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Soompi Advent Calendar


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Wow, it's great to see everyone so productive in the morning :D (at least my corner of the world haha). 


Game Of Thrones Christmas GIF


whereas i just woke up and had coffee. 



What was your favourite song/carol in the video? :D


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19 minutes ago, partyon said:

What happened after that?


:lol:  You need to find their latest photos / videos during the two  past days' concert in LA.  It was on :onfirex: and we have another two more days.  There's online streaming too on the final day if you're interested. :approves:



Please check their performances



Courtesy of BHM



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18 minutes ago, Sky Kang said:

Does every community here have a banner? Or only those where we cab find clues? 

Chingu, when you solve the clue, the correct post will have the same Soompi Advent Calendar banner as the first post of this thread. 
That is how you will know you found it :glasses:


@YongZura⁷ chingu, are you saying there are abs in the video you posted?

Harley Quinn Friends GIF by DC Comics

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Great job Chingus solving the clue and finding the right post 




2 hours ago, Lmangla said:

okay, I cheated by looking at @YongZura⁷ post to find the page number. hahahaha... I couldn't figure out the numbers 


Okay so Noona, I was never going to reveal this secret, but seeing you say it, I got to confess as well. I also cheated for a couple of clues last year in this event :loolz:

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53 minutes ago, partyon said:

Yay for solving the clue! 

Was it hard? Easy?


Well, had an inkling that the 7 oppas would be a group - they would then be famous singing or dancing or both. Which group is arguably very famous? :D


First I did, check @YongZura⁷'s profile for the name of thread. :lol: Then make sense of the numbers given, hahaha. The runaway deers helped clinch the actual page number. :P

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On 11/28/2021 at 5:19 PM, partyon said:



It's time to kick off this year's December event - Soompi Advent Calendar! 

What is an Advent Calendar, you might ask?


Advent Calendar: a special calendar to count the days until Christmas (from Dec 1st to Dec 24th). Many Advent calendars take the form of a large rectangular card with "windows",one for each day of December leading up to and including Christmas Eve. Example below:


You open one window every day, and behind it you will find a picture or an object (e.g. chocolate or a toy).


We will be gifting our Soompi community with goodies every day up until Christmas. It can be a picture, it can be a gif, it can be a video. Your task is to find the window based on clues we will be giving you. 

It's a similar concept we had last year, but with the difference that this will run for 24 consecutive days.


You can find all clues in the posts below this one. 


Instructions :

  1. We will post a new clue every day right here on this thread. In the posts below this one.
  2. Each clue will have a hint about an actor/actress/drama/section and a page number of the thread.
  3. You can discuss here on this thread and help each other out.
  4. Once you find the goodie (which will be hidden in a post on the thread, come back here and tell us that you found it. Please put the goodie in a spoiler, as to not spoil it for others who haven't solved the clues yet. Also, let us know how you liked the goodie.
  5. Note! This is not a contest. This is just for fun while we count down to Christmas.
  6. You can solve as many clues as you want / feel like


We have made finding the right thread a bit easier by giving each section a number:

  1. hangout
  2. kpop
  3. kdrama & movies
  4. sitcoms & variety
  5. actors & actresses
  6. shippers paradise
  7. global entertainment

So when you find a number in the clue (in any form or shape), it will guide you to the right section.


Page numbers can be deduced directly from the number posted (51 means page 51) or you might have to add/subtract (32 and 25 -> page 7) / /put together the numbers (e.g. the post mentions 1, 2 and 3 could refer to page 123) / numbers might be scrambled.


If you have any questions, please let us know!

Let's have some fun together while we count down to Christmas!


Thank you to @gm4queen for the event banner. 


Your Event Organizers,

@partyon @confusedheart @Sleepy Owl @agenth




hai everyone. *waving hands* 
I hope it's not too late to say a very special thanks to @partyon tagged me on the thread, Soompi Advent Calendar comes once a year. :D Happy Merry Christmas in advance. may this Christmas bring much joy and happiness. here's a soundtrack, one of the best Christmas songs to keep singing all season long. one, two, three. :D




On 11/28/2021 at 5:31 PM, agenth said:


CLUES (December 1st to 6th)


Dec 1:

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung by seven oppas with care,
In the hope that 2 of their fans would soon be there.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But 2 miniature sleighs, and 30 tiny reindeer.
But alas, 5 reindeer ran away,
Can I still find the correct post in any way?



I enclose herewith my answer is,

Day 1 : page 224-225.

2X GRAMMY Nominated BTS (방탄소년단) Official Thread [#AOTY #DAY3 #PTD_On_Stage in LA]
BTS's Christmas Carol Medley.



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26 minutes ago, kokodus said:

Did you guys do this intentionally? 

Of course! :glasses: Gotta keep our one and only Ms Koko happy!


21 minutes ago, MayanEcho said:

First I did, check @YongZura⁷'s profile for the name of thread. 


@YongZura⁷ looks like you’ve been very helpful today



@twinkle_little_star Yay! Well done! :kiss_wink:

Mariah is awesome! :heart:

My favorite Christmas carol is Wham’s Last Christmas. George Michael was so handsome back then :joy:


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