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[Drama 2022] Blind,블라인드


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English subs arrived sooner this week, so here we go!!!!


In the opening, we see a school girl running in the rain.  Who is she?  When will we see her part in this?


Missed a few things in Ep 4


During the call between JMC and the Joker, it is mentioned that JMC's wife must endure some sacrifice also.  I believe that's why she gets her face cut.  That becomes evidence in JMC conviction, his "signature".  All part of the plan.


I didn't mention it, but both JMC wife and son were killed.


The place that SJ is taken looks a lot like the place where the boys were hiding beneath the floorboards.  Not exactly but similar.


Some of the things SJ says to Crazy Dog when he's cornered, "You have a nasty habit of harassing people", "People should not be exploited", "they're not prey to be hunted", "It won't be easy this time either", are bit and pieces of his memory coming back?  is it because he's in the same place and being beaten?



Episode title:  A Certain Promise

Ep 5 Recap - DO NOT READ unless you want to be spoiled:



  • Boys are cleaning.  Beds, blankets.  Choi arbitrarily kicking kids.  Our 5 are in the bath house scrubbing.  #7 sees the hose on the floor and starts to fool around (a moment of happiness, but a big mistake!)  #11 sees Choi approaching, they settle down.  Choi grabs #7 (why him all the time??) tells him to clean with his tongue.
  • #7 starts to cry and Choi starts to beat him (yet again)  #11 holds back #24.  Choi is about to step on his hand (and potentially break it) when Crazy Dog enters.  They are expecting a guest in 2 days.  I guess he doesn't want any major incidents or red flags.
  • Choi leaves.  Crazy Dog tells the boys of an incident that occurred 3yrs ago during an inspection.  13 yr old boy passed a note to the guest, "Help me.  I'm locked up in here".  The guest gave the note to Crazy Dog.  The boy ended up being beaten to death.
  • He sees YoonJae's necklace and rips it off.
  • YoonJae goes after him and wants it back.  His sister gave that to him.  #11 calls o him, but he continues.  Crazy Dog threatens to take him to the storage room and he loses it and starts screaming for the necklace.  #11 grabs him and knocks him down.  He apologizes to Crazy Dog and he lets it slide.
  • #11 checks on YoonJae, but he is angry that #11 threw him down and didn't get his necklace back.  #11 says he had to protect him.  He promised YoonJung that he would protect him.  #11 gives him the necklace he was wearing and tells him he will keep him safe no matter what happens.

Present time

  • The Joker is in his lair looking at a photo,  YoonJung, YoonJae, and #11.  All wearing the necklace.
  • A bloody SJ hobbling down a street, sees a phone booth.
  • EunKi reading the news about SJ being the suspect in killing JMC and his family.  There are pictures of his family.  She recognizes his father.
  • 10 years ago she was before the judge.  Some girl had been picking on her and framed her for being a thief, so she did the "same thing" back, but she is the one being charged.  Well not exactly the same thing, evidently she through dog poop in her face :lol:.
  • Judge makes the other girl apologize.  EunKi doesn't understand and confronts the judge afterwards.  She thinks he wants something form her.  He was just "listening and hearing" her pleas for help.  So he did.  She just got probation.
  • SJ starts to call "112", but stops, remembering Crazy Dog said he is being chased by police as a murder suspect.  He calls SeokGu (partner), but he doesn't have his phone on him.  He gets EunKi's business card and calls her.  Can he take her up on her offer to help?spacer.png
  • He asks her to come alone and don't tell anyone.  She finds him by the phone #.  The booth is empty, but blood stains everywhere.  She looks all around for him.  As she passes a pile of trash, she trips on his foot.
  • As she is trying to get him in the back seta another car approaches.  It is Crazy Dog.
  • When Crazy Dog goes to her car and opens the back door.  He finds a "drunk" EunKi under the covers, waiting for a driver.  When he drives off, EunKi finds a passed out SJ hiding.

Parents house

  • "Mother" finds a petition on line asking to stop her nomination.
  • She is not worried about SJ, just her political career.
  • Father is worried about SH.


