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[Drama 2021] Gentleman and Young Lady, 신사와 아가씨


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3 hours ago, spartania said:

You guys have perfectly summed up what the end of this drama is about ! It's just a mess! We shouldn't be still dealing with all this situations (all at once) when it's only 2 episodes left. Let's not forget about Mi Rim and Jun O drama.

The only plot which got a conclusion so far are SR and DB's wedding and Sa Ra's mom's theft.


Spartania, I agree! What a mess still out there with only two episodes left! I don’t see how they can properly bring all outstanding plots to a satisfactory end.  As you said, the only villian who got what she deserved was SaRa’s jailbird mother!


There is no way the drama should end with DaeWang living in YoungG’s home!  After all havoc she wreaked on that household, how does she get to keep her status and save face by continuing to live there?  Ridiculous ending for this storyline!


There is no way SaRa should live happily together with ChaGun in Vietnam!  If this happens, I will scream!  We are in Episode 50 and she is still being heartless to CG.  Only after SaRa loses both CG and the baby and after at least a couple of years of self-reflection, should she be allowed happiness with ChaGun. 


As for that ridiculous man ParkSC, I think YoungSil should lock him in a room and put a padlock on the door to keep him away from AK. I would like to see PSC lose both YS and AK, although I don't see that happening.  As for YS, I hope she doesn't stay angry with DD to the end.


As much as I disliked AnnaKim when she came on the scene, she finally seems to understand that she was shameless and selfish in her thoughts and behavior.  I actually hope AK survives the cancer, makes peace with DD, attends the wedding (as a spectator/friend), then return to the US alone.


One more weekend to go and I will be put out of my misery! Thank goodness! 

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21 minutes ago, Min Mcgonagall said:

But again, I could even understand that if it had happened like 10 episodes ago. But not now. 

He did after all that happened with her dad 

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I think a lot of... HRMM, how to say this... physical exertion that's happened. Like, in order to prove their love to each other, DD had to throw herself in front of a car at least twice (to save Sejong), nearly freeze to death (waiting at Namsan Tower in the snow) and gotten sick... I don't know, I'm sure there's more.


YG also nearly froze to death and got sick (waiting at Namsan Tower in the snow), and now he thinks running laps will somehow prove his love. Maybe I don't understand what love is. But it's not physically hurting yourself, is it? That just seems very... neanderthal? I don't know.


And yes, I agree DD should have made YG work for it some more!


I don't think this was the worst show I've ever seen. There was some fun moments. But the characters were really inconsistent, and I feel like no one really knows how to feel about any of these characters, and none of the stories make sense.


  • The actress who played Dan-Dan was really cute. I hope she becomes a STAH!
  • I liked YG best when he was 22. Not a big fan of his robotic ahjussi mode with all his "goguma" behavior. Kind of enjoyed it when he got MAD at people - sometimes for no reason, like when he used to yell at DD before they got together.
  • Se-ryeon and Dae-beom were really adorable and funny!
  • And I like Grandma, who is the only other non-annoying adult character I can think of.
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On 3/21/2022 at 6:41 AM, Lunkera said:

@Min Mcgonagall Yeah just watched it subbed. I thought maybe she didn't stop SC and that was the reason but nope it's because DD went to meet AK. She's so unreasonable, i can understand with SC meeting AK that she would be upset, but AK is DD biological mother after all. AK is dying and DD deserve to atleast make peace with her before she dies. Also the meeting was arranged by YG. AK didn't ask YG, YG i guess wanted them to make peace.


I enjoyed SR and JN conversation with SR saying as it was. Kids would be an obstacle for YG meeting someone and would be hard finding someone to truly like YG and the kids since YG is wealthy most people would approach him cause of that. later when the kids greeting YG as he leave or work he still has muscle pain for running. JN comments to herself that YG looked lonely and realized its because he broke up with DD. JN says to herself that DD didn't have an ulterior motive and truly loved YG-JN-Sechan-Sejong and goes to meet DD. JN apologize for the rant and saying she just felt betrayed and DD not being much older than her. They make up and JN give her approval and saying sorry again. They hug. This is my favorite part of the episode to be honest. No one would love YG and the kids as much as DD and JN realize it.

I agree with you that SR - JN conversation and JN meeting with DD scenes were so heartwarming.  


One more weekend to go .....


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Well 49 was quite painful to watch.  Even though we knew it was coming, it was still difficult for me to get through it.   Episode 50 was better but still leaves some scars.   So, here are my thoughts.


