message was not a name"
  • Crazy Dog strangling SH in the hospital.
  • SJ looking at the bloody message (Sorry, can't make out what it says)


Now I am beginning to think that SH is not part of the revenge plan.  I think he may know the players, and is just keeping quiet.  He may have planned to not interfere, but he has built a relationship with SJ and EunKi and can't stand by and let them get hurt.  


My subs for ep 12 aren't ready yet, so see you tomorrow.

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I watched both episodes; my thoughts in the spoiler.  



ep 11

  • So Yu Na was killed because she was close to the Judge?
  • I felt bad when SJ confronted his parents about his lineage.  In a way, I can see adoptive parents trying to focus on the adopted child so they feel welcomed.  
  • Yu Na's mom is horrible, isn't she?  No sadness at all when she learned that her daughter was dead?
  • Now I'm getting confused about the joker.  Is it two different killers?  If not, why does s/he leave the joker smile on some victims and not others?

ep 12

  • I noticed that SJ/SH's omma was so torn when SH was injured, but when SJ was injured, it was burdensome.  Sure, SJ was more seriously injured, but shouldn't she had some sympathy toward SJ?  Same with the father.
  • What's going on between the #12 and the chef?
  • Why does SJ recall some of what happened to the boys if he wasn't there?

I need answers now! :joy:

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The news is out, but I will use spoiler tags anyway.


Episode title:  Another Person's Life

Ep 12 Recap - DO NOT READ unless you want to be spoiled:

