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[Drama 2022] Woori the Virgin, 우리는 오늘부터


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Done watched eps 3 & 4 ....


Episode 3 - hilarious especially the scene at OBGYN clinic.

Husband and wife went for first ultrasound 

Both family went ✔️

*and make chaos too until the doctor have to do the "shut up clap" 



And Sunghoon as baby too... so funny!LZrpikG.gif



Aigoooooooooo :lol:


Episode 4 too dry for me... eagerly waiting for episode 5 next Monday.



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On 5/10/2022 at 8:55 PM, Ameera Ali said:

@partyon @sadthe1st , @africandramalover@TheQueenReturns@confusedheart , @hsmz @Lmangla@LeftCoastOppa what oppa and women have in common , the lack of sperm  &  wardrobe  :joy::sweat_smile::mrgreen:







He escaped LFMAD but didn't escape the storyline!! Freudian slip?? Subconscious leading him ??!!:flushed::joy:

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“Bloody Heart” Sets New Personal Best In Viewership Ratings + “Woori The Virgin” Also Sees Rise


The Monday-Tuesday dramas experienced boosts in viewership!


SBS’s “Woori the Virgin” garnered an average nationwide rating of 4.4 percent, also marking an increase in ratings from the previous night’s record of 3.5 percent.


“Bloody Heart” Sets New Personal Best In Viewership Ratings + “Woori The Virgin” Also Sees Rise | Soompi

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The Wednesday-Thursday dramas continue to battle for viewership!

According to Nielsen Korea, the May 23 broadcast of SBS’s “Woori the Virgin” garnered an average nationwide rating of 3.1 percent. This is a 1.3 percent decrease in ratings from the previous episode’s score of 4.4 percent.


“Bloody Heart” Continues At No. 1 In Ratings Despite Dips Across The Board | Soompi

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This drama is adapted from the American's version of Jane the Virgin, watch or read the whole story and you will find who Woori ends up with. Korean version is short, only 14 episodes versus USA 100 episodes with more complicated, messy in&out relationships.  Hope Korean version will finetune to make it simple & pleasant. 

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Am I the only one who feels that Kang Jae didn't deserve this and got the wrong end of the stick? Nothing justifies Woo Ri's stance. She is pretty immature, IMHO. She has no idea how to be in a relationship and rather hasty in her decisions. I am extremely disappointed with the way things are shaping. No one's perfect in this world and you can't hold Kang Jae's  one lie against him. Even if Woo Ri is trying to be a martyr by breaking up with him because she doesn't want to 'ruin' his life- is such a nonsense! It is like you have to get the leads together- though mind I am a Big fan of Sung Hoon, this just doesn't feel right.  


Anyway, off to watch the latest episode. Be back later to blow off some steam.  These writers are giving me anxiety bouts with their shenanigans.


P.S. Also the other sub-plots are giving me a headache. It is getting too repetitive, especially the one involving Mari , her very cunning mother and the very dubious Director Kim, aka Kim Bok Rae's father. 


 5 Steps to Help Avoid Anger – THE IKON.

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Took a clever story and KDrama-troped the 'ell out-of-it!  


The poorly-done slapstick and KDrama tropes, which apparently no writer or network can live without, gave us a washed-out version of something that could have been very interesting.

Think unwitting surrogate and bio-parents with major marital issues, toss-in some parental accusations, unconvinced boyfriend scenes, explaining the 'situation' to co-workers, and it could have been good. The South American version was really good.  The US version was watered-down, but still stood on it's own. 

This?  Not even Sung Hoon full-frontal nude could save this can of dog poo.

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Hong Ji Yoon Is Unable To Let Go Of Sung Hoon In “Woori The Virgin”

SBS’s “Woori the Virgin” has released new stills ahead of the next episode!

A remake of the hit American show “Jane the Virgin” (which was itself based on a Venezuelan telenovela), “Woori the Virgin” tells the story of a woman named Oh Woo Ri (played by Im Soo Hyang) who has been strictly maintaining her chastity before marriage but winds up pregnant after an accidental artificial insemination during a medical exam.



Previously, Lee Ma Ri (Hong Ji Yoon) stamped the divorce papers but kept hanging around Raphael’s (Sung Hoon’s) side after being promoted to the position of chairwoman of the Diamond Medical Foundation. She began to catch on to the change in Raphael and Oh Woo Ri’s relationship and grew jealous, beginning another scheme.

New stills show Lee Ma Ri in a hospital bed, presumably moments after waking up. By her side is Raphael, whom she looks at with longing. However, Raphael gazes down at her with a cold expression, leading to questions about his feelings for her.

When Raphael acts as if he is going to leave the room, she clings onto his coat sleeve in desperation, and viewers are left wondering what sort of conversation could have transpired between them.




The drama’s producers commented, “As Raphael and Oh Woo Ri’s relationship is undergoing a sudden change, the jealousy and desperation that Lee Ma Ri feels is rising to a peak. Lee Ma Ri did all sorts of deeds to win Raphael’s love, and she is unable to let go of him and ends up committing atrocities. Keep an eye out for how this will all play out.”

This episode of “Woori the Virgin” airs on June 6 at 10 p.m. KST.


Hong Ji Yoon Is Unable To Let Go Of Sung Hoon In “Woori The Virgin” | Soompi

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Favourite K-Dramas based on Web - Novels, Webtoons & Manhwa  

Vote NOW!  :piggydance:


Chingus, love them or hate them! You can’t ignore them. :coolshades:

K-Dramas inspired from manhwa, webtoons and web-novels are making a big splash in the entertainment industry. Vote for your favourite K-Dramas and let us know the ones you absolutely hated.





re:  Your friendly neighbourhood EO Team


@confusedheart @Sleepy Owl @agenth and @partyon

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