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[Drama 2021 - 2022] Our Beloved Summer ⏯️ 그 해 우리는


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The highly-anticipated new youth romance series, SBS's 'Our Beloved Summer' starring Choi Woo Sik and Kim Da Mi, is off to a quiet start in terms of viewership ratings. 


According to Nielsen Korea, the first episode of SBS's 'Our Beloved Summer', which aired back on December 6, recorded an average viewership rating of 3.2%. The second episode, which aired on December 7, then recorded an average viewership rating of 2.6%, bringing the first week's score down to the 2% range.



Previously, 'Our Beloved Summer' garnered attention as the reunion project of former co-stars Choi Woo Sik and Kim Da Mi, who appeared in the Netflix film 'The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion'. The story centers around high school friends who reunite 5 years later when one friend, Kim Ji Woong (played by Kim Sung Chul), begins filming a documentary about their school days. Choi Woo Sik and Kim Da Mi play the roles of Choi Woong and Guk Yeon Soo, ex-lovers with a bad history.









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SBS’s new drama “Our Beloved Summer” recorded an average nationwide viewership rating of 3.1 percent, which is a 0.5 percent rise from the previous episode’s score of 2.6 percent.





2 hours ago, RobinM said:

Is there a relationship chart for this drama?

Characters chart is posted here in the previous page but I haven't seen the relationship chart. I think the RC is pretty simple; can also be associated to the CH, anyway characters ain't that many. 



16 hours ago, backstreetboysfan said:

You can see they still love each other they just don't know how to communicate yet.

Have not watched yet the third eps, I'll give my 2cents after I watch it. 

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Done watching ep3



I love how this drama is titling every episode. First and third episodes are based on American movies title. 'Ten Things I Hate About You' was a movie of Julia Stiles with Heath Ledger in the year 1999. This a coming-of-age movie wc is one of my favorite movies then. It was titled like this because of the poem that made by Kat Stratford for Patrick Verona. If you happened to watch it the poem itself had been so popular. 




In connection with the drama, episode 3 focused to the things Choi Ung hate about Kook Yeon Su. So CU is a type of person that can endure anything even if it will pain him physically/emotionally /mentally or in health just to see the other person suffers. Knowing that KYS really hated to be in the documentary, he would do a compromise just for her to be on board and let her feel/experience what she hated most --- that's is to be with him in the documentary. 


I love how the script of showing how CU got depression after the broke up. All things that KYS hated he practically do just to reassure his heart that he is in the upper hand of the break up. But he was not! He tried everything with EunHo and one day he just returned to what he loved most - which is illustrating, by then he gave up with KYS. 


I understand why he felt so effing sour with KYS because the girl didn't even give a reasonable reason why she wanted to break up. CU loved her so much and he wanted a normal kind of dating but KYS is really a unique person with unique way of showing her affection to CU. 


Although he hated KYS he knew her the most. He knew that she would fight all the way for him. She would do romantic scene that he would not imagine she could do like what she did about the cherry blossom petals. She could be a wonderwoman just to carry him. As what he said - 'KYS can put me up so high but she can also put me so down.'


As for KYS, I think she had never an easy life. I think being with her grandma ain't also easy. In her life she didn't have anything to throw away but him.


I think, just a guess - the main reason she broke up is the way how different their families. I think this will end up with insecurities. She knows that CU family has everything like love, happiness, the completeness,  while she has nothing.


CU family takes good care of him even he is that lazy and without dream. While in her house she needs to do everything for her grandma. She needs to put a strong front because her halmoni needs her protection. She doesn't have money so she needs to put herself to working more part times.


This is what they differ. This is why she is always describing CU as childike/childish because of their different background /because of their different upbringing. And this ain't CU 's fault nor KYS. It is just they have different way of life. This is also the reason how different the effects or the handling of the break up for both of them.


While CU is showy in telling the world his sadness /depression,  KYS just chose to close the door of the bathroom , let the water flow from the faucet and let her sobbing be heard just in the corners of their bathroom.


That is so strong for a girl but it has also a bad effect psychologically wc is confining herself in a world of her own. In one time there will be a breakdown to happen. 


Episode three is just so PERFECT for me. I love the story telling and the sequences of it. 


Oth, BFF Ji Woong love interest is the PD assistant? 


Old PD is so cute. After ten yrs he grew older and still proud of his documentary. 


So episode 4 will be the start of the different version of their stories. It is the time when two people has different perceptions of how the situations happened.  It will be a fun episode for sure. 


Thanks guys, a long post but please bear with me. Gonna be back after I watch Ep4

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