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[Upcoming Movie 2022] Open the Door, 오픈 더 도어 - Shin Hye Sun & Kang Tae Oh


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Open the Door

오픈 더 도어





English Title: Open the Door

Korean Title: 오픈 더 도어

Genre: Thriller, Horror, Crime

Release Date: 2022

Director: Park Hee Gon

Produced by: N/A

Screenplay: N/A

Distributed by:



This horror-thriller tells the story of an ordinary woman, Soo Hyun, who lives alone. She decides to buy a secondhand washing machine online. This causes Soo Hyun to become the new target for the vigilante. Detective Na will help Soo Hyun in chasing the true criminal behind it all.



Shin Hae Sun as Soo Hyun

Kang Tae Oh as Detective Na

Kim Sung Kyun as TBA

Geum Sae Rok as TBA




Teasers / Trailers




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  • gm4queen changed the title to [Upcoming Movie 2022] Open the Door, 오픈 더 도어 - Shin Hye Sun & Kang Tae Oh

Kang Tae Oh will be starring in the new film “Open the Door” (literal title)!


Previously, Ilgan Sports had reported that Kang Tae Oh was confirmed to star in the upcoming film. On July 5, a source from Kang Tae Oh’s agency Man of Creation shared, “It is true that Kang Tae Oh will be starring in the film ‘Open the Door.'”


The upcoming film will be a horror thriller about the desperate struggle of a woman named Soo Hyun who suddenly becomes the target of a crime after being a victim of fraud from a secondhand online purchase. Earlier this year, it was reported that Shin Hye Sun is in talks to play the lead role of Soo Hyun.


In his first film in three years since “Fengshui,” Kang Tae Oh will be playing Detective Na, who begins a chase to track down the perpetrator. This will also be his reunion project with director Park Hee Gon, who helmed “Fengshui” as well as “Insadong Scandal” and “Perfect Game.” Previously, Kang Tae Oh captivated viewers with his acting in KBS 2TV’s “The Tale of Nokdu” and JTBC’s “Run On.”




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Shin Hae Sun's screen comeback 'Open the Door' crank-in

Kim Seong-gyun, Kang Tae-oh, and Geum Sae-rok completed the main cast






(Aug 5, 2021) The movie 'Open the Door', in which Shin Hae Sun will return to the screen, has recently finished major casting and cranked it in.


Shin Hae Sun takes on the role of Soo Hyeon, a woman at work who gets caught up in a suspicious case while trading on a second-hand trading site, and Kim Seong-gyun takes on the role of Detective Joo, who pursues the traces of the criminal. Kang Tae-oh will also join, adding to the tension. Kang Tae-oh takes on the role of Detective Na, who starts chasing after finding traces of him. Afterwards, Geum Sae-rok recently joined as a supporting actor and plays a character who is involved in a similar incident with Shin Hye-sun in the past.



movie <Open the Door> first still cut & synopsis





It all started with a second-hand trading site!

Soo-hyeon (Shin Hae Sun), who recently moved into a new house, buys a used washing machine through a second-hand trading site, but finds out that it doesn't work. Angry at the seller's irresponsibility, Soo-hyeon leaves a comment that the seller is a scammer and reports it to the police. Soo-hyeon is unaware that the seller is a psychopathic serial killer who uses the online second-hand market to lure victims.

Soo-hyeon's comments make it impossible for him to find a new victim, and in the end, Soo-hyeon becomes his next target. Not only does Soo-hyeon receive lewd phone calls and tons of unwanted food deliveries, but she also meets strangers knocking on her door at good times.

The police and Soo-hyeon find a woman's body and the road to her address is very serious.

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