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[Drama 2021-2022] Let Me Be Your Knight ☪ 너의 밤이 되어줄게


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Let Me Be Your Knight

너의 밤이 되어줄게




   PROFILE ☽   
Director : Ahn Ji Sook  (Kill It

Writer : Shin Seo Ha, Hae Yeon, Seo Jung Eun, Yoo So Won

Network :  SBS / iQiyi
Episodes 12
Release Date : Nov 7, 2021 - Jan 23, 2022

Aired On : Sunday 23:05
Country : South Korea

Production : Big Ocean


   STORY ☽   

The drama will be a story of romance and healing between one of the world’s greatest idols

who is suffering from somnambulism and the doctor who is secretly treating him.

Yoon Tae In is an untouchable idol star who is loved all around the world,

and a musical genius who believes he is the center of the universe.




 Official teaser & Trailer    1st Teaser / 2nd Teaser / Trailer / EP 1 Highlight


 Official link   : Official Website  /  Official Twitter / LUNA official IG

Official Video playlist


  Official Posters  


WJaknjG.jpg  mpxOQ79.jpg






   CAST ☽   


Jung In-sun  As In Yoon-joo / Kang Seon-joo

  In Yoon-joo   

She is live-in doctor who treats leader of Luna, Yoon Tae-in for his condition.


  Kang Seon-joo   

Yoon-ju's identical twin sister, her American name is Catherine Sunju Kang,

and her Korean name is In Seon-joo.

She was adopted in the United States at the age of 11.


   LUNA ☽   








2016 ☽   

  DEBUT Dgital Single <Eternal> 


  LUNA 1st Album <Lullaby>  




   2017 ☽   


  LUNA 2nd Album <Total Lunar Eclipse>  




   2018 ☽   

LUNA 1st Single <Our Hours>




   2019 ☽   

LUNA 2nd Single <Love Paranoia>



  LUNA 3rd Album <Dear. Flower>  




 LUNA 3rd Single <Beautiful Breakup> 




 LUNA 4th Album <Midnight Fantasy> 



Cr. LUNA official IG






    MEMBER ☽   




Lee Jun-young as Yoon Tae-in

Luna's leader, main vocalist, producer.



Jang Dong-joo as Seo Woo-yeon

Luna's guitarist and sub vocalist.




Kim Jong-hyun as Lee Shin

Luna's bassist, sub vocalist.




Yoon Ji-sung as Kim Yoo-chan

Luna's drummer and sub vocalist.




Kim Dong-hyun as Woo Ga-on

Luna's keyboardist, sub vocalist.





iESjHue.jpg  K0Ad59S.jpg  2bZZBB6.jpg

Seo Hye-won as Jeong Ba-reun

Yoon-ju's best friend, cafe owner.

Ha-young as Chae Ji-yeon

She is in a secret relationship with Luna's Lee Shin, Jang Enter's actor.

Kwak Jae-hyung as Representative Moon

CEO of MM Enter, to which Luna belongs.



7e0unaT.jpg  7ap0nq9.jpg  AsuWoiZ.jpg

Lee Se-chang as Representative Jang

CEO of entertainment agency Jang Enter.

Park Ji-won as Hyobin 

A member of MM Entertainment, one of the top solo singers in Korea.

Choi Hwani as Gil Soonnam

An employee of MM Enter, Manager/ Director of 'Luna'







Script Reading


Gallery : 1 / 2 / 3 /4 / 5 / 6 /7



Press Conference


Gallery : 1 / 2 / 3 /4 


Special Interview


BTS & interview 



Talk about character Part 01

Talk about character Part 02

Singles Korea Magazine : LUNA interview



Chuseok Greeting

【QiCHAT】Let them make your night with band "LUNA” & Yoon Joo from

Farewell message from casts



Behind The Scenes: Band "Luna" first ensemble

Behind The Scenes of Poster Shoot

Behind The Scenes of Record room

Behind The Scenes: The day of Green Concert with LUNA

Behind The Scenes: A night date with JR!

Behind The Scenes: LUNA practice for "Beautiful Breakup"

Behind The Scenes: LUNA Moment CAM

Behind The Scenes: Heart-to-heart talk by Tae-in & Ga-on

Behind The Scenes: The band LUNA sings for you

Behind The Scenes: Beach party with LUNA, Yoon-joo & Nina




Episodes Making

EP1 / EP2 / EP3 / EP4 / EP5  / EP6 /  EP7 

 EP8  / EP9.1  / EP9.2  / EP10  / EP11 /  EP12  



FDWOyouaAAACIi0?format=jpg&name=4096x4096 FBVx1EFUUAQBJ5z?format=jpg&name=large axxCfbR.jpg 


cj5TjDJ.jpg  3JJuwin.jpg






LUNA 2nd single

Track Listing

01. Love Paranoia –  LUNA

02. Love Paranoia –  LUNA (Inst.)

Listen // Official MV // Practice Ver. 