  • Protesters are asking SH to resign
  • They are accusing him of sentencing an innocent man to hide his brothers crime.
  • He is also being sued
  • Chief and Crazy Dog still looking for SJ.  Wondering who he would go to for help.
  • Crazy Dog remembering EunKi's car (she was driving the centers vehicle)
  • Children's Center (storage/attic?)  EunKi is tending to SJ's wounds.  He is unconscious and tied up.  
  • SH in his office.  He received a box from JMC (supposedly).  In the box is a knife and a note "Murderer who made an innocent man guilty".  Hate mail, I guess.
  • EunKi goes to the Charles' restaurant for sushi.  The some of the remaining jurors are there.  Businessman is having his fortune read by shaman, PD is there to drink.  Hacker was invited by Charles.  Shaman mentions how SJ was afraid of dogs,  "Go away"
  • On of the detectives that frequents the restaurant says everyone is on alert, but they haven't found a trace of SJ.  Hacker doesn't think SJ is the killer, he asks EunKi what she thinks, since he saved her.
  • Det Kang is making a presentation showing SJs movements since the JMC murder.  He shows he went to JMCs house, he suggests he murdered the family and then drove to a tunnel and fled on foot.  No trace of him and no use of his credit cards.  His theory is that SJ is the real Joker killer and he framed JMC.
  • His team don't look happy with the presentation.  They are shaking their heads.
  • The police are watching his family in case he reaches out to them.
  • EunKi returns and SJ is still passed out.  She checks for breath.  Must be shallow as she get scared and puts her ear to his chest.  He wakes up and startles her.
  • Since she brought sushi, he asks her to untie him and she does.  He is surprised she did so easily.  She trusts him.  He saved her and she is the judges son.
  • He reads the news on the phone and now realizes they killed the son as well.
  • The detectives eat at their favorite restaurant.  Three of them have no appetite.  The captain asks about SJ (I don't think he was being sly, I think he really was concerned).  She says if she heard from him, do they think she would say anything?
  • Det Kang says she can be punished if she hides information, RickRoll'D her off.  She takes away his food (Way to go girl!)
  • SeokGu checks his phone.  It is SJ calling from EunKi's phone.  He asks about JMC's son.  SeokGu says he know he didn't do it, says he will go to him.  Dte Kang comes out and takes the phone.  SJ hangs up.  Det Kang asks who that was and SeokGu says his girlfriend.
  • Det Kang calls the number.  EunKi answers and says they were disconnected, he should go back to work.
  • SJ and EunKi have a cute conversation about why he called her.
  • EunKi leaves.  SJ remembers that JMC's son was alive when he left. (Hmmmmm)
  • Det Kang and SeokGu are watching SH.  He is meeting with the coroner.  She gives him the report on JMC's family.  SJ's fingerprints are on the knife.  (We know that, he was removing it when Det Kang got there (yeah I know kinda stupid no matter what the situation is).  A strand of hair was found on the son, (how convenient).  Looks like the perp tried to drown him and failed, so suffocated him with a pillow.
  • The coroner wonders why SH is not surprised.  SJ is not stupid enough to leave so much evidence.  She would be less surprised if he committed the perfect murder.  
  • For JMCs murder, they found a button with SJ's fingerprint.  SH goes to the scene and wonders if it could have been SJ.
  • SJ is asleep and having a nightmare about the escape and the dogs.  EunKi returns, sees him, "Go away".  
  • Yuna has run away again.
  • Choi sees her and recognizes her as the rider on the motorcycle that cut him off.  He tries to get her in his taxi.  EunKi sees her and grabs her to talk.  Someone else takes the taxi.
  • Yuna might get expelled.  She doesn't care.  She wants to be left alone.  EunKi says what if she find herself in trouble and no one is there to help.  Is that what she wants.  She says she never asked for her help.  EunKi lets her go.
