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Jung Kyung Ho 정경호


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Jung Kyung Ho- South Korean actor




Name: Jung Kyoung-Ho

Hangul: 정경호

Birthdate: August 31, 1983

Birthplace: South Korea

Height: 183cm

Family: Jung Eul Young(father)- director

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jstar_allallj/




Drama Series

TV Movies




  • Angels in America (2021)




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Jung Kyung Ho cutely picks on 'Hospital Playlist' co-star Kim Dae Myung for 'acting cute' on a video call with girlfriend Sooyoung


On the October 29 broadcast of tvN's 'Wise Mountain Village Life' starring the lead cast members of 'Hospital Playlist', actor Jung Kyung Ho answered a phone call from his girlfriend of 8-years, Girls' Generation's Sooyoung


On this day, Jung Kyung Ho and Kim Dae Myung feasted on some fried chicken they brought from the town for dinner. While eating on a small deck in front of the house, the two actors saw the sun setting, and pulled out their phones to snap a picture. Seeing the sunset, Jung Kyung Ho casually said, "Wow, Choi Sooyoung would love this so much."


Then as soon as he mentioned Sooyoung's name, he got a phone call from Sooyoung! Jung Kyung Ho remarked. "She's a ghost. She's calling me right now." While Kim Dae Myung reacted in shock, going, "What?", Jung Kyung Ho answered the call sweetly, referring to Sooyoung as "Jagiya". He then explained to Sooyoung what happened, before turning the call to a video chat. 


Jung Kyung Ho then comfortably turned the call over to Kim Dae Myung, and Sooyoung and Kim Dae Myung spoke with each other casually. Sooyoung asked, "Where did you get fried chicken?", and Kim Dae Myung answered, "I bought it at the terminal in town." Seeing Kim Dae Myung, Sooyoung then cooed, "There's the romance veteran~". 


But while watching Sooyoung and Kim Dae Myung converse, Jung Kyung Ho suddenly butted in and asked, "Why are you talking to her so cutely? Why are you being so cute with my... grasshopper?" (During a previous episode of the show, actor Jo Jung Suk accidentally began a story about his ex-girlfriend, then stopped himself, flustered. To cover for Jo Jung Suk, Kim Dae Myung changed the Korean word for "girlfriend" to a similar sounding word, "grasshopper".)


Kim Dae Myung, not backing down, demanded, "Why can't I be cute?". Jung Kyung Ho replied, "Be cute? To my grasshopper?", while Kim Dae Myung explained, "We're here in such a nice place, and I'm in the mood."







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“Hospital Playlist” PD Shin Won Ho Shares His Thoughts On Each Love Line, Potential For Season 3, And More


Oct 11, 2021
by S. Cho

Producing director (PD) Shin Won Ho of “Hospital Playlist” recently participated in an interview to talk about wrapping up the show’s second season!

“Hospital Playlist,” which stars Jo Jung SukJung Kyung HoYoo Yeon SeokJeon Mi Do, and Kim Dae Myung as five doctors who first met in medical school and have been close friends ever since, tells the everyday stories of ordinary doctors and patients. The finale of “Hospital Playlist 2” aired on September 16 to the season’s highest ratings.


Regarding the love the series has received, Shin Won Ho shared, “I presume that viewers came in after finding one aspect [of the drama] charming—for example, the chemistry between the five friends, the music and the band, the patients, the warm stories of their guardians, the love lines, or the ensemble of the many actors—and then gave us so much love after finding a different aspect charming as well.”

He added, “If I have to pick just one, I think the chemistry between the five actors and the characters they created, as well as the little stories they told within Yulje Medical Center, earned us a lot of points.”


Finally, Shin Won Ho touched on how Jung Kyung Ho and Kwak Sun Young’s romance was the complete opposite of Kim Dae Myung and Ahn Eun Jin’s. He shared, “Although the start and the middle parts of their relationship felt cute and lovely, the big picture had to be heavy. If Season 1 was a fun and exciting romance, Season 2 had the color of a traditional romance. I hoped that the realistic conflict in their relationship, the relatable worries arising from long-distance relationships, the confusion and misunderstandings that inevitably arise from career-related situations, breaking up, but their desperation to move forward despite all that, were portrayed well.”

