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[Drama 2021] Gentleman and Young Lady, 신사와 아가씨


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So, the serial didn't end with the highest rating at 36.8% (6.783m viewers). Episode 48 remains as the highest rated episode.


Kind of expected....they should end it at Ep. 50. And Cho Sa Ra's ending leaves much to be desired, for a female second-lead character. I didn't even watch the entire Ep. 52, just fast-forwarded all the way to the end.

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38 minutes ago, Newbie21SG said:

Cho Sa Ra's ending leaves much to be desired, for a female second-lead character.

I agree with you that chingu, for me the writer just overkill her character


not only did she is not allowed to see SJ any longer but also killed her unborn baby


and she lost her mom, YG and GC now she is all alone without anyone to help her and

the writer now make her live Korea for good not planning on returning


and she don't have any money.



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The writer made Sara's character do so many awful things that it felt untenable for her to end up happy with Gun.


I think that was the original intention - a Sara-Gun ending. I mean, think about all the really crazy, crappy things she did, and Gun knew about all of them, and he still forgave her and wanted to be with her. But in end, it was just too much, and her character couldn't be redeemed.


So I feel like it was a very sudden, last minute decision to have her suddenly roll down the stairs, lose the baby, and toss her on a plane to "random foreign country." And then pair Gun up with another random woman - not even in the show proper, but in a youtube clip.


At least Se-jong never found out who his true parents are. Small mercies.

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Wow!   What a way to end this drama.   I'm in agreement with most of you that they wrapped up many of the storylines in a rushed, questionable way.   It still strikes me that Dae Ran seemingly gained forgiveness yet SR left in exile without Cha Gun or anyone.   Despite being arguably the cutest couple outside of the OTP, Jun Oh and Mi Rim also got shortchanged.   I will say that Dae Bum and Se Ryeon have really grown on me.   


Even though the AK storyline had to end in her death, I still thought that they milked it far more than necessary.   Specifically, the seemingly endless angst it caused DD, YG, and others.   Although I appreciate how DD forgave AK, it was still raw to watch.  


Well the OTP certainly knows how to put the exclamation point to a series.   The cuteness overload was awesome!    The wedding was simply beautiful.   I've said it before and I'll say it again.   This particular OTP certainly ranks as one of my favorites.   Yes, it was quite the roller coaster but the payoff was worth it for me.   Furthermore, because of Lee Se Hee and Ji Hyun Woo, it's too bad that we can't see them star in another drama (or even a season 2 of YL&G).  Of course, it would have to be a different writer but imagine just how good a 2nd season could be!   Anyway, major kudos to them both and all best wishes to them and the rest of the cast.


Here's a video that well captures them.   On a side note, I thank you all chingus for this forum and putting up with my thoughts and rants.   It really was fun to share my thoughts with you every week.   Hope to see y'all in another forum sometime.  



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@LunkeraUnfortunately viki is not available in Malaysia.  Still hoping to watch epilogue with Eng Sub.


@heisthewayThanks for penning down your views and am certainly echo the same tune.  


I love the proposal scene tho is a little cheesy ... but love the song from Lee Seung Gi.  I think JHW sang it so so well.  So glad the children are included.


Certainly looking forward to more of Lee Se Hee and Ji Hyun Woo works.

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I still haven't brought myself to watch the last 2 episodes and quite frankly, I don't believe I will. I'm simply not interested anymore: too much disappointment and frustration made me reach my limit.


I did watch the youtube videos clips though, and I'm truly happy that DD and YG get a happy ending as it's usually the case in week-end dramas. It's the way they get there which is supposed to be enjoyable, and this ride was not fun at all. The happy snippets where flooded by too much negativity.

But thanks to you and this forum, I was able to vent my frustration somewhere.


Anyway, Lee Se Hee got herself a new fan, she did an incredible job with DD! The first time I saw her was in the drama Live On, where she plays the villain, and she was very good in it. So I was a little surprised to see her in the candide role of DD, but she managed to make me forget about her creepy role. So kudos to her!

I'm definitely watching her next drama, with EXO's D.O. who was also a pleasant surprise for me in the acting field.

