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[Upcoming Movie 2022] Brave Citizen, 용감한 시민 - Shin Hye Sun & Lee Jun Young - start filming in Dec 2021


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Brave Citizen

용감한 시민





English Title: She Died

Korean Title: 그녀가 죽었다

Genre: Thriller, Horror, Crime

Release Date: 2022


Produced by: N/A

Screenplay: N/A

Distributed by:



The story of hero So Si Min, who once ruled the nation with her top-tier hapkido skills as a high school athlete. Seven years later, after becoming a part-time teacher, So Si Min finds herself the target of the evil student Han Soo Kang.



Adapted from a webtoon by the same name.



Shin Hae Sun as So Si Min

Lee Jun Young as Han Su Kang




Teasers / Trailers




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  • gm4queen changed the title to [Upcoming Movie 2022] Brave Citizen, 용감한 시민 - Shin Hye Sun & Lee Jun Young - start filming in Dec 2021



Get ready to see Shin Hye Sun and U-KISS’s Lee Jun Young in an exciting new movie!


On November 12, it was officially confirmed that the two actors would be starring together in the upcoming film “Brave Citizen” (literal translation).


Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Brave Citizen” will tell the action-packed story of hero So Si Min, who once captured the eyes of the entire nation as a rising boxing star during her high school years. However, after facing the unavoidable bitterness of reality, So Si Min becomes a part-time teacher whose only goal in life is to become a full-time teacher—and who forces herself not to act when she sees injustice.


Shin Hye Sun will be starring as protagonist So Si Min, while Lee Jun Young will be playing Han Soo Kang, the student who becomes her nemesis.


The upcoming film will be helmed by director Park Jin Pyo of “Closer to Heaven” and “You Are My Sunshine,” while the script will be penned by Yeo Jin Ah, the writer of the hit superhero drama “The Uncanny Counter.”


“Brave Citizen” is currently scheduled to begin filming in December.




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Story summary from the webtoon




From original webtoon story So Shi Min is hapkido champion but in the movie it seems to change to boxing instead.  Han Soo Kang character (played by Lee Jun Young) has practiced Thai boxing in the original webtoon. The action scene between hapkido vs Thai boxing is really exciting and cool.  Not sure how the movie will be.


Anime Teaser from Comico


Because So Shi Min is just temporary teacher who needs to behave well to get promote to permanent teacher, she can't get directly into any fighting with the bad guys who bullies other students. So she wears a cat mask to hide her true identity.






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