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[Drama 2022] Doctor Lawyer, 닥터 로이어


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Here is the ratings for Episode 12! :).


After reaching a new all-time high the night before, MBC’s “Doctor Lawyer”—which airs in the same time slot as “Why Her?”—fell to an average nationwide rating of 6.1 percent for its latest episode.


“Why Her?” Returns To No. 1 In Time Slot As Other Dramas See Decline In Ratings | Soompi

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The viewership of this drama is yoyo-ing so much.   However, I am an ardent fan of this drama and So Ji Sub's acting is always appealing to me....so I will watch it until the end.   The drama is a reflection of how unfair the world is... and the hospital director is truly a scumbag!  :rage:

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Yeah I know eh, I am liking this, nod.


Here is the ratings for Episode 13! :).


Despite facing stiff competition from “Why Her?” (with which it shares a time slot), “Doctor Lawyer” rose to an average nationwide rating of 6.5 percent as it similarly headed into the final two weeks of its own run.


“Why Her?” Heads Into Final 2 Weeks Of Its Run On No. 1 Ratings | Soompi

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Every episode is so arresting....Jayden Lee is really a mystery.... Wonder why he wants to take down the director so much?  Guess will find out in tonight's episode.    At least, the evil director did not manage to get his way into becoming the minister of Health...otherwise it would be doomsday with his level of evilness!!   It must be so tough being a doctor and a lawyer at the same time.... the things Han Yihan has to do to get his revenge, a normal person cannot do that....he is like a super being.  Another interesting mystery is who took Seok-ju's heart??

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Here is the ratings for Episode 14! :).




“Why Her?” And “Alchemy Of Souls” Remain No. 1 As “Cleaning Up” And “Becoming Witch” Ratings Fall To All-Time Lows

“Doctor Lawyer,” which airs in the same time slot as “Why Her?”, dipped slightly to an average nationwide rating of 6.2 percent ahead of its own final week.


“Why Her?” And “Alchemy Of Souls” Remain No. 1 As “Cleaning Up” And “Becoming Witch” Ratings Fall To All-Time Lows | Soompi


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The revelation in the latest episode is very shocking and I still cannot understand why Jayden hates Director Gu Jingyi so much?    Yes, he is evil, murdering so MANY people but did he do Jayden any wrong I wonder?    it's kinda mind boggling.  The lady prosecutor's heart....another ticking time bomb.   Next episode is another 6 days away....more shocking truths are going to be revealed??   Let my heart prepare itself for the next 6 days....this drama is really a heart-jerking one.....need to find a Dr Han Yihan....

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In the 14th episode of MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'Doctor Lawyer' (played by Jang Hong-cheol, directed by Lee Yong-seok), which was broadcast on the 16th, Han Yi-han (So Ji-sub) broke the watershed for revenge against Goo Jin-ki (Lee Kyung-young) and disappeared five years ago in earnest. It was depicted looking for a heart.




Jayden Lee (Shin Seong-rok), who was hiding a lot in the broadcast that day, took off the veil one by one and gave a shock to the small screen.

At the end of episode 14, the curiosity was raised whether Jayden Lee had the heart of Geum Seok-young's younger brother. The episode aired on this day recorded a nationwide rating of 6.2% and the highest rating of 7.5% per minute. 'Doctor Royer' airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 PM.



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Doctor Lawyer Episode 14 Recap and Review: Who Got Seok-ju’s Heart?

July 16, 2022

Doctor Lawyer (닥터 로이어) is a Korean law-drama TV series directed by Lee Yong-seok and stars So Ji-sub, Lim Soo-hyang and Shin Sung-rok, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and takes over MBC’s Friday-Saturday 10 PM KST timeslot previously occupied by TomorrowDoctor Lawyer episode 14 has a runtime of 62 minutes.


Things get messy after the shocking video surfaces in Doctor Lawyer episode 14, and we jump a day before the hearing to find Do-hyung at New Hope being questioned by Yi-han and Jayden. It turns out that Yi-han was behind the planning and plotting to get Jin-gi to believe Do-hyung but they probably never imagined that their knight would get stabbed to death by their common rival.

Outside, Jayden talks to Do-hyung and asks him whether he wants to get the 10 billion won that he was promised and mentions that he is ok with betraying his own people in order to execute the perfect plan. 




