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Song Il Kook 송일국

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Hi, dear SIKers!
Very funny show, QOM! Thank you, dear Kona, for sharing! I can't wait for next episode, in Tongyeong! (did our coach's students manage well the competition, or...? I saw SIK embracing one of them.) Elegant banquet room, I'm sure all fans were hungry after so long night and morning! Those stuff looks yummy!
In that picture is it you and Xiaomeihuili? You are two beautiful ladies!! :D 
Dear Charmy, how are you? Where are you?
Welcome in this thread, dear Cristurbat!
HWJ, Flori, Celia and all, see soon!
 Love you!

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Dear all SIKers,
Go glad to see our SIK on the set. He looks great as always. Thank you Metaltiger and Kona for all the photos. I've managed to download to full show but I have no time to check it out yet. 
Gabi, thank you for your nice words. I have seen several photos in the SIK Romanian fans group. They are all awesome.
I watched Strong Heart episode 146 because of Kim Ji Hoon. Kim Jang Hun is also a guest. The opening theme is certainly the event that he swam to Dok Do Island with our SIK.  Here are some screen caps.
I love this photo. They all did good for the nation. The song is great as well.
Of course, he mentioned SIK.

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A Happy Early Birthday to Mr. Song

I tried posting a picture, but it didn't cut a paste right. I guess I'll have to try it again. Sigh.

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Hi again, SIkers!

Thank you, dear Alex!
Dear Moon-gal, good luck in posting your picture! I use to post first on facebook or twitter and then Copy Image Location from there and Paste in Insert Image button here. Maybe is a better way for posting pictures here, but I don't know it, sorry!
(Weekend is comiiiiiiiing!!! <:-P  \:D/   )

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said: [color=#6600cc]

Dear sig-Hadise and any other SIKers who wish to send Birthday greetings to our dear Il Kook-nim, you may contact me via private message.  I will be very happy to deliver your messages!  I will leave for the Birthday/Fan Meeting on Oct 10th so there's not much time left. 

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KONA, Sik looked ruggedly handsome in his white coat and tie, and topsider shoes without socks.  Yes, you're right he was still the same Ki Ho Tae that I love and miss.




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Tongyeong Report, Part 4 and final.

SIK arrived around 3:00PM soon after finishing the shooting.  We were informed 10 minutes ahead, so the lady fans started rushing to the bathroom to freshen up. The International Fans were sitting in the back of the room so it was hard for us to snap the pictures.  Although I have met SIK several times, I still had butterflies in my stomach.  Imagine what Charmy would feel?

We had a 22-year-old International student translator traveled with us.  She was good at translating one to one, but a bit weak when doing live with SIK.  I don't really blame her since she's not a professional and it was her first time.

SIK began by apologizing for the long wait.  He said they only expected 2 out of 7 QoM members to finish the triathlon, but actually 4 of them made it.

Translation by MiuMiu, a new friend I met.  Thank you MiuMiu.
This is the last part of the meeting:

SIK took questions from fans.  I summarize them here.

New project?  He's considering a modern movie, but it's not confirmed yet.  (I know this is not what we were hoping to hear).

The triplets?  They're very healthy.  At 6 months, they weight as 11 months babies.  They're eating and growing big like me (SIK).

Pictures of triplets? Will be shown at BD/FM on Oct 14 and will be on the DVD to be distributed afterward.

A new fan asked bout his favorite drama.  ...  He couldn't answer at the time.

Participate in the next triathlon?  SIK already signed up for Incheon Triathlon next year.

Credits as shown.








Next is the photograph session.  It looks like he now has the photographer as a permanent staff.  That's great! 

The Japanese fans went first, then Korean fans, and International Fans last.  We intentionally requested to go last so we can have some extra time with him.  At the very end, Laney from Singapore presented the Road for Hope and Birthday Card to SIK.  He looked at the card with fan pictures carefully as Laney explained about the donation project.  Other fans were also very interested in the card and gathered around us.  Everyone wanted to take a peak at it.  We wanted to have a nice group picture with SIK but space was tight, so our young translator did the best she could.

