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Movember Oppa Event - POLL


Your Favorite Movember Oppa pictures - POLL (Please read the RULES)   

40 members have voted

  1. 1. Category 1: Which Contemporary Movember Oppas do you like the most? (choose max 3)

    • BTS oppa pic 1 (kokodus)
    • BTS oppa pic 2 (kokodus)
    • BTS oppa pic 3 "Charlie Tae" (kokodus)
    • The King of My Heart (Daniel Choi) (gm4queen)
    • Lee Soo Hyuk oppa (joccu)
    • Lee Jong Suk - forest look (frozentundra)
    • Lee Jong Suk - KFC look (frozentundra)
    • 40s hubby with whiskers (Lmangla)
    • Inzaghi pigeon "oppa" (Ameera Ali)
    • Life of truck of doom "oppa" (Ameera Ali)
    • Royal Picasso "oppa" (Ameera Ali)
    • Go Soo oppa (lexicon)
  2. 2. Category 2: Which Historical Movember Oppas do you like the most? (choose max 3)

    • Genie oppa (Ameera Ali)
    • Junho oppa (lexicon)
    • YeHua's dragon form (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms) (Romulan)
    • Dong Hua DJinn, Bai Gun Gunn -"Like Father like Son" (From Eternal Love of the Dream) (Romulan)
    • Lan Wanji -- (From the Untamed) (Romulan)

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  • Poll closed on 11/17/2021 at 09:59 PM

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18 hours ago, partyon said:

Due to the fact that we can only give out one prize per winner, we will be awarding @Ameera Ali @lexicon @frozentundra and @joccu prizes in this contest. As @Ameera Ali wishes to donate her prize to a runner-up, we congratulate @Romulan as well!


Wow!  Thank you @Ameera Ali! Ive never had a Viki pass -thank you all so much! 

:)  This was fun!! 

By the way, what show is the pigeon from?

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45 minutes ago, Romulan said:

By the way, what show is the pigeon from?

The pigeon Inzaghi is from Vincenzo. 
i am surprised it doesn’t have its own thread on Soompi yet…

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