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[Upcoming Drama 2023]Snow White Must Die, 백설공주에게 죽음을- Byun Yo Han, Go Bo Gyeol, Kim Bo Ra


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Drama: Snow White Must Die/Death to Snow White

Hangul: 백설공주에게 죽음을

Genre: thriller, mystery

Network: Wavve

Episodes: 16

Director: Byun Young Joo, Lee Kyoo Man

Writer: Seo Joo Yeon

Release Date: 2023


Production Company: Hidden Sequence


Official site:


Snow White Must Die depicts a series of events in closed-basin villages and the ugly nature of the human inside them. It is a story about tracking down the truth of an incident that happened in a village 11 years ago.



This drama is based on the German mystery novel of the same name by Nele Neuhaus.

The original novel “Snow White Must Die” is a bestseller that revolves around two detectives who dig into mysterious incidents that happen in a village. The drama will reinterpret those events and the characters in the book to match Korean sentiments, and it will show the ugly side of human nature.



Byun Yo Han as Go Jung Woo

Go Bo-Gyeol as Choi Na-gyeom

Kim Bo Ra as Ha Seol

Go Joon as Sang Chul

Kim Seo Kyung as

Lee Tae Goo as

Lee Woon San as

Cha Soon-bae as

Jang Won Young as

Ri Min as




Character descriptions




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Byun Yo Han In Talks For New Drama Based On German Mystery Novel



Jun 18, 2021
by L. Kim

Byun Yo Han may be returning with a new drama soon!

On June 18, an industry representative reported that the actor will lead the drama “Snow White Must Die” (literal title) based on the German mystery novel of the same name by Nele Neuhaus. In response to the report, his agency Saram Entertainment shared, “He received an offer [to star in the drama] and is reviewing it.”

The original novel “Snow White Must Die” is a bestseller that revolves around two detectives who dig into mysterious incidents that happen in a village. The drama will reinterpret those events and the characters in the book to match Korean sentiments, and it will show the ugly side of human nature.

Byun Yo Han has received an offer to play Go Jung Woo. When he was younger, he was smart enough to be on the early admission list to medical school. He went on a trip after taking his SAT (scholastic ability test) but became a murderer ever since that day. He returns to his hometown after being released from prison and comes across what happened 11 years ago.

If Byun Yo Han accepts the offer, this will be his first drama since “Mr. Sunshine” in 2018.

“Snow White Must Die” will be produced by Hidden Sequence, and the formation is still under discussion.







Kim Bo Ra Confirmed To Star In New Drama Byun Yo Han Is In Talks For



Oct 6, 2021
by E. Cha

Kim Bo Ra will soon be starring in an exciting new drama!

On October 5, Kim Bo Ra’s agency officially confirmed, “Kim Bo Ra will be appearing in ‘Snow White Must Die’ [literal translation].”

Based on the best-selling German mystery novel of the same name, “Snow White Must Die” will be a mystery drama about a chain of events that takes place in a decaying village—and the ugly side of human nature.

Both Byun Yo Han and Go Bo Gyeol are currently in talks to star in the drama as well.

Are you excited to potentially see Kim Bo Ra star opposite Byun Yo Han in this new show?






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Go Joon Confirmed To Star In New Mystery Drama Alongside Kim Bo Ra And Byun Yo Han



Nov 1, 2021
by M. Kang

Go Joon has confirmed his next drama!

On November 1, the actor’s company Story J Company stated to Newsen, “Go Joon will be starring in ‘Snow White Must Die'(literal translation).”

Based on the best-selling German mystery novel of the same name, “Snow White Must Die” will be a mystery drama about a chain of events that takes place in a decaying village—and the ugly side of human nature.

In the series, Go Joon will take on the role of Sang Chul, a police officer. Starring alongside Go Joon will be Kim Bo Ra, Byun Yo Han, and Go Bo Gyeol.