  • SJ is wondering about his dreams.  are they memories from his childhood?  Crazy Dog seemed to know him, but SJ doesn't remember him.  He is thinking about all the things Crazy Dog said when he was kidnapped.  What is the connection between his daughter, the chiefs daughter and JMC?  Why is Jung YoonJae a serial killer?
  • Crazy Dog arrives at the Children's Center.  They get to the storage room.  SJ hears them and hides.  EunKi comes home and doesn't recognize him.  Grabs a shovel.  He insists on checking the storage room and pulls out a knife.  She quickly calls the police and says there are burglars here and one has a knife.  Crazy Dog asks ablout SJ.  (I guess he doesn't recognize her either)  They leave.
  • SJ tells her that was the victims father.  He thinks he should leave.  She'll be in danger if he stays.  She can't let him leave.
  • She really can't help much with clearing his name, doesn't he have anyone else?  Nope.
  • What about his family?  He was adopted.  Since he was little, he has always disappointed his parents.  He doesn't remember his real parents or where he came from.  The only thing he was good at was beating up people.
  • He knows his parents have regretted adopting him for a long time.  He heard them talking about it when he was young.  They didn't send him back because of what others might think.
  • EunKi is the first person he's been able to talk about his situation.
  • What about SH.  Well SH puts the law and his principles above everything else.  If he knows where SJ is, he would have to call the police.  SJ doesn't want to put him in that position.
  • Are you afraid?  Do you think he will reject your call for help?
  • EunKi convinces him to try.
  • EunKi walks into the court house with a group of children.
  • Voiceover:  SJ says his brother operates like clock work.  Wakes up at the same time every day, works out, arrives at work at the same time, probably goes to lunch at the same time, as well.
  • At 12:40 SH exits the courtroom area, EunKi heads that way and bumps into him, dropping the handkerchief he loaned her at the hospital.  Returns it, saying he dropped it.  Exits with the children.
  • SH goes to the men's room, opens the handkerchief and find a note from SJ.
  • SJ writing the note:  There's a lot to say, but one important thing, "I didn't do it.  Trust me this once.  I really need your help right now.  Meet me there at 7PM"
  • SJ tells EunKi not to get her hopes up high.
  • At the courthouse we see SH giving the note to Det Kang (what the @#$%^!!)
  • Det Kang calls someone (I think the chief)  Then it seems the chief called Crazy Dog.
  • SH is waiting at some plaza.  You can tell there are undercover police all over.
  • In a car are SJs police group.  One remarks that he doesn't think SJ and SH are real brothers.  SeokGu wonders if SJ really sent the note.  When he calls SJ "nim" Det Kang asks why he address him that way, he's a suspect.  If SeokGu somehow let him get away on purpose, he will make sure to get him fired.
  • SJ appears.  As he walks to the middle of the plaza, we see the car with Crazy Dog and his goonies.  Police spot SJ.  As SJ walks closer to SH, his captain drops his phone out the window, SeokGu leans on the car horn.  SJ can't believe SH really set a trap.
  • The chase is on.  He runs into 2 of his police friends, they let him go.  Next he runs into Det Kang, who immediately draws his gun and recites the Miranda.  Mysteriously water pours on him from the tarp above.  SJ gets away.
  • Crazy Dog's car blocks his way.  SJ jumps a barrier and runs into traffic.  Goons follow.  His side starts to hurt.  He runs down an alley.  Head Goon finds a construction area and starts to look at all the workers.
  • Det Kang is pissed that SJ got away.  (Probably lost out on that big bonus $$$$$$)
  • SJ is back at the Children's Center.  He is angry at himself for trusting his brother.
  • EunKi arrives.  SJ basically says "I told you so".  EunKi says that he is wrong.
  • SH is slowly walking up the stairs.  SJ is surprised to see his brother.  He is almost in tears.
  • "Hyung"  END



