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Merry Christmas 2021 and a Happy New Year 2022

Sleepy Owl

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Thanks @Sleepy Owl for tagging me.


With a blink of an eye, year 2021 flown by so quick.


My most happiest moment is when my son finally able to tie the knot on 18/12/2021 plus we are


able to gather all close family members and relatives together tomorrow  to celebrate our


33rd Anniversary.


My wish for all chingus that year 2021 ends with happiness, safety and good health.





cr owner



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On 12/23/2021 at 4:33 PM, maribella said:

I managed to choose a few really enjoyable shows, eg the taxi driver, where the good guys win, to heck with the snail pace legal agencies, also Jang Nara's haunted house.


I did enjoy those dramas. And since you have mentioned her, I got to say. JANG NARA IS LOVE :heart:


191592474_5820370114647522_9079215407736   :heart2beat:


On 12/23/2021 at 9:23 PM, lexicon said:

Best Dramas this year for me: Vincenzo, The Red Sleeve Cuff, Law School



Chingu, I enjoyed watching those dramas as well :piggydance:


On 12/23/2021 at 6:36 PM, africandramalover said:

Best drama: MINE, HAPPINESS, Be My Family, Love Scene Number, MINE, Love featuring marriage and divorce, Lost/ Human Disqualification, Missing Child,  Run On, Dali and the cocky Prince, Nevertheless, Ideal City, and Love Scenery.


Worst drama: Oh My Ladylord


I agree with most of the dramas in your Best drama list (since I didn't watch some of them, and of course except barf drama :joy:)


But, I 100% agree with your Worst drama. I actually dropped Oh My Ladylord around 5-6th episode if I remember correctly, but seeing bad comments about its last ep, I checked out the last ep on FF, and was so happy to have dropped. Ending was bad, and ridiculous, even for me who dropped it long ago, and I feel for those who actually stayed till the end only see it end like that :facepalm:


15 hours ago, LeftCoastOppa said:

... and thanks to the rest of our EO's & MOD's ... I'll even throw in @Lmangla who bailed on the EO position for more nap time, yet still manages to guilt trip the current EO's into running the daily thread polls :lol:



The Soompi survival game made @Lmangla Noona realize the force is with her, and the betrayal she faced (after not killing a participant only to be killed the same person later) made her go on the path of a sith. 




She executes order "Daily drama polls" on us whenever daily thread need polls :joy:


15 hours ago, LeftCoastOppa said:

We had several great events throughout the year, including the first Soompi Survival games - Which I feel I'd be remiss in not pointing out that @the_sweetroad WON.  Far too much has been made of poor @ferily falling out of a tree, and my own unfortunate encounter with a truck ... in the middle of the forest :rolleyes:



I always suspected there to be a BIG conspiracy in with the truck of doom. But the moment when @agenth Chingu reacted this way after knowing about your thoughts on LITC and that you loved it




This was when I was sure you got caught up in a conspiracy 


13 hours ago, ferily said:

@partyon I forgot to add for 2021, that I will never forget the moment that I joined an event for the first time, climbed a tree and fell to my death….. 


Chingu that was an epic fall 




8 hours ago, maribella said:

Thank you for the reminder. I got stabbed with a branch. How does one do that with all the twigs and leaves?



You sure it wasn't a hidden sword?




5 hours ago, agenth said:

what @LeftCoastOppa dreams about:



That's exactly you would do if you would know about @LeftCoastOppa liking LITC before truck of doom attack, wouldn't you? :loolz:

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2 hours ago, agenth said:

what @LeftCoastOppa dreams about:


his actual reality:


cr. @Ameera Ali i think ?


truck of dooms defy logic/reality. the forest is pretty tame location, right? 


that's my favourite part too. i wish they'd have cut screentime for the master/maid storyline to develop this one more..


Wait a minute, what drama are these two dramas from?

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1 hour ago, Sleepy Owl said:

That's exactly you would do if you would know about @LeftCoastOppa liking LITC before truck of doom attack, wouldn't you?


puss in boots cat eyes GIF




53 minutes ago, ferily said:

Wait a minute, what drama are these two dramas from?

first, i don't know. anyone have an idea?


second, from high class.

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*** 2021 was an incredibly hard year for many people, including me, but I’m hopeful that 2022 will be better. I had stretches of time without any face-to-face social interaction. It’s been a strange and disorienting experience. There’s no question that the Omicron variant is concerning. 2021 is the Year of the Ox and I’m an Ox…..So, I can say the year has been a little good for me. :ohboy2:

I've watched many dramas this year : Law School / Vincenzo / The Devil Judge / Bossam /Jirisan / Happiness / At a Distance, Spring is Green / Run On / LUCA / Secret Royal Inspector and Joy - currently watching / Lovestruck in the City / One Ordinary Day / Bad and Crazy - currently watching / KBS Drama Special - currently watching / Delayed Justice. I might have forgotten some more dramas, though................  :Megalol:

When you look back at 2021, it might be easy to think of all the challenges. But even though this has been a dark year for so many people, we can also think of the good things that happened as well. I’m working from home some of my days. Meaning, no hurry-up breakfast & no lunch packing. Screw the makeup but more ringing phones. Not forced to be around people eight hours a day. We started most of our time having a Zoom call when the first quarantines started in March of 2020 and this is still going strong to date. For the first time in my life I couldn’t travel internationally for work since the threat of the virus halted international travel, keeping me homebound. :weary:

As the dust settles in 2021, 2022 displays a ray of hope. For next year, I want to upgrade my condo. I will keep an eye on my health and fitness goals. I will be patient since work situations and people seem to stress me out sometimes; :heart2beat:





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Thanks @Sleepy Owl :)


For me, 2021 has been full of blessings because I was able to afford getting myself an insurance plan (even if we are still in a pandemic), our daily needs are being met, we were able to buy a new refrigerator :fun:and basically, just being able to enjoy the simple joys of living. Had enjoyed some kdramas, too and, was lucky to discover the amazing rapport of the leads of "Hospital Playlist." I think I will not get tired of watching the two seasons of this drama.


For 2022, I am looking forward to the upcoming drama of my beloved Oppa, SJS.:blush:


Apologies everyone, I was so sleepy already last night that I failed to wish you all a belated Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.:)

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