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[Drama 2021] Gentleman and Young Lady, 신사와 아가씨


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The writer can’t stop making her look like disparate :D

I should be disparate too for the ring after everything happen in their relationship l:sweat_smile:






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1 hour ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

Will Sara leave Gun? I don't know if the preview says everything. Maybe sth will come up.

She still got money for a ticket , how ironic the drama start & end with a similar scene :mrgreen:




# the selfish one that get away lol 

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10 hours ago, TheQueenReturns said:

I won't ever watch anything from this writer or director again. I see that the Korean entertainment industry is continually trying to push themes to destroy marriage (shacking). 

These writer don’t understand 
Until Death Do Us Part :mrgreen:



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Finally, KBS 2TV’s popular drama “Young Lady and Gentleman”—which has just one episode left in its long run—heads into its series finale as the most-watched program of Saturday. The penultimate episode of the drama scored an average nationwide rating of 34.6 percent.

Read more: https://kdramabuddy.com/love-ft-marriage-and-divorce-3-soars-to-its-highest-ratings-yet-twenty-five-twenty-one-remains-no-1-despite-dip/#ixzz7Oi9IhbmH

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Episode 51's rating: 34.6% (6.191m viewers) is not the highest among the Saturdays' rating. The highest Saturday rating was for Episode 47 (35.7%).


The highest Sunday rating was for Episode 48 (38.2%). Can the last episode today break 40%? Let's see tomorrow.

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Episode 52


AK still alive. Being taken to the hospital. AK and YG by her side. AK talking to DD. AK asking YG to take care of DD and YG promise. SC and YS arrive. AK talking to YS. AK talking to SC. DD call her mom and hug her while crying. AK saying to DD that she love her. Everyone is crying. AK pass away. AK funeral. YG holding DD and comfort her. SC watches. YG meet SC. SC apologize to YG. SC give YG his blessing to marry DD. YG thanks him. YG is very happy. Lawyer Friend witness his outburst and ask what is going on and he says hes going to buy a ring. SC inform DD. DD is very happy and thank him. 


DD and YG eating dinner. DD waiting eagerly to be proposed to. YG hesitate when to propose. YG can't decide when to give her the ring. DD is pissed. YG walking DD home but YG still can't get a clue. DD is trying to drop subtle hints. YG clueless and DD is irritated. YG tell news to kids. they are really happy. JN have an idea how to propose since YG is so clueless. DD at her home irritated at YG. DD receive call from JN. DD come to the place and slowly receive roses. YG and the kids are there. YG is singing for DD. YG go down on hes knee and ask DD to marry him. DD hug YG and all the kids hug them. Now YG sings again with kids on instrument. Sechan and Sejong in guitar while JN on the piano. SaRa visit her mom. SaRa mom ask loads of questions. SaRa saying she going abroad. SaRa also saying she lost the baby. SaRa crying and saying her goodbye to her mom. SaRa mom start crying begging her not to go. SaRa at the airport leaving. CG watches secretly. 


SR rushing to DR. DR in bed. Thinking DR is sick. I think DR just mad about her life. SR and DR hug and YG watches. Lawyer Friend come with good news. YG receive back his mothers ring. SR come home and crying DD wonders whats wrong but SR is alittle off. SR saying shes upset and sad over her mothers situation. SR saying something similiar she can't ignore DR because shes her mother. SR asks DD to look after her mother. YG gave DD his mom ring. DD returns the ring to YG and saying to give it to DR i think. YG give the ring to DR but she rejects at first. YG saying DD told him. more talk. YG leave. DD enters and put the ring on DR finger. DR crying. DR and SR hugging DD. Mirim help Junoh pack and MS enter. They talk some. MS and Junoh hug eachother. Now all 3 hugs. DB burn his finger and SR overreact. YS and Grandma talk. DR call YS to meet them. DR visit them to apologize for how she treated them. MS and YS argue over something.


DD discussing the wedding with YG and YG just smiles. I think YG tell her to get whatever she wants and DD smiles. DD and YG and Kids looking for new interior for house?. haha i think DD wanted to bring the kids and YG kinda got upset and something about honeymoon. DD tease him and YG turn away and DD kiss him on the check. Kids see and they get embarassed. YG introduce DD at his office. DD introduce him to others i think. I think they teased YG or something. DD and YG having a squabble in the car talking about i think their honorifics. They start fingerflick eachother on forehead. DD runs off like in preview. DD upset at her home. DD forehead red haha. They find it amusing. SC call YG to come. YG head is also red. They messing with DD haha. DD and YG walk together and DD saying sorry and YG saying hes fine. They hug. 


Wedding Starts. YG enters first. Now its time for DD and Sejong & Sechan throwing flower petals. Flashbacks of YG and DD while "Love Always Run Away" plays. SC hand over DD to YG. DD put on YG wedding ring. DR talk some. Now DB talk some and mess with DD. Ahhh Sechan and Sejong call DD mom. DD and YG light kiss. Now they run together down the street everyone. They all playing at the amusement park. They riding the merry-go-round and DD and YG hold hands and episode ends. Preview of YG giving shares i guess was fake...... no after wedding scenes except the amusement park.....

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16 hours ago, TheQueenReturns said:

I won't ever watch anything from this writer or director again. I see that the Korean entertainment industry is continually trying to push themes to destroy marriage (shacking). 

Yes! I wanted to write but you had done:thumbsup: -Yes, this conrtoversial director Shin Chang-Seok and the screenwriter Kim Sa-Kyung . 


Well. there is another side of the k-dramas and not only... greedy because of ranking - poor Korean,,, you can see ranking everywhere:confused:.

How to make the good idea of a plot and transform  it into a ... daub. The audience, not only Korean but international one are not naive, coach potatoes but really demanding recipients. If KBS thinks about ranking without paying attention on the real watchers it is onlt l'art pour l'art ( with the huge sorry for ART). 

5 hours ago, backstreetboysfan said:

It had been possible to hit over 50% but... it was the other story I mentioned up.                                                                             

I hope, next time KBS will make a survey before accepting the next script - and it wil be  fair against  its audience. 


WHY? BECAUSE it will stop guesswork, accusations, slander and other hidden antagonisms. 



KBS's new  CEO Mr Kim Eui-chul (since 10thh DEC 2021)  - protect and respect your talented actors and actresses, please. They can create the really valuable New Hallyu


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