Preview Ep 6

  • SJ tells SH about the recording
  • Police raiding someplace
  • EunKi asking someone (SH??)  if they don't believe their brother
  • There is a piece of evidence that the police have not explained
  • Someone in a poncho is tossing the recording in a fire (which copy??)
  • Spider drawing being shown to someone
  • SJ searching a room, Crazy Dog enters and tries to stab him
  • SJ "He (who???) said the killer (double who???) was in court that day."
  • SH talking about the jurors locations based on the texts from his phone.  A line is highlighted.
  • At the time of CoCoMom's death Choi was at the park.
  • Looks like YuNa got in the taxi
  • Somebody (SJ/SH) says he found the killer



I really like the pace of this drama.  If we are finding out some things now, where is it going to take us?  It's only episode 5/6.


Det Kang is suspicious for several reasons:

  • He gets SJs records for the chief and checks on his birth records
  • He asks SJ details about the necklace
  • He looked like he was actually going to shoot SJ when he was at JMC house.
  • His first round was a live bullet, not a blank like normal
  • How convenient that Crazy Dog got to JMC house right after Det Kang.
  • JMC's son was alive when SJ left.  Either he killed them or he let Crazy Dog's guys do it.

However, I don't think he was part of the Hope Center as he seemed surprised the Choi (taxi driver) and Crazy Dog knew each other from the military.  He is kinda young so he might have just decided to be on their side ($$$$$ ??)  He could have possibly killed JMC, or not.  Maybe he just supports the chief and the chief is feeding information to Crazy Dog, I don't know.


I just know, I don't like him.


See you again this weekend.

