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Quick Poll: K-Drama Seasons


Quick Poll: K-Drama Seasons   

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  1. 1. Which of these K-Dramas with multiple seasons did you like the most? (Choose at least 4 or as many as you want)

    • Age of Youth
    • Chief of Staff
    • Dr. Romantic
    • Queen of Mystery
    • I Need Romance
    • Hospital Playlist
    • Kingdom
    • Let’s Eat
    • Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)
    • Love Alarm
    • Reply
    • School
    • Stranger / Forest of Secrets
    • The Penthouse
    • The Sound Of Your Heart
    • Ugly Miss Young-Ae
    • Vampire Prosecutor
    • Voice
    • Welcome To Waikiki
    • Anything else? (Please comment.)

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Hello everyone. 


I want to watch the 2nd season of JEALOUSY INCARNATE/Don't Dare To Dream.


Though there is no chance at all for that to be happened but i wish it can happen. 


JI/DDTD is the drama where i discovered JO JUNG SUK as Lee Hwashin. And instantly fell in love with BOTH.


I have enjoyed this drama so much and the way i found myself attached to Lee Hwashin , i can not describe in words. This never happened to me neither before or after this drama with any other drama or character or actor. 

Though JJS has played many other roles and i have seen each of them and they are totally acted to a t. And i love those roles as well but Lee Hwashin will always,always be superior for me. 


I want to watch the married life of LHS and Pyo Na Ri. I can watch them just banter all day long. I want to watch the tusender husband LHS more. 


When i finished watching the drama a silly thought came to me automatically, if i were the president or prime minister of SK i would definitely order the drama team to extend the episodes to at least 50 more episodes.:joy:. If there is anyone drama that i want to watch and enjoy for the first time again, it is also JI.

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13 hours ago, partyon said:

@agenth The prequel better be advantageous to  @LeftCoastOppa .  So no "falling out of trees" or "being speared by a trident".



The Prequel is about @LeftCoastOppa's journey from mopping man to the lone standing man in the arena! 

Russell Crowe Gladiator GIF by MOODMAN


13 hours ago, the_sweetroad said:

I think they did announce that there would be a few "Lovestruck in the City" short series, all done by the same PDnim, if I recall correctly. This PDnim did "It's OK to Not Be OK" which is why I wanted to see LITC :wub:. He has a good eye.

I remember after LITC ended, or even before, they talked about Season 2 and the story of Minho, which is why Episode 17 was created. Since then, I haven't seen any news about LITC 2. I do think PD is great, so from now on he is on my radar - and i'd love if he and JCW would reunite in another project. 




Generally I like that kdramas don't have multiple seasons and manage to end up wrapping up a story in one go (mostly). Here's my list, where I wouldn't mind another Season however:


  • Healer: The power of PMY and JCW. Enough said? I think it would be nice to see more of their story, when they have a little downtime, and also to watch how Jungho tries to live a normal life, though of course, unsuccessfully haha
  • Empress Ki in modern times, because of the Northface CF :D 
  • Moon Lovers in modern times, because of the ending. 
  • The Good Wife because I want to see FL break out of the circle of hell. 


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39 minutes ago, agenth said:

Healer: The power of PMY and JCW. Enough said? I think it would be nice to see more of their story, when they have a little downtime, and also to watch how Jungho tries to live a normal life, though of course, unsuccessfully haha


That would be one I would watch, too :)

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@larus Add me. I have nothing interesting to watch. Have you watched Hot Stove League?


@lebeaucouple  I agree. It wasn't that realistic but it was fun to watch. The battle of wits kept me hooked on to it. And a good antagonist. No to 'Veil' as I heard mixed reviews. Hospital Playlist gets a hard pass too. 


@LeftCoastOppa I stand corrected. It was Vincenzo. My bad!:hwaiting2:Looking forward to your survival in the next Survival Games.


@lexicon It is legit. No harm in wishing for it. The Drama Gods might grant our wishes. :fullofhearts:


@JJS's Fan-atics I loved Don't Dare To Dream. But then I love all dramas featuring Gong Hyo-jin. I think I fell in love with Jo Jung-suk in Oh My Ghost. He was such a hunky chef. :sparklyeyes:


@agenth and @the_sweetroad Yes, to Healer. :wow1:

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@confusedheartYes ...i know why you loved JJS more in OMG.Its because you watched him first in OMG and then in JI. Almost everyone who watched OMG first than JI liked him most as Chef than as Lee Hwashin. It probably has something to do with his sweetness as chef but LHS as we know was a tusendere so many people did not like him initially for that.


