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Dear all SIKers, I'm still in the world of "Jumong" (EP 56). Even though I watched it before but the excitement and passion to the storyline and the drama don't seem to fade out at all. I also have difficulty to log on to Soompi from my PC recently. I'm now on iPad. My post will be disorganized. So I just drop a short comment here. Thank you everyone for sharing the news, clips, photos, love to our guy. Really appreciated your sharing and friendship. Bye for now and enjoy the rest of your week. Love you all <3<3<3

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Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post. I saw this photo on DC and posted in my page of Daehan Minguk Manse yesterday, and it's really a big hit. Now they call Mingukie Do Min Guk (This photo was

It's hard indeed.  Song Triplets will be remembered and talked about in years to come. We love them so much and will miss them dearly.   BTW, Episode 115 of the Song Family cut wit

Look how wonderful the Song boys are...  Oh my... Daddy Song Il Kook, we are very thankful. Thank you for sharing your boys with us. 

ALEX, "Jumong" is one drama that I can watch over and over again, same with "Emperor of the Sea".  I'm still at Episode 36 of Jumong 'cause I watch it and "Faith", alternately.  I wish SIK will have a reunion with Han Ye Jin.  I'm also obsessed with this couple, like Ho Tae and Kang San.
CELIA, thanks for the translation.  
I just scrolled the dramas coming until the end of 2012 and there's none of our man.  Maybe we can expect his next project to come in the first quarter of 2013.  I notice that he does only one drama every year.

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My dear SIKers,Hello ^ ^

I just arrived home from Korea last night and still too tired,it was really long distance flight and ofcourse with a little playful baby boy it made it 3 times harder!

I'm so happy that with our great Huilli's reports, you have the update news and photos from the 10/14 event,i just can say,wish you all were there!

Good luck every body,fighting...

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Hi, SIKers!
Dear Celia and dear Kona, thank you! Well, my eyeglasses were right, it was a small baby duck, alive and even noisy (if my ears are good :D )


It was a very funny moment: first the champagne bottle in the paper bag, the audience asked for a coffee (?) and SIK said "Ok" but extracted... a duck! (if I understood well) Super magic-show! Where disappeared the bottle? (I hope he enjoyed the wine!)
See soon, SIKers! Love you!

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Guest danasibro

Super magic-show! ....and it seemed like us being present bechause of our wonderful friends from soompi forum.
Dear Kona Beans, Celia, Gabi, Sig-Hadise, Alex 1999, Ardently, ileanz,h2og,thank you for sharing...

I love all the dramas made by SIK but the drama EOS I saw this drama three times from begining to end...



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Look what we have here.
Mewre found a blog that showed the "Kitchen of Mr. Song Il-Kook" [12-March-2009]
I don't think it's his actual home. 
This blog is the kitchen showroom, and the pictures are what Song might have purchased for his home.
This is very much in line with what he showed in Taxi show.


Per Google translations:

Tour the Kitchen of Mr. Song Il Kook

'A' shaped kitchen counter table structure: - Kitchen Furniture: 7012 Noble Zebra-converted point

1) table 'counter' to the table of open frame 2) natural zebra wood veneer with a natural blend of state-of-the-art painting techniques
Zebra 3) nature literally looks like it was moved to the kitchen door
4) the profound beauty and sophistication that you can feel at the same time black tops
5) kitchen completed the modern sense of the handles leasing system - Balanced: 60 flat


Domestic chores in the kitchen overlooking the living room, an open layout that can be

To the table workbench Extrude storage space, as well as a simple meal that can be equipped. Kitchen fun, especially the protruding workbench, restrained lines give further dynamic makes.



Utilizing storage space until the bottom of the counter table

So to keep the alcohol under the counter from a simple table to drink made storage space.

Easy linking to the inner shelf liquor decorated like fetch, it is convenient to eject.


Antiqued finish that feral zebra black tops

New countertops and sink in the main workbench to distinguish it from the other parts of the layer turned


Zebra's unique tabby Advanced profound beauty, a wild and unique kitchen directing

Zebra interior items, most emerging Atmosphere here by state-of-the-art wine cellar, side dishes, refrigerator, dishwasher, built-in feel.


Processing only the upper flap of the neat white sheet and antique tiled wall.

Upper compartment focused and subchapter and kikeunjang a view to feel cool and neat so.


Directing the space clean and spacious feeling with built-in and kikeunjang

On one side than kikeunjang them install cabinets packed fill centralize storage for the kitchen has to be seen to widen further. Million zebra kikeunjang at both ends, the middle of the process and feel the fun of the color white as a refrigerator, a freezer, a built-in electric oven ssaltong, by increased functionality.