At Banseok, Do-hyung has a lot of thinking to do – which is obvious because his freedom and 10 billion are at stake. Just then, he gets a call from Do-hyung to abduct Jung-hyun and Yoon-jung and then meet him at the car park afterwards. Ready with the recording device, he is happy with how things worked out for him, but Yi-han asks him not to go overboard, but we know how it all turned out in the end.

It’s funny how Jin-gi only thinks about how everyone is annoying him instead of maybe batting an eye about stabbing a man in the neck.

Anyway, Jayden promises to report Suzie for costing them several million dollars for her useless meddling and Seok-yeong arrests Jin-gi from the hearing. Yi-han and Seok-yeong look at each other with relief as Jin-gi is taken away and inside the police vehicle, he tells Mi-seon that they are on their own from now on.


On the other hand, Jayden admonishes Michael but agrees to give him a chance if he can bring in 50 billion won in 3 days, or he’s fired. Michael is annoyed, and Jayden calls Tae-moon to offer his support. However, surprisingly, Tae-moon cuts the conversation short, confusing Yu-na as well.


Meanwhile, Yi-han mulls over the conversation between Do-hyung and Jin-gi and finds something strange – a pen on Do-hyeong that seems out of place. Yi-han wonders what’s the deal with the fountain pen and who could’ve given it to Do-hyeong – is this why he was stabbed in the end? Would he have survived had it not been for the pen?

Jin-gi, in the meantime, is getting counsel from Eun-sil, who wants to do whatever is necessary to save Jin-gi. However, he reminds her to save Banseok; that’s her primary duty. He agrees to go down with all the negativity surrounding the hospital so that it comes out without any scratches in the end.

Yi-han discusses the secret camera with Seok-yeong as well, who mentions that it must be in lieu of something irresistible for which Do-hyung risked his life, leaving Yi-han to wonder what is going on. As Seok-yeong goes off to interrogate Mi-seon, Yi-han asks her to investigate whether she has taken any drugs lately. 


As the interrogation starts, both Mi-seon and Guk-kwang realise that they are in it deep, and once they all get together, the insults start being thrown around – it’s actually great to watch them fight like children. Kang-ho, on the other hand, resigns from his post.


Later, Yi-han and Seok-yeong commit to finding out the answers to their individual questions – Yi-han goes for the person who bribed Do-hyeong to take the camera pen, and Seok-yeong goes after Jin-gi to figure out who took Seok-ju’s heart. 

That night, Jayden meets Yi-han at the law office, and the latter straight away asks him whether he gave Do-hyung the fountain pen. Jayden accepts the blame but doesn’t seem remorseful in any way; if anything, he looks amused at Yi-han’s annoyance and confusion. 

He asks Jayden why he’s so obsessed with Jin-gi, Banseok and taking revenge, and the latter asks him to find out on his own. Yi-han promises to do so – putting an end to a bromance that died too early.

Meanwhile, Jin-gi accepts all the blame for everything that happened in Banseok, annoying Seok-yeong who only wants to know what happened to her brother’s heart. However, that’s an answer Jin-gi refuses to divulge and sticks to his guns that Seok-ju due to medical malpractice. As if fate likes laughing at people’s misery, Seok-yeong gets breathless in front of Jin-gi, who tells her that she also has her brother’s hereditary disease and should avoid overexerting herself since things will only deteriorate. 


On the other hand, Jin-gi calls Tae-moon to protect Banseok from Honours Hand and keep the company away from Jayden. Tae-moon promises to do so, much to Yu-na’s concern. 



At the general shareholders meeting, Jayden proposes to take over Banseok University Medical Center and Banseokwon and convert them into a for-profit hospital, sending shockwaves across the shareholders. He further proposes to get rid of the cardiothoracic surgery department, which sends Hyun-seong into a fit of rage.

The proposal that he brings to the shareholders seems too good to be true and for most, there’s no other option – the stocks simply won’t hold any value soon. It’s a horrible situation for the hospital, and Jayden shows no signs of slowing down. Meanwhile, Yi-han proposes to meet with Michael because it is imperative that they get to know why Jayden wants revenge that badly.