Poor Mi Rim.   She has now gotten in the middle of Jun Oh and his mom.   Even though her own family basically ignored her, they still treat her like a little kid.   As far as Jun Oh, while I can understand why he'd be upset with his mom, he still shouldn't demand an apology from her.   While I hope I'm wrong, I'm suspecting that this all gets resolved with the "Ok mom.   If I agree to go back to medical school, then will you let me be with Mi Rim?"   Let's see how this ultimately turns out.


Cha Gun really cares for SR, doesn't he?   He's really willing to go with her to Vietnam?   That's true dedication in my book.  While she should never gotten pregnant in the first place, I have to applaud him for trying to make things right even with all the things SR has done to date.  


How does Dae Ran keep staying in that house?  Why isn't she and Ki Ja cellmates?   SMH.


I'm still in shock of the behavior of both Yeon Sil and Soo Cheol.    He absolutely invites scrutiny and distrust by how he clings to AK to the end.   Still, I don't believe that Yeon Sil's behavior is commiserate with what's actually happening.   So, the trust between them is broken.   How can they restore it in the end?


I really like how Se Ryeon has become a true champion for YG, DD, and the kids.   She's changed my attitude about her 180 degrees.   She and Dae Bum really are a cute couple after all.


The heart to heart between DD and Jae Ni went about as I expected.   While it might have seemed underwhelming at first, I still believe that Jae Ni is sincere in her acceptance of DD and her dad.    Wonderful scene!


Now, on the OTP.   Episode 49 really tugged at my heart strings with how YG still pushed DD away but then DD finally gave him the symbolic bucket of ice water and poured it on him to wake him up from his trance.   Episode 50 represents that turn in their relationship we've finally been waiting for.    In particular, I LOVED the church scene!   Understated but still powerful with YG's words, their love stares at each other in the end, and holding hands in cathedral silence.   It's scenes like this that remind us of the insane, off the charts chemistry between Ji Hyun Woo and Lee Se Hee.   I would give anything to see those two work together on another drama (but one with a better storyline and writing).    Who else agrees with me that these two really make an amazing couple!   Can't wait to see these last two episodes.


My final musical selection for these two lovebirds is one of my favorite songs to this day.   Bring on 51/52!



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@heistheway Yeah agree with you. I watched 49 live and it was really hard to watch. i felt soo bad for DD aswell as Sechan and Sejong. Also hearing Sechan crying while calling DD hurt my heart. Those 2 kids love her soo much. 50 was alot better. The balloon and flowers scene was extremely funny. Also in YG imagination you can feel the chemistry. Some complaining about the church part cause of catholism but it was more to signify how serious YG was this time by making a promise in a church. Would also like to see them in another but as some pointed out it may be hard. Ji Hyunwoo is a well-known actor while Sehee is a rookie and Ji Hyunwoo only take like 1 project a year so i dont think he will be in anything 2022. The chemistry between them and the kids are so amazing.

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5 horas atrás, Lunkera disse:

@heistheway Sim, concordo com você. Eu assisti 49 ao vivo e foi muito difícil de assistir. Eu me senti tão mal por DD, bem como Sechan e Sejong. Também ouvir Sechan chorando enquanto ligava para dD doeu meu coração. Essas dois crianças a amam tanto. 50 era muito melhor. A cena do balão e das flores foi extremamente engraçada. Também na imaginação YG você pode sentir a química. Alguns reclamando da causa da igreja do catholismo, mas era mais para significar o quão sério YG era desta vez fazendo uma promessa em uma igreja. Também gostaria de vê-los em outro, mas como alguns apontaram pode ser difícil. Ji Hyunwoo é um ator conhecido, enquanto Sehee é um novato e Ji Hyunwoo só leva como 1 projeto por ano, então eu não acho que ele estará em nada 2022. A química entre eles e as crianças é tão incrível.




Concordo com você. adoraria ver os dois em outro programa. A cena da igreja era linda.


5 horas atrás, Lunkera disse:

@heistheway Sim, concordo com você. Eu assisti 49 ao vivo e foi muito difícil de assistir. Eu me senti tão mal por DD, bem como Sechan e Sejong. Também ouvir Sechan chorando enquanto ligava para dD doeu meu coração. Essas dois crianças a amam tanto. 50 era muito melhor. A cena do balão e das flores foi extremamente engraçada. Também na imaginação YG você pode sentir a química. Alguns reclamando da causa da igreja do catholismo, mas era mais para significar o quão sério YG era desta vez fazendo uma promessa em uma igreja. Também gostaria de vê-los em outro, mas como alguns apontaram pode ser difícil. Ji Hyunwoo é um ator conhecido, enquanto Sehee é um novato e Ji Hyunwoo só leva como 1 projeto por ano, então eu não acho que ele estará em nada 2022. A química entre eles e as crianças é tão incrível.