But If i had watch OMG first i would definitely have liked JJS as character and actor but not to the extent which i loved him as Lee Hwashin. There are 2 reasons for that.


The first is that i feel JJS was a strong supporting character for the drama but the main focus of the drama was on PBY character so it revolved mostly around HER. But JI was CENTERED on Lee Hwashin, it was his story , his journey, and Pyo na ri was a strong supporting character in the drama. So it is more memorable for me than OMG.



Secondly the chef character was not as layered as LHS. Chef was just a normal character with normal human emotions where he was happy , sad, worried, exited etc etc. Every other good actor can pull that off well. But in JI he was tusendere yet sweet , grupmy yet likable, extremely sexy. I do not think any other actor could pull that off the way JJS did. It was as if LHS had my heart and playing with my heart strings. I felt his emotions in my bones.


It was a rom com where JJS had the daunting task to emote his pain through humor. And he did it incredibly well. For example the scene where he got drunk and went to PNR and asked her out , the whole scene was filmed as funny but we can easily look the sadness and tears in his eyes beneath his smile in that scene. And this is just 1 example. The whole drama is very memorable.


So the credit goes to JJS and the writer for writing such a beautiful story and character though i have many reservations regarding the 2nd male lead in JI and i hate Pyo Na Ri for the most part of the drama for being so clinge , creepy and stalker to LHS and being without having any sense of self pride and sense of self space but for writing LHS and his whole journey ,writer had done a FABULOUS job. And JJS was DIVINE as LHS. 

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On 11/24/2021 at 10:32 PM, confusedheart said:


@willenette is there any drama whose ending you were dissatisfied with?



@confusedheart I've watched so many K-dramas that have captured my heart, but there were also some endings, which are disappointing. You see, I'm a sucker for happy-ending stories. 1) Uncontrollably Fond. - When  Kim Woo Bin (male lead) died I just had to scream. I was waiting for him to somehow miraculously be cured. But, no it didn't happen. 2) Stairway To Heaven - 3) Empress Kianother sad ending that left fans heartbroken for the main character. 4) Mr Sunshine - 5) I'm Sorry I Love You - So Ji-Sub kills himself in a motorcycle accident to save his brother.  :tears:




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We might be divided in our opinion when it comes to multiple seasons, but one thing that does unite us is our love for K-dramas. I agree that a second season seems like a sacrilege as we don't want to ruin our fond memories of our favourite dramas, in case the second season falls short of our expectations.  Yet, there are many of us who want a 'proper' closure or we wish to see how our favourite characters fared in life after the happily ever (HEA) hinted at the end of the first season.


We surely can't get enough of our favourite drama, 'Hospital Playlist' even after two very successful seasons. Standing tall with 21 votes.


Meet our Melbourne Leaders — Acorn Network



But Kingdom gave it a very stiff competition with 20 votes. That was very close, chingus.


Gangnam Style GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY




Finally, we have a draw. Both the Reply Series with three seasons and Dr. Romantic with two seasons, emerge as Second Runner Up with 15 votes each. 



Friends Celebrating GIF - MavSocial



Thank you Chingus for participating and sharing your thoughts about K-drama seasons. Hopefully, K-drama gods and goddesses listened to our prayers, and we get our heart's desire fulfilled.  :fullofhearts:


Hospital Playlist GIF - Hospital Playlist - Discover & Share GIFs



Do each out to your favourite friendly, neighbourhood  EO Team with ideas about polls, events etc. We would love to hear from you. :dorakiss: Please do look forward to this BIG event we will be launching soon to usher in the season to be merry.



Alan Jackson Lets Get Into The Holiday Spirits GIF - Alan Jackson Lets Get  Into The Holiday Spirits Holiday Spirit - Discover & Share GIFs



re: @partyon @Sleepy Owl @agenth and @confusedheart


Tagging: @willenette @JJS's Fan-atics @larus @the_sweetroad @lebeaucouple @lexicon @Gumiho @LeftCoastOppa @madmad min @Emily Bett @rocher22  @gm4queen @Ayame @Sunset @frozentundra @maribella @liddi @Newbie21SG

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Oh mi gosh.. I forget to vote for kingdom :lol: sorray ji hoon oppa :love:


congrats to hospital playlist even though I have never watch and will never watch hahahaaa. Sorry but that drama look boring with boring hospital dresses and boring hospital setting ^_* 

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