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[Drama 2022] Through The Darkness /Those Who Read Hearts of Evil, 악의 마음을 읽는 자들


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[2022 Year in Review] Editors’ Picks

by DB Staff

One of our favorite features at Dramabeans is our annual Editors’ Picks, which is the product of much voting, deep internal debate, hand-wringing – and of course, fangirling.


For some categories, the winner was abundantly clear. For others, it was a really close call. And for others yet, it was an unbreakable tie. So, rather than break any hearts while trying to break said tie, you’ll see we have two winners in the Best Romance category this year. Enjoy the post, and may 2023 be good to us all!


2022 Editors’ Picks




Kim Nam-gil (Through the Darkness)

solstices: It’s no secret that Kim Nam-gil is a phenomenal actor, but he’s outdone himself with the role of Ha-young in Through the Darkness. In his capable hands, Ha-young truly embodied the title of the show, grappling with his sense of humanity in the face of the worst that other humans had to offer. Through his expressive gaze and subtle mannerisms, Kim Nam-gil’s nuanced portrayal grounded the show with a compelling emotional center. His despair was heart-wrenching, but never overwrought; he was intelligent, but not simply because he was a genius. Instead, we saw firsthand the tenacity and mental fortitude that got Ha-young this far — and how that eventually built up into too much pressure on his weary shoulders, because he’s ultimately just human.

There was so much depth to Kim Nam-gil’s insightful interpretation of Ha-young, giving us a multifaceted and realistic protagonist. It isn’t easy to have chemistry with a co-star, let alone a whole ensemble cast, but Kim Nam-gil managed that and more. Over the course of the show, the emotional toll of Ha-young’s job grew apparent through the gradual shift in his demeanor and tone of voice. As Ha-young faltered, our hearts lurched with him, and his sincerity had us rooting for him as he slowly learned to find the light at the end of the tunnel. There’s a reason Kim Nam-gil has been my unrivaled favorite actor for over a decade now, and this role definitely reaffirmed my admiration of his acting prowess.




Through the Darkness

DaebakGrits: Through the Darkness is a slightly unconventional K-drama thriller — in the sense that its suspense is not gleaned from an external conflict with a singular villain playing cat-and-mouse games with our heroes. Instead, the story is a fictionalized account of the South Korean police force’s experimental implementation of the profiling techniques used by the FBI to help capture the perpetrators of serial murders. While each couple of episodes does offer up a new case and a “bad guy” for Ha-young and his team to hunt down, the suspense is derived primarily from the profiling process, which was still novel and undervalued in the 1990s and early 2000s. There’s an acute curiosity that builds while watching the characters learn and apply the new techniques, and the tension increases whenever Ha-young makes observations or gains an insight that brings him closer to catching a serial killer. It’s a very subtle and understated form of suspense, but it’s very effective at keeping the audience engaged and feeling as though they are part of the detective process.





I expect Kim Nam Gil to be nomitated for Daesang at SBS Drama Awards and I hope he wins. :)


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Kim Nam-gil x Jin Seon-kyu's 'The Heart of Evil' won the Best Picture Award at the Asian Television Awards





The SBS TV drama 'Those Who Read Evil' starring Kim Nam-gil won the Best Picture Award in the Best Drama Series category at the 27th Asian Television Awards (ATA).


This drama tells the story of Song Ha-young (Kim Nam-gil), Korea's first profiler who looks into the mind of a serial killer. It is based on the novel of the same name written by Korea's first profiler Kwon Il-yong and writer Go Na-mu based on a true story. It aired from January to March this year and recorded the highest viewership rating of 8.3% (based on Nielsen Korea nationwide).

Han Jeong-hwan, CEO of Studio S, said, “I am proud of both the staff and actors who made this work. CP Lee Seul-gi chose the original work, and PD Park Bo-ram made a good work as a newcomer. I want to give glory to both of them.” PD Park said, “I applaud Kim Nam-gil and Jin Seon-gyu for their acting and efforts. It would not have been possible to complete it without the help of profiler Kwon Il-yong,” he said. CP Lee said, “Dedicated to those who lost loved ones in a terrible accident.”




Actor Jin Seon-gyu is drawing a heart to see at the '2022 SBS Drama Awards' held at SBS Prism Tower in Sangam-dong, Seoul on the afternoon of the 31st.





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The male rookie award went to Bae In-hyeok of “Why Oh Soo-jae?” “Cheer Up” Kim Hyun-jin of “Cheer Up” and Ryeo-woon of “Those Who Read the Evil Mind”. Bae In-hyuk, who came on stage, said, "I thought I lived a busy and hard life in 2022, but I am happy to receive a good award on the day of the end of the year." He then revealed that he learned and grew a lot through 'Why Oh Soo-jae?'. He thanked those who worked together in 'Cheer Up' and said, "I will become an actor who works harder."


