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EVENT: [Drama 2006] Goong (Princess Hours) - 궁


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The finale!

I don't have much to say about ep 23 other than to comment that the King has no faith in Shin.  The KIng always believes the worst.  Oh, and Shin shows his vulnerable side.


ep 24 I called this the "feel sorry for Yul ep".  I did feel badly for Yul in this ep.  Hyorin did the right thing for herself and left.  Yul hung around only to get hurt seeing Shin and CK and hearing how much CK cared for Shin.  At first, I thought Yul's omma committed suicide, but was glad they reconciled.  Hmm, not sure what I think about Sis being the Queen.



Thanks all EOs for organizing this rewatch.:partyblob:  I doubt I would have watched Goong otherwise.  I'm in if you watch another "classic" .

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Thanks @CarolynH and everyone else for participating! :kiss_wink:


We got a happy ending! Yay! :yay:


Still to this day, I have no idea when or how the conception happened. :joy: In any case, it was good news and am glad that our couple finally found their groove.


cr. to owner


I'm still bummed about the fact that Ju Ji Hoon oppa and Yoon Eun Hye will not appear in the remake of this drama, because it would be so awesome to see them as grown up Chae Kyung and Prince Shin!



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