  • SH is in the operating room.  SJ waits anxiously outside.  He recalls the incident in the woods.  Parents arrive.  The doctor comes out.  The knife hit vital organs and bone.  Not sure if he will regain consciousness.
  • Young SJ is on the jungle gym.  Another boy climbs up behind him.  SH yells, "YoonJae, no!"  The other boy pushes SJ off the edge.
  • Today.. SJ wakes up.  EunKi comes in.  SJ tells her SH was attacked by the joker.
  • SJ says he thinks he figured out who is the Joker.
  • Police are investigating at the scene of the attack.  SJ starts looking around the area and spots a wildlife cam.
  • The police team reviews the footage and sees the culprit.  They also found a fragment of the weapon lodged in SH.  They talk about the boys from Hope.  They have identified #7, #11, #13.  Missing are #24 and #12.  They need to find the grave for #24.  SJ wants to talk to Crazy Dog, but he's been sent to the hospital.
  • SJ goes to chief.  Why did he send him to the hospital?  SJ says he knows he's was involved with Hope.  Where are the children?  Chief says he should ask his mother.
  • A women is protesting in front of mother's office.  Her son was at Hope.  He hasn't been the same since.  She wants help.  Mother says she will investigate Hope.
  • Inside, she asks her aide if the reporters have seen the woman.  They have, but didn't seem interested.  She tells him to send her away and make sure she doesn't come back.
  • As they are trying to get her to leave, SJ drives up.  He sees her signs, "Hope Welfare Center", Reveal the truth", "Compensate the victims"
  • He asks to meet her son.  She had sent her son away as they were having financial difficulties.  When she heard the center was closing, she went to get her son and he had become mentally disabled.
  • SJ wants to try to speak with him.  She says don't use his name, call him #45.
  • SJ tries, but the boy is afraid.  SJ says his brother is #11.  SJ asks about #24.  He stops for a moment, but then loses it.
  • SJ goes to see EunKi.  She says she may be able to help.  She's worked with kids that have trauma.
  • She goes to the center to get some communication tools.  The hacker calls.  She meets with him.
  • She says he is such a good person and wonders how they got swept up in this thing.  She says she just found out her mother worked at Hope.
  • Hacker says he doesn't know why he is included.  But he doesn't have any memory of his birth parents.  He wonders why SJ didn't tell her his story.
  • SJ goes to see SH.  He watches over him.
  • EunKi goes to see the "boy" from Hope.  His developmental age is 7.  He is writing numbers over and over again on a pad.  EunKi tries to look at one of pads, but he won't let her.
  • Hacker is in front of Mom's restaurant.  It is closed.  Mom comes.  She says she will make something.
  • He asks about the boy on the flyer.  He says he lost his mother 20 years ago.  He describes her.  He says she had bought him some vanilla ice cream.  He tells her he is the boy on the flyer.  He calls her "eomma".  She cries, he holds her hand.
  • The chef is watching from outside.
  • EunKi takes a pad for SJ to look at.  She says "JinGu" is stuck in fear at Hope.  It will take awhile to get through to him.  He may never speak.  She says it could help if she knew what happened there.
  • SJ shows her a video of SHs statement.
  • Mom tells SJ that the hacker is her son.  She thanks SJ, since he brought him to the restaurant.  The police team is happy for her.
  • She hasn't checked the DNA, she doesn't want/need to.  There will be a party.
  • She tells the chief she found her son.  He invites her to his office to talk.  Hacker told her he doesn't remember anything from his childhood.  Chief is relieved.  When he says it's a good thing, we see Mom thinking back.  It seems she abandoned her son, InSeong, that time he was eating ice cream.
  • EunKi is working with "JinGu".  She gets him to play with bubbles, sing songs, make music.  She goes to see unconscious SH and tells him about it.  She tells SH, she will help him too.
  • The party is at the sushi restaurant.  The police team and the jurors are there.  The shaman is getting cold again.  
  • SJ happens to see a scar on the hackers ankle.
  • SJ and the hacker talk outside.  SJ asks about the scar.  His adoptive mother told him he had it when he came.  He doesn't remember, but he has nightmares.  Running in the woods, getting caught in a trap.  The chief is watching.
  • The team decide that the hacker is #12.  They need to find #24.  One detective suggests the chef, because he is good with a knife.  SJ says no, it might be his older brother.  SJ tells them their parents know the chief.
  • SJ says the chief may have acted like he was helping, but in reality he prevented parents from finding their children.  SJ tells him about the skeleton photo the chief was looking at before.
  • SeokGu says maybe it was the one they found and shows him pictures.  SJ sees a necklace like his.
  • SJ goes to see the coroner.  It's probably a young girl, about 14.  She can't determine cause of death.  SJ asks about DNA.  She might have enough cells.  She reconstructs the face.
  • Joker caught the PD and put him in a barrel.  The Joker is in the car looking at a video.  This might be what the PD put in the locker.
  • SJ compares the facial reconstruction to the girl in the photo and determines it is probably YoonJung.  But why did the Joker exhume the remains?
  • The coroner gives SJ the report on the weapon fragment found in SH.  It was likely a sashimi knife.  He goes to see the chef.
  • He and SeokGu check all the knives.
  • EunKi is working with #45 again.  She invites him to a picnic and asks him to bring friends.  She points to his pad, #15, #19, #24, and #7.  She gets a reaction.
  • "#7 isn't here", #24 isn't here either".  She asks where are they.  "They ran away"
  • She says, "24 and TaeHo".  He gets excited and says you can't use names here.  EunKi works with him.  After awhile he calms down and says, they should take #24 to the picnic.  He tells her #24s name.
  • She calls SJ and tells him #24 is Lee HyunSoo.  He asks the chef if he knew his brother was at Hope.
  • He says no.  SJ sees him trying to hide something under the counter.  It is a bloody knife with a broken tip.
  • Chef is questioned at the station.  He is admitting to stabbing SH.  He didn't throw out the knife because it is precious to him.
  • When they leave the room, SJ tells SeokGu he is NOT the culprit, but he knows something.
  • SJ goes to a knife makers shop.  The knife was purchased by Jung YoonJae.
  • SJ asks the chef who gave him the knife?  He feigns ignorance.  SJ tells him he is not the culprit.
  • The police are digging in the woods.  They have found several bodies.  They have found #24.
  • Hacker and mom are looking at photos on his phone.
  • SJ is looking at victims' and crime scene photos.  He writes the numbers and names on the board again.  He stops in the middle of Jung YoonJae.  He goes to the photos again and looks at YuNa's message.  (좋은 and part of a word) Was that someone's name...or..
  • SJ goes home to talk to EunKi.  He asks about YuNa.  He tells her about the message she wrote.
  • EunKi has a hard time looking at the message.
  • The head goon is disguised as a hospital worker and is going to see Crazy Dog.
  • EunKi is crying in her room.  She calms herself and starts thinking about the message.  She remembers her conversation with EunKi when the hacker came to the center.  She described him as a "good young man" (좋은 청년)
  • She runs to the living room and tells SJ maybe is wasn't a name, but a description.  We don't hear her tell SJ she thinks it is Jung InSeong, hacker.
  • Crazy Dog is looking for #11.
  • SJ is somewhere looking at archived adoption papers.  He finds the hackers papers.  The photo on the adoption papers is Jung YoonJae.
  • The hacker is visiting SH.  SH opens his eyes.  He sees YoonJae...END