Ryeo Woon expressed his gratitude to the production team and actors of 'Those Who Read the Evil Mind'. She also raised expectations for her future work, saying, "I'm filming a drama called 'Flower Scholar's Passionate.' Ryeowoon played Jeong Woo-joo, a statistical analyst who is a member of the Criminal Behavior Analysis Team in 'Those Who Read the Evil Mind'. He showed off Jung Woo-joo's passion and showed off his strong presence by portraying the character's growth.



<2022 SBS Drama Awards> #Rookie Award



2022 SBS Drama Awards> #Rookie Award #Gong Seong-Ha #Those who read the hearts of evil #throughthedarkness




Jin Seon-gyu and Gong Seung-yeon were honored with the Best Acting Award in the Miniseries Genre/Fantasy category at the '2022 SBS Drama Awards' held on December 31st.





Jin Seon-kyu said, "I came without knowing anything. I didn't even know what kind of candidate I was nominated for. I was thinking 'I was happy at that time' while watching the videos of the candidates. I made it after thinking, thinking, and trying hard on how to heal the people involved. Thank you so much for giving me the award. There were a lot of things I was thankful for this year, but I got sick a little bit from December. I caught a cold and type A flu. It took me a lot and it hurt a lot. I feel depressed, but I think this award will be a good medicine. I will try to make a lot of dramas that can heal and recover many viewers."



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[Grand Prize] Kim Nam-gil, who reads the heart of evil, wins the grand prize! “I think acting should be humble.”








2022 SBS Drama Awards] 'Evil Mind' Kim Nam-gil, Grand Prize... 3 years after 'The Fiery Priest'




The grand prize candidates for the '2022 SBS Drama Awards' include Kim Nam-gil of 'Those Who Read the Evil Mind', Lee Joon-gi of 'Again My Life', Seo Hyun-jin of 'Why Oh Soo-jae?', Namgoong-min of 'Thousand Won Lawyer', and 'Police Station Next to the Fire Station'. Rae-Won Kim of <P> was named, and Nam-Gil Kim was named the Grand Prize winner. With this, Kim Nam-gil won the second grand prize trophy three years after 'The Fiery Priest' in 2019.


Kim Nam-gil, who took the stage to win the grand prize at the 2022 SBS Drama Awards on this day, said, “Actually, our drama aired at the beginning of the year, so I really didn’t expect it at all. As Namgoong-min said, when we looked only at the results, we hesitated a lot because the material for our drama was difficult and the popular part was lacking. Thank you to the viewers and fans who have loved and watched until the end without forgetting ‘Those Who Read the Heart of Evil’.”


Next, Kim Nam-gil said, “There were a lot of people who were especially grateful for this drama. Of course, I hesitated a lot, but like director Park Bo-ra said, 'Let's think only of the victims and their families'. The actors here were of course the best, and with the help of the staff and actors, I tried to make a good result.”


In addition, Kim Nam-gil said, “I am grateful to the director and writer who allowed me to worry about essential things, and writing is so good that I can’t remember the original work even though there is an original work.” I think it was because there were actors who played vicious criminals. It's not easy to play a villain. Of course, it is a role that can be shown well in terms of acting, but playing a felon is a tough choice without thinking about arbitrary things, but I am grateful for choosing it without hesitation and giving the best performance in the name of an actor. Looking at them in Hyeonjaeng, I felt that ‘Acting isn’t about being famous, there are a lot of really good actors in our country’.”


Lastly, Kim Nam-gil added, "I dedicate this award to the police officers who worked tirelessly day and night for our lives and safety, and to all the profilers across the country who always try to read the hearts of evil behind the scenes."



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Winners Of The 2022 SBS Drama Awards


Dec 31, 2022
by D. Kim

SBS has awarded its top dramas and actors of the year!

On December 31, the annual SBS Drama Awards was held to celebrate dramas that decorated the network in 2022.

The Daesang (Grand Prize) went to Kim Nam Gil for his performance in “Through the Darkness.” This marks the actor’s second Daesang after winning the award for “The Fiery Priest” at the 2019 SBS Drama Awards.


Daesang (Grand Prize): Kim Nam Gil (“Through the Darkness”)

Excellence Award (Genre or Fantasy Miniseries): Jin Sun Kyu (“Through the Darkness”), Gong Seung Yeon (“The First Responders”)

Best New Actor: Bae In Hyuk (“Why Her?,” “Cheer Up”), Kim Hyun Jin (“Cheer Up”), Ryeo Woon (“Through the Darkness”), Jang Gyuri (“Cheer Up”), Lee Eun Saem (“Cheer Up”), Gong Sung Ha (“Through the Darkness”)



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[2022 Year in Review] Guilty as charged

by solstices

In a year inundated with legal dramas, I’m actually surprised I didn’t watch that many despite my interest in criminal law. Perhaps that can be attributed to how many of these dramas simply use the courtroom as a tried-and-true (but decidedly trite) method of engineering conflict, or maybe it’s simply the oversaturation of lawyers that dulled their appeal. Or perhaps it’s because this was the year I finally got around to playing The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, which was such a profoundly phenomenal blend of investigating and lawyering that it put many dramaland offerings to shame. (If you want an intricate mystery with lovable characters, quirky humor, and a thought-provoking emotional core, this game’s for you.)

