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Song Il Kook 송일국

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Guest sig-Hadise

Hello Dear Fans Lovely Songilkook

KonaBeans said: KonaBeans said: One of the reasons there's not much talk about Song's early dramas because he had a stage name from debut until sometime in 2002.

I know I have it in my archive file but can't find it now.  Anybody know what his early name is?  Please let me know.

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@Gabisikfan, @alex1999,  Thanks for the Art of Seduction screen pics.  It really struck me in this movie how well he can act and become believable in a modern character, because it was so different from EOS and Jumong.  IMO, his flirting eyes are still his trademark.

@Ardently and @Kona, very interesting information on SIK's former stage name.  As usual, there's historical significance.  His whole life is soaked in history.

@Hoonwoodjoon, you're right, he looks good in any color, dressed or not.

Hi @Sig, @kish, @danasibro keep posting!

I'm sure someone else commented on this, but in Korean tradition, the wife keeps her maiden name,  Children of the couple take the father's last name.  This has caused problems when they move to other countries, especially for their children, so wives often take their husband's last name if they live outside of Korea.

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Boy, it's been a month since I was last in the forum. Time sure flies.  I'll get that picture posting thing figured out. I hope everyone is doing well.

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Guest danasibro

Thank you dear Kona, Sig-Hadise, Ardently, Gabi, Alex, Metalinger,Celia, HWJ, Elisabeta,Cristi,h2og, pohhooi,Kish , ileanz and all the others.

Very nice pictures of SIK dear Kona and dear Gabi.

Very nice compliments for everybody dear SIG-Hadise thank you!

Cute picture of SIK from the mouvie RED EYE dear HWJ, thank you.

Thank you ardently for the page about Jung Jun Ha.and your informations about him.

Thank you dear alex I love all what you wrote about SIK

"I'm glad he decided to use his real name. Song Il Kook sounds strong and charismatic. Really match him. I really respect his dedication and effort in changing his life to a better one.

Especialy the end He deserves the best. I'm so proud of him."

Thank you metalinger foirsharing and I like the way you apreciated cristiturbat videos, I believe the same 

"Cristurbat, your videos are fun to watch and the music captures the strength and endurance demanded in finishing the Tongyeong triathlon. "


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Guest danasibro

Flame ever burning bright


Flame ever burning bright in my heart that makes me thankful for each sunset,

If I could fly to my fondest dream,I'd find him. make him never feel alone or upset
No songs are as beautiful as the music that fills my soul when I hear his voice.

Soothes deep inside me stirring a romantic passion that makes me have no choice


On this autum  night ,somewhere, in the past, although I managed to lose
The cildens tricks,  the children's smiles, and joy I always felt very close...
Sik's unque smile his charming face has struggled hard to avoid being killed
To treat our hearts. For his destiny our dreams and secret longing fulfilled


<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />1AZd3-13C.gif?height=400&scale=max&width

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Guest danasibro


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I found in tudou.com a 2002 MBC and probably another one-epi drama.

I feel sad that SIK had gone through a number of years as no-name actor.
The name "Jang Jun-Ha" didn't work too well then! ;)
However, it was a period when he did a lot of commercials as a model.
I'm still curious why his modeling job was not mentioned in any of his interviews.

I notice SIK always either drives a car or rides a horse in his dramas.
The only drama that he doesn't own a car (or a horse) is probably "Fermentation Family" .
Always has to borrow his girlfriend's :|.

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Guest danasibro


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Song Il-Kook is narrating for MBC Special Program "Hallyu Dream"

id="newstitle"대구MBC 특집다큐 '한류의 꿈' 내달 방송

(대구=연합뉴스) 한무선 기자 = 대구MBC는 '한국방문의 해'를 기념해 다음 달 3일 오후 11시10분 HD 특집 다큐멘터리 '한류의 꿈'을 방송한다.

'한류의 꿈'은 세계 젊은이들의 꿈으로 자리매김한 한류(韓流)의 현주소를 살펴보고 한류 열풍을 이어가기 위한 방안에 대해 다룬다.

특히 수상자가 아이돌 그룹과 함께 공연할 수 있다는 콘셉트로 경북 경주에서 열리는 'K-POP커버댄스 페스티벌'에서 올해 70개국 1천800여개 팀이 지원한 데 주목, K-POP이 그들에게 갖는 의미를 짚는다.

또 이러한 열풍 속에서 한류가 나아가야 할 방향에 대해 최광식 문화체육관광부 장관, 난타제작자 송승환 씨 등 여러 전문가의 의견도 듣는다.


이 프로그램은 한류 사극 열풍에 있었던 MBC 드라마 '주몽'의 주인공 송일국 씨의 목소리로 진행된다.

2012/10/25 08:31 송고

Google translation:

'Hallyu Dream' next month, broadcast Daegu MBC Feature Documentary

(Daegu = Yonhap News) hanmuseon, Daegu MBC 'Visit Korea Year' to celebrate the month 3 days 23:10 the HD Feature Documentary 'Hallyu Dream' broadcast.