  • SJ rushes to the restaurant
  • YoonJae is saying, "Mom, how shall I kill you?"
  • YoonJae is talking to the tied up PD
  • YoonJae is with Mom
  • YoonJae is with SH
  • "The day of the final party"
  • SJ asks SH about #45
  • EunKi asking someone where is her mom
  • Someone in Mother's house
  • SJ saying maybe YoonJae has gathered everyone in the same place.
  • Looks like Crazy Dog stepped in a trap
  • Chief wakes up in the room of cells
  • SJ and SH open a container, seems like they found something gruesome
  • YoonJae, says Save yourself by killing someone within 10 minutes
  • Looks like he has gathered:  EunKi, EunKi's mom, SJ/SH's mother, Mom, Crazy Dog, chief, PD (I didn't see her, but I assume the shaman is there as well)
  • SJ enters the building, but there is a bomb.  It will be triggered if anyone opens the door to the cell area.
  • SJ is yelling at someone

It is going to be tough to wait for the next episode.


I guess the Joker is tired of playing and just pressed Fast-Forward.  We were running out of suspects anyway.  

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Blind: Episodes 11-12

by mistyisles



Another murder hits painfully close to home for our investigative team, driving a new wedge of distrust between them even as it draws them closer to each other — and to the killer’s true identity.





While Sung-joon reels from learning that Sung-hoon is #11, Sung-hoon ambushes Eun-ki outside the children’s center. Sung-joon is so blindsided that he forgets about the potential danger until blood splatters are found at the center — and no sign of Sung-hoon or Eun-ki. When he finally locates Sung-hoon, he’s throwing the last few shovelfuls of dirt onto what looks like a fresh grave.

Thankfully, it’s all a big fakeout. What Sung-hoon just buried was roadkill, and Eun-ki is safe and sound inside the house. Sung-hoon simply helped her evade the killer.

But then the real blow lands: Yoo-na, the teenage girl in Eun-ki’s charge, was still at the center when the killer arrived. Thwarted from getting Eun-ki, the killer murdered Yoo-na instead, leaving her to bleed out in a cabinet.


Eun-ki, of course, is gutted. And though he doesn’t show it quite as plainly, so is Sung-hoon. What little time he spent with Yoo-na had reminded him of both his lost childhood and his resolve to live well despite the hell that was his youth. Now that Eun-ki is again displaced, Sung-hoon invites her to stay with him and Sung-joon.

Sung-joon, meanwhile, is hurt and angry in his own way, especially because he can’t shake his suspicions about Sung-hoon. As soon as he can, he brings Sung-hoon in for questioning about his time at Hope Welfare. Sung-hoon obliges, his voice thick with emotion as he describes the horrific conditions he and the others endured and how society at large betrayed them. Though Sung-joon is moved by the story, his suspicions linger.


It’s an interesting reversal of the early episodes: now, Sung-joon is the one convinced that his brother is not to be trusted. But this time, instead of wondering along with him, we can be fairly confident that he’s mistaken — so the tension comes more from worrying over what the killer will do next while Sung-joon pursues the wrong leads.

But that’s not to say Sung-joon doesn’t have good reason to be suspicious. There’s a lot that Sung-hoon has kept secret or outright lied about — like how and when he got the footage of Moon-kang murdering Man-chun — and he continues to evade Sung-joon’s pointed questions. Plus, all the CCTV footage shows the killer dressed just like Sung-hoon was when Sung-joon saw him at the wedding-turned-murder-scene.




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2PM’s Taecyeon Embarks On A Thrilling Chase To Hunt Down The Killer In “Blind”

Will 2PM’s Taecyeon be able to stop the killer in “Blind”?


“Blind” is a tvN mystery thriller about ordinary people who unfairly become victims of crime—and ordinary people who inadvertently become perpetrators by turning a blind eye to justice.