Goes well with the black color of the aquarium cabinet

Equal to the shallower the depth of 40cm to the height of the main kitchen and do not take up a lot of space in the kitchen and gave a sense of unity.


'White' cabinet handles leasing in the master bedroom veranda

Cabinet Claw when the clean white color and the sun to shine more brightly brightly atmosphere up helps.

Small potted plant adds to the freshness.

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About the same time, Song was spotted at La-Ann Flower & Party [05-Feb-2009].
Hmm... so after Kingdom of the Wind, he did some serious home decoration :-? .


Per Google translation:





Day ... as a guest Jumong "by the hero Song Il he's here ..." He

Of Song Il Kook dressed sportswear First you do not know if it's when he saw ...

"Who is he? ..?" "How'd you find me?"

I knew it was going to deliver something here. ...

But ... around a food stylist reaction of "Oh, Song Il must say," ... Puhit ~

This commemorative has taken too ...

(Ashamed of my face lightly masked dapnida!)

Another woman who cheered and shouted the order determined took a picture, but ...

Eukeu ... I did not have the courage to do so ...

Next to a baby Florist was ...

Puhit ~ I just wanted to look modestly ...

Weighed in the face like a peach to me songgun ... "pictures. ..?"

Dapnida I took a photo and pretend not winning ... ㅋ ㅋ

But ... then I do not really want to go back in time ...

When smoked too difficult dapnida ... 1_04.gif

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Wow, what a great collection of pictures, videos, and photoart!  Thanks for sharing everyone.  It's good to see him happy and relaxed.

Has anyone else noticed that our SIK likes watches?  From these pictures, he wore two at the birthday party, one with a brown band, another with a metal band. He also wore a huge chunky white one at Tongyeong.  I guess I notice because his hands are beautifully expressive and elegant, like the interior of his apartment. 

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2012년 팬미팅&생파 DVD 신청 안내

안녕하세요~ 젠틀 가족 여러분^^


날씨가 많이 차가워졌습니다!

팬미팅&생파 이후 아프신 분들은 없으신지 걱정이 되네요~

항상 건강 조심하시기 바랍니다^^


아직 팬미팅&생파의 여운을 느끼고 계시는 분들도 있으실테고..

참여 못하신 분들은 000 이 언제 제작되려나~ 하고 목 빼고 기다리시는 분들도 많은걸로 압니다~^^


000을 서둘러 제작을 하려고 합니다.


000 은 바로~

2012년 팬미팅&생파 DVD~~!^^



신청인원과 수량을 알아야 그 다음 진행이 원활하기에 여러분들의 신청을 먼저 받으려합니다.


아래 내용을 천천히 잘 읽어보시고,

그 내용들을 잘 숙지해서 신청해주시길 바랍니다.


2012년 팬미팅&생파 DVD 신청 안내

   1. 신청 기간: 10월 19일 금요일 ~ 10월 26일 금요일 24시까지

   2. 신청 자격: 정회원 이상 (팬미팅&생파 참가여부와 관계없이 신청 가능)


   3. 신청 수량: 제한 없음


   4. 신청 방법: 메뉴 상단에 " 2012년 팬미팅&생파 DVD신청방 " 을 개설하겠습니다.

                       젠틀닉네임/ 다음 아이디/ 신청 수량/ 이름/ 연락처/ 주소(택배 받으실 주소, 우편번호) 를 적어

                       신청해주세요. (선착순x. 중복신청 & 대리신청은 신청 무효입니다.)


  -. 일본 가족분들은 주소 기입(일본어 오류)에 문제가 있을수 있으니,

      아키코님과 luvhime님의 안내를 따르시기 바랍니다.


   -. 개인정보 유출이 불편하신 분들은 비밀글로 신청해주세요. 쪽지나 메일 신청은 받지 않습니다.

       ( 신청내용 쓰기 -> 글쓰기 창 하단에 있는 자물쇠 모양 클릭 -> 등록 클릭 = 비밀글로 등록 완료.)


   5. 가격: DVD (1부+2부 약 6,000 원 이하) + 배송료 (약 4,000 원 이하)= 약 10,000 원

             (주문 수량에 따라 금액이 정해집니다. 배송료도 배송거리와 무게에 따라 변동될수 있으니 참고해주세요.)


   6. 입금 안내: 가격이 확정되는 즉시 공지하겠습니다.


* 신청 기간이 마감된 후에 정확한 가격과 배송료를 알려드리겠습니다.

* 신청 후 취소 & 입금이 안되신 분들은 젠틀 공식행사 5회 참여 불가합니다.

