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Song Il Kook 송일국

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h2og said:
Here's a couple of slideshows of some rare & cute pix of Coach Song.  Enjoy!!!  High Wave to all SIKers...

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Dear Celia,
U R most welcome... I like using new toy to bring out the best of our forums, blogs, etc.  Actually, I felt very appreciated that you got hooked with the mosaic slideshow!!!
Dear Ardent,
Thanks for your wonderful remarks!
High Wave to all SIKers!!!

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2013 젠틀 calendar 와 젠틀 10th 기념품 신청 안내

안녕하세요~ 젠틀 가족 여러분^^


잘 지내고 계시는지요?

날씨가 점점 더 추워지면서 독감 환자들이 늘어가고 있다고 합니다..

항상 건강 먼저 유념하시고~

월동 준비 슬기롭게 하시기 바랍니다^^



기다리고 계시는 2012 팬미팅&생파 DVD는 이번 주 안으로 제작에 들어갈 예정입니다.

편집과 수정 작업이 예정보다 늦어져 다소 늦게 진행되고 있는 점 양해 바랍니다~

받는 즉시, 서둘러 작업해서 보내드리겠으니 조금만 더 기다려주세요^^



DVD 에 이어~

2013 젠틀 calendar 와 젠틀 10주년 기념품 신청을 이어받으려합니다.



1. 2013 calendar: 가격 = 1부당 약 15,000 원 + 배송비 약 4,000 원 (신청 수량에 따라 가격 변동됨)



2. 젠틀 10주년 기념품: 카드형 USB 4GB

                           규격: 89 * 52 * 2mm (양면 인쇄이며, 일국님의 사진과 SIGN 첨부 예정) 
                           가격: 1개당 약 8,000 원 + 배송비 약 4,000 원 (신청 수량에 따라 가격 변동됨)



* 정확한 가격과 배송비는 신청 마감후에 입금공지와 함께 알려드리겠습니다.


* calendar와 USB 중 1가지만 신청하거나 여러개를 신청할시, 무게에 따라 각각 배송요금이 변동될수 있습니다.

  어떻게 배송을 해야 효율적인지 각 담당 업체와 각 나라 담당자들과 상의해서 부담스럽지 않도록 노력하겠습니다.



3. 신청자격: 정회원 이상



4. 신청 수량 제한: 없음



5. 신청방법: 메뉴 상단에 " 2013 calendar & 10TH USB 신청방 " 을 개설하겠습니다.


           국내젠틀 닉네임/ 이름/ calendar 신청수량/ USB 신청수량/ 연락처/ 택배 받으실 주소/ 우편번호

                    적어서 신청해주세요.


           해외= 젠틀 닉네임/ 이름/ calendar 신청수량/ USB 신청수량/ 연락처 를 적어서 신청해주시고,

                    택배 받으실 주소는 아키코님 or luvhime님과 hkmom님의 안내에 따라 신청해주세요.


           * calendar와 USB 중 1가지만 신청하셔도 됩니다.


           * 신청방에 신청글이 없는 분들은 무효처리 됩니다.


         * 개인정보 유출이 불편하신 분들은 비밀글로 신청해주세요. 쪽지나 메일 신청은 받지 않습니다.

           ( 신청내용 쓰기 -> 하단에 있는 자물쇠 모양 클릭 -> 등록 클릭 = 비밀글로 등록됩니다.)


           * 중복신청 & 대리신청은 신청 무효처리 됩니다.



6. 신청기간: 11월 26일 월요일(신청방 OPEN 즉시) ~ 12월 2일 일요일 자정 24시까지



* 현재 진행 중인 DVD가 먼저 발송될 것이며,

   calendar 와 USB 는 연말 경에 함께 발송됩니다.


* 신청 취소시, 젠틀 공식 행사(온, 오프 행사 포함) 5회 참여 불가합니다.


* [운영진] 으로 올려야하는데 그 닉네임을 운영진 세명이 같이 쓰다보니 지금은 수정이 안되서

  공지 담당자 닉네임으로 올리니 양해바랍니다. 나중에 수정하겠습니다^^;;


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Kimchi Family cartoons by Ruri

Slideshow by KonaBeans

Click to play Heaven, Earth, and Man

You'll see some EOTS reminiscence in Ruri's arts  ;)) .
I bet it's her fav drama too.

