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[Drama 2021] The Red Sleeve Cuff, 옷소매 붉은 끝동


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3 Reasons To Look Forward To Lee Se Young And Lee Junho’s Upcoming Historical Drama “The Red Sleeve”


Nov 8, 2021  | by S. Nam



MBC’s upcoming drama “The Red Sleeve” is gearing up for its premiere!

Based on a novel, “The Red Sleeve” is a traditional historical drama that tells the record of an imperial court romance between court lady Seong Deok Im (Lee Se Young), who wanted to protect the life she had chosen, and emperor Yi San (Lee Junho), who put the nation first before love.


This is MBC’s first traditional sageuk (Korean historical drama) in two years, raising even more anticipation for the project. In addition to the leads Lee Junho and Lee Se Young, talented actors Kang Hoon, Lee Deok Hwa, Park Ji Young, Jang Hee Jin, Jang Hye Jin, Jo Hee Bong, Seo Hyo Rim, Kang Mal Geum, and Oh Dae Hwan have joined the star-studded lineup.


The drama is based on the story of King Jeongjo, the 22nd ruler of Joseon dynasty born under the name of Yi San, and royal noble consort Ui of the Seong clan. King Jeongjo has been praised as a wise ruler who led the Joseon dynasty’s last revival. His love story is also a topic that made future generations curious because of the well-known story of his proposal to Ui-bin Seong being rejected twice. Furthermore, “The Red Sleeve” is unlike previous projects that relied on imagination because there hadn’t been adequate historical records on Ui-bin Seong. After 2010, translations for relevant historical material have become more widely available, so there’s greater anticipation for “The Red Sleeve” to portray Yi San and Ui-bin Seong’s love story more accurately.


Furthermore, “The Red Sleeve” will be the first drama to highlight the life of “court lady” Seong Deok Im. Rather than portraying court ladies as puppets who obediently served the King and his family, the drama will tell the story of court ladies who controlled half of the palace life in Joseon. The question, “The King loved the court lady, but did the court lady also love the King?” raises anticipation for a melodrama with rich emotional portrayal and story telling. “The Red Sleeve” won’t limit Jeongjo’s image just to that of a romantic lover, and it will paint him as a three-dimensional character who worked passionately for both the nation and love.


LINK: https://www.soompi.com/article/1497428wpp/3-reasons-to-look-forward-to-lee-se-young-and-lee-junhos-upcoming-historical-drama-the-red-sleeve


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Ha Seok Jin Has A Piercing Gaze With A Blade In Hand In Special Appearance For “The Red Sleeve”dummy.jpeg?s=900x600&e=t

Nov 10, 2021 


Ha Seok Jin will be making a special appearance in the premiere of the upcoming MBC drama “The Red Sleeve”!


Based on a novel, “The Red Sleeve” is a traditional historical drama that tells the record of an imperial court romance between court lady Seong Deok Im (Lee Se Young), who wanted to protect the life she had chosen, and emperor Yi San (Lee Junho), who put the nation first before love.


The newly released stills share a sneak peek at Ha Seok Jin’s transformation for the historical drama. In the dead of night, Ha Seok Jin wanders around the front yard in his white sobok (mourning clothes) without any shoes. Furthermore, he holds a sharp long sword tightly in his hand with a gaze even more piercing than the blade, making viewers feel both tense and curious.


Ha Seok Jin’s special appearance came to be due to his relationship with director Jung Ji In, since he starred in the director’s previous project “Radiant Office” as the lead. After receiving the request to make a special appearance, Ha Seok Jin readily agreed.


The production team shared, “We are grateful for actor Ha Seok Jin, who readily came running right away despite his busy schedule. The first episode of ‘The Red Sleeve’ has become even more dynamic thanks to Ha Seok Jin’s passionate acting. Please look forward to it a lot.”


LINK: https://www.soompi.com/article/1497800wpp/ha-seok-jin-has-a-piercing-gaze-with-a-blade-in-hand-in-special-appearance-for-the-red-sleeve

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 Twitter Blueroom Live

Google Translate:

MBC Friday-Saturday Drama #옷소매붉은끝동 (RedSLeeveCuff) #TwitterBlueroom LIVE!


If you have any questions or requests please Tweet with #옷소매붉은끝동 #TheRedSleeve


The actor themselves will answers on 11/11 Thursday, 8pm at Twitter BlueRoom actors

Lee Junho, Lee Seyoung, Jang Hyebin, Ha Yuri and Kwon Hyunbin


First broadcast on 11/12 (Fri) 9:50 p.m!



Episode 1 Preview

English Sub by JLML718



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9 hours ago, marrez1 said:

Just read on wikipedia about the consort ( FL here), you will know the ending and a bit about history


For me its not about the ending I am wary about, I always had expectation it is gonna be bittersweet... 

