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[Current Drama 2022] Dr. Park’s Clinic/Internist Park Won-Jang,내과 박원장- Lee Seo Jin & Ra Mi Ran- Friday


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Premiere Watch: Through the Darkness, Dr. Park’s Clinic

by missvictrix



January is looking like a quiet month for premieres (before the February drama-tsunami hits). That being said, we’ve got two completely different shows hitting the airwaves this weekend: a probing thriller about Korea’s first criminal profiler, and a wacky comedy featuring some of the greats.


Dr. Park’s Clinic





Time slot: Friday
Broadcaster: TVING
Genre: Comedy, medical
Episode count: 12

Reasons to watch: Based off a webtoon by the same name, Lee Seo-jin and Ra Mi-ran plays husband and wife in this hilarious-looking “medical” drama. Lee Seo-jin is the eponymous Dr. Park, who’s got serious problems including hair loss, the struggle to keep his newly opened medical clinic afloat, and a wife that trusts the TV over her own husband for medical advice. While I’m curious how the drama will perform, being a TVING original that features a more mature cast, I also have high expectations for the comedy and satire this drama will deliver. I can already anticipate the laughs.



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  • larus changed the title to [Current Drama 2022] Dr. Park’s Clinic/Internist Park Won-Jang,내과 박원장- Lee Seo Jin & Ra Mi Ran- Friday

Director of Internal Medicine’ first episode] A different B-grade comedy… Bald transformation Lee Seo-jin shined




In episodes 1 and 2 of TVing’s original ‘Internal Medicine Wonjang Park’ (directed by Seo Jun-beom, provided by TVING, produced by Sidus X Large Pictures), which was released for the first time on the 14th, the first day of ‘Funny’ of Park Won-jang (Lee Seo-jin) was drawn on the first day of the opening.


Director Park expected 'opening of the hospital', but her patients shed tears at the hospital, where none of her patients came and only flies were flying. Afterwards, her grandmother, her first guest, tells her story for over half an hour, then asks her to cut her toenails, and her second customer, the merchant, offers to sell her goods. It made Park Won-soo's head rot.


Despite the flies in the hospital, Director Park's wife, Lim (Rami Ran), paid her several million won worth of furniture with her credit card, eventually causing Park's anger.


Director Park learned the know-how from the senior directors Su-ji (Shin Eun-jeong), Min-ji Jim (Kim Kwang-gyu), and Hyung-seok Choi (Hyeong-seok Jeong) of the senior Gaewon in order to pass away the situation. And after hearing the words of the owner of a chicken restaurant, he hired a new nursing assistant. A nurse Cha Mi-young (Cha Cheong-hwa), who was trying to live a comfortable retirement in a novice doctor's hospital, hid the fact that her son Cha Ji-hoon (Seo Beom-jun) was her son, recommended her as a nursing assistant at her hospital, and worked with her.


‘Director of Internal Medicine Park’ is a medical comedy that depicts the ‘funny’ reality of a novice doctor who is not even wise.


In addition to Lee Seo-jin, Ra Mi-ran, Shin Eun-jung, Kim Kwang-gyu, Jung Hyeong-seok, as well as Seo Beom-jun, Joo Woo-yeon, and Kim Kang-hoon, each character brings laughter with different personalities, raising expectations for the future development of the play. 'Internal Medicine Director Park' is released every Friday at 4 PM on TV.



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Thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 ep. It went by too quickly though.. 

    Dr. Park should've asked "Hometown Cha Cha Cha's" Shin Min Ah for some opening luck tips LoL. His Nurse Cha pulled a "Parasite" stunt by roping in her own son to work at the clinic. 

    A bunch of other familiar and wacky characters that make this drama fun to watch. Dr. Park started out as a promising doctor as seen in flashbacks don't know why he chose to practise internal medicine or why he's doin' poorly at his own private clinic. There's 10 ep. left hopefully it won't disappoint. 

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What about 'Internal Medicine Director Park', a weapon of significance called Lee Seo-jin




'Internal Medicine Director Park' Lee Seo-jin is back with comic acting after 22 years of debut. Seo-jin Lee, who has always been loved as a character with a sense of weight, will leave a lasting impression on her viewers with her extraordinary acting.


On the 18th, an online production presentation of Tving's original 'Internal Medicine Director Park' was held. The event was attended by director Seo Jun-beom and Lee Seo-jin, Ra Mi-ran, Cha Cheong-hwa and Seo Beom-jun.


'Park Director of Internal Medicine' is a medical comedy that depicts the 'funny' reality of an unwise novice doctor. Director Park's story of escaping the deficit, who dreams of becoming a true doctor, but is struggling between medicine and craftsmanship in a flying doctor's office, gives pleasant laughter and empathy.




Lee Seo-jin's transformation, who is challenging for the first comic acting in his life, has been a big topic in the past. The character and the bald-haired makeup with a synchronization rate of 200% left a strong impact. Lee Seo-jin, who showed affection for the comedy genre, foretold a passionate performance that was immortal through the role of Park Won-jang.


Seo-jin Lee created a new fun point by even setting up a haircut. Seojin Lee confessed that she was embarrassed when she first received the script. He said, "The sitcom comedy script came. I thought, 'Why did you send this to me?'" He said, "but at a meeting, director Seo Jun-beom said that unlike the webtoon, you don't need to have bare hair. Because you have to have a symbolic look, first of all, let's put on a bare hair makeup.


