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[OFFICIAL] Lee Seung-gi X Lee Da-in

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I'm opening this as advised strictly to keep any talk and news pertaining LSG and LDI as a couple, and anything that concerns Lee Da-in to this thread.


Feel free to contribute.


Lee Seung-gi





Lee Da-in




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@ulfadeasy I'm quoting you here since it's more appropriate.


24 minutes ago, ulfadeasy said:

Did anyone heard the rumour that Seunggi is breaking up with LDI based on her Instagram post? Their agencies said that they don't know about it and can't confirm the truth since it's their private life.


It's funny how the agencies confirmed the dating rumour really fast but not with the break up issues






I had already seen it yesterday when we were talking. Not sure how her quote translates to break-up though. It's mere spec.


If they did, or if they will, they will say it eventually.

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How can the quote implies their break ups? If I want to relate her quote to her relationship, then just one look I’ll say the ‘bitterness’ she has to bear is LSG’s unreasonable sasaeng fans,  the ‘happiness’ she cherish is LSG’s love. Let them be, LSG is at the age he should have a partner to lead a healthy life 

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