Taecyeon stars in the drama as Ryu Sung Joon, a detective in the violent crimes unit who is dangerously passionate about his work, while Ha Seok Jin plays his older brother Ryu Sung Hoon, a genius judge who tries to remain as cold and logical as possible when making judgments. Apink’s Jung Eun Ji stars as Jo Eun Ki, a social worker who becomes entangled with the two brothers after being selected as a juror for a murder trial.



On the previous episode of “Blind,” it was dramatically revealed that Jung Yoon Jae was actually the seemingly harmless juror Jung In Sung (played by Park Ji Bin). The episode ended on a suspenseful cliffhanger as Jung Yoon Jae, who had previously stabbed Ryu Sung Hoon and left him comatose, snuck into Ryu Sung Hoon’s hospital room.


In newly released stills from the drama’s upcoming episode, Ryu Sung Joon sets out on a frantic chase to hunt down Jung Yoon Jae before anyone else gets hurt. From the restaurant owned by Jung In Sung’s long-lost mother to the Hope Welfare Center itself, the detective runs all over town looking for traces of Jung Yoon Jae’s trail.







To find out if Ryu Sung Joon will be able to get to Jung Yoon Jae in time, catch the next episode of “Blind” on October 28 at 10:40 p.m. KST!


2PM’s Taecyeon Embarks On A Thrilling Chase To Hunt Down The Killer In “Blind” | Soompi

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Here are the ratings for episode 13! :).




“The Golden Spoon” Jumps Back Up To All-Time High As “Blind” Sees Sharp Rise

Meanwhile, tvN’s “Blind” jumped to an average nationwide rating of 3.2 percent, marking an increase of a full percentage point from last Saturday’s 2.2 percent. The mystery thriller also took first place in its time slot across all cable channels last night.


“The Golden Spoon” Jumps Back Up To All-Time High As “Blind” Sees Sharp Rise | Soompi


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Ah episode 13 was so good. Everything I had guessed came true but there are still things left to explain and I like that. It really manages to give and take quite well. It is really well constructed and always leaves thinsg out in order to balance the story and keep the viewers entertained.



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Got both episodes/subs at the same time.  Will try to do them both today.


Episode title:  The People Who Disappeared

Ep 13 Recap - DO NOT READ unless you want to be spoiled:


Just one more week after this one.  Everything is being revealed...