In the middle of a press conference, Tae-moon’s Alzheimer’s is triggered, leaving the press in a frenzy and in Yu-na telling Jayden the truth – that she has been swapping her father’s medication with health supplements so that he is unable to run for president. The news reaches Jin-gi, who tells Eun-sil to contact Jayden and tell him to meet him.


more https://www.leisurebyte.com/doctor-lawyer-episode-14-recap-and-review/


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Doctor Lawyer: Episodes 13-14

by solstices



Our hero and his allies begin to conquer the chessboard, one move at a time. The time is up for their enemies, whose underhanded dealings are now spelling their own downfall. Still, there are more secrets lurking in the dark, and some revelations will shake our hero to his very core.






It looks like the gang attack is the work of Guk-gwang, who sneers at Yi-han and yanks the oxygen mask off Yoon-seok. All seems lost, until a car pulls up — omg, it’s Jayden and his aide!

Guk-gwang pulls a gun on them, but it doesn’t faze Jayden, who gets into his car and accelerates straight towards Guk-gwang. A bullet lodges itself in his windshield, but Jayden’s crazed grin simply grows wider.

His car doesn’t hit Guk-gwang, but his roundhouse kick does make quick work of the thug, and Yoon-seok gets taken to the hospital in an ambulance.


Yi-han and Seok-young appeal to Assemblyman Im, asking to be put on the list of witnesses for Chairman Gu’s hearing (for the position of Minister of Health and Welfare). Still under Chairman Gu’s thumb, Assemblyman Im refuses, but they persuade him — they’re working to expose Assemblywoman Yoon’s illegal deeds, which would ensure Assemblyman Im’s presidential candidacy.

Thanks to Soo-hee, the planned assault by Guk-gwang makes it onto the news, raising questions about Assemblywoman Yoon’s involvement. Detained in custody, Guk-gwang asks to make a call to prosecutor Kang-ho, but his call goes unanswered.


There’s just one day left till Chairman Gu’s hearing, and Jayden instructs his aide to sell off their Banseok stocks while the prices are still high; he’ll reclaim them all once the hearing goes awry and the prices drop. As usual, it’s high risk and high reward with Jayden, huh?

Of course, Jayden’s confidence isn’t conjured up from thin air. Yi-han plans to reveal Ki-tae’s recording during the hearing, so as to expose how Chairman Gu instigated Ki-tae into committing perjury. Seok-young will then indict him publicly at the hearing.

Jayden is surprised that Yi-han’s sharing his plans so openly for the first time, and Yi-han admits that he didn’t trust him before. After all of Jayden’s unwavering support and help, though, he’s inclined to believe him.


Do-hyung seeks out Yi-han, imploring him to represent him as his lawyer; it seems Banseok intends to cut him off and have him take the fall for its crimes. He reveals that the removal of Seok-joo’s heart was wholly Chairman Gu’s doing — though Do-hyung did assist in the cover-up, of course.

Yi-han agrees to represent Do-hyung, though on one condition. We don’t hear what it is, though, and Do-hyung reports back to Chairman Gu that Yoon-seok is brain dead. (I suppose he’s going to walk into the hearing tomorrow, healthy and well?)


The three medical staff who participated in the cover-up of Seok-joo’s death — Do-hyung, Jung-hyun, and medical examiner YOON-JUNG (Kim Yoon-seo) — meet up. The ladies are determined to reveal Chairman Gu’s crimes at the hearing, even if it means implicating themselves.

Do-hyung takes this in, and then he makes a call. The Banseok security team enters the room, trapping the ladies inside for the duration of the hearing; turns out Do-hyung’s been lured by the promise of a directorial position at Banseok.

In the carpark, Do-hyung thanks Chairman Gu for his generosity, and Chairman Gu is smug as always — too smug, in fact, to notice the black box camera that’s recording their meeting.


The hearing begins, and Jayden orders the short selling of their stocks to commence — but he’s stopped by SUSIE YOON (Park Mi-sook), chief director of Honours Hand. She’s determined that the move is too risky, and she refuses to let him gamble with their stocks.

Yi-han reveals Ki-tae’s recording at the hearing, accusing Chairman Gu of murdering Ki-tae once he’d outlived his purpose. Chairman Gu denies it all, of course, and then a video goes viral on the internet.

It’s the black box recording, in which Chairman Gu accosts Do-hyung and stabs him in the neck. Ohmygod. Banseok’s stock prices plummet, and Jayden grins in satisfaction.


