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[variety] New* X-man

Guest VitaDolce*

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Guest yhanphan

Can anyone pls reupload 070121 Episode12, X-Man #10
in HQ ver (~700MB) if you have it?
I saw the link in first page.
Hope that someone has it downloaded before mu been shut down
I have been looking in every korean sites I know
but even their torrent don't have this ep in AVI version.
Thanks a lot!

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Guest wafflestrawberry

can anyone help to post the new x-man eps from 1-23 with sub if its possible because i couldnt find the complete episodes anywhere..please i really wanna see the new x-man after i watched the old one..

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Guest sgkwave

i was searching for xman eng sub and i found here. so sad the links no longer work since it's too old. does anyone still have other source to watch in sub?

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