Director Seo Jun-beom said, "From the moment I decided to film the original, I chose the unexpectedness of the sitcom. Thinking of the actor who was farthest from the salty smell, I thought of Lee Seo-jin. To choose him, I gave up the haircut setting.


Seo-jin Lee has accumulated a lot of talent in entertainment with PD Na Young-seok. Regarding this, Seo-jin Lee wittily replied, "I never thought that I had to be funny while working with the PD. I thought that I had to have fun somehow in 'Park Director of Internal Medicine', but when I was working with the PD, I had no idea." Lee Seo-jin, who debuted in the SBS drama 'House on the Waves' in 1999, didn't have a thirst for comic acting. Seo-jin Lee shivered, saying, "He wanted to do comedy, but only romantic comedies."


Bringing laughter and sorrow at the same time




Lee Seo-jin and Rami Ran attended the online production presentation of Teabing's original 'Internal Medicine Director Park' and made her shine.


Episodes created by unusual characters stimulate the taste of B-grade comedy unique to 'Park Won-Jang'. Ra Mi-ran, who took on the role of Samo-rim, the reckless and hot-hearted queen of domestic affairs, said, "The script was everything. In this work, Rami Ran showed off a new character equipped with a loveliness that couldn't be hated more than her funny acting. He replied, "I made it easy. I just had to show my true self."


In addition, unusual characters will be added to the salty survival period of Park Won-jang, a novice opener, to create a pleasant synergy. In addition, it is not just laughter, but the story of survival, which is filled with the sorrows of a private hospital doctor, gives a heart-wrenching sympathy. Not only dynamic episodes, but also laughter, empathy, and emotion were appropriately melted.



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Dr. Park’s Clinic: Episode 1 (First impressions)

by missvictrix




Well, this isn’t what I expected. More low budget sitcom than high production cable comedy, Dr. Park’s Clinic is about as quirky as I expected, while not delivering the laughs I was hoping for. Maybe it was just me?



I really wanted to laugh, but I’ll admit right off the bat that this drama didn’t do it for me. It wasn’t the performances or even the premise — I think it was the execution. Trying a bit too hard, perhaps?

The drama opens with a fun cameo from Park Sung-woong, a super successful doctor with a flashy car, fancy office, and patients that worship the ground he walks on. This guy is the pinnacle of success (according to our story anyway), and it’s just what our hero DOCTOR PARK WON-JANG (Lee Seo-jin) dreams of. He visits his idol, and the contrast between the “successful” doctor and our hapless and misguided hero couldn’t be more sharp.


To contrast the flashy entrance of Park Sung-woong, we watch Won-sang enter his brand new clinic. Everything about it is the polar opposite — from the penny pinching to the empty waiting room.


Won-sang not only has lofty dreams of material success, but he also has a household to support. His wife SA MO-RIM (Ra Mi-ran) is spending his money before he makes it, even though half of it is good-intentioned and in celebration of him finally opening his own clinic.

It’s so hard to explain the tone of this drama — and that’s the part that didn’t land for me. Interspersed throughout all these character introductions and plot setup is a mockumentary and fourth wall breaking element I wasn’t expecting. We watch Won-sang, his wife, or the nurse that works for his clinic, act out the scene in front of them — and then we cut to them talking directly into the camera and cutting the BS, so to speak.


One example of this might be one afternoon when NURSE CHA MI-YOUNG (Cha Chung-hwa) goes into Won-sang’s office. She’s concerned that he needs to eat and lays it on thick — but when we cut to her mockumentary segment, we learn she only cares if he eats today because she’s craving a dish from a nearby restaurant that will only deliver if you order more than one serving. While I completely get the humor at play, and how the mockumentary direct address segments are supposed to subvert the story, I can’t say I actually enjoyed it.

Which leads me to a bit of criticism I wasn’t expecting to have to make: the production comes off as quite low budget. I was expecting different of a TVING original, but I guess they’re going for that daily sitcom feel, shaky handheld camera work and all. There’s nothing wrong with that in and of itself, but it’s a bit jarring when you’re used to the super crisp and gorgeous productions we see in the regular primetime slots. My eyes are used to a feast. They are spoiled.





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'Internal Medicine Director Park', the most bowed head, Lee Seo-jin, goes to the hospital... Ra Miran shock




Tving's original 'Internal Medicine Director Park' Seo-jin Lee faces a crisis that can't be laughed at.


In the published photo, the unexpected thing that happened to Park Won-jang's family raises curiosity. Park Won-jang and his two sons, Park Min-goo (Joo Woo-woon) and Park Dong-goo (Kim Kang-hoon), entered yoga under the direction of Samo Rim's Jin-du. Park Won-jang's somewhat bizarre and awkward pose brings laughter. In the photo that followed, Park Won-jang wearing a patient uniform was revealed, suggesting an unusual accident (?). The shocked mother-in-law, Lim, is sitting next to Park Won-jang when she returns to her house and is struggling. I wonder what the hell happened to this family, and if the head of the family, head of the family Park, will be able to smile again with his head down.


The production team of 'Park Director of Internal Medicine' said, "Park's salty escape from the fittest and survival period is the real beginning. Park Won-jang's family enters into a "special project" that cannot be seen without tears. Please look forward to Lee Seo-jin’s infinite transformation.”



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