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[Drama 2021] The Red Sleeve Cuff, 옷소매 붉은 끝동


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You guys! The Baeksang Awards nominations are out. The Red Sleeve had nominations in almost every category for Dramas. 


Best Drama (The Red Sleeve)

Best Director (Jung Ji-in)

Best Actor (Lee Junho)

Best Actress (Lee Seyoung)

Best Supporting Actor (Lee Deok Hwa)

Best Supporting Actress (Jang Hye-jin)

Technical Award (Kim Hwa-young)


Source: https://www.baeksangawards.co.kr/candidate



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Also, good news you guys. Both of them have confirmed their next projects. Seyoung will be coming back in a legal romance drama while Junho will be coming back in a rom-com! Thank goodness they both chose lighter works to follow up after The Red Sleeve. 

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The Korea PD finally aired on TV. Ji-In PD couldn't personally come to accept the award so someone else read her speech in place of her!


May 6th at 7:45 PM KST is the Baeksang Arts Awards. The Popularity Award voting ending recently, and Junho placed 1st! Seyoung was 2nd! The awards ceremony will broadcast on jtbc.

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You guys! Junho won the Popularity Award and Best Actor (Male). It's so nice to see his hard work get recognition. Congrats to the other winners. I'll post the translation for his speech when I find a subbed version of it!


Also, if you guys were waiting to read the novel once it got fully translated, it's now completely done.


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2PM's official instagram uploaded Junho's pics from the Baeksang Arts Awards!


I haven't found a subbed video yet, but here's a translation thread of his speech:

Hope more good things will come to him!


Edit: Found the Baeksang Arts Awards videos:

Popularity Award:

Best Actor (Male):




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Red Carpet Compilation:



The Red Sleeve cast were seated next to one another. It was nice to see them altogether again. :love:


Found a clip of Junho and Ji-in PD at the award ceremony:



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Netizen comments about the Baeksang Arts Awards:


theqoo: Baeksang’s Best TV Actor: Lee Jun Ho

– Jun Ho received the Best Actor at the PD awards and now he received the award at Baeksang Awards. This is daebak. His acting at “The Red Sleeve” was seriously the best.
– His acting at “The Red Sleeve” was just the best
– “The Red Sleeve” is the best
– His acting was so good, when they announced his name i started clapping ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
– I wasn’t the only one who thought he did well, it feels good to see him getting the recognition
– His acting was so good, he deserve it
– His acting was seriously good
– He was seriously Yi San itself


theqoo: Lee Se Young at The Baeksang Awards Red Carpet


– So pretty
– Pretty
– Woow so pretty
– She’s seriously so pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
– She’s so pretty seriously ㅠ


cr: Netizendrama (their twitter account is back!)


By the way, jlml718 has temporarily unlocked The Red Sleeve subbed content. If you want to watch some of the subbed content videos for this drama such as behind the scenes, you can do so now for a short while: HERE

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Guess Junho was thinking about this drama :tears:

Looks like there's an exhibition of some sort with Seong Deok-im's actual writing. Her calligraphy skills are so impressive. 

There are a few questions from this interview related to The Red Sleeve.

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Seyoung talked a bit about which nickname she got from the drama she prefers, and she revealed that she has played balance games with G4 during filming of the drama. It's subbed!

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It was a very pleasant movie with perfect acting that make you feel you are living the scene!! The cast was perfect !! I saw that a webtoon adaptation is on going but I still prefer the drama !!! 

I especially like the character of Sung Deok Im, it's rare to see a character who would chose herself before anyone else. I saw a lot of people are bashing this part of her but I think this is her special trait that makes him attract to her. She is down to earth and knows that she will never have a "normal husband" like other girls. She has to share her husband with another woman, with people and finally with the country. 

Cats Chibi GIF

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