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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama] Qian Qiu Ling 千秋令 starring Zhang Yu Xi & Tong Meng Shi


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Title: 千秋令 / Qian Qiu Ling
English title:
Genre: Xianxia, romance

Episodes: 60

Director: Mai Guan Zhi, Li Wei Ji

Broadcast Date: 



Zhang Yu Xi as Feng Lixue / Wu Chen / Ni Huang
Tong Meng Shi as Mo Xiao / Bai Yan
Han Dong
Fu Fang Jun
Huang Yi
Chen Zi Han
Jiang Hong
Zhou Zi Xin
Zhao Xuan
Wu Yang
Zhao Dong Ze
Li Ze


Righteous and evil fighting for thousands of years. The leader of the right path, Fengyue Jianzun, and the demon star master Feng Xing, fought a decisive battle. The younger generations of the two, Shen Shaoyou and Feng Lixue, became friends by chance. To protect his master, Shen Shaoyou pushed Feng Lixue off the cliff. Feng Lixue was rescued and taken away by Chong Hua, the first master of the Demon Cult. The fate of the two has since been rewritten. Feng Lixue will become the leader of the demon cult. However, Shen Shaoyou will become the leader of the right way, they destined to meet and kill each other.

Ten years later, the two met again. Feng Lixue used Shen Shaoyou's guilt to lurk beside him and assassinated him several times. But in the end, she was moved by Shen Shaoyou's tolerance and kindness, and her feelings grew secretly. Just when Feng Lixue decided to put aside her father's hatred and change the evil to the good, Chong Hua imposed interference and designed the two to misunderstand and hate each other.

In the end, Feng Lixue became the leader and fought decisively with Shen Shaoyou. After going through hardships, the two felt each other's sincerity and finally joined hands again. Regardless of the origin of good or evil, no matter if you grew up in the fairyland, only one thing remains the same: the justice and love in your heart.

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