Still, if I were to sum up my drama-watching year of 2022, a courtroom analogy seems like the most fitting way to do it. Juggling university and writing for Dramabeans meant that I often had precious little free time, pushing me to be a lot more critical of the media I consume (and a lot more ruthless in dropping shows that just weren’t satisfying). Just like a prosecutor picking apart deceitful alibis, I found myself poking holes into lackluster plots. One-dimensional characters could barely hold my interest for long, and I was quick to tire of subpar acting.


Yet on the other hand, I couldn’t help but defend certain dramas for their merits, too. Perhaps it’s my inclination to view things with a charitable lens, or perhaps it’s simply my fondness for K-dramas as a storytelling medium that propels me to give them the benefit of the doubt. Either way, I found that many dramas lingered in my mind for their memorable highs rather than the low points where they faltered.

And so, without further ado — the game is afoot! What reprehensible crimes have this year’s K-dramas committed, and do they deserve to be condemned to the gallows? Time for the verdicts, served up with a side of my favorite quotes from The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles


Through the Darkness

Crime: Usurping the spot of my #1 favorite drama

The exceptional Kim Nam-gil? Check. A tightly plotted, intricate story that’s as much a thrilling mystery as it is a complex contemplation of humanity? Check. A compelling ensemble cast, ranging from competent detectives to bone-chilling criminals? Check. What more could a crime mystery aficionado such as myself possibly ask for? Through the Darkness was starkly realistic in its grim depictions of heinous murders, yet also empowering in how it gave victims and their bereaved families a voice. It was a sensitive exploration of trauma, and an insightful look into the inevitable emotional toll that comes with a career in crime. This is probably my tenth love letter to the drama by now, but I’ll never stop waxing poetic about how astounding this drama was.

Verdict: 100% guilty — and I’m happy for it!

TGAAC quote: “I’ve always known there are demons that live inside people. And now I know there is one in me. The fact that it very nearly consumed me is something I’ll carry with me until the end of my days… while I devote my life to fighting those whose demons have got the better of them.”



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"Through the Darkness" is certainly one of the top dramas of 2022 and the 4 awards won at the SBS Drama Awards 2022 certainly are testaments to that!


Kim Nam Gil won the Daesang (Grand Prize) for his stellar performance as Song Ha Young.

Jin Seon Kyu won the Excellence Award - Actor in Genre/Fantasy Miniseries, which adds to his victory at the APAN Star Awards 2022.

Ryeo Woon & Gong Sung Ha won the Best New Actor & Actress, respectively!


Congratulations to all the winners!



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Soompi Forum Awards: Poll #3 - The Most Memorable Characters, The Worst Drama Endings, The Most 'Too Stupid to Live' (TSTL) Characters of 2022.





Dear Chingus, Vote for the Most Memorable Characters, The Worst Drama Endings, The Most 'Too Stupid to Live' (TSTL) Characters of 2022!




re: Your  friendly, neighbourhood EO Team: 


@confusedheart @partyon @agenth and @Sleepy Owl



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Kim Nam-gil, the first grand prize in 3 years, 'The Heart of Evil'... "I came to work with a sense of duty and responsibility"




While actor Kim Nam-gil won the grand prize at the 2022 SBS Drama Awards three years after the 2019 drama 'The Fiery Priest', he revealed his affection for his award-winning drama 'Those who read the evil mind'.


Today (17th), fashion magazine 'Elle Korea' released a pictorial and interview with Kim Nam-gil.


In this pictorial, which captures Kim Nam-gil's gentle but strong face well, great pictorial cuts were created thanks to Kim Nam-gil, who showed a high degree of concentration when the camera was spinning even though he was having a friendly conversation with the staff at the time of filming.


In an interview with Elle that followed, Nal-Gil Kim said about the grand prize-winning drama 'Those Who Read the Mind of Evil', "It was a drama that I approached carefully because it was not an easily accessible subject matter."

"Even if I gave up a little on the public, I wanted to focus on telling the story, and I wanted to make it with a sense of mission and responsibility, but I was happy that such a choice was recognized," he said. "It was more meaningful because I received it through the power of my work." .


Kim Nam-gil also added affection to the work in the video released on the official YouTube channel of his agency on the 10th.