“Despite not having a lot of scenes, Jung Kyung Ho and Kwak Sun Young acted so well,” he continued. “They portrayed [their characters] so well that I wondered how they made such short scenes so emotional. In Season 1, the two of them just standing together automatically created a romantic comedy, but in Season 2, it felt like the two of them being together automatically created a traditional romance drama. They were a couple that often made me think, ‘It’s a good thing they met.'”


MORE https://www.soompi.com/article/1492808wpp/hospital-playlist-pd-shin-won-ho-shares-his-thoughts-on-each-love-line-potential-for-season-3-and-more




Jo Jung Suk, Jeon Mi Do, Jung Kyung Ho, Yoo Yeon Seok, And Kim Dae Myung Enjoy Some Time Off In “Three Meals A Day” Spin-Off Posters


Sep 30, 2021
by C. Hong

The “Hospital Playlist” spin-off of “Three Meals a Day” has released official posters!

Previously, tvN confirmed that “Hospital Playlist” cast members Jo Jung Suk, Jeon Mi Do, Jung Kyung Ho, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Kim Dae Myung had filmed a new variety show with producing director (PD) Na Young Suk. The new show is titled “Mountain Village Playlist” and the format is similar to Na Young Suk’s ” Three Meals a Day,” where celebrities rent a house in the countryside and cook their own meals from scratch.

In one poster, the five “99s,” as they are known in the drama, enjoy some time off while surrounded by the healing sights and sounds of nature. “Hospital Playlist” is as well-known for its soundtrack as well as its storyline and Jo Jung Suk continues the musical theme from the drama by strumming a guitar and singing along with Jung Kyung Ho.




In the other poster, the 99s show off their quirky but lovable chemistry that made them so much fun to watch in “Hospital Playlist” as they strike comedic poses in front of their new house with various kitchen items. The caption on both posters reads, “A project in order to keep ‘Hospital Playlist’ in our hearts for a little longer.”





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Jung Kyung-ho to make his stage debut with lead role in 'Angels in America'



Actor Jung Kyung-ho will be making his stage debut later this year after he was cast in one of the lead roles in the Korean production of the play “Angels in America.” The actor’s agency, Management Allum confirmed the news, adding that Jung will be playing the role of Prior.  
“Angels in America” is a play written by Tony Kushner. This two-part play has won numerous awards including the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, the Tony Award for Best Play and the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Play. It was adapted into a mini drama series and aired on HBO in 2003, as well as large-budget films.  
Set in 1985, the story revolves around six New Yorkers whose lives intersect. It explores a wide variety of themes, including love, death and sex as well as heaven and hell. One of the protagonists is Prior, a gay man living with AIDS who is visited by an angel.  
The play is set to premiere on Nov. 26 at Myeongdong Theater in central Seoul.  



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Jung Kyung-ho posted several photos along with emoticons with different expressions on her Instagram on the November 1st. In the published photo, Jung Kyung-ho is looking at the camera while choosing a menu at a restaurant.











A wise mountain village life' Jeong Kyung-ho, a cup of tea in nature



In the published photo, Jung Kyung-ho was shown enjoying a cup of tea with nature in the background while filming tvN's new entertainment program 'Wise Mountain Village Life'.


Netizens who saw this commented, “Today’s first broadcast. It's so fun", "It's so cute", "I can't wait for 9", etc. 'Wise Mountain Village Life' will be broadcast for the first time at 8:50 pm on October 8. 



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'Wise mountain village life' Jeong Kyung-ho, smuggled food comes out one after another... 'I even put a name tag on it'




In the tvN 'Wise Mountain Village Life' broadcast on the 5th, PD Shin Won-ho, who directed 'Wise Doctor Life', made a surprise appearance as a guest, showing Jung Kyung-ho taking out smuggled food. On this day's broadcast, 99s including Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-myung, Yoo Yeon-seok, Jeon Mi-do, and Jo Jung-seok purchased 10,000 won beef for 1,500 won and were in a state of 8,500 won minus. So PD Na told me to give him 8,500 won. When I just asked for a card, PD Na said, "I'm not an idiot," and "I will have time to confess."


PD Na said, "If there is someone who smuggles in materials that were not approved by the production team, or if there is such a person, if there is one person who sincerely confesses for the first time, I will make it available." Then Jung Kyung-ho quickly went into the room and pulled out his food one after another, attracting attention. Kyung-ho Jeong had several kinds of kimchi, as well as sausages. In addition, Jung Kyung-ho said, "Actually, there are old ones," and "Should I bring them out?"