Its the narrative. so more on the script writing, directing and chemistry.


really hope the script writer can do the novel justice, cause I read some novel fan take that it was good.



Behind the scenes Pics:



Lee Seyoung Twitter update:


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 Today's Schedule:


  • Press Conference: 2PM
  • Twitter Blueroom: 8PM


2PM’s Lee Junho Pleads With Lee Se Young To Help Him In “The Red Sleeve” Teaser


Nov 10, 2021 | by L. Kim


MBC’s upcoming drama “The Red Sleeve” released a preview of the first episode!

Based on a novel, “The Red Sleeve” is a traditional historical drama that tells the record of an imperial court romance between court lady Seong Deok Im (Lee Se Young), who wanted to protect the life she had chosen, and emperor Yi San (2PM’s Lee Junho), who put the nation first before love.

The newly released teaser beings with King Yeongjo (Lee Deok Hwa) saying, “The court ladies’ sleeves are dyed red because it symbolizes that they are the king’s women.” The young Seong Deok Im receives training to be a proper court lady, but her voiceover claims she doesn’t want to serve Yi San. However, Court Lady Seo (Jang Hye Jin) tells her she should have pride about her job.

Seong Deok Im and Yi San are now adults, and he pulls her into a private room to beg for her help, saying, “Please. You’re the only one who can do this.” She doesn’t look too sure, but she doesn’t seem to have much of a choice either. The clip ends with the younger Seok Deok Im claiming, “I’m the crown prince’s court lady. He is my master.”

LINK: https://www.soompi.com/article/1497833wpp/watch-2pms-lee-junho-pleads-with-lee-se-young-to-help-him-in-the-red-sleeve-teaser




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Press Conference Pictures

November 11, 2021


Cast: (L to R) Kang Hoon, Lee Junho,, Lee Deokhwa, Jung Ji-In (Director) Lee Seyoung, Park Jiyoung, Jang Heejin








Lee Junho & Lee Seyoung










Lee Seyoung (Solo)






Lee Junho (Solo)






Kang Hoon

Lee DeokHwa

Park Jiyoung

Jang HeeJin











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 Press Conference

Behind the Scenes B/W

November 11, 2021


Back stage

  • Poster signing: Junho & Lee DeokHwa






  • Jang HeeJina and Le Seyoung chemi with Park Jiyoung at the background




  • Park Jiyoung with Host KyungLim


  • Kang Hoon





Photo Session

  • Lee Seyoung X Lee Junho


  • Lee Junho


  • Lee Seyoung


  • Kang Hoon


  • Group 






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Press Conference

Fan live translation

2PM | November 11, 2021

credit @ok_bingu & @sillysone | twitter


  • Lee deokhwa talked about the 15% viewership rating that junho said he’ll dance and lee deokhwa pledge something about fishing
  • lee deokhwa also praised junho saying “you’re an ok guy” which is cute and junho was being shy
  • host asked whether junho feels burdened by doing a king role and he said he does feel it and head to change those small things like using the chopsticks with his right hand and he’s not sure whether that scene would come out ok 
  • junho just sighed and the host was like ohhhh it feels like lee san is here
  • Q was there a lot of people who portrayed lee san already so how did junho prepare for the character & he said he bought a lot of books & tried to find similarities between him & lee san like how lee san would lecture the court ladies
  • (LDW) he said younger people know his as a fisherman and he gets a bit upset
  • lee deokhwa said he knew junho as a singer & not an actor so he kind of was thinking whether junho will be able to do well but now he believes and trusts in junho
  • the host mentioned a number of sageuk dramas and 어사와조이 was mentioned and i think she was asked like 옷소매붉은끝동 is like different or something
  • the actor that plays young Yi San says he wants to be a cool actor like Junho
  •  junho said it’s fortunate to have met seyoung in the drama and the she is a mood maker and he is currently enjoying filming. seyoung also said that when she heard junho is casted she thinks the drama had a great casting
  • seyoung also said she is learning a lot from nunho and junho has concentration on set 


  • They talked about the online casting that many of the book readers wanted Seyoung to portray Deokim. Seyoung felt honored and thankful Smiling face
  • The director also mentioned Seyoung as young Geumyong in Dae Jang Geum, then Park Kyunglim said she grew up well 
  • Seyoung wondered why Seong Deokim refused a king's favor (considering that era). As she read and acted through it, she came to understand Seong Deokim. She felt a lot of pain while reading the actual story 
  • The director watched Kairos and said Seyoung worked really hard for it (physically as well), so she wondered if Seyoung would be up to be casted in #TheRedSleeve 
    Seyoung actually accepted it rather fast
  • Junho and Seyoung are happy to work with each other
  • Seyoung was asked about memorable lines? But she said rather than line there's particular breathing (????) scene that should be looked forward to?? idk they're also not prepared for that answer
  • Young Deokim, Lee Seola's message:
    "She's happy to act here. she wants to take selca with Seyoung and tightly-closed eyes and to be good actress like her