  • SJ is looking at Jung InSeong's adoption papers.  He recognizes the picture on the documents as Jung YoonJae.
  • At the same time SH has a visitor.  He opens his eyes to see InSeong/YoonJae.  Another guest arrives, Crazy Dog.  YoonJae leaves.
  • Crazy Dog calls him #11.  He asks where is #13.  SH won't say and he chokes him.  Crazy Dog recalls YoonJae leaving and something clicks, he runs after him, but he's gone.
  • SJ arrives quickly to Mom's restaurant.  It is closed.  Note on door, "I found my son after 20 years.  I plan to spend time with him.  I'll be back soon."
  • Mom is at home cooking and gets a call from "police son".  The pots are boiling, so she can't answer.  YJ (YoonJae) comes home.  She's making seaweed soup, one of Inseong's favorites.  YJ doesn't eat breakfast.
    • Past...YJ gets his riceball and sees InSeong crying in the corner.  He misses him mom.  YJ asks why he is at Hope if he has a mom.  Was he abandoned?  Lots of kids at Hope were abandoned.  YJ says they are naive to think they lost their moms.  "Want me to kill her?" (YJ says that with a smile.  He was kinda sick even then.)
    • InSeong looks with disbelief.  YJ, "If you change your mind, tell me."
    • "I'll kill your mom for you." (more smiling :tears:)
  • YJ will eat today, since it is a special day :tears: :tears: :tears:
  • Phone rings again, YJ says it must be telemarketers. 
  • SJ goes to YJ's apartment.
  • YJ asks Mom why she did that ... abandon him.  Mom is stunned.  She recalls that day.
  • We see her leaving InSeong, but turning around as soon as she boards the bus.  She goes back but he is not there.
  • YJ says that #12 said the same thing.  He bites into a peach, not knowing that InSeong is allergic to peaches.  Mom tries to stop him, but he says he has always liked peaches. Mom is confused.
  • SJ arrives at hospital.  SH is awake and EunKi is there.  He asks if SH remembers anything. (Always the detective B))  Why did he go there?
  • SH asks how he knew he was there.  SJ admits he tailed him because he suspected him.  He is #11, he knew Crazy Dog killed JMC, he knew Ahn TaeHo wasn't Choi's house, the black clothes hidden in his trunk, especially the sneakers with the yellow paint mark.  He tells SH he saw the sneakers himself.
  • He doesn't suspect him anymore because he saw the Joker stab him.  But why did SH lie.
  • SH admits he knew Crazy Dog killed JMC early on, but he hid that because he wanted to catch the Joker.  He knew Crazy Dog was after the Joker.  He was tailing the suspect in secret, that's when he got the paint on his shoes.
  • Who is the suspect?  Jung InSeong.
  • They put out an APB on Jung InSeong.  The police go to his workplace.  BUT there is a different Jung InSeong there.
  • They call SJ to let him know.  They have also located Mom.  When he gets there, she is looking at pictures on her phone of "InSeong".  He is not there.  SJ takes their toothbrushes.  He tells her he is going to do a DNA test.  She doesn't want to.
  • EunKi wants SH to list what he wants to do after he gets out of the hospital, nothing work related. (I guess that is some kind of social worker therapy???)
  • SJ and SeokGu are on stake out at the sushi restaurant.  SJ thinks there must be a connection if he was willing to take the blame for him.  The results of the DNA test are out, they are not related.  AND the DNA matches the skeletal remains, they are siblings.
  • SJ goes to see Mom, he only finds her phone.
  • We see a bound and gagged PD escaping from a metal drum.  Unfortunately YJ arrives.  He apologizes for whatever it is that he did.  (Never a good idea to lie to the killer)  "How shall I kill you?"  PD begs for forgiveness.  He won't kill him yet.  He shoves him back in the drum.  The chef arrives.
  • The chief is in his office.  He gets a message.  It is a picture of him with Jung YoonJung, YJ's sister.  He calls the number.  "Who are you?"  The man on the other side says it is the PD.
  • Chief shows the picture to Crazy Dog.  Says they want 100M won.  Chief thinks this is an opportunity to get PD and eliminate YJ.  (Ever the optimist :wacko:)
  • Mother is looking at her phone.  (hard to get what she is thinking by her expression.  she doesn't seem shocked or worried, more like she is planning something)
  • EunKi has made porridge.  She gets a message.  It is a picture of her mom tied up.  She gets a call from "InSeong".  "Did you get the picture?"  (Not hiding anymore...I guess he figures she's already heard from SJ)  Her mom's life is in her hands.  He gives her instructions, without the police.
  • When she gets to the taxi stand, the chef is driving a taxi.
  • Father is visiting SH.  Mother left her office, but now her phone is off.  She took out a large sum of money.
  • Police station.  Missing:  EunKi, her mother, Mom, chef, shaman, mother, and "piece of trash" chief.  (His words, not mine :D) and PD from before.  SJ suggests YJ is gathering them in one place.  Captain says they should focus their search.  SJ is assigned to EunKi (of course!)  The others will focus on the smartwatch.
  • SeokGu finds the shamans watch in the forest where her emergency call came from.
  • EunKi is driven to a house in the hills.  It's not her mother.  It is SJs mother.  Why is chef being like this, he wasn't even at Hope.  He says it's not because of his brother.
  • SH is at home.  He sees the scribbles EunKi brought.  SJ says no clues where EunKi may have gone.  SJ explains the scribbles were done by #45.  SJ doesn't remember him.