>> cr. Spotify BIGOCEAN ENM <<




LUNA 3rd single

Track Listing

01. Beautiful  Breakup –  LUNA

02. Beautiful  Breakup –  LUNA (Inst.)

Listen // Official MV 


Member Highlight 

Tae In Highlight  

Woo Yeon Highlight  

Shin Highlight  

Yoo Chan Highlight  

Ga On Highlight  



>> cr. Spotify BIGOCEAN ENM <<



LUNA Solo single

Track Listing

01. Love one day  –  Tae In LUNA

02. Love one day  –  Tae In LUNA (Inst.)

Listen // Official MV 

>> cr. Spotify BIGOCEAN ENM <<



LUNA 4th single

Track Listing

01. Let Me Be Your Knight – LUNA

02. Let Me Be Your Knight  –  LUNA (Inst.)


>> cr. Spotify BIGOCEAN ENM <<



LUNA 5th single

Track Listing

01. Rock & Roll Tonight– LUNA

02. Rock & Roll Tonight  –  LUNA (Inst.)

Listen // Official MV 

>> cr. Spotify BIGOCEAN ENM <<




Original Soundtrack 

go6sLWa.jpg  FE605KiXwAsidKB?format=jpg&name=large  nmwZm5n.jpg 


 let-me-be-your-knight-ost-part-4.jpg  FJ1cfXracAAA1oA?format=jpg&name=4096x4096





Let Me Be Your Knight OST Part 1

Track Listing

01. 너니까 (Because it’s you) –  김우진(Kim Woojin) 

02. 너니까 (Because it’s you)  –  김우진(Kim Woojin)  (Inst.)

 Official MV  /   Listen 

>> cr. Spotify <<



Let Me Be Your Knight OST Part 2

Track Listing

01. 너의 환한 미소가 하늘 구름 위에 있어 (Sunshine)  –  써니(SUNNY) 

02. 너의 환한 미소가 하늘 구름 위에 있어 (Sunshine)  –  써니(SUNNY)  (Inst.)


>> cr. Spotify <<



Let Me Be Your Knight OST Part 3

Track Listing

01. Dreamin'  –  서은광 (Seo Eun Kwang BTOB) 

02. Dreamin'  –  서은광 (Seo Eun Kwang BTOB)  (Inst.)


>> cr. Spotify <<



Let Me Be Your Knight OST Part 4

Track Listing

01. Rainbow  –  Celine

02. Rainbow  –  Celine (Inst.)


>> cr. Spotify <<



Let Me Be Your Knight OST Part 5

Track Listing

01.You are my soul  –  Monday Kiz

02.You are my soul  –  Monday Kiz (Inst.)


>> cr. Spotify <<







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  • Maetawinz changed the title to [Current Drama 2021] Let Me Be Your Knight ☪ 너의 밤이 되어줄게- Jung In Sun / Lee Jun Young

Hello, guys! I didn't expect the thread is really new and I will one of the first to comment on the drama's first episode. I look forward to this drama because I loved Imitation and Jun is here again as the male lead. So, you may see me comparing the two dramas. Even from the first episode, I can tell that this drama will be more fleshed out than Imitation.


This time Jun is another cold most popular member of the group named Yoon Taein. I respect him for always producing all LUNA's albums and now taking the risk to try something different. He is sure confident in his talents that he didn't see the need to do special events for the comeback (I personally will choose the instrument switch event lol). However, it went a totally different way than expected. It's so sad that seeing them falling down (not even to the bottom actually) but it hurts more when you have been on the top all the time.


The idea of the male lead having sleepwalking issue is really unique. For a second, I though he will have insomnia even though i have read the plot many times before. It's amazing that he didn't hit anything on his way to the park lol. This sleepwalking resurfaced from his childhood and it's implied to be a trauma, I think. Yoon Jihan is totally his father, right? And there is probably conflict between them.


We don't know much yet about most of the characters. The LUNA members that stand out in the first episode other than Taein are Yoochan and Gaon. Yoochan is the typical social butterfly and Gaon is Taein's fanboy (I find it interesting that they show LUNA has fanboys too). Gaon seems quiet and only talks when it's about his beloved Taein hyung. I'm curious if his admiration of Taein will go deeper than what it seems.


The female lead, In Yoonjo is the typical lively and hardworking female lead which will complement well with Taein's coldness. Her ultimate life goal is to get back her family house and reunite with her twin sister. It's so heartbreaking that her hopes are crushed instantly with her getting scammed and her twin wanting to left behind her past life in Korea. And then we get another twin identity switch like The King's Affection and One the Woman. I actually lowkey interested to see this drama with Kang Sunjo as the FL so when cold meets cold, sparks fly.

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7 hours ago, Maetawinz said:

OMG They made Luna band alive for real world.

I already saw NU'EST fans opening group orders for the album on Twitter. Maybe I will buy too, probably the guitar pick keyring and photocard set.

The song is so good! I kinda wish they can perform it live more.

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  • Maetawinz changed the title to [Current Drama 2021] Let Me Be Your Knight ☪ 너의 밤이 되어줄게- Jung In Sun / Lee Jun Young ☾ Every Sunday 23:05

I am liking this so far, it is a good drama.


Finally, SBS’s new idol romance drama “Let Me Be Your Knight” scored an average nationwide rating of 1.4 percent for its second episode.

Read more: https://kdramabuddy.com/young-lady-and-gentleman-soars-to-its-highest-ratings-yet-chimera-and-inspector-koo-see-rise/#ixzz7CFZoSzad

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The housemates hijinks are really hilarious in latest episode. Understandably, all the members refused to live with a female doctor but had to agree with the CEO when they experienced the terrors of Taein's sleepwalking behavior. Lol at Taein whispering "I love you" to Wooyeon scared the members the most.


Our girl Yoonjoo is too desperate that she took the job. I also like that Yoonjoo stands up for herself when the guys keep treating her badly. I'm looking forward to the next episodes.


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