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I had to thank to Kona Beans  for the cute slideshow!!! and to h20g  for I also  got hooked with the mosaic slideshow!!! And also for apreciating my artwork.I will ncontact you next week..

Thank you for sharing Celia I always love reading your blog, thank you pohhooi for sharing, I do not understand korean but I know someone on soompi can translate it.


  First snow falling...

When the leaves were turning colors,and some of them even falling.
And the days were  growing shorter,I felt winter must be coming<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

All the leaves are today  on the ground,the trees dull and bare.
I can feel the cold breeze blow in my face,winter is in the air.

 When I look out the window in the evening at the new falling snow,
Always my mind harkens back, to the very first evening two years ago

When I saw SIK for the first time on the screem, dear SIK, love  of mine,
My life changed from that moment, has been delightful, has been devine,

I saw all SIK’s dramas, him singing, swiming,running  making ski,
I enjoyed  all the moments of his life, I met people feeling like me,

I am supporting SIK now and ever, may all the  winter nights be warm and bright

For him and his triplets, for him and his wife! enhanced only by love and by light

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Hi, dear SIKers!
In a hurry here, please vote for the best 2012 drama for Fermentation Family !


The vote is 1/day,. but maybe is more, I just found out. Try for more votes! Fighting!
Love you all!

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Translate by luvhime

2013 GeNtLe calendar and GeNtLe 10th Anniversary Souvenir Application Guide

Dear GeNtLe members,

The GeNtLe staff announced 2013 calendar and 10th Anniversary Souvenir.


See below:


2013 젠틀 calendar 와 젠틀 10th 기념품 신청 안내


Dear GeNtLe members^^

How are you doing?
It's getting colder these days and we hear the flu victims are increasing...

Please take care of yourselves and prepare for the upcoming winter^^


First of all~
about the DVD of 2012 Fan meeting & Birthday Party, we're going to produce this week.
We're so sorry to be a little behind the schedule because the editing takes time.

We'll send ASAP, so please wait for a moment.


We accept the application of 2013 GeNtLe calendar and GeNtLe 10th Anniversary Souvenir.


1. 2013 calendar: @about 15,000 won + postage about 4,000 won

                            (It depends on the number of the application.)


2.10th Anniversary Souvenir: card type USB 4GB

size:89 * 52 * 2mm
(printed both size Il Kook nim's photo and autograph-plan)

price: @about 8,000 won + pastage about 4,000 won


* We'll announce the settled price and the payment guide after the deadline for applications.

* The postage will change due to the combination of the numbers of calendar and USB.

3. All GeNtLe members can apply


4. No number limit


5. How to apply:

Please ask hkmom about the detail:

Applications will be accepted from Nov. 26 through Dec. 2nd (Sun.)


sample : card type USB


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KONA, thanks for the info.  Please reserve each for me.  Thanks.

It's almost morning and I haven't had a wink all night.  i can't sleep and is thinking of SIK.  Again, when I am in this mood, melancholy, the first thing that I want to do is to write a poem.  But I have to stop in the middle, finding the right words to end it.  I don't want it to sound sad 'cause it's intended for New Year.  Besides, I feel tired of writing sad poems for him.  I'll save it for the end of the year.

Thanks to everyone for the poems, videos, news and photoarts.  SIKERS are all talented and I'm so proud to be one.