For ways to look at the current state of the Hallyu (韩流) to become the world's young dream of the Hallyu wave to the top 'Hallyu Dream' covers.

The year 1800 more than 70 countries, team support from the 'K-POP Cover Dance Festival' In particular, the winners of the idol group with the concept that you can show to be held in Gyeongju, K-POP to them with attention to the meaning jipneunda .

These Further direction should be about the Hallyu craze in the opinion of many experts, including the Pyrolysis of Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Trivandrum producer songseunghwan Mr. hear


Hallyu historical drama craze in MBC drama was as the voice of Mr. Song Il Kook of Jumong, the hero of the program is in progress.


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Album of Life 2002-2003

English subtitles is not available for this drama.
It was a daily morning drama with 30-minute episode each day, total of 219 episodes.
SIK was one of the 4 main characters, and he had an "average" screen time.


DramaWiki:  wiki.d-addicts.com/Album_of_Life KBS Homepage: www.kbs.co.kr/drama/album/index.html

Song Il Kook as Shin Hyung Sik
Kim Jung Nan as Lee Ae Rim
Kim Ji Yun as Lee Jeong Rim
Lee Se Chang as Shin Hyung Woo

1. A TV novel which is like a TV novel
In the busy morning time, there are not that many people sitting around and watching TV dramas attentively. It is a safe bet that, in that time period, people tend to hear a drama rather than watch it. For the purpose of serving these audiences, we are making dramas with more narrations so that they can hear the drama, making them feeling like they are reading a novel.

2. Let’s talk about money
In the morning when the day is starting, people go to work to make money for the happiness of their families and they think about money every day. If they think it is bad, that is because they think of it in a negative way. Money is not evil. We should appreciate it as it blesses people. Let’s drag money out of the darkness into the daylight.

3. What the narration is looking after – a philosophy of money in a positive way

We’ll talk about one thing on money in a healthy way, every day.

4. People chasing money
Money has a face. A moral one, an ugly one, a healthy one…
This drama will shed light on the faces of various people who are chasing money and what their lives are worth.

5. Flowers look more beautiful when they are in ruins.
There were people whose lives were tragic during the Korean War, but they had hope even when they were not sure they could survive the war. We will show the truth that there is hope in all generations by reflecting the lives and love of those people onto the current time. 

6. A drama for forgiving and reconciliation
Making money without breaking any sweat becomes the fundamental source of crimes and this will give the lesson that one will recover humanity only after getting absolution.

This one is subbed as EngRISH, it's actually a Google translation from Chinese.

Star Story:  Song Il-Kook


This program was previously posted.

Album of Life Talkshow with Song Il-Kook and Kim Jung-Nan


Japan Boxset Promo

Short clip with English dub (source:  unknown)


KonaBean's selected scenes

Disc 25 - Episode 99 - The 5 year reunion of Hyung-Sik and Ae-Rim.

2003 Album of Life - Disc 25 - Epi 100 - The Confrontation

2003 Album of Life - Disc 31 - Epi 122 - The Reconciliation

2003 Album of Life - Disc 31 - Epi 122 - The Reunion 2

2003 Album of Life - Disc 52 - Epi 208 - The Kiss

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KONA, honestly, I couldn't remember who posted that information about Jung Jun Ha 'cause during the times when I was updating my blog, I was so tactless and thoughtless, just copying any news about SIK.  However, I'm pretty sure that it came from Soompi.  There are a lot of bits and pieces of news/information in my blogsite, some are documented and some are not, the reason that I am not posting them all here.  I actually save them for my own reference.  I'm really sorry for this.


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Guest erinnys

Hello my dear SIKers!!
I am here again, for a little while, to share something with you....actually is a present for you all....it supposed to be a Christmas present, but I couldn`t wait anymore...I just finished last night  and I have strong emotions already....I hope you will like it and each of you it will find himself in the lyrics.
My dear Kona, I really love the pic from "Album of life"...when I saw them..the first thing that came in my mind, is to make a fine calendar.....
Well.... I thank you all for being here always and I sorry that I cant`t be with you so often as I used to before!


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Erinnys, you are a ROMANTIC. I remember the picture with your son's foot prints on  sand and SIK's name....

Who is the singer? I'm sorry, I don't recognise the voice. I think I am watching to many SuJu videos lately.

Thanks for sharing your lovely video.

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Hi, SIKers!
Lovely - lovely clip, dear Erinnys, thank you! The music and words are excellent and touching!
But here I have a small joke, bonus for Gentle Hawaii tomorrow early in the morning :D  :

Love you all, SIKers!

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Thanks, dear Celia! I loved to make it!
SIK is a real coach in this show.


Cheers, dear Alex!
Love you all, SIKers!

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Guest florimama

Hello my dears Sik-ers,

I'm so happy for all you do for Song Il Kook.
I am with you in mind and soul.  

Thanks to all.

Once in love, forever in love

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