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[Drama 2021] The Red Sleeve Cuff, 옷소매 붉은 끝동


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I agree with you @Sleepy Owl some of the supposedly humorous scenes looked forced. That knee-deep pool scene was not funny. The eunuch who has served the CP since he was young would not wade into knee-deep water? Weren't they supposed to die for the royalty they serve? The pool was so shallow, but the bodyguard needs to remove his armor that covers his upper body? The prince was already standing, so why not hold out a hand and pull him out of the water?


I find the FL trying too hard to project a sunny and bright personality. You can be free spirited as well but since she lived in the palace since she was young, she should know about proper decorum. She's very irreverent and insolent at times. She's acting more like a spoiled royal brat than a palace maid.


A chingu (sorry I forgot her name) asked if the actress playing the FL has a permanent scowl and insincere smile. I noticed that too. When she's not smiling "too brightly" she's scowling or frowning. Some of the smiles are also over done, as there are no reasons to smile.

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The female lead, Lee Se Young, has one of the most angelic faces. Here is the rub, her acting skills are best when she performs in melancholy  roles more than comedy. Comedy from her end does seem forced. 


She is one of my favorite actresses. I always love watching her in dramas and I do follow her. 

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On November 19, MBC’s “The Red Sleeve” achieved its highest ratings yet for its third episode, despite facing stiff competition from SBS’s “Now We Are Breaking Up” (which airs in the same time slot). According to Nielsen Korea, the new historical romance drama starring 2PM’s Lee Junho and Lee Se Young rose to an average nationwide rating of 7.0 percent for its latest broadcast, marking an all-time high for the series.

Read more: https://kdramabuddy.com/the-red-sleeve-and-happiness-reach-new-ratings-highs-as-now-we-are-breaking-up-remains-no-1/#ixzz7Cipz6rox

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