We find out that Jayden had offered Do-hyung a large sum of money to backstab Chairman Gu, handing him a fountain pen with a hidden camera. In the carpark, Do-hyung attempted to nudge Chairman Gu into talking about Seok-joo’s case and revealing his crimes, but Chairman Gu noticed the fountain pen recorder in Do-hyung’s pocket.

Incensed, he’d stabbed Do-hyung on impulse, then ordered his aide to cover up the bloody scene — completely unaware everything was filmed by the black box camera.

Meanwhile, Assemblywoman Yoon feeds honeyed lies to the reporters, denying her involvement in illegal activity and pinning all blame on Yoon-seok. Of course, that’s exactly when Seok-young shows up with Yoon-seok in tow.

Yoon-seok had kept a ledger of Assemblywoman Yoon’s illegal political funds over the years, and Seok-young brandishes it for all to see. The name at the very top of the list is Chairman Gu.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2022/07/doctor-lawyer-episodes-13-14/

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I seriously could not wait to find out more about Jayden and watched the drama last night....but I still have not figured out what precious thing he lost to wanna seek this revenge so badly.....:crazymad:


So I am chasing the drama tonight again.....  Such a cliffhanger....for 2 episodes...:cries3:


Gosh....this Gu Jingi is just totally SHAMELESS as a person.....Unbelievable!!  :fear:


And I really admire this Han Yihan for his relentless and undying willpower to use legal means to deal with this Gu Jingi  human trash.:smashes:

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Here are the ratings for Episode 15! :).



Meanwhile, “Doctor Lawyer” is heading into its own series finale on a rise in viewership. The drama, which airs in the same time slot as “Why Her?”, climbed to an average nationwide rating of 7.1 percent for its own penultimate episode last night.


Are you ready to say goodbye to “Why Her?” and “Doctor Lawyer”?


“Why Her?” Heads Into Finale On No. 1 Ratings | Soompi

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Doctor Lawyer Episode 15 Recap and Review: Scorched Earth

July 22, 2022
Doctor Lawyer (닥터 로이어) is a Korean law-drama TV series directed by Lee Yong-seok and stars So Ji-sub, Lim Soo-hyang and Shin Sung-rok, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and takes over MBC’s Friday-Saturday 10 PM KST timeslot previously occupied by TomorrowDoctor Lawyer episode 15 has a runtime of 61 minutes.

Doctor Lawyer episode 15 opens with the shocking ending from the last episode – Yi-han tearing Jayden’s shirt open with a lot of passion. The passion is understandable, he apparently did steal Seok-ju’s heart. As everyone around Jayden is left speechless, he asks Yi-han whether he has any proof to substantiate his wild claims. The doctor/lawyer tells him that he’s given the topic much thought, and he’s the only one who’d be important enough for Jin-gi to murder someone to get their heart.

Yi-han’s logic, however, is pretty air-tight, and the circumstantial evidence that he has is somewhat irrefutable. Jayden isn’t able to fight against the logic and Yi-han asks him to beg for forgiveness from the person whose close one lost their life for him. Unfortunately, Jayden refuses to give in to the claims and asks them to find the proof and take him to court if they are so sure.


Seok-yeong promises to do just that, after which Jayden asks all of them to leave. Later, the sly investor is taken aback when he realises that Yu-na was simply testing him regarding his trust in her and his motives. Meanwhile, Hyun-seong feels some type of way regarding Jayden and Yu-na insulting him in the worst way.

On the other hand, Yi-han and Seok-yeong ask Michael about Jayden’s relationship with Jin-gi. Michael elaborates on whatever he knows about the deal that happened 5 years ago, and some sketchy discussions between Jin-gi and Jayden but cannot say much more. Regardless, Yi-han asks Seok-yeong to look into Jayden’s accident, unaware of the physical toll she’s constantly going through, thanks to that genetic disease.


Yi-han, similarly, looks into Jin-gi’s aide Hyun-gu who is absolutely nowhere to be found. He holds the key to several questions that Yi-han currently has and cannot come to a conclusion regarding, but it seems like finding him is not going to be easy. Meanwhile, Jin-gi tells Eun-pyo of a way to contact Hyun-gu to give him a special message.




Jayden goes to meet Jin-gi, who promises to keep his mouth shut about the former’s heart if he does something for him – he asks Jayden to take the R&D Centre and stay away from Banseok. He lists several problems he will face if he tries to make something like Banseok into a for-profit organisation in order to dissuade him from taking everything from him.

