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[Drama 2022] Twenty-Five Twenty-One ​⌛ 스물다섯 스물하나


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Now is your chance to show your love for your favorite dramas of 2021. In the Soompi Forums Awards poll you can vote for the dramas you liked the most last year. :kiss_wink:

Which dramas will be the winners?



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Soompi Forums Awards (Poll #2): The best streaming dramas, c-dramas, daily/weekend dramas of 2021? Please vote!


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Nam Joo Hyuk Describes Upcoming Drama “Twenty Five, Twenty One” And Shares His Affection For His Character

Nam Joo Hyuk Describes Upcoming Drama “Twenty Five, Twenty One” And Shares His Affection For His Character

Jan 13, 2022
by L. Kim

tvN’s upcoming drama “Twenty Five, Twenty One” released new stills of Nam Joo Hyuk!

Set in 1998, “Twenty Five, Twenty One” is about youth who find new direction and growth after having their dreams taken away. Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk star as Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin, who first meet when they are 18 and 22 years old and fall in love years later when they turn 21 and 25.

Baek Yi Jin is the eldest son of a family that is torn apart due to the IMF crisis. Despite his difficult background, he works hard to become a reporter.

In the newly released stills, Baek Yi Jin is doing all kinds of part-time jobs from delivering newspapers to working at a book rental store. In one photo, he hands the newspaper directly to the subscriber who is waiting for it. Another photo shows him writing down something meticulously during his free time at the book rental store. Baek Yi Jin’s expression is calm, as if he’s not surprised by anything in his ordinary life, and it will be intriguing to see what kind of obstacles he will cross in order to survive in the fierce world.


Nam Joo Hyuk described “Twenty Five, Twenty One,” saying, “‘Twenty Five, Twenty One’ is a drama in which young people who have lost their dreams suffer and grow together. They comfort and strengthen each other. I decided to be part [of this project] because it seemed like a drama that everyone could enjoy together as they remembered those days and empathize with it, saying, ‘That’s what it was like those days.'”

Regarding Baek Yi Jin, the actor commented, “Sometimes, he makes mistakes, but if there’s something he has to do, he does it no matter what, and I really like that side [of him] the most.”


Hwa&Dam Pictures praised Nam Joo Hyuk, saying, “Nam Joo Hyuk impressed everyone with his repeated efforts to study and analyze the 1988 era, which he did not know well, [to portray] his character Baek Yi Jin. Please wait and see what style of acting Nam Joo Hyuk will show through Baek Yi Jin in ‘Twenty Five, Twenty One.'”


Cr. Soompi

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  • Maetawinz changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2022] Twenty-Five Twenty-One ​⌛ 스물다섯 스물하나 - Nam Joo Hyuk / Kim Tae ri :: Premieres February 12, 2022 ::

plot : seems set 1998- 2000

whe have fanatics of the end of world for 2000

ML and FL seems to have many problems each, and pains

FL become the target of the entire city or country because she loses her competition sport and and SFL seems to be rival with her but in  competions sport 

So it seems not love triangle but two couples, but wwhat's the ending, there some spoilers in relationship chart, FL has a child later lol

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