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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] The Pavillion 八角亭谜雾


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Chinese Title: 八角亭谜雾 / Ba Jiao Ting Mi Wu
English title: The Pavilion
Genre: Family, suspense
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: iQiyi

Director: Wang Xiao Shuai (王小帅), Hua Qing
Screenwriter: Wang Xiao Shuai (王小帅)

Broadcast Date: Oct 13, 2021 - Oct 22, 2021

Airs: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday



Duan Yi Hong as Yuan Fei 
Hao Lei as Xuan Zhu
Zu Feng as Xuan Zhu
Wu Yue as Zhou Ya Mei
Li Yu as Xiu Yuan
Xu Cheng as Director of Public Security
Wen Zheng Rong as Xuan Min 

Xing Min Shan as Ding Luo Lie

Mi La as Nian Mei / Xuan Zhen

Bai Yu Fan as Liu Xin Li



17 years ago, the angelic sister of the Xuan family was murdered bizarrely. The murder case was stagnated for many years, and the murderer remains at large. As a result, the Xuan family spread out from north to the south, living on their own. Seventeen years later, a bizarre case occurred in a small town ropes in the Xuan family again, causing the divided family to reunite in their hometown. As the truth of the old case gradually surfaced, years of conflict between the tormented brothers and sisters finally broke out. Where will the family of four go? Can they untie the knot they have and get out of this thick mysterious fog?


**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**


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@SC2019 Thanks for creating this thread.  Eventhough it is obviously not popular.  For your efforts, I must at least make A Post eh. :w00t:


Sorry I've to wait till Ep 9 before I make a Post.  For those who are wondering to watch or not, below are my thoughts:


This is a good story.  About a pair of Twin-Sisters who are Non-Identical : 

- The younger twin is called Xuan Zhen. She looks sweet, pretty, outgoing and popular with friends and family. 

- The older twin is Xuan Zhu.  An Introvert.  Plain-looking.


Of course everybody loves Xuan Zhen.  She is even their Eldest Sister's favourite. There are 3 Girls and a Boy in the family.


But alas Appearances are Deceptive.  Beneath her sweet demeanor, lies a very spiteful nature.  She is Egoistic and has to be the Centre of Attention in everything.  Very jealous of her twin-sister and will do anything to make her sad and defeated.  Even tried to steal her male admirer.  


So one day, when this sweet little thing was found dead by a Lake, everybody was baffled. Especially the family.


Xuan Zhu left home and never kept in touch with her family till many years later, when her mother was hospitalised.


When she returns home, her Eldest Sister continues to avoid her. She hated and suspected her for the death of Xuan Zhen.


But by Ep 9, the Truth is beginning to unfold


This is a good drama.  But unfortunately, the Pace is too slow.  Suspense is lacking.  Even the Music Score does not give us the Creep.


But the strength of this Drama is:  Very difficult to guess who is the Culprit.  Everybody looks suspicious.  But nobody is guilty.  Acting is natural. No dubbing.


It is very Touching.   I sympathise with Xuan Zhu.  She was so much misunderstood. So Traumatised that eventhough she left Home, she could not enjoy a happy life,  Could not maintain a Happy Relationship with others.


This is a Story which could easily happen in society - in a family.  Favouritism does exist.  And can indeed easily happens amongst Human Beings.  A Food for Thoughts Drama. For me, it is better than a lot of the the dramas we have out there.


Worth watching  if you have the Patience......


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(Posted on: Friday, 22 October 2021)


Ep 9 was good.  Ep 10  was even better. It brings "New Surprises".  I believe it is going to be like this all the way until the Finale - where we will be given  A Big Boom !


The Plot is Novel.  The Actings from the Senior Cast are Great.  


We not only have the drama from the 2 Non-Identical Twins.


We later have a Niece who looks Exactly like the Deceased Xuan Zhen - But with a Personality almost equivalent to Xuan Zhu.  She is gentle and introverted.  Isn't that Novel?


I'm tired of the Mediocre Actings from a lot of the younger Actresses out there.  And the Repeated and Sub-Par Plots.


So "The Pavilion" is fine for me


P/S:  My Apology.  The Plot is not Slow.  It is just that they unfold the Story in a "Low-Keyed", Perfunctory Manner.  At times, it is difficult to find the "Precise Words" to describe it.  I guess they plan it this way, so as to "WoW Us" in the Final Few Episodes.





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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] The Pavillion 八角亭谜雾

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