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[Drama 2021] The Red Sleeve Cuff, 옷소매 붉은 끝동


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Instagram Update


November 6, 2021

Lee Seyoung 

downtime at the set


November 4, 2021

Lee Seyoung 

Before going to 'Song of Hope' Radio Appearance



 praintpc_official (LSY's Company)

and LSY instagram story




MBCradio12 Instagram

Junho and Seyoung  with host Kim Shinyoung


November 3, 2021

Cafe Love Eat Instagram

LSY in front of JH food truck (While on a break from filming)






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42 minutes ago, realistic2280a said:

I want to watch this...but its not gonna be a happy ending right...sigh...:unsure:



history-base wise, I think it is a bitter sweet ending. I mean they did get together and they had a child. but yup she did die quite early. he still did make some pronouncement or tomb words something about his love for her... so their loved was fulfilled and satisfied but was cut way too early


novel-wise, I've read some post who read the novel, that the narrative arc does follow the history. so it is also bittersweet...


But basing from how the dramas has been presented so far. they have change a few things. the most obvious bit is the showing of the MLs POV more as compared in the novel. So maybe they will do some changes in that they will end the drama in a scene where they are happy and not the bittersweet one..


Personally I am more worried about the drama narrative.

The novel itself has been praised and have a good fanbase so the novel I feel some encouragement but the one that will be writing the script is a different one. and I have been badly scarred by the script writer before. so even if this is history based and fictionalized by the novel, so the script writer has a guide, there is still that part of me that gets wary...




Park Jiyoung Instagram update



actor playing young Deokroo dancing to 2PM's My House


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8 hours ago, realistic2280a said:

@czakhareina... thanks for the update!..... good to know that at least she loved him bk and they did have a child together... lets hope the drama just end it there... happily.. :D


That means, i would probably watch after it has aired for several episodes...:D

Haha reading on them actually had me thinking Lee San/King JeongJo is the sageuk version of the modern day chaebol ML who has a toddler for a brain and doesn't just say the words and opt for stalking and angry outburst directed at FL.

I mean LS stalked DI endlessly, and he had added power, since technically she already belonged to him by being a court lady. But if there is something to be said of LS/JJ, he did accept when she rejected him, those first few times. So he did honor her wishes...



I usually am the watcher who waits 4 episodes to be out, then check some recapppers/reviewers and ask some kindred spirit kdramaddicts on what they thought of a certain drama premier and feel. But for this one, I'd most likely live stream mainly cause I am currently Stanning on Junho.


i am hoping for the best but I am prepared for the worst. 



Seo Hyrorim Instagram update...



And here is another curious interaction between LS and DI



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Lee Junho personal YT channel  showed the teaser making behind the scenes


Lee Junho Behind 2: "Busy, busy, Crown Prince's day. Teaser shooting for 'Red sleeves


Taecyeon also recently posted a pic of him stumbling upon the filming site of red Sleeve Cuffwhile he was also filming for his drama, though Junho was scheduled at that time in that area


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  • ferily changed the title to [Drama 2021] The Red Sleeve Cuff, 옷소매 붉은 끝동

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