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Now that this rollercoaster ride is over, here are my final thoughts!


My Satisfactory Wrap Ups: 


Chairman & DanDan – Loved these two and I enjoyed the five-minute epilogue!   Looks like they got double happiness for all of their troubles. However, because I’ve been battered for so many episodes, I would have loved it if the cute little epilogue was at least 15 minutes of this adorable family. 


The Kids – Loved these three!  They were the best part of this drama! Jenny got on board with her Dad and DD, SeChan and SeJong remained loyal to the end, and SeJong’s happy life was uninterrupted by his bio parents! Perfect!   


DaeBum & SeRong – I lenjoyed these two together!  I thought the writers did a good job all along with their character development!


JoonOh & Miram – Loved this cute couple who remained together with everyone’s blessings! I'm glad JoonOh's mom came around! I knew she would! 


Anna Kim – Her wrap-up was the best! It was a little long, but because it was a little long, the writers allowed the audience to see a genuine rehabilitation and redeeming of her character.  The fact that she left part of her fortune to YoungSil was classy and a true display of how sorry and grateful she felt towards her! I say good job writers!


YoungSil – Her character really did not change at all, but I was satisfied with that.  In my opinion, even with her flaws, there was no need for her basic character to change.  The same compassion she showed ParkSC in the beginning when he was distressed and suicidal is the same compassion she showed to AK at the end when she found out AK was dying.  Once YS discovered the truth, she handled the AK situation way better than ParkSC.  


ChaGun & SaRa – I was satisfied with their end. At first I thought they could reunite after SaRa goes through years of self-reflection, but then I thought better of it; reuniting them would put SaRa back in SeJong’s orbit. Glad to see the writers gave ChaGun a new love interest in the epilogue. 


SaRa’s mom – Freeloading criminal got exactly what she deserved! 


Terrible Wrap Ups:


ParkSC – I am really unsatisfied with how the writers wrapped up PSC's character! As mean spirited, controlling, conniving, lying, violent, and as cruel as he was to everyone who did not agree with him, how is it that the writers let him get away with blaming "a father's love for his daughter" as a reasonable excuse for his outrageous behavior?  As often as the writers had PSC begging and on his knees through out this drama, they should have had him on his knees in a pool of tears with snot hanging from his nose, begging everyone (DanDan, Chairman, AK, the children, and the rest of his family) for forgiveness for his tyrannical behavior? I say awful wrap-up writers!


Lastly, DaeWang – It is terrible how the writers wrapped up her character! For all of her disgusting scheming behavior, she still got everything she wanted; wife and mother of FGroup, she remained in YG's home with an allowance, and she got to keep YG’s mother's ring!  Why, because YG's father treated the mistress like a mistress? Really? Yet, SaRa whose behavior was equally disgusting, loses everything! Writers, DaeWang should have lost something! Terrible wrap up! 


Well, that's it for me. Thanks everyone!  Your posts really helped me get through this drama! :)

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8 hours ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

In long drama, I don't find romance, it is so full of obstacles and scheming. Someone was saying that the focus was more on Sara than the main couple :D

Yes it’s title should have been, Days of Our Lives With Sara

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  • 2 weeks later...

Watching Ep 39 and I am so ready to whack and wish the worst for Anna Kim
She disappeared even before Dan Dan was 100days old.  Now that Dan Dan is dating Chairman Lee...Anna suddenly wants to play the concerned mother...ouch...this is so full of crap from Anna. Cannot even imagine Dan Dan's father not wanting to have anything to do with Anna...now suddenly just so to separate Dan Dan from Chairman Lee...Dan Dan's father Soo-Cheol is willing to join hands with Anna... what a sore loser for this two "so-called" parents.
Was glad to see Dan Dan step-mum Yeon-Sil speak up and tell off Dan Dan father Soo-Cheol.
Strangely the more I watch the series...I cannot help feeling Dan Dan Step-Mother Yeon-Sil seems to be much much younger than Dan Dan father Soo-cheol.  

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  • partyon changed the title to [Drama 2021] Gentleman and Young Lady, 신사와 아가씨

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