Meanwhile, Go Joon made his debut through the 2001 film “Wanee & Junah” and went on to appear in dramas including “Big Thing,” “Good Wife,” “Save Me,” “Misty,” “The Fiery Priest,” “Oh My Baby,” and “Cheat On Me If You Can.”








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Ko Bo-gyeol announces return of main character in 'Death to Snow White'




Attention is focused on whether actor Ko Bo-gyeol will appear in Wave's original 'Death to Snow White'.

On the July 27th, Go Bo-gyeol's agency, History DNC, said, "Go Bo-gyeol received an offer for the role of Choi Na-gyeom in 'Death to Snow White' and is positively discussing it."


Death to Snow White' is a work based on the German novel of the same name by Nele Neuhaus, and is said to have been adapted to fit the Korean sentiment. It traces a series of murders that took place in a village 11 years ago and depicts the ugly nature of human beings hidden within.


Choi Na-gyeom, whom Ko Bo-gyeol was proposed to, is set to be a top actor. It is a character who helps her childhood friend and longtime crush Ko Jung-woo, her childhood friend, live her new life after being released from prison. Actor Byun Yo-han is discussing the role of Go Jung-woo.





Kim Bo-ra joins the lead role in 'Death to Snow White'



Actress Kim Bo-ra meets viewers with 'Death to Snow White'. As a result of the coverage of News 1 on the 5th, Kim Bo-ra is about to appear in her Wave's new original series 'Death to Snow White'.


'Death to Snow White' is based on the German novel of the same name by Nele Neuhaus. In the process of tracing a series of murders in a village, the process of uncovering the ugly inner nature of human beings will be drawn. Kim Bo-ra takes on the role of Ha Seol in the drama.


'Death to Snow White' has been a topic of discussion since it was reported that Go Bo-gyul and Byun Yo-han were positively reviewing the role.


Meanwhile, Kim Bo-ra made her debut in the 2005 KBS drama 'Wedding'. She received a lot of love for her role as Hyena Kim in JTBC's 'SKY Castle', which aired in 2018, and has since appeared in KBS 2TV's drama special 'The Thief', MBC's cinematic drama SF8 'Astronaut Joan', and the web drama 'Mysterious Mansion: The Original'. she continued to be active and appeared in many works.





I don`t know if I will watch it. It is a genre I like and I want to watch Byun Yo Han in another drama but I guessed the culprit just reading the synopsis of the German novel. Even if I might not be  100% sure, I feel  I am 98% sure.:lol:

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There is an old article with the German novelist from 2011


The Korean version surpassed 100,000 copies within three months of publication... E-mail interview with Nele Neuhaus, author of ‘Death to Snow White




The German novelist Nele Neuhaus (44)'s mystery novel 'Death to Snow White' sold over 100,000 copies within three months of publication.

Published at the end of January, this book ranked ninth in the Kyobo Books Bestseller Bestseller list in the first week of March and ranked first in the novel category for five weeks in a row. In the recent tally (April 27-May 3), it ranked second after Shin Kyung-sook's 'Take Care of Mom' in the novel category, but it climbed to the third place in the general tally, maintaining its popularity.


'To Snow White... ’ is the first work introduced in Korea among Mr. Neuhaus’s books. It is a German literary work that was not the mainstream in the domestic and foreign book market as well as a writer that I encountered for the first time. We interviewed a writer living in Germany via e-mail.


“I never thought it would be so popular in Korea. I was very happy to hear the news.”

'To Snow White... ' is the fourth installment of the 'Taunus series' that Neuhaus has been showing since 2006. The core of the series is the story of the cold-headed investigative team leader Bodenstein and the emotional female detective Pia Combi solving an unsolved case. 'To Snow White... ’, the duo uncovers the truth about the murder of two teenage women 10 years ago.

Last year, 330,000 copies of the book were sold in Germany alone and the rights were sold in 20 countries. What is the force that has fascinated readers from various countries?