국내 가족분들은 운영진이 개별 발송해드리며,

  일본 가족분들은 아키코님과 luvhime님께 배송된 후 개별 발송되고,

  기타 해외 가족분들은 hkmom님께 배송된 후 개별 발송됩니다.


많은 관심 부탁드리며,

젠틀 안에서 늘 행복하시길 기원하겠습니다^^


- 패널티 안내 -


* 이번 팬미팅&생파는 날짜 변경으로 인해 신청을 취소 할수 있는 기회를 드렸었습니다.

   그때 취소하신 분들은 패널티 적용이 없습니다.

   그리고, 그 이전에 개인사정으로 취소하신 분들이 계십니다.

   하지만 날짜가 변경이 되었음에도 취소하신 것을 다시 복귀해달라는 요청을 안하신 점을 감안하여

   그 분들은 패널티에서 제외했습니다.


   이번 패널티는 8월 11일(취소, 환불 마감기간 완료) 이후에 특별한 사유 없이 취소하시거나,

   당일에 불참하신 분들에게만 적용하도록 하겠으니 많은 양해 바랍니다.

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Thanks for sharing the news Pohhooi. If I understand correctly, the price of the 2012 BD/FM DVD (Part 1+ Part 2) together with the cost of shipment  to the distributors (Luhvime or HKmom) is about 10 USD plus mailing taxes to each person that order the DVD, the latter depending on distance and quantity. And we can place our order between 19 and 26 October. Is that right?



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I must share these pictures.

Luvhime, the "HKMom" of Japanese fans, visited Kimchi Family location the day before the BD/FM and posted the pictures for SIK in GeNtLe "Dear Il-Kook":











저작자 표시
"The day before, went to the "Location" Effective Families
It was a balmy autumn.
Low too wotseupnida more ...

Location was outside the refrigerator dishwashing Avenue now under construction was "inside" Tenchijin
Then, new sliding door was rubbing her ... 04 people or as the story could be.
And has been a gift to the "sense" of Tenchijin

"Effective Family" broadcast now to look at those wonderful memories are locked.

Always if you think I'm happy to be in one country by"

This time last year, SIK began filming Fermentation Family.
These pictures must bring back so much fond memories for him.
Great job, Luvhime!
I think I'm going to watch Fermentation Family again now.
Sigh... 8100339070_86fa66e7b4_o.gif

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Guest danasibro

Thank you Kona, Hadise,Gabi and metalinger for apreciating my artworks and for sharing a lot of informations about SIK.
Thank you dear pohhooi for the informations about 2012 BD/FM DVD (Part 1+ Part 2)
.Kona Beans is right can we ask you a favor by posting the details in English when you have it, and instructions of how to order. The deadline is near, many of us want to buy this DVD.
When I look at this picture I imagine that SIK is in front of me and I stretch out my hand


dream then that he gave me a flower.

THANK YOU DEAR KONA BEANS AND DEAR POHHOOI. I included some of  my favorite pictures in this album


This picture is one of my favorite because I love SIK much more when being elegant...


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Dear @danabistro, lovely artworks and pictures of our man.
I can feel your passion through your works.
I hope your dream will be realized some day.

He's always there for us.
We just have to find the way to get to him.
And when we're there, he'll welcome us with open arms.

Sorry I have to blur out the fan.

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DANA, awesome artworks, especially the ones with moving water waves.  I wish I could do like that.
POHOI, thanks for posting the details about the DVD and same to you, CELIA, for the translation.  Oh, please I want to buy them.
METAL, you are also very observant.  Yes, I notice that, too.  Based on the pictures posted by KONA, he really is an endorser of watches.

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2012 Fan Meeting & BP DVD Application Guide

GeNtLe ann 12 Fan meeting & Birthday Party DVD guide

2012년 팬미팅&생파 DVD 신청 안내
Dear GeNtLe members,                
As it's getting cold, we're worrying about your health condition.        
Please take care of yourself.                
we're preparing the Fan Meeting & BP DVD!
Please read the guide carefully and apply for it.

*Application Guide for 2012 Fan Meeting and BP DVD        
2.All GeNtLe members can apply (Even if you didn't attend the BP, you can apply)

3.You can apply as many as you want.

4.How to Apply: Write
Your GeNtLe Nickname / DaumID/ amount
to " 2012년 팬미팅&생파 DVD신청방 "

5.Estimate price: DVD ( No.1+ No.2 about 6,000 won or less ) + Delivery charges (about 4,000 won or less )= about  10,000 won

6.Money guidance:We'll announce after the price is settled.


Dear KB, you may place your order in this thread, hkmom will order the DVD for us ^^

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