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CONTEST: Movember Oppa


Mustache Oppas! Yes or no?  

42 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you like oppas with facial hair?

    • Absolutely! Oppas with full beard are gorgeous! <3
    • Yes! But the beard needs to be well maintained - not too thick, not too thin.
    • I prefer a mustache only (no beard)
    • I prefer a beard only (no mustache)
    • I only like bushy eyebrows - especially if they're grandpa oppas
    • A scruffy stubble will always melt my knees....
    • I'm neutral. My oppa looks good in any look.
    • Meh, I prefer a clean shaven oppa
    • I absolutely detest facial hair on my oppa.
    • Something else. What?

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  • Poll closed on 11/13/2021 at 10:00 PM

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18 hours ago, partyon said:

@Romulan Omo! What attention to detail! :kiss_wink: Even the child got a beard! 

Is that a snake with facial hair?

Technically its a dragon but it gets mistaken for a snake.  His human form was played by Mark Chao.   Thanks! I figured Gun Gun would want one if his dad did. 


18 hours ago, partyon said:

I hope it eats Inzaghi the pigeon, so that we won’t see him in our events anymore. :joy:

We will put up the poll in about 7-8 hours. Feel free to submit pictures until then.

I could see that happening as long as it first got fireballed to be properly cooked! 

  • LOL 1
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