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[Drama 2022] Anna ✦ 안나 ✧ Bae Suzy / Jung Eun Chae


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Has anyone watched it? I just watched the 8-episode Director's Cut on Amazon Prime, and I thought it was awesome! One of the best dramas of the year for me.



Here's a Korean article about the differences in the Director's Cut and the original 6-episode Coupang Play version:




It says that in Coupang's version, the focus is solely on Suzy's character, Anna. In the Director's Cut, there are flashback scenes that explain more about the backgrounds of Ji-won and Ji-hoon's characters which help explain their actions. There are also additional scenes that flesh out Anna's character more - one in particular shows how she reacted after she was sexually harassed by a fellow tenant at her gosiwon - that shows more of what kind of person she is.


These are all great scenes so even if I haven't watched the Coupang version, I recommend the Director's Cut.




My thoughts on the show is:


Wow, fascinating! I think it's a great commentary on Korean society. The story is said to based on a real-life case about someone named Shin Jeong-ah who faked her academic credentials:




Her case set off a reevaluation about academic credentials and so many people including those in politics and the entertainment world have been found to have faked their academic credentials. So it's certainly a comment on South Korean society - how easy it was to fool people about this, and also how much importance is placed on academic credentials to define the value of a person that they end up lying about it so often.


Aside from that, it was also just really engaging and well-made. I don't want it to spoil it for anyone because it's good!


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