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WHAT IS HAPPENING? :wut:  So, SH is going to help his brother?  I haven't watch ep 6, so maybe I'll get some answers.  It did warm my heart that his two detective friends let him go.  Aw, SJ really loves his hyung .  It's sad that the drama isn't doing that well in the ratings.  I think too much competition again.  Oh well, I'm going to enjoy it regardless of the ratings.


Oh wait.  I'm watching the beginning of ep 6.  His brother cares more about finding the culprit than helping his brother --yup, he's definitely the product of their parents.:bawling:

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15 hours ago, Prettysup said:

So how did the girl carry our unconscious male lead up to an attic room? 

If it was me, I would pull him up by his legs.  Letting his head bang on the steps as we go up.  That ensures he will remain unconscious, since I'm not sure  whether he is dangerous or not.  :evillaugh:

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Too much to handle for this week's eps... So many suspicious people, motive, alibi...

I'm starting to think that some of the orphan boys are still alive and that perhaps they're plotting all this together :idk:

one thing's sure, there was a rat among the boys and in present time it seems to imply that he's the juror who's limping and doesn't like his photos taken.

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10 hours ago, MadameButterfly101 said:

Too much to handle for this week's eps... So many suspicious people, motive, alibi...

I'm starting to think that some of the orphan boys are still alive and that perhaps they're plotting all this together 

one thing's sure, there was a rat among the boys and in present time it seems to imply that he's the juror who's limping and doesn't like his photos taken.

Even Jung Yoon Jae’s adoptive parents were in on it. Out of guilt they adopted him and regretted it once they did it. 
Now we know why RSJ wasn’t an outstanding child. I really feel bad for him though. 
Now we know number #24 must have died the night of the Escape and the Rat is feeing really guilty for it. 

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Welcome chingus.  Episode 6 is so awesome.  It's full of clues and information, characters have multiple theories, more is being revealed to everyone.  Here we goooooooo.


Episode title:  Your Enemy is Closest to You

Ep 6 Recap - DO NOT READ unless you want to be spoiled:



  • #7 is ratting out the boys to Crazy Dog.  He gives details of the escape they're planning.  Cray Dog likens his plan for their recapture to "hare coursing", basically hunting.  He tells #7 that he will be OK.
  • When he sneaks back to the barracks, he doesn't realize that YoonJae is still awake.


Present Day

  • SH has come to meet SJ and EunKi.  SJ:  "Hyung"
  • 6 hours earlier, SH is in the bathroom reading the note passed to him by EunKi.
  • SeokGu enters the bathroom and he shows him the note.  SH tells him he is planning to meet him.  That's the only way he'll be able to find out who is the real killer.
  • SH gives the note to Det Kang and EunKi sees him do this.  Just then one of her kids gives her the handkerchief.  It has a note from SH.  "Do as I say from now on.  We're going to fool everyone, including SJ"
  • SJ is running away from the police.  This time, it looks like SH is dressed like SJ and gets Crazy Dogs guys to follow him to the construction site, where SH is now disguised as a worker.  He then rushes to his office and starts reading some papers in front of the window.  As he suspected, Det Kang has come to check on his whereabouts.
  • Back to the hideout.  A teary SJ rushes over and hugs his brother tightly.  He's crying.  Realizing that his brother is still being the same non-emotional "ice king".  He steps back and apologizes.
  • SJ says he gave up when he saw the police, he expected SH would do that.  SH asks EunKi to leave so he can speak with SJ alone.
  • SH tells SJ not to get the wrong idea.  He is doing this because he wants to find the real culprit, even if it might be SJ.  SH gives him the evidence against him and asks him to explain.
  • The button found at the JMC murder site.  SJ checks his jacket and the button is missing, but he doesn't know where or when he lost it.
  • Fingerprints on the knife and his hair.  (Well we already know he was there.)  SJ aks his brother to believe him.  He didn't do it.
  • Why did he meet JMC?  JMC asked to see him.  (How convenient, did the killer tell JMC to ask for SJ, knowing that he planned to kill him and blame it on SJ?)  SJ didn't want to believe him until he told him about his son needing surgery.  JMC sent him to the motel to get the recording.  SH didn't know about the recording
  • Day of JMC murder.  SJ arrives at hotel.  Wife is bleeding, but still alive.  SJ looks arouond and finds the son in the bathtub.  He pulls him out and does CPR.  The boy revives.  SJ checks on the mom, he is about to call 119, when she faints/dies and Det Kang arrives.
  • "So why did you run?"  I hid for my safety, then I was kidnapped and lost consciousness"
  • Crazy Dog thinks SJ murdered his daughter so he kidnapped and tortured him.  SJ shows his wounds, still bleeding through the bandages.  He almost died.  "I'm a rat in a trap"
  • SH agrees to help, but SJ must not do anything until he's spoken to SH about it and gets permission.  SJ agrees (yeah, right)
  • SH leaves.  He asks EunKi, why would she help him?  Pay back.  If SJ gets caught, she might get arrested.  She realizes that.
  • "You must believe SJ is innocent",  "Don't you trust your brother?"  He never answers this kind of question.
  • Chief is yelling at all the captains involved in the trap.  He says he knows the captain dropped his phone on purpose.  He wants his badge!
  • Reporters waiting outside parents' home.  SH inside telling his parents SJ contacted him and he told the police.  He tells his mother, not to step down.  She speaks with reporters and says that her son risked his life to save a women in a hostage situation.  He's a good police officer.  Why has he been framed?  She believes in and trusts her son. (yeah, right)  She does not plan to step down.
  • SJ having another nightmare, running, dogs... He calls to his brother for help.  EunKi walks in and watches him for awhile.  SJ wakes up.  She's there to change his dressings.
  • She asks about his dream.  Horror.  He's being chased by a monster, he's never able to get away.  He wakes up before he is eaten.  EunKi says at least he is with his brother.  How does she know?  He kept calling for him.
  • She wants to wash his bloody clothes.  She gives him a bag.  He scolds her for using he credit card to buy men's clothes, it can be traced.  They are her clothes. :lol:. "unisex"