Then PD Na said, "Let's pick a radish once." In the end, Jo Jung-seok, Kim Dae-myung, and Jeong Kyung-ho headed to the radish field, and they pulled out the radishes while burying the soil in the ground, causing laughter. The three of them had a difficult but enjoyable time pulling out radishes as they rolled in the radish field. tvN 'Wise Mountain Village Life' airs every Friday at 8 PM.

(Google translate)





Living in the Mountain Village' Jung Kyung-ho reveals the food hidden in the proposal of PD Na






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Eun-Jin Ahn, “Different from Kyung-Ho Jung, who is a sensitive 'student', a sweetheart with a lot of aegyo”




Ahn Eun-jin mentioned the charming charm of Jung Kyung-ho, who is different from the character in 'A wise doctor's life'.

Ahn Eun-jin appeared on MBC's 'Radio Star', which aired on December 15th.

Ahn Eun-jin picked Jung Kyung-ho as the person who felt the most disconnected from her character in the drama 'The Wisdom of a Doctor Season 2'. Ahn Eun-jin said, "I was surprised from season 1, but Jung Kyung-ho oppa was very different. In the drama, the sensitivity explodes, but in reality, he is a sweetheart with a lot of aegyo, saying, 'Oh, Eun Jin-ah. I don't know where this sensitivity comes from. He is a person who really enjoys life and lives happily,” she explained.





Tiffany, full of affection for future brother-in-law Jung Kyung-ho..♥ A publicity fairy that even Sooyoung would be jealous of




Girls' Generation member Tiffany gave an insight into Sooyoung's old lover Jung Kyung-ho's musical. On the 12th, Tiffany posted a picture through her personal Instagram account.

In the published photo, Tiffany poses in front of a huge banner with a picture of actor Jung Kyung-ho. Afterwards, they are showing their closeness by pointing their hand at Jung Kyung-ho towards the banner.


Above all, Jung Kyung-ho is an old lover of Sooyoung, a member of Girls' Generation, to which Tiffany belongs. The friendship that leads to their connection creates a warm feeling.


Meanwhile, Jung Kyung-ho has been in a public relationship with Choi Soo-young, a member of Girls' Generation and an actor, for her ninth year. After finishing her recent drama 'The Life of a Wise Doctor Season 2', Jung Kyung-ho took on a new challenge in her play. She is currently starring in 'Engine in America,' which runs through December 26 at the National Theater Company's Myeongdong Arts Theater.




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Shin-Il selects actor ‘Jung Kyung-ho’ as a new promotional model




Shinil Electronics (hereinafter referred to as Shinil), a Korean general home appliance company, has selected actor Jung Kyung-ho as its new exclusive model.

Shin-il will select Jung Kyung-ho, who has been loved by all her age groups for her urban and friendly image, as her model, and will meet with consumers through various marketing activities including promotion of her new products.


In the recent tvN drama 'Wise Doctor Life', Jung Kyung-ho perfectly portrayed the tsundere character, where her charisma and kindness coexist, and in the entertainment program 'Wise Mountain Village Life', she showed off her high-level cooking skills and anti-war charm. .


Shinil Marketing Department Senior Manager Lee Seon-jae said, “We expect that the image of Kyung-ho Jung, who gives trust to the public based on his solid acting skills, will match the company’s brand image and show the best synergy. We will carry out marketing activities that respect taste in consideration of this.”




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Sooyoung ♥' Jung Kyung-ho, red manicure + simple everyday look... "The birth of a surreal boyfriend meme"




On the 20th, Jung Kyung-ho posted on his Instagram, "Like the years, the mucus is falling. Has the years passed while the mucus is falling?" and several photos. In the published photo, Jung Kyung-ho wore a gray T-shirt and a thick fleece fleece jumper, showing off a casual everyday look.



He removes eye mucus in the park, and in another photo, he is enjoying nature with his arms wide open, causing netizens to laugh. In particular, Jung Kyung-ho's nails are painted with red nail polish, which draws attention. Meanwhile, Jung Kyung-ho is in a public relationship with girl group Girls' Generation member Sooyoung.






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[Exclusive] Jung Kyung-ho and Jeon Do-yeon to meet in tvN Drama One Shot Scandal




Actor Jung Kyung-ho has been nominated for the male lead in the tvN drama 'One-Day Scandal'.

