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[variety] New* X-man

Guest VitaDolce*

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Guest theLEGEND

New thread yay!! I can't wait to watch the next episode! BRIAN!! The other thread isn't closing is it?

The thread will still be opened for those who still want to download OLD X-Man.. xD

thanks for opening a New X-Man thread.. can't wait to watch this coming episode ^^

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New thread :) Thanks Heaven_09

At the start, whichever position MC Yoo is in, for example if he comes in 5th, then KHD team

will have only 4 members including KHD himself. So the higher it is, the better it is for Lee team who will have more members and vice versa

Hmmm...so if MC Yoo is higher on the list then Lee team has the advantage? But doesn't that mean if he has more people on his team then there's a greater possibility that the xman is there somewhere? So he is at disadvantage since he needs to eliminate more people? mUch confused lolz

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Guest lost_kim

They got so many hot guys for this week!! Hurray for the new x-man thread... thanks Heaven_09...

I like this week's question... and I agree, kim hyun joong looks like he'll be the xman, but since it's other celebrities voting, one never knows... I just hope they introduce more games... just feel like they need more activities... :P

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the new Xman is getting better, or maybe i'm just getting used to it. i'm looking forward to ep 3,

i think the xman for "i wish i had this person's look" will either be Stephanie, Brian or Seok Jin...well atleast i n my opinion :D

--and the new thread looks good...nice job--

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Guest makemyday

nice new thread :)

haha all i did was translate the tiny sentence for next week's topic

and i got credits.

ahha thanks :)

anyways, this topic is kind of weird because

how can you really determine who is the hottest when there are boys AND girls?

its just weird to me.

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Guest dreamofgoose

"i wish i had this person's looks!!”

Well, I'm not sure the question will be fair to all the stars since some of them are guys and others girls, so the male celebrities will probably vote for the guys and the female celebrities will vote for the girls.

Still think Park Myung Soo will end up last though :D

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