“I set the background of my work to a real area and place, and I try to bring probable and vivid characters as much as possible. Because of the strong realism and the high tension, many readers mistakenly believe that such a thing really happened. I think that realism is the biggest attraction.”


'To Snow White... The spatial background of ' is the Taunus he lives in, and because of this, on weekends, more tourists visit the places mentioned in the book, Neuhaus said.

He is now a widely read writer in the world, but he also had a small beginning. The first volume of the Taunus series, 'The Woman Who Is Hated', and the second part, 'Too Close Friends' were self-published. “When she was thirteen, her parents gave her a typewriter, and she wrote whenever she had spare time. But it was difficult for him to become a writer right away.”

Neuhaus did not give up her dream of becoming a writer while helping her husband run a sausage factory. 'To Snow White... ' sold over 250,000 copies in Germany, and her husband bluntly said, "I can sell 250,000 sausages too."

“My husband is not a reader at all. He didn't understand that I was sitting in front of a computer for hours, and when I said I was going to publish a book on my own, I shook my head. But now I am very proud of myself.”

Mr. Neuhaus said he had never been to Korea, but said that he had Samsung's European headquarters in Schwalbach, where his husband's company is, so Koreans sometimes come to buy sausages. Then, Mr. Neuhaus is the Korean version of 'To Snow White... ’, but Korean customers are surprised and happy.


He publishes the fifth installment of the Taunus series, The Wind Sower, in Germany this month. It is expected to be published in the second half of this year. “It’s a story about a windmill park being built in Taunus, but civic groups are against it. However, the people of civic groups have other plans and many conflicts are hidden. Murders happen one after another. You will be able to see the depths of human existence from the many people involved in the case.”

(Google translate)



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[IG: _k_seokyung] Have a good holiday in 2022, To make it a meaningful and different year, We will greet you with a good look. Death to Snow White, on the set Even in the midst of non-stop busy To Naeun who sent a warm surprise gift Thank you.







I did not know that this drama has started filming.

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Byun Yo-han, understated masculine beauty, solid charm..Intellectual aura




The May issue of GQ Korea, featuring actor Byun Yo-han's soft charisma and classic style, has been released.


Byun Yo-han's pictorial, published through the magazine 'GQ Korea', was accompanied by the brand 'Brown', which celebrated its 100th anniversary this year. In the background based on the concept of a photo studio, Byun Yo-han captures the attention of viewers with a clean and straight visual as well as a static charm.


Meanwhile, Byun Yo-han is waiting for the release after filming the movies 'Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon' and 'She Died', and is currently filming the drama 'Death to Snow White'.



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[Exclusive] Director Byun Young-joo makes his drama debut with Byun Yo-han's 'Death to Snow White' http://naver.me/xF9qmN8w “Director Byun Young-joo has become the new main director of the drama ‘Death to Snow White’,” he hinted. The filming started in the second half of this year, but the filming was recently stopped. Filming resumes with a new director.








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  • larus changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2023]Snow White Must Die, 백설공주에게 죽음을- Byun Yo Han, Go Bo Gyeol, Kim Bo Ra
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Actress Go Bo-gyeol looked back on her mini-series comeback after 3 years, ‘Sacred Idol’, and expressed her gratitude to viewers. She mentioned that she filmed Death to Snow White as well. I wonder when it will be broadcast.



-I think it will be a special feeling to greet viewers for the first time in about 3 years since ‘Hi Bye, Mama’ for the mini-series. How do you feel about the end of ‘Holy Idol’?


▲I also filmed a work called ‘Death to Snow White’, but it hasn’t been released yet, so it’s been a while since I’ve been able to say hello to you on air. Maybe that's why I was more nervous when broadcasting than when filming. In particular, I was curious about how viewers would view the character as I was presented with a character that was completely different from the previous work, ‘Hi Bye, Mama.’ Fortunately, I was very grateful that Kim Dal accepted me as such and supported me a lot.



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