'Ilta Scandal' is a new romantic comedy drama written by producer Yoo Je-won and writer Yang Hee-seung of 'Gae Village Cha Cha Cha'. It is the third meeting of producer Yoo Je-won and writer Yang Hee-seung, who created another masterpiece of loco-rocco for tvN by leading the highest viewership rating of 12.7%.


Attention is focused on whether Jung Kyung-ho, who played Kim Jun-wan, a hard-hearted but compassionate doctor in tvN's 'The Life of a Wise Doctor', will try a romantic comedy through 'One Shot Scandal' this time. What kind of synergy will be exhibited with Jeon Do-yeon, who previously decided to appear in 'One Day scandal', is also an expectation point.



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by lo_ve, March 16, 2022
24 5


Jung Kyung Ho will reportedly be the male lead of the upcoming tvN drama "One Shot Scandal."

On March 15th, it was reported that the selected male lead of Jeon Do Yeon in  "One Shot Scandal" will be actor Jung Kyung Ho. The two will reportedly work together on the new tvN romantic comedy series. 

Jung Kyung Ho's agency Management Allum responded to the reports and shared that the actor indeed received the offer to star in the drama and he is currently reviewing it. 

It was reported on March 14th that Jeon Do Yeon will be the female lead of the series and she is positively considering starring in the drama. 

 "One Shot Scandal" will be helmed by director Yoo Jae Won ("Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha" and "The King: Eternal Monarch") and writer Yang Hee Seung ("Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo"). The two have previously worked together on the dramas  "Oh My Ghost" and "High School King of Savvy." 

According to reports,  "One Shot Scandal" will begin its first filming this coming summer.




If Jung Kyung Ho confirms his casting, this will be his follow-up drama after the successful tvN series "Hospital Playlist 2." This will also be his first drama project of the year. The actor will also join the upcoming film "Apgujeong Report" with Ma Dong Seok, Oh Na Ra, Oh Yeon Seo, Choi Byung Mo, and Jeong Ji So

For the past two years, Jung Kyung Ho focused on being part of the hit series "Hospital Playlist." Aside from playing as a doctor and a band member, the actor has starred in several dramas with various kinds of characters. He was part of the dramas "When the Devil Calls Your Name," "Life on Mars," "Prison Playbook," "Missing 9," "Falling for Innocence," "Endless Love," and more. 




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He was recently in a play (theater )


Angels in America Part Two



Actor Jung Kyung-ho gave his impressions of the last performance of the play 'Angels in America'.




On the afternoon of the March 26th, Jung Kyung-ho posted several selfies on his personal SNS saying, "I will meet you again. I hope so."

In the photo, Jung Kyung-ho is posing for the camera in an empty concert hall. Jung Kyung-ho is making a characteristic humorous expression on stage or creating a friendly atmosphere with his fellow actors and staff. Fans who saw this also left comments such as "See you soon, Kyungho", "I'll wait again", "You worked so hard", "Fryer was the best", etc. Meanwhile, Jung Kyung-ho met the audience through the play 'Angels in America' since last month.



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Jung Kyung Ho at Baeksang awards 2022




On the red carpet




The '58th Baeksang Arts Awards' red carpet event was held on the afternoon of the 6th at KINTEX in Ilsan, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do. Actor Jung Kyung-ho has a photo time.




At the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards held on the 6th, Jung Kyung-ho was nominated for the Best Actor Award in the theater category for his first play 'Angels in America'.



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Song Hye Kyo Thanks Jung Kyung Ho For Sending Support To Set Of Her New Drama


May 17, 2022
by S. Cho

Jung Kyung Ho has shown his support for Song Hye Kyo’s upcoming drama!

On May 16, Song Hye Kyo shared photos to her Instagram Stories of a coffee truck sent by Jung Kyung Ho for the cast and crew of her upcoming drama “The Glory.”

In “The Glory,” which marks Song Hye Kyo’s reunion with “Descendants of the Sun” writer Kim Eun Sook, the actress will play Moon Dong Eun, a former victim of brutal school violence who exacts revenge on her bullies after becoming the elementary school homeroom teacher of her bully’s kid.

On the coffee truck, Jung Kyung Ho’s message uses Song Hye Kyo’s character’s name as a pun and reads, “Have a delicious snack as you don’t know when it will disappear, along with a refreshing drink with floating ice!” His banner says, “I support teacher Moon Dong Eun and all the actors and staff members of ‘The Glory’! From Jung Kyung Ho.”

She captioned the first photo, “Thank you Kyung Ho!!”





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