In the video, Kim Nam-gil said, "I sincerely thank the viewers and fans who loved 'Those Who Read the Evil Mind'" and said, "I dare say that this drama scene was perfect."


He added, "That's why (the grand prize) seems to have had good results. I will accept it happily thinking that it is an award given to this work, not an award I received for being good on my own." Lastly, Kim Nam-gil said, "He will not stop at receiving the grand prize, but will become a better actor and continue to be an actor who can be seen through his works."


The SBS Friday-Saturday drama 'The Readers of Evil', which ended in March last year, is a drama about the story of Korea's first profiler, based on a non-fiction essay written by profiler Kwon Il-yong, and recorded the highest viewership rating of 10.9% at the time of airing.


In this drama, which left a strong message, 'There is no perfect crime', Kim Nam-gil played the role of Song Ha-young, a cold-hearted criminal behavior analyst, adding a dramatic sense of immersion to the drama.





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You can only pick one: Retro drama

by DB Staff

DaebakGrits: I suspect my answer to this prompt would be different if I’d ever gotten around to watching the Answer Me series (I know, I know), but because I haven’t, I’m going to choose Through the Darkness. Not only is it a well written and directed drama, but the subject matter interests me, too. No, I’m not obsessed with serial killers, but I am intrigued by the “novel” and “controversial” profiling techniques implemented by the 1990s detectives featured in this drama. Because criminal profiling is so prevalently featured in just about every cop show to air on television in recent memory, it blows my mind that this style of investigation is a relatively new concept that was developed and implemented in my lifetime. So not only was Through the Darkness a fascinating and engaging story, it was also a reminder of how quickly things can evolve and change — and not just in terms of technology.



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[Why you should watch] Through the Darkness

by Guest Beanie


Netflix had been persistently recommending Through the Darkness to me, but each time I considered it, I was deterred by the title song’s gloominess, the monochromatic visuals, and the unsettling chills they evoked. However, an article about Kim Nam-gil’s experimental acting approach piqued my interest, and I decided to give the show a chance. To my astonishment, I was utterly captivated, riveted by the narrative unfolding from the first episode.

Through the Darkness is a masterclass in the psychological thriller genre, deftly weaving the intricate tapestry of criminal psychology with the nascent field of criminal profiling. At the epicenter of this chilling narrative is Song Ha-young (Kim Nam-gil), the protagonist who’s portrayed with haunting nuance. Ha-young’s character arc is a study in contrasts – his hypersensitivity and intense empathy, which once burdened his childhood, morph into a solitary, almost enigmatic adulthood persona forged as a defense mechanism against the overwhelming emotions of the world.

This aspect of his character is vividly depicted in the first episode, where a six-year-old Ha-young, shy and timid, falls into a lake. As he sinks, he encounters a dead lady in a red dress, staring intensely at him. Intriguingly, Ha-young reaches out to her before being rescued. Later, he is visibly moved by the lady’s fate, showing a depth of emotion that belies his young age.


As an adult, Ha-young becomes a police officer, driven by his deep empathy for victims and a sense of responsibility towards humanity. He is seen as an outlier in the department, known for his serious, soft-spoken demeanor rather than the typical energetic and aggressive policeman archetype. His colleagues often mock his empathetic approach to understanding criminals and his habit of visiting victims’ families, though he rarely communicates with them.

The show also features the character of Kook Young-soo (Jin Sun-kyu), a dedicated and forward-thinking man who’s passionate about his work and compassionate towards humanity. Unlike Ha-young, whose empathy makes him vulnerable, Young-soo is driven by a sense of righteousness and conviction. This contrast leads to Young-soo becoming Ha-young’s mentor, helping him channel his abilities into becoming the nation’s first criminal profiler. Their relationship is beautifully portrayed, and Jin Sun-kyu delivers a compelling performance. Additionally, the other characters add depth to the series, each with their unique traits, contributing to the escalating tension in every episode.


My favorite part of the story was when Ha-young succumbs to evil and loses faith because he witnesses and experiences too much. He decides to quit; his colleagues and mentor do not question because they have seen Ha-young give too much for his cause. But then, one member of the victim’s family expresses acknowledgement of his work because that helped her restore faith in humanity. This becomes Ha-young’s break even point, sense of purpose, and return to his cause.

Overall, Through the Darkness is more than just a foray into the world of crime investigation; it is a profound exploration of the human psyche, expertly portrayed through its compelling characters and intricate storytelling. The series transcends conventional crime dramas, delving deep into its protagonists’ moral complexities and psychological depths. It stands as a testament to the power of empathy and understanding in a world often overshadowed by malevolence.

This show is a must-watch for those who appreciate nuanced character development, gripping narratives, and a thoughtful examination of the darker aspects of humanity. It is a journey that leaves a lasting impact, challenging viewers to look beyond the surface and embrace the light that lingers, even in the darkest of times.





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