I agree with you. would love to see the them on another show. The church scene was beautifultwo of
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@LunkeraI echo your sentiments completely.   In fact, I certainly did not mean to shortchange my guys, the Cupid brothers.   Indeed, they, Jae Ni, YG, and DD truly make a wonderful family and their chemistry is amazing.  Heck, a shampoo commercial showed this to be true!   I should re-watch those just for fun!  :glasses:


I did want to expand on episode 50.   Specifically, the three scenes that reset, renewed, and rejuvenated relationship between YG and DD.


1)   The opening back hug.   I cringed when I watched this because I've seen it so many times.    The dreaded "I'm sorry/ I love you / please don't leave me" back hug.   How seemingly every time the recipient tearfully breaks and walks away.    Still, it did serve its purpose on waking YG up from his trance and realize that he would lose her this time unless he came to his senses.


2)   The church scene which I've already touched on.  I think the fact that this scene followed DD and Jae Ni's heart to heart added to its significance.   I'm convinced that if they had shown 5 more minutes of YG and DD staring at each other by the pew, it would have made for powerful viewing!


3)   Their embrace following the AK news.   This one was different because there was no SR lurking in the background and no more instances of YK not remembering his 22 YO self thoughts.   He was 1000% there for DD to comfort her in her moment of sorrow.   


Taken all together, these three scenes symbolize the roller coaster nature of their relationship and how far it's come.   Once again, kudos to Lee Se Hee and Ji Hyun Woo for making this come alive so tangibly.    I do realize that it's probably a long shot that they'll ever appear in another drama together.   Even if they did, it would be well in the future.   But, we can still dream, can't we?

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Let me add some words at the end - yes, I watch YLG since the first episode and:



I agree with your opinions in each aspect f.ex. the fabula, the acting etc  

but the most important point is - how the perfect acting can rescue the weak script = this is the ACTING!


It should be underlined and send a signal for the future script writers - the success is because of the actors, their skills, their coworking.


I admire Se Hee and Hyun Woo - they do everything to create the realistics, vivid characters  besides the script! When you look closer you can notice that each episode presents different personalities  ( I don't mean the time before and after amnesia) and leads act the script...the written dialogues but what about the character consistency? - nothing! just only a merry-go-round... since almost ~30 ep. The rest of the characters are plain with their own problems and emotions but DD and YG?  


Summing up - Se Hee and Hyun Woo are winners - they do masterpieces of nothing!  Let's wait for their new project, which is much more ambitious than k-dramas. Hyun Woo wants to come back to his music - right!



just one note more - YLG reminds me..."Bridget Jones' Diary" - the script writer wanted(?) to follow the scenes ( f.ex. covering with a coat - snowing, come back/go away, ) ideas ( serious man - funny woman )etc...but Bridget is Bridget and Dan Dan is Dan Dan.


Stay in a good mood :D 



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On 3/20/2022 at 4:32 AM, Lunkera said:


Episode 50 :


YG ran after DD and backhug her. YG begging her to forgive him. DD cries. DD get angry and yell at YG and reject him. SR and JN talking. Explaining that JM wasnt confident. SR explaining like in preview. CG sees SaRa walking home. SaRa eating and some ahjumma called. Package outside SaRa door. Ahjumma helps her. CG is bonkers. There is flower and groceries in the package. SaRa run out to check but no one is there. CG was hiding. YG and Lawyer Friend discussing. Trying to get advice and raises his voice. YG get frustrated. YG imagined it with car and not. He imagined the reunion. YG is happy. YG back to reality. YG try the car proposal in reality but it fails and DD mock him for lame attempt. YG ask what he has to do. YG start running around the field and DD watch slowly from distance and thinking if he lost his mind. YG at home having pain from running around too much. DD is having fun wih the flashbacks. Saying to herself i guess to not give in easily. DR stealing more food. Next morning Housekeeper wonder where the food is and have nothing for the kids. 