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Dear all SIKers, sorry for not posting yesterday. I was so busy following the VIP Premier of 26 Years movie yesterday. I did not realize it was last night. I was really disappointed not to see SIK in that event. I guess he was busy with other priority. 
Dear Kona, thank you for your kind words. I've read every post here and tried to address all of them but I could not do it so well so far. BTW, please help reserve 2013 GeNtLe calendar and GeNtLe 10th Anniversary Souvenir plus the DVD of FM for me. Thank you in advance. It would be great if I see you in Korea. Seriously, if you plan to go to Korea, please PM me.  The Kimchi Family cartoon is so cute! It is still on air in Thailand. I might watch it this Saturday. 
Dear Dana, thank you for your kind words. For me, applied Maths is fine but pure Maths is so difficult. It nearly killed me during my studying for BSc. I feel so privilege that you would like to see me in person some day. I feel the same. Thank you for your kindness in posting in my FB timeline.  Love love your awesome artwork. You may not know this...Each morning when I open this forum, I always see your artwork as the last post. And that makes my day.  Thank you for your nice poem as well.
Dear ardent, yes, I remember that scene. It was sooooo sad. I cried, too. Jumong died so young. And this fact led me to watch KoTW to see how Dae So was killed by MuHyul. hahaha I'm too bias.
Dear h2og, thank you for your advice. I'm from a warm place. We don't wear those things. We are so excited to be in a cold place. Hope we will survive. 
Dear Celia, I will visit your baby blog some time. It seems to have full of SIK stuffs. 
Dear Gabi, thanks for the link for voting. Will certainly vote for FF. Right now, I'm so bored with Korean dramas without my top 4 actors. I have no inspiration to watch anything. I'm still at Ep 10 of Lobbyist (I don't really like the female lead, sorry to say that since she passed away). Hope to see his new project soon, pleaseeeeee. 
Dear pohhooi, thank you for the information of the souvenir. I would like to get all of them.
High wave to everyone. Love you all.

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Hello Dear Fans Lovely Songilgook

Dear Unni Kona , Thanks so much for sending videos and pictures Song Il Gook in 2007 and Qualifications

of Men with
Song Il-Kook (E-Sub) and sharing Graet slide and song . also , Thank you very much for


Darling Dana. Thanks for your courtesy and kindness, I have a Master's examination in February . and I can

not online
every day on the Internet.Like last and visit site of Song Il Gook , I'm trying to be very successful

 in MA . Dear dana , Thanks for sharing very beautiful artworks

Dear ardently , Thanks for send nice video .

Dear Unni Kona , Dear Dana , Dear ardently , Thanks for the beautiful poem  Aumtumn Leaves ( Thank You,

My Love)
(Thank you God)( First snow falling)

Dear h2og , Thank you very much for Friendship and sharing a beautiful slide

Dear Gabi , Thanks for send
For the site to vote

Dear unni kona , Dear Dana , Dear Gabi , Dear charmy 2 , Dear hoonwoodjoon, Dear elisa ,
Dear h2og ,

Dear Agnes ,
Dear ardently , Dear CeliaDear pohhooi , Dear Alex ,Thanks for Your warm presence in

soompi .


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Pohhooi thank you  for sharing the info with us in both Korean and English.

Alex, my Romanian blog is entirely dedicated to SIK and his fans. I’ve started it inspired (and heavily supported) by Kona  and soompi, with the precise intention to offer access to info about SIK to Romanian fans who do not understand English. A similar thing is doing Gabi on Face Book with a songilkook thread and Dana with a dedicated video channel on peteava.ro (kind of Romanian youtube).

You are welcome to visit my babyblog if you find google automatic translation satisfying.

Most of the entries are about SIK but a great number of post are about SIKers and their opinions/ drama reviews / creations/ achievements inspired by SIK, of course. Two of these posts are about you. :)


Hadise, great picture. Thank you.

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Crime Squad cartoons by Ruri and more (updated)

Slideshow by KonaBeans

Click to play SCD (Serious Crime Division) OST

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Thanks @pohhooi for the info 4838347466_1074e08cd8_o.gif.

Ardent and Alex, I'm happy to secure 1 each of BD/FM DVD, 2013 calendar, and USB for you.
The USB would be a terrific item to use and for keepsake. It'll have SIK's picture and autograph on both sides.

Alex, I hardly see SIK appear at premier events, so don't be so disappointed.
I'm the one who lured Celia and eventually other Romanian fans into this forum.
She and I became acquaintances through my blog (now private) which she found in the net while searching for SIK.
Same case with @Charmy2.

Other SIKers, if you want to have any of these items and can pay me via PayPal, US Personal Check, or Western Union (like Alex did), I'd be happy to order for you too.  I understand Gabi has plan for Romanian fans.

I found more pictures of the USB. It's flat like a credit card and can be inserted into the wallet.