  • The way they laughed as she said breathing sound when she's asked about lines 

  • Also, if anyone wasn't aware yet, San and Deokim are teenagers in early episodes, Seyoung said she's 18 (San wasn't much older than her) 


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2PM’s Lee Junho, Lee Se Young, And More Share How They Prepared For Their Traditional Historical Drama “The Red Sleeve”

Nov 11, 2021 by C. Hong


On November 11, MBC’s new drama “The Red Sleeve” held an online press conference with actors Lee Junho, Lee Se Young, Kang Hoon, Lee Deok Hwa, Park Ji Young, Jang Hee Jin, and producing director (PD) Jung Ji In.

Based on a novel, “The Red Sleeve” is a traditional historical drama that tells the record of an imperial court romance between a court lady named Seong Deok Im (Lee Se Young), who wanted to protect the life she had chosen, and emperor Yi San (2PM’s Lee Junho), who put the nation first before love.

The drama is based on the real historical figures King Jeongjo, the 22nd ruler of the Joseon dynasty (born under the name Yi San), and royal concubine Ui of the Seong clan (Seong Deok Im).






PD Jung Ji In said, “This is different from the fusion sageuks [historical dramas]. We based our drama on real historical figures, so there were areas where we had to stay within the lines and proper settings. I think that being creative and showing our actors’ character immersion within those limits is what sets us apart.”

Asked about the difference between “The Red Sleeve” and the previous epic historical drama “Yi San,” also based on King Jeongjo, the PD said, “That was an epic sageuk. When I saw that drama as a young assistant PD, I thought that it felt very much like a traditional historical drama. Our drama is more focused on the emotions between people. We focus on the political and romance parts. I wasn’t able to meet the original novelist, but I heard that she regretted that so many documents about King Jeongjo and Ui-bin Seong were revealed after the novel was published, and we put a lot of those into our drama.”

Lee Deok Hwa, who plays King Yeongjo, King Jeongjo’s grandfather, said, “People avoid historical dramas these days. It takes more time compared to other dramas, and the production costs are higher, and you need to hire a lot of people. It’s tough for a lot of reasons, but director Jung is not the type to fall behind others. It’s my first time working with a female director, but it was three times better than working with a male director, both physically and mentally. I was drawn to her sincerity.”



About playing a respected historical figure, Lee Junho said, “He’s a real historical figure and someone who considered beloved, so I felt the pressure, but I wanted to portray him in my own color. Since I live by myself, I went home and stayed in character as if I really was the king. I tried to change things like how I held my chopsticks. I worked on everything including little details like that.”



Lee Se Young had been the No. 1 choice in fan casting when the novel’s drama adaptation was announced. She said, “I was very grateful and honored. I think I’m very fortunate to have met a character like Seong Deok Im. I was so happy when the director and screenwriter contacted me first.”

PD Jung Ji In said, “I actually heard about the fan casting later. I remembered her as Geum Young in ‘Jewel in the Palace.’ She happened to be between projects at the time, and I really enjoyed watching her in ‘Kairos,’ so the writer and I agreed to send her the script. At first, her agency was concerned that she was tired from working on ‘Kairos’ for so long, but once we’d sent the script, she accepted it faster than we expected.”



Lee Junho said, “I’m very lucky to have met an actor like Lee Se Young. We really have a lot of fun filming. We still have a lot left to go, but right now, we’re really happy and having fun.” Lee Se Young added, “When I first heard that Lee Junho was cast, I thought it was the perfect casting. There’s a lot I’ve learned from him on set. He has very good focus and immerses himself into the character, and I’m able to depend on him and trust him as we work together. He’s someone I respect and have faith in as a colleague.”

The cast shared that their goal for viewership ratings was 15 percent. Lee Junho said, “I said before that if we surpass 15 percent, I’ll wear the gonryongpo [dragon robes reserved for the emperor] and dance, and I still stick by that. It’s not like I can’t do it.” Lee Deok Hwa added, “If we surpass 15 percent, I’ll go fishing in the dragon robe. I’ll catch at least one fish.”





LINK: https://www.soompi.com/article/1498100wpp/2pms-lee-junho-lee-se-young-and-more-share-how-they-prepared-for-their-traditional-historical-drama-the-red-sleeve


Preview of OST


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  • ferily changed the title to [Drama 2021] The Red Sleeve Cuff, 옷소매 붉은 끝동

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