As the two threaten each other, Hyun-gu kills Jung-hyun and Jun-hwan in order to tie up loose ends. As Yi-han tries but fails to reach Jung-hyun, Jayden reveals why he wants revenge against Jin-gi. 5 years ago, Jayden wanted to push his surgery back in order to meet someone important. Jin-gi, fearing his money bank going away, apparently induced a heart attack and caused Jayden’s accident in order to make him have the heart transplant, resulting in Seok-ju’s death.


Jayden seems absolutely disgusted with Jin-gi’s behaviour, it doesn’t seem like he’s enjoying the way he was given another chance at life and thus, promises to take away everything that Jin-gi holds dear to give him the most pain. Meanwhile, Yi-han and Seok-yeong break into Jung-hyun’s place to find Jun-hwan unconscious and Jung-hyun missing. The two immediately get into action and try to solve a mystery which hardly has any evidence.


However, things start to pick up for Eun-sil and Jin-gi. First, she asks Hyun-gu to turn himself in after getting rid of Jung-hyun with the clear intention of framing Hyun-gu so that Jin-gi can go free and second, she finds out that Da-rom has been sneaking around in Banseok to obtain critical information. The latter seems to amuse her thoroughly as she realises who this is.

As we move on to Jin-gi’s preliminary trials, Jin-gi claims innocence, and the two fronts start presenting evidence. As Eun-sil calls Da-rom to the stand, Seok-yeong is taken aback, and the defendant’s camp looks giddy at the turn of events. That night, a confused Yi-han and his associates decide to find Hyun-gu and Jung-hyun in order to win the trial. However, Yi-han thinks of another person who can help them win the case.


Yi-han meets Yoon-jung and asks her to testify in court if she has any conscience left – it’s time for her to reveal the truth. The next day, Yi-han goes to meet Jin-gi but the latter refuses to meet him, confusing Jin-gi. He then does the next best thing – goes to Jin-gi’s home to meet his son and wife. He promises to help them save Banseok but in return, asks Jung-ok what she will do if her husband turns out to be a murderer.

She doesn’t look like she will enjoy that news very much.

As Susie Yoon comes to meet Yi-han in Korea, Jayden lets Yoon-tae and Jung-tae know that they are not going to be chairman since they are both incompetent and greedy – shocking them both.




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That was an incredibly satisfying ending! Thank you, writer-him and all the production and acting staff! Well done, and justice prevailed. In a world that is currently very stressful, this ending was good for (my) mental health. :fullofhearts::issohappy:

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  • ferily changed the title to [Drama 2022] Doctor Lawyer, 닥터 로이어

Here is the ratings for the last Episode (EP 16)! :).


MBC’s “Doctor Lawyer,” which airs in the same time slot as “Why Her?” and also came to an end last night, earned an average nationwide rating of 7.0 percent for its own series finale.


“Why Her?” Ends On Its Highest Ratings Yet As “Alchemy Of Souls” Drops To All-Time Low | Soompi

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:getmygrooveon:Finally the drama ended on a great note!    Jayden's revenge was a surprising revelation.  He really has a mind of his own until the end, a man of his own principles.  The drama was on such high tension all this time while watching it so when it ended, it was such a big sigh of relief! :sipsboba:     All's well, ends well....   Kudos to So Ji Sub, Shin Sung-rok and the cast.  Good drama!

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I was being misled thinking Lim Taehoon was the heart recipient.

Did not least expect to be Jayden. 

However, justice being prevailed & the ending was good.




4 hours ago, K-dramafan22 said:

Finally the drama ended on a great note!    Jayden's revenge was a surprising revelation.  He really has a mind of his own until the end, a man of his own principles.  The drama was on such high tension all this time while watching it so when it ended, it was such a big sigh of relief!      All's well, ends well....   Kudos to So Ji Sub, Shin Sung-rok and the cast.  Good drama!


I wasn't a fan of Shin Sung-Rok, however Doctor Lawyer makes me wanna watch more of his dramas.



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Doctor Lawyer: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

by solstices



The truth finally comes to light, and our protagonists put up their final fight to bring evil to justice. Between predictable reveals and neat conclusions, there’s one last secret to shake things up — can our hero hold steadfast through it all while balancing his dual identities?