My photograph with SIK.
I was worried he might not remember me, so I wrote my  name on the back of the badge and introduced myself.  He immediately said "I remember you!".  Then I told him about the cap "Dad of Triplets" (that HKMom delivered last May) was from me.  He remembered it.  After taking the picture with him, I shook his hands and said "Happy Birthday, I won't be coming next month."   He looked apologetic "I'm sorry!".  "I understand, you're busy", I replied with my hand on his shoulder (naturally without thinking). 

A new friend from Japan, MiuMiu, emailed me this picture.  It warms my heart  :x .  I think that was when he said he's sorry (about the date change, and thus, I can't make it next month.)


I also took the opportunity to deliver the present from our Romanian fans.  The package was shipped directly from Romania to the Seoul hotel where we stayed.  We had to check with hotel staff several times before they could allocate it. SIK must know well by now that he has many fans around the world.  Although they cannot travel to Korea to see him, they always love and support him in spirit.


At the end of the photograph session, Laney asked for time to deliver our special gift to SIK.



As usual, he looked at the pictures carefully. 
Li Ying, his finger was at your picture ;) as he identified some of familiar faces such as HKPapa, Li Ying, OPH, Ilenaz (Nazanin).


Being curious, he pointed at a box with no picture and read it.  Laney went over them and showed him group of fans from Turkey, Romania, Iran, Hawaii, etc.


SIK's expression when he heard HKPapa donated $10,000.




We were popular :D  .


SIK was looking at the Donation Receipt:  $25,000 USD.

All of the fans knew about it.
We're proud of our achievement. 
We managed to have a group picture with SIK despite the crowd and chaos.
Laney was holding the Donation Receipt.

FYI, red blouse is Charmy ;) .


I don't remember if SIK had said anything afterward.  Laney, do you?


The meeting ended at 5:40PM.  Before leaving the room, SIK, Haneol, and GeNtLe staff treated us with Starbuck coffee and breads. On the way back to Seoul, we stopped by a rest area to have dinner.  I wasn't hungry to eat, but I heard the food was delicious.  For those who did not eat, each received a box of popular Korean hazelnut cookies.  It was so nice of GeNtLe staff.


When I got back to my hotel room in Seoul, the clock showed 11:30PM, 23-Sep-2012.  It had been more than 24 hours with little sleep.

Overall, the trip was very pleasant and beyond my (own) expectations. 
We were very well taken care of and I feel SIK, Haneol, and GeNtLe staff have done the best they could.
I thank them for their effort.

End of Tongyeong Report  ♥ ♥ ♥

Please join us next time in Seoul !!!

Your Reporter, KonaBeans.



Tongyeong Report, Part 1.
Tongyeong Report, Part 2.
Tongyeong Report, Part 3.
Tongyeong Report, Part 4 and Final.

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Lol!  You did it again, Kona.  A romantic pose with our man.  Uhm.  I bet he's so familiar with you now.  Thanks for your updates.

 Haven't heard of Charmy, lately.  I wonder what stories she has to tell. 

Happy Birthday, My Beloved

by: "Ardent"


Your birthday comes again and still I miss the chance

to go there, be with you and share the thrill and fun.

I want to read my poem and sing a song to you

to show how much I care, but chances are so few.


Last year, this year and next, I wish I have the time

to come to you, touch you and see your lovely smile.

There's a lot of reasons, that I can't find solution.

I guess I have to wait for another season.


I don't want to despair and cast away my dreams

I know they will come true, although not yet it seems.

But for now I have to say, I'm always here for you

from the bottom of my heart, "Happy Birthday" to you.


Dear Il Kook Nim,


I know life has not always been easy for you.

Sometimes it's cruel and unkind.

Being a man who is loved by so many,

still you can't avoid to have some enemy.


Nevertheless, the people who love you remain by your side,

believe in everything you do, support all your decisions in life.


You have a pure and kind heart, a generous hand to everyone.

We admire your ideas, intentions and positive actions.

We love you so much and nothing can change us.

Even if the whole world is against you, we are here to defend you.


Please remain as what you are now, the person we love,

strong and determined, responsible as a man can be.


No one can be as lovable as you.

May God bless and keep you, always.

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