  • but small :lol:
  • Of course he is wearing the shirt when SH comes backspacer.png


  • Thankfully SH has brought a suitcase of his clothes, $$, keys to a motorbike, handcuffs, phones (probably burner) for both SJ and EunKi.
  • SH asks about the recording.  SJ says the wife was supposed to give it to him.  Do th epolice have it?  EunKi calls SeokGu.  SeokGu has her saved as "girlfriend".  He answers, "Oh chagiya" :lol::lol:  No recording in evidence.  (Either they had it and got rid of it or the killer has it.)
  • Crazy Dog is looking at a picture of his daughter.  His copy of the recording is taped to the back.
  • SJ goes somewhere on the bike. 
  • SH is meeting Crazy Dog.  He says SJ passed him a note that said he kidnapped and tortured him.  He also heard there is a recording.  SJ says he is being framed.  Of course Crazy Dog knows nothing.
  • Crazy Dog gets a call from his wife.  His daughter's "boyfriend" just came by.  SJ is looking all over for the recording.  He rushes home.  Crazy Dog tries to stab SJ hiding behind the door,  SJ escapes.  When Crazy Dog checks the photo, the recording is gone.  Not sure if SJ was the one who took it.
  • Crazy wife has lit candles on the moldy cake again.  Crazy Dog loses it and rips down the decorations.  She istrying to stop him and he knocks her down.  She hits her head on a set of drawers and dies.  He puts her on ice for now.
  • SJ returns and says he didn't find anything.  EunKi suggests maube it wasn't there.  SJ ponders, maybe the killer already has it?
  • The Joker is tossing a recording into a fire.  (Is it the one from JMC's wife or the one from Crazy Dog's house? Hmmmmmm)
  • Our main 3 are strategizing.  SH has put up what they know on a board.  He says SJ is prime suspect in all cases (5 murders).  Let's assume the same person has done all murders. (Hmmmm.  Now that gets me thinking, do we have to assume that???)  Getting evidence in any case, could clear SJ.
  • JMC case:  Who is the man SH saw on the roof?  He also saw a drone in the area.  It may have caught something.  It's illegal to fly drones in the city.  SH will check on the drone.  He tells SJ to review what they have on the other cases in case they missed something.  Our hot-headed detective grumbles.  SH tells EunKi to babysit SJ and keep him out of trouble.
  • Choi (taxi driver) is waiting on YuNa.  He gets drunk YuNa into his taxi.  She falls asleep and he takes her to a wooded area.  He drags her out and starts beating her up. (Note:  while he was waiting he was scratching his arm like he had some irritation.  Will this come into play later?  Maybe CoCoMom was hidden among poison ivy or something?)
  • EunKi gets a call from YuNa.  She needs help.  Choi grabs the phone away and slams her with a rock.  EunKi must have called the police first, because when she arrives they are already there.  She rushes passed them and starts looking.  She finds YuNa and thinks she is dead.  She is alive.
  • In the hospital the police are interviewing YuNa but she doesn't remember anything, even his face.  Then she remembers a tattoo...spider.
  • We see that Choi also has scratch marks on his arm, from CoCoMom????
  • Crazy Dog meets Choi.  He tells him that SJ is YoonJae.  He is surprised.  The guy he saw in the courtroom was #7, the kid with the burn mark on his wrist.
  • Choi calls someone saved as "rat".  He tells him Crazy Dog is looking for him.  Should he turn him over or does he some some hush $$$?  
  • EunKi shows SJ and SH the sketch of the tattoo.  SJ says Choi has that tattoo.  EunKi shows pictures of YuNa.  Her wounds are similar to CoCoMom.  As a wife beater, maybe he needed an outlet for his anger.  He could have directed that towards "loose" women.
  • SJ remembers EunKi mentioning the scratches too.  He speculates that it could be from CoCoMom.  (Hey SJ, we think alike!)  Now we find out that the fingernail he had before was found on the scene.  After the coroner told him about the broken nails, he went back and scoured the area and found the nail.  He gave it to the coroner the day after her body was found.
  • SJ goes to see the coroner.  She's been worrying about him.  He asks about the fingernail analysis.  They found an "unknown" person's DNA under the fingernail.  If they ran it through the police database, then SJ is innocent in CoCoMom's murder.
  • We see Det Kang taking the report from the coroner off a desk.  SeokGu (in the adjacent room) sees him looking at the report.  Kang takes it to the chief.  Kang thinks SJ manipulated the evidence.  Chief orders him to bury the evidence.  (OK, so maybe he is not with Crazy Dog for $$, maybe he is just a misguided cop who blindly (hehe) follows the chief.  But the chief now has some doubts.
  • A guy with a helmet goes to eomma's restaurant.  She looks closely and recognizes SJ.  SJ is there to meet SeokGu, who sits near him.  He passes him some documents, report on jurors texts and locations.  SJ asks about the DNA.  SeokGu hasn't seen a report.  SJ knows it was sent over.  SeokGu remembers seeing Kang at the captain's desk.  Kang arrives and notices the bike.  Why?  He comes in.
  • Eomma gives SJ some food, tells him to be careful, treats him like a regular customer.
  • SJ reviews the report.  He sees a match.
  • Choi is coming home.  He hears someone whistling that tune.  He drinks at home.  A knock at the door, "Come in"
  • The juror are meeting at restaurant again.  Business man in giving out wedding invitations:  shaman, PD, EunKi, hacker comes late (6 of them).  Everyone is planning on attending.
  • SJ parks in an alley near Choi's house.  (oh-oh, did you get permission to be here???) He finds the door ajar.  There's been a scuffle, Choi is unconscious.  A phone rings on the top of a wall clock.  He answers.  It is the hacker. 
  • The police arrive.  (prime suspect in 6 murders!!!!!)  Kang sees the bike in the alley.
  • SJ jumps to the adjacent building from a window.  Police find Choi.  He is not dead.  Kang runs out, but the bike is gone.
  • SH is pacing, obviously angry.  SJ tells him Choi was attacked.  SH lays into SJ.  SJ tells him Kang hid the DNA report.  Police aren't doing anything, Choi was the only one in the same vicinity of CoCoMom.  He was just trying to get something to test Choi's DNA.
  • Anything suspicious...No.  He gives the phone to SH.  SH sees that a recording was just made.  He plays it.  It starts at the point the killer enters his house.  Choi mentions seeing him in court.  He says he saw the killer glaring at Crazy Dog.  Choi saw the burn scar and knew he was #7.  Seems he is doing this because of #24 (the boy who was hit by a car???)
  • Choi blames #7 for the boys death.  He ratted on them.  #7 hits him on the head with a bottle.
  • SH says Choi could see almost everyone in the courtroom from where he was sitting.
  • SJ goes back the next day.  He plays the recording and try re re-enact the movements.  The clock gongs.  SH and SJ are listening to the footsteps, which seem irregular.  SJ tries to go down the steps to match the recording.  He figures out the killer is going down one step at a time, dragging his right foot.  He draws the conclusion that the perp has a limp.
  • SH:  "I found the killer."  (or did he????)  END