JN thinking about YG coming home and in pain from working out. JN thinking. JN meet up with DD. JN blaming herself for DD and YG relationship and saying sorry. But DD says its not JN fault(All on YG). JN has given her approval atleast. YG drags DD away somewhere semi against her will. YG drags her to a church. YG is saying something to God(i think?). while holding her hand. DD forgives YG i guess. Housekeeper keeping watch. DR and Housekeeper run into eachother and start screaming at eachother. DR hold her mouth. DR run away. YG come and wonders what is up. DR found out. DR calls SR. SR come to the house reluctantly. SR and DR is arguing about the ring while YG in the room. DR blurts out something about the past. Explaining something about the ring crying and begging. SR go to YG in hs home office. SR asking YG for something. SR and DR talk. DR is forced to put her thumbprint for signing a document. 


DR visit SaRa mom in jail. I think she in jail especially since she gave the money away. DR is mad. SR and DB talk while YS come. DB say something about SC and YS get suspicious and says shes going out for awhile. YS ask about AK to some security guard YS shocked to learn AK hasnt left for US. YS witness SC and AK walking together like in preview. YS is crying. SC and AK grocery shopping and YS follow them and is more upset. YS on the ground and crying. YS with Grandmother. YS saying everything to Grandma. DD came home and overheard it all. YS is hysterical and runs away probably to confront them. DD run after YS. SC leave. YS come to her place. YS start attack AK and pull her hair. YS is making a scene sitting on the floor crying. YS asking i think why she did it. AK saying she did wrong. DD comes and tries to drag YS away and YS refuses. DD asks AK if shes really human. AK saying something. DD is pissed and i  think saying how she can treat her mother who raised her this way. DD leave with YS and AK is crying. YS thanking DD. DD is saying ofcourse shes on YS side. DD mention that her dad cant be that kind of person(wrong) and asking if she cant give him a chance. DD saying she wont forgive SC something. MS go to Junoh and Mirim place and confront them. Junoh tell Mirim to leave and he will handle it. Junoh want MS to apologize but MS doesnt think she has anything to apologize for. They argue and MS is upset. MS go to YS place to complain. YS is affected by SC and AK. YS doesnt want to hear about it and yells that SC and AK having an affair. I think YS telling MS to deal with it herself. MS shocked. SaRa caught CG this time. SaRa argue with CG. CG says something to SaRa and leave and SaRa cries. 



SC is questioned by MS. YS come out of the door and confront him. SC asking if she went to AK place. SC scream at her that AK is sick. DD overhear it all. While SC explaining DD is listening from behind. YS angry that SC didn't say anything and went to meet her in secret. SC scream at her and something about her being DD mom. SC leave and YS scream at him. DD crying again and having flashback screaming at AK. SC go to AK place SC sees the mess. AK is not in her bedroom and wont answer the phone. DD come to AK place and asking about AK. SC says shes gone. DD blame herself for yelling at AK earlier. DD i think said she hate AK and SC says to not hate her. SC said he used to hate AK also. DD isnt ready to forgive i think. DD walking the street and remember far in past with AK standing up for DD. AK crying and asking to hug DD. YG call DD. YG meet DD and is shocked that AK is sick. DD hug YG. DD keeps blaming herself for being mean. YG comfort DD. 



SC in his bedroom. YS start argue with SC.  Grandma come in and intervene. Entire family overhear it. DD in her room alone crying hearing YS yelling. SC receive call from someone about AK.  SC is about to leave and YS start yelling at him for going to meet AK. DD is sad. SC finds AK sleeping on the floor. SC find her and they talk. AK says to him to leave. AK mention YS and stuff. SC mention DD and AK is affected. SC and YS scene i think they are separating? YS ask if he abandoning her i think everyone heard DD shocked.


 Preview YG takes DD to meet AK at a restaurant. I think AK asked for help. MS meet SaRa mom. SaRa and CG scene with SaRa being convinced (Barf). DD has the outfit AK gave her. YS is mad DD and YS argue and DD crying and DD saying she pity AK i think and it seems YS severing their mother-daughter relationship for meeting AK. 











On 3/23/2022 at 2:52 AM, Lunkera said:

Okay last filming was today. Wrapup picture of YG-DD kids.

  Hide contents

Going to miss this lovely casts.


On 3/23/2022 at 2:52 AM, Lunkera said:

Thank you everyone here for giving us advance translations... especial @Lunkera. It really helps to calm our nerve in anticipation of what is to come lolll!  Can't wait for Ep 51 and 52.   

Although week after week we agonised over the writer plots ... especially the lost memories, DD's sufferings, the ever annoying Sara, her mom and YG's stepmom.  Wondering which directions the writer is going to go etc.  Yet we keep watching .. guess is the lovely chemistry between DD and YG also with the kids that we hope will ultimate triumph. 

