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[OFFICIAL] Lee Seung-gi X Lee Da-in


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I'm opening this as advised strictly to keep any talk and news pertaining LSG and LDI as a couple, and anything that concerns Lee Da-in to this thread.


Feel free to contribute.


Lee Seung-gi





Lee Da-in




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@ulfadeasy I'm quoting you here since it's more appropriate.


24 minutes ago, ulfadeasy said:

Did anyone heard the rumour that Seunggi is breaking up with LDI based on her Instagram post? Their agencies said that they don't know about it and can't confirm the truth since it's their private life.


It's funny how the agencies confirmed the dating rumour really fast but not with the break up issues






I had already seen it yesterday when we were talking. Not sure how her quote translates to break-up though. It's mere spec.


If they did, or if they will, they will say it eventually.

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How can the quote implies their break ups? If I want to relate her quote to her relationship, then just one look I’ll say the ‘bitterness’ she has to bear is LSG’s unreasonable sasaeng fans,  the ‘happiness’ she cherish is LSG’s love. Let them be, LSG is at the age he should have a partner to lead a healthy life 

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Lee Seung Gi Personally Speaks Up About The Breakup Rumors With Girlfriend Lee Da In

Lee Seung Gi has opened up about his relationship with actress Lee Da In.

In May of last year, it was revealed that the two actors were dating, and there have been rumors circulating that the two have broken up.

On June 5, Lee Seung Gi personally denied the news and addressed the matter through his official website.

Read his statement below:

I think our (Lee Seung Gi and the fans) past year has been one where we hurt each other and lacked communication, so after much consideration, I am finally opening up.

The first reason why I didn’t talk much in the midst of all the common was because I believed that my thoughts would not be clearly conveyed with emotional words. I thought by doing that, there would only be greater misunderstandings and wounds. Secondly, I feared that what we talked about would be leaked to other outlets or distorted into more rumors, which would hurt more people and be used as further gossip. So I hope you understand why I’ve been silent, despite some of you asking me to clarify my position.

There have been no changes in my stance or affairs since last year’s dating news. I didn’t comment further on that part, and I didn’t feel much need for it. I’m sorry if you were upset about this, and I want to comfort all of you. Please blame me for my flaws, and I ask for your understanding.

Lee Seung Gi Personally Speaks Up About The Breakup Rumors With Girlfriend Lee Da In | Soompi



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LDI is very reminiscent of SYJ but probably more beautiful, and more mature than YoonA despite the latter being several years older.











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I thought it was strange that SSR wasn't present at the wedding, but he's still liking their posts just like he used to.






To be honest, my gut feeling is that they're trying too hard.


It feels like they got married for the sake of it because why not, time was running out, and now all that remains is to show off.

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It's astonishing how everything he currently does now is always surrounded in criticism and controversy.


Agencies, dating, marriage, donations, tv show ratings, fan meetings, lack of communication, constant misunderstandings.


There is something seriously wrong with the general conduct.


Very bad all-around.

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