  • SH telling EunKi, "Don't trust anyone, not even SJ or me"
  • Crazy Dog threatening their mother, to turn over YoonJae, otherwise the son she cherishes will get hurt.
  • Either SH or SJ fighting a group of men. (too fast, could be both)
  • Someone with many scars is bandaging their arm.
  • A bloody invitation was found in a container.
  • Someone is drugging drinks at the wedding.  Looks like businessman is on the floor.
  • A bloody bride sits in the waiting room.  :cry:
  • A bloody hand in a sink
  • voiceover SJ looking for a connection
  • SJ head is aching, having a nightmare
  • "The truth about who the killer is"
  • Someone in a hospital, looks like Choi.
  • Someone asking Choi, "Do you know who I am?" (voice sounds a little like SH)
  • Looks like Choi dies
  •  SH saying, "#13, Jung YoonJae".
  • SJ looking down a hallway.  A man in a black poncho walking in what looks like the same hallway.

WoW  Clues pointing in all directions.  Looks like we have multiple killers, and they are not necessarily working together. 

  • Joker killed first girl
  • Choi attacked CoCoMom, did he kill her, though???
  • I'm guessing Crazy Dog is behind JMC family killing.  He didn't see Joker's face, and I don't think Joker strayed away from his first objective, revenge on Hope Center.  Of course he could have been angry about the recording.  In any case, I think one person killed JMC and someone else killed his family.  The timing is too tight, since SJ left before JMC was killed and the family were already attacked when he got to the motel.
  • in next episode Joker is back to killing the bride.  Then we should find out what the business man's connection to Hope Center is.  Of course SJ will be at the venue, for whatever reason he has.  Maybe the bloody invitation is his lure??? (prime suspect in 7 murders!!!!!)
  • "Mommy Dearest" is crying a lot, more than one would expect for SJ.   Is it because she is afraid SH will get hurt, because she doesn't know where SJ is, or is SH=YoonJae?????? (Hmmmmmmm)



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Watch: Taecyeon, Jung Eun Ji, And Ha Seok Jin Are Playful Behind The Scenes Of “Blind”

Oct 4, 2022
by S. Kim

tvN’s “Blind” has revealed a making-of video of episodes 5 and 6!

“Blind” is a new mystery thriller about ordinary people who unfairly become victims of crime—and ordinary people who inadvertently become perpetrators by turning a blind eye to justice.

2PM’s Taecyeon stars as Ryu Sung Joon, a detective in the violent crimes unit who is dangerously passionate about his work, while Ha Seok Jin plays his older brother Ryu Sung Hoon, a genius judge who tries to remain as cold and logical as possible when making judgments. Apink’s Jung Eun Ji stars as Jo Eun Ki, a social worker who becomes entangled with the two brothers after being selected as a juror for a murder trial.

The clip begins with the actors filming the scene in which Ryu Sung Joon is badly hurt and calls Jo Eun Ki for help in the middle of the road at night. Jo Eun Ki, who comes running after receiving his call, finds him under the trash covered with blood. Taecyeon, while lying on the floor, jokingly says to Jung Eun Ji, “Everytime I see the group poster, I feel like you are trying to kill me.” Jung Eun Ji replies, “I kind of want the viewers to look at me and think, ‘Maybe she is the [culprit]…?'”



The following clip shows Jo Eun Ki and judge Ryu Il Ho’s (Choi Hong Il’s) past encounter. Jo Eun Ki is an immature high school student, but she faces a turning point in her life after she meets judge Ryu Il Ho who helped her at court. Jung Eun Ji says, “I’m wearing a school uniform at 30 years old.” When a staff member says, “This could be your last time [wearing a school uniform],” Jung Eun Ji replies agitatedly, “That’s not true! I could wear it some other time,” creating laughter on set with her cute reaction.




Later in the making-of video, Jung Eun Ji visits the court with children. While waiting for filming to begin, Ha Seok Jin tries to talk to one of the children, teaching her how to introduce herself as a “hipster.” Ha Seok Jin looks happy when he says, “Usually children don’t like me, but [it feels new that] these children like me so much.”



more https://www.soompi.com/article/1548063wpp/watch-taecyeon-jung-eun-ji-and-ha-seok-jin-are-playful-behind-the-scenes-of-blind


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Ha Seok Jin’s Life Is Saved By A Hero In A Helmet In “Blind”


Ha Seok Jin will inadvertently find himself in a life-threatening situation on the next episode of “Blind”!


“Blind” is a tvN mystery thriller about ordinary people who unfairly become victims of crime—and ordinary people who inadvertently become perpetrators by turning a blind eye to justice.