This is my second Korean drama that I followed from beginning ... boy ... what a ride it is.


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Last 2 episodes this weekend. I am just gonna watch the last episode on FF-mode.

Forgot when exactly I abandoned this show really and incredible that despite not watching, I can still follow the storyline way till the end!

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Episode 51


SC saying he just want to save AK and bla bla saying it's for DD sake. YS mentioning divorce. DB comes in angry. SC leave and YS crying hysterically. DB comfort her. DD confront SC and angry at him. DD angry that he's hurting YS. DD saying SC can't go to AK i think unless he wants to get divorced. SC apologize to DD and DD tell him to apologize to YS. DD has a hard time still to open up to AK. SC go back home to apologize to YS. YS silently crying. YG visit AK and talk to her and ask if she need help with anything i think. AK apologize to YG how she treated him. YG crying. I think AK says she wanted to take DD and it was her being greedy. AK saying sorry again. YG saying hes okay. AK saying more or less to take care of DD and give her blessing to them. YG saying he will protect DD it think and they smile. 


DD and YG talking on the way while YG organize dinner with AK. AK was taken aback when YG brought DD. YG saying he has somewhere to go i think while leaving DD and AK to spend time.  AK pouring food to DD while DD return the favor. Still mad at AK. DD about to leave but AK stop her and ask to have coffee and i think DD mention something. AK seems to just want to spend some more time. DD start crying. DD still mad and pouring heart out. AK saying mom is sorry. They both start crying and DD calling her mom several times. Seems Junoh is going back to medical school and MS is happy but Junoh saying it was thanks to Mirim. MS still mad. Junoh not giving up on Mirim. MS meet Mirim and give her permission saying that she will get a place for them and telling them to get married or something. Mirim rejects it saying they haven't thought of getting married and just dating and MS taken aback. MS receive call from SaRa mom. SaRa mom ask to find out where SaRa is. MS more or less saying it's not her business anymore. CG and SaRa eating food. Think CG saying she has to eat for the baby. 


DD cutting some fruit for AK and DD saying she has to go. AK saying to be safe. AK starts running to toilet to vomit and DD helps her. DD fell asleep by AK bed while taking care of her. AK hugging DD who asleep while crying. YS wakes up and wonder where SC is. YS find him drinking. YS crying. Seems like YS is going to give AK soup. YS and Grandma talking. YS saying she doing it for DD and SC and don't want to be resented. YS sees DD at all AK home and makes a scene and leave. Scene from preview where she accuse DD of betraying her and leave. YS walking alone. YS arrive at chicken place and telling SC to go. AK sick. AK receive call from YS who say some stuff. SC comes to AK house and saying he got permission lol. AK scolding SC for coming.  AK get SC to leave. AK meet with YS and apologize. AK saying something about going back to U.S. They argue. I think YS saying to go back after she get the surgery. AK saying she was wrong.  Seems like YS says to the family to let DD stay by AK side.


DD go to AK. AK first says no because shes sorry for hurting DD but gives in. AK and DD hug. CG come to SaRa with flowers and baby stuff. CG and SaRa eating dinner. CG asking SaRa to go to Vietnam with him to start over. CG walking SaRa home in the dark. They say goodbye. SaRa fell and went to hospital. SaRa lost the baby. It seems like CG and SaRa breakup and wishing eachother well. SaRa crying and saying something in her head. DD and AK at YG house eating food with the kids. Now they outside playing football. YG being too competetive and DD hold YG and let Sejong score goal. DR and AK talk together and i think asking her to look after DD. YG DD and kids play together. AK start having pains. YG and DD bring AK to her place. SC come to AK place and surprised to find YG there. YG leave and DD says she will go say goodbye to YG. DD says to SC she is seeing YG again. AK is asking SC to allow YG and DD be together. SC see how happy DD and YG are together. DD and AK sleeping together. AK and DD talking to eachother. AK not in bed next day. AK dead in bathroom and DD crying hysterically. 


Preview : SC gave his permission for them to marry. YG telling the kids that they have permission to marry and JN ask how hes gonna do about proposal. SaRa going overseas i think. YG intending to help DB and SR and DR enters and YG get annoyed. DD and YG having a squabble and being childish.



Ending scene 




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So sara really lost her baby ?i really don't like her but it's sad, so maybe time Jump for her and the uncle in the last episode

So Anna is dies?  poor DD, so who will inherit her fortune? to DD ?? I hope it will be addressed in this last episode

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