Yi-han corners Jayden, accusing him of being the VIP patient he unknowingly transplanted Seok-joo’s heart into. Jayden isn’t intimidated one bit, and he challenges Yi-han to prove his assertions.

As such, Yi-han and Seok-young meet with Michael, who tells them that Jayden and Chairman Gu often held private meetings — in other words, they may have worked out a deal under the table.


Jayden pays Chairman Gu a visit in prison, where the old man is as smug as ever. He offers to keep mum about Jayden’s heart originally belonging to Seok-joo — well, I guess there’s our confirmation — but only if Jayden gives up on acquiring Banseok Hospital.

Jayden isn’t satisfied with only the Banseok R&D Center, but Chairman Gu threatens that he’ll expose the truth and have Banseok go up in flames. He’d rather destroy it all than let Jayden steal Banseok from under his nose.

Contrary to expectations, though, Jayden laughs in his face — he knows Chairman Gu values his family. If Chairman Gu’s dirty crimes are revealed, won’t his dear Hyun-sung be oh-so-disappointed in the father he looks up to?


Of course, a flashback reveals that there’s more to the night of the surgery than we were initially privy to. The day of his surgery, Jayden suddenly requests to postpone it to the following day, since there’s someone he needs to meet urgently.

Crafty as always, Chairman Gu allows for the delay, prescribing Jayden a counter-agent to mitigate the effects of the pre-surgery medicine he’d taken. However, the medicine had induced a heart attack instead, causing Jayden’s accident and leading to the illicit surgery at Banseokwon.


Yi-han and Seok-young plan a meeting with Jung-hyun, but she doesn’t show up. Worried, they visit her house to find her son collapsed on the floor — Chairman Gu had ordered his aide CHUN HYUN-GU (Lee Gyu-bok) to kidnap Jung-hyun.

He’s about to escape overseas, but a phone call from Eun-shil stops him short. She instructs him to take care of Jung-hyun and turn himself in, since Chairman Gu has admitted to his charges in order to save Banseok. She reassures Hyun-gu that his sentence will be light. (Yeah, I can smell the manipulation from a mile away.)


Of course, Chairman Gu switches tack and denies all the charges, claiming to have been put under unfair duress previously. He pins the blame for all his crimes on Hyun-gu, feigning total ignorance.

Right then, a phone rings — it’s Eun-shil’s. Or more specifically, it’s the burner phone that Chairman Gu gave her to contact Hyun-gu with. Realizing the phone is crucial evidence, Seok-young snatches it out of her hands and answers the call for the whole courtroom to hear.

It’s Hyun-gu on the other end of the line, but he’s a lot closer than we think — turns out he’s sitting in that very courtroom, to everyone’s shock. But how did he get there?


To answer that question, we rewind back. Jung-hyun’s disappearance may have posed a setback to the team, but Yi-han doesn’t let that faze him. He confronts a guilt-ridden Yoon-jung about the autopsy report she fabricated for Seok-joo’s death, which is exactly the push she needed to do the right thing.

Together with Seok-young, they reveal the full extent of Chairman Gu’s crimes to his wife. Urging her to protect Banseok, Yi-han entreats her (and Hyun-sung) to track down Hyun-gu’s whereabouts before Chairman Gu can get to him.

Thankfully, Hyun-sung comes through for them; he’s found out that Hyun-gu will be meeting the Banseok security team to hand over the burner phone. Of course, Hyun-gu finds himself surrounded by them instead, and he makes a desperate run for it — right as Yi-han pulls up in front of him to save him.


That’s how both Hyun-gu and Jung-hyun safely make it to court, to the dismay of Chairman Gu. Hyun-gu testifies that the phone contains recordings of Chairman Gu ordering him to instigate or commit murder, and then Jung-hyun takes the stand to reveal the truth of Seok-joo’s surgery. Using her son as leverage, Chairman Gu had coerced Jung-hyun into assisting him.

Chairman Gu finally confesses to removing Seok-joo’s heart with his own two hands, and destroying Seok-joo’s ECMO the next morning so that he’d lose his life. Grief twists its claws into Seok-young — and then she’s clutching at her heart, gasping in pain as her heart condition acts up.

Seok-young is rushed to the hospital, and her untimely collapse causes the trial to be suspended until the next hearing.



more https://www.dramabeans.com/2022/07/doctor-lawyer-episodes-15-16-final/

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