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Palette Ring 4th Generations

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hello all my rabbits, 

I am once again back at Palette Ring 4th generation, it’s been a year since the 3rd Generation was cancelled due to the pandemic, well lol I became I am unable to read Chinese texts from the PR, this “rabbit” missed the registry for the event lol. 


no worries, I arrived anyway and I’m having a ton of good times lol, to the event holders, I know there are a lot of fans arriving and I am so happy that your event is growing more and more stronger by the year and improving on the communication and your commitment is so strong, in so proud to know you as a friend and as a event supporter of your event for so many years! 


now as I’m wiring this I was updated that due to the event hall has extended the amount of fans that was allowed, there is a cancellation on the ticket lineup queues, so as I am waiting, I’m also eating lunch so there is a chance I will have to later add the event posters, so I’ll be back!! 
pic: 7PM ending time / event poster

I’ll be back~


event after feel: i had a wonderful time at the event, got a lot of goods i wanted lol, but to be reminded I somehow found cosplayers blocking the third floor by mistake? just be careful

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