2PM’s Taecyeon stars in the drama as Ryu Sung Joon, a detective in the violent crimes unit who is dangerously passionate about his work, while Ha Seok Jin plays his older brother Ryu Sung Hoon, a genius judge who tries to remain as cold and logical as possible when making judgments. Apink’s Jung Eun Ji stars as Jo Eun Ki, a social worker who becomes entangled with the two brothers after being selected as a juror for a murder trial.



On the previous episode of “Blind,” Ryu Sung Hoon made up his mind to work together with Jo Eun Ki to clear his brother’s name after Ryu Sung Joon was falsely accused of multiple murders. However, their investigations took multiple unexpected turns: first, taxi driver Choi Soon Gil attacked Kwon Yu Na and left her for dead, but just as they began looking into the possibility that Choi Soon Gil was the culprit behind the attack on fellow juror Yeom Hye Jin, he himself was attacked by a mysterious intruder.


After carefully analyzing the sound of the intruder’s footsteps in the audio recording on Choi Soon Gil’s phone, the two brothers came to the conclusion that the man who attacked Choi Soon Gil must have been Ahn Tae Ho (Chae Dong Hyun), one of the other jurors in the Baek Ji Eun murder trial.


In newly released stills from the drama’s upcoming episode, Ryu Sung Hoon goes on the hunt for evidence related to Ahn Tae Ho—but the trail unexpectedly leads him into danger. When he arrives at a desolate area late at night, Baek Moon Kang (Kim Bup Rae)’s goons also turn up at the same time—and they look none too pleased to find him there.


Outnumbered and fearing for his life, Ryu Sung Hoon find himself at a loss for what to do—but just as it appears that all hope is lost, a mystery man in a helmet arrives to save the day, throwing himself into a dangerous fight with an armed Sergeant Koo (Jung Chan Woo).








To find out why the paths of Ryu Sung Hoon and Baek Moon Kang’s goons end up crossing, catch the next episode of “Blind” on October 7 at 10:40 p.m. KST!


Ha Seok Jin’s Life Is Saved By A Hero In A Helmet In “Blind” | Soompi

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I am now confused after watching episode 7.

Inportant things to know 


Sung Hoon knows about the Numbered Orphans

Mr Choi said he saw Number 13 

MR Choi was scared of Sung Hoon so he had cardiac arrest 

Does Sung Hoon care or Hates Sung Joon?? I just can’t tell anymor


Sung Hoon’s mom is FAKE but she protected Yoon Jae. Why????? 


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42 minutes ago, UnniSarah said:

I am now confused after watching episode 7.

Inportant things to know 

  Reveal hidden contents

Sung Hoon knows about the Numbered Orphans

Mr Choi said he saw Number 13 

MR Choi was scared of Sung Hoon so he had cardiac arrest 

Does Sung Hoon care or Hates Sung Joon?? I just can’t tell anymor


Sung Hoon’s mom is FAKE but she protected Yoon Jae. Why????? I 


I just finished ep 7 and now I'm confused too!


It seems to point to Sung Hoon as a killer.  Or is it another red herring?  Or was Sung Hoon also one of the boys at the Welfare Center?  I had the same question--how and why does SH's and SJ's omma know that thug Baek?  Will we get any answers tomorrow or more questions?  Nevertheless, I'm having a blast watching this and trying to figure it all out!





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11 minutes ago, CarolynH said:

I just finished ep 7 and now I'm confused too!

  Reveal hidden contents

It seems to point to Sung Hoon as a killer.  Or is it another red herring?  Or was Sung Hoon also one of the boys at the Welfare Center?  I had the same question--how and why does SH's and SJ's omma know that thug Baek?  Will we get any answers tomorrow or more questions?  Nevertheless, I'm having a blast watching this and trying to figure it all out!





 I was thinking of something odd


What if Jo Eung Ki is Jung Yoon Jung??? 


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2 hours ago, UnniSarah said:

 I was thinking of something odd


Jo EunKi is supposed to be 29 years old and RSJ is supposed to be 30 and RSH 35.  Of course if they've already tampered with the birth records, this could all be off anyway.


I'm leaning with you on the RSH theory.  That's been on my mind since the beginning.  But how involved is he in the murders, on that I cannot be certain.  That's what I love about this drama, it keeps you guessing, not predictable at all.  


Also while looking up the info on these 3, I noticed that the hacker is supposed to be 31!!!  That's older than RSJ.  I had initially thought he might be a younger brother of #24, but now he could very well be one of the 5 kids.


I saw the episode raw, but my subs are not yet available for download, so my recap will be a bit late.

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