@youaremine, what a pleasant surprise to see you again.  I remember seeing your posts in the first few pages of this thread.
As you can see, there have been many changes in this thread, but it's still going strong.
We hope you'll be active and join us again.



A fan-made(?) video about friendship between Kim Jang-Hoon and Song Il-Kook.
I'm not sure if everyone can view this.
If not, go directly here:  http://tvcast.naver.com/v/26895

Thanks @h2og for the embedding tips.  I couldn't have done it without your help.

If anyone can view it in FireFox, please let me know. It doesn't work in FF for me.
It's in fact an awesome video.  Kim Jang-Hoon made a surprise appearance to support SIK's Cheongsanri promotion.

Now also available in DailyMotion.
Ripped and uploaded by KonaBeans.

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KONA, please email to me the exact amount I am going to pay you.  I'll send you a check, as usual.

Yes, nice to see some old SIKERS posting again. 

The regulars are also very active.  Is there anymore news and pictures about SIK's plans this coming Christmas and for next year?  I wish we could hear some good news about his new project.

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Hello dear friends!
I wanted to see a movie with SIK that I have not seen before.Celia's  blog I found a link.
Is an address where you can watch Red Eye online .So I watched the first horror movie of my life.I do not like this kind of movie.
I did this  of love for SIK.He is very young and beautiful in this movie (2004 TOE).
Celia's blog I found a photo of this film.
Not so great?


I wish you all the best !

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Thank you dear Kona Beans for your wonderful slideshow.Gabi has plan for Romanian fans and they have to include me, thank you dear Kona.
Thank you dear Celia for apreciating Gabis" FIRSIK page on facebook and my SONG IL KOOK chanel on pe teava.ro, this is very kind.
Dear alex 1999 I also like better Applied Math. Probability, Statistics, Decision theory, Games, graph theory, fractals...but  mathematics can mean method, imagination, inspiration, logic not only abstract   reasoning even has some conexion with poetry and art.I am exited my dear we have the same feeling about a lot of things. Thank you for your nice words about my posts.
No problem dear SiG Hadise I know how important is the Master's examination you have  in February I hope you get the maximum grade.Thanks for all the kind words my dear friend because I know that all things do you do with passion
Thanks h2og  for the embedding tips.  I also couldn't have done nothing without your help but I must say you are right I need more help

Dear Gabi, thanks for the link for voting. I certainly voted for FF because SIKers must know you are supporting SIK together with our Romanian friends from FIRSIK everywhere were he needs votes.
Dear ardent I am also curios about SIK's new drama and his triplets....about everything concerning SIK
Thank you dear elisa for sharing the address where we can watch Red Eye online

Advent is a spiritual season of preparation before Christmas celebrated by many Christians. In Western Christianity, the season of Advent begins on the fourth Sunday prior to Christmas Day, or the Sunday which falls closest to November 30, and lasts through Christmas Eve, or December 24.


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:D..thanks alex, you and me both meet our king together..be nice!?  just hope I can deal how our songie family were able to in one piece!!  v..I don't know if i can approach him..you will have to guide me.. v  

Waves to Dana....celiap..sig...elisa...

Thank you h2og..for continuing to post here and loving to our king, and lovely photo clips artwork.. very moving!!  

Hello, youaremine, don't believe I notice you here, but incase..welcome here??  :)

OH nice, is this the new calendar 2013..poh??  Love to get one, if there's a ways??  :)  Wow..so the calendar is in this USB..and can bring it with you always??  I guess you can't show us what the photos look like??  mm..well let me think.. :)  

lol..Wwaaaa..this is cute KB..very festive FF clips.. thanks for doing this..  

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My Dear SIKers,
Hi,Hope you all doing well,Did you  have a great season holidays????Yes, it's been a long time, so sorry,I read all your post every day and I'm thankful with all of your hardworking!
Ahh..,i'm getting a bit bored waiting for Il kook nim new drama,how about you? I'm anxiously waiting to see him in his new project,i hope it will be a drama instead of movie,but it doesn't matter at all just see him soon in big screen.
Dear Kona, ardently,sig-hadise,celia,pohooi,danasibro,gabisikfan,hoonwoodjoon,alex and...,thank you so much for ALL your great efforts and wish you always good luck!Fighting!

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