  • There is a clue on the scribbles. "2-4-0".  It's the address where YoonJung was taken.
  • There is a bomb attached to the door.  SJ sees someone inside.  He calls YJ.
  • YJ says everyone is inside and he was just waiting for him to arrive.  He says the bomb will explode, killing everyone when he opens the door.  He will be responsible.
  • He says there is a gift in the drum.
  • SJ doesn't think anyone is in the house.  He thinks everything is just a decoy to waste time.  SH thinks they might be at Hope, which is nearby.
  • In the cell area:  chief on the floor, PD, shaman, Mom, EunKi and her mom, and Mother in cells.
  • Chief thinking back. 
    • He came to Hope with a bag of money.  YJ welcomes him.
    • Chief said he paid for his wrongdoings with his daughter's life.  He's brought 200M won.  He says they are even and he just wants the evidence.
    • Chief was expecting Crazy Dog as backup, but he didn't show.  He runs, YJ shoots him with a dart.
  • He now sees Crazy Dog on the floor against a wall.  He had planned on being backup.  He thinks back
    • With a knife approaching a car.  It's empty.
    • YJ shows himself and runs.  (hmm is this a familiar path?)  Crazy Dog trips a wire and falls.
    • limping, he continues the chase.  He steps in an animal trap. (and justice prevails!  If YJ had stuck to the evil doers, I probably wouldn't hate him so much.  But he is hurting innocent people.  I can't excuse that.)
  • EunKi wakes up.  Everyone starts to wake up and come out of their cells.
  • YJ is heard on the speakers.  Chief asks what he wants.  "Your lives"
  • The way to stay alive.  If one person dies, the rest can live.  (Now would you trust a person who bribed  and lied to you to get you there in the first place?  Not me.)  Decide in 10 minutes or everyone dies.  pandemonium
  • EunKi (the voice of reason cautions everyone to not believe the serial killer).  But the real evil doers,  Mother, Crazy Dog, chief want to choose someone to make the sacrifice.  PD is also on that ship, however, how do we choose?
  • Mom volunteers.  She is still calling YJ, InSeong.  She will die so let the others go.  YJ is OK with that
  • So who will kill her?  Crazy Dog volunteers.  EunKi steps in.  "If someone should die, it should be someone who has done wrong."
  • Everyone starts to point fingers.  Shaman says she saw Crazy Dog dragging the kids.  Crazy Dog says ah, she is the shaman who said to kill YJ, PD says he came their to find out the truth about Hope.  EunKis mom says no, he concealed the truth. Pd says EunKis mom treted the kids on the verge of death and didn't call a doctor.  She says she was powerless, that's why she tipped him off.  Mother told him to bury the story.  She paid him A LOT of money.  Mother points at chief.  He used the kids to make money.  He sent all the lost kids to hope and lied to their parents.  We see Mom reporting InSeong missing at the police station.
  • PD says he has chief on tape abusing Jung YoonJung.  Chief says he wasn't the only one.  OMG the judge also participated.  
  • The Chief points at Crazy Dog, of course.  and he doesn't regret a thing.
  • EunKi starts in on him.  He turns toward the women.  Confirms that they need to kill just one.  Raises the knife agains Mom.  EunKi shields her.  As he turns his focus to EunKi her, mom steps in.  "Stop, she's your daughter."
  • (Not surprised at this trope appearing.  I saw the theory earlier on my SNS and agreed that it was likely to happen.  It's probably what makes her mom leave Hope and report them)
  • EunKi is crushed.  Everyone is surprised at the announcement.  YJ appears, delighted by all the revelations.  He reveals that her mom was attacked by Crazy Dog.  (OK I vote for Crazy Dog.  I'll even throw in the chief for good measure)
  • YJ hears a horn blaring and rushes outside.  He checks his video screen.  SJ enters the cell area.  He sees everyone and calls out "Mom" (who was he calling?) Mother rushes to him, Chief tells him to let them out before the bomb gos off, Mom tells him to run and get out of there. 43 seconds left.
  • YJ welcomes SJ.  He almost had to kill everyone else first.  His remote doesn't work.  YJ grabs a rifle and runs to the cells.  The bomb has been dismantled.  The cells are empty.  He sees someone in the last cel...SH...YJ:  "hyung"... SJ:  "Gotcha, Jung YoonJae"...END


  • Police bringing in YJ.
  • YJ asking if they have evidence
  • data on laptop and phone have been erased
  • YJ asking someone, "You didn't betray me, right?"
  • SJ talking to YJ asking for explanations.  
  • young boys talking on the steps (looks like SJ and YJ)
  • SJ in interrogation room, kicking YJ.
  • Young SJ with necklace
  • SJ with necklace
  • SH asking if he's regained his memories (looks like he is talking to someone in jail)
  • SJ lying on the ground, in distress
  • SJ tearing off the necklace
  • SH, meets SJ taking YJ somewhere in the police station or court house.

Seems so odd to see YJ's face when he sees SH and to hear him say "hyung".   I guess that's where is all started.  I'm vested in the SH<->SJ relationship and hope that works out, at least for SJ's sake.  But the SH<->YJ bond was created a long time ago and under such intense life and death circumstances.  Where does Sh's alliance lie.  Is he torn or does he have intentions in mind?


Poor EunKi :tears:


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