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[Upcoming Drama 2022] Thirty-Nine, 서른 아홉- Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Do & Kim Ji Hyun- Premieres in first half 2022

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CONTEST: Movember Oppa event - win prizes!


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OP spotted the bus at her neighbourhood last nite 11/09.  Lee Taehwan IGS last nite was a after work pic “on way home from filming” and Ahn Soohee too.  <Thirty, Nine> team safe filming in cold autumn and fighting!!


Seoulites wake up to First Snow on a Wednesday morning, a month earlier than last year. :blush:





Actress Ahn Soohee <Thirty, Nine> IGS update











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From Son Yejin DC, OP saw <Thirty, Nine> filming on the streets of Bundang-gu today.  

Son Yejin makeup artist uploaded a photo taken outside Granny Saloon American restaurant at Bundang-gu. :)





“Padded jackets are best for outdoor shoots”


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October Sighting

OP saw Jeon Mido  filming <Thirty, Nine> on 10/30 night :w00t:


OP: “There were so many people at the promenade, so I couldn’t see the sign and was walking to set up my fancam. Jeon Mido and another male actor stand next to me.  I was so surprised that I couldn’t even take pictures.






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[Thirty - Nine Filming Update]:


Son Ye-jin Filming in Busan today.. Taking a photo shoot..ෆ If you have time, I'd like to be able to work with Midoring as well..




It seems like the filming of thirty-nine is done in many places. Dongtan, Ilsan, Gangnam, Pangyo, Busan, etc. Please come to my town too Disappointed face




11/14 Busan filming witnessed...


 Mi Jo Chan-young Is this a true story, I'll just die


It's an emergency ㅋ Higher resolution


Son Ye-jin and Jeon Mi-do? You are a winning team.


I guess Son Ye-jin is filming a camping scene in Damju~ ♡ The weather is cold, so take care not to catch a cold!!
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September Sighting


2021/09/19 : OP saw <Thirty. Nine> filming at VOD Suite (a luxurious private cinema) in early morning.











2021/09/20 : Son Yejin filming.




OP:“The female lead is Son Yejin and they said she is coming soon.  But…what time is Son Yejin coming?  I was drinking with hyungnin and kept taking glances… Finally Yejinssi arrived…saw her in person… Is she really a person…!  Hmmm…hehehe”







2021/09/24 : OP saw filming in a nearby alley near the cathedral. There is a lady in a beautiful school uniform.




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2021/11/14 Busan Filming 


Finally Jeon Mido and Son Yejin in one frame with Lee Moo Saeng in background tonite.

Jeon Mido looks good in her new bob cut brown dyed hair and it matches well with her role as Jung Chan Young, the acting teacher.








“The drama where Son Yejin filmed comes out in front of my house.  I am taking picture ^^.  My daughter saw it too.  Its “Thirty Nine“ that will air next year.  There’s Jeon Mido too. lol”

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Damju  Filming in early November

Son Yejin filmed a camping scene in Damju few days ago.  The weather is getting colder, stay warm & safe Son Yejin and team:)





“The site is too small for pitching. The poles are difficult and I pressed 40cm pack.  It’s a place where Son Yejin is filming”

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Throwback 2021/10/15 filming at a park

OP described the chemistry between Son Yejin and Jeon Mido.  

“it seem to be a scene where both were chatting and walking; and that scene was shot 3x.  Both seemed close as they were laughing and talking when they weren't shooting; and Jeon Mido laughter sounded very contagious.”








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2021/11/14  Busan filming at Nambu Police Station and Subway Station

Son Yejin and Jeon Mido were filming at Nambu Police Station.  

Only Son Yejin had scenes at the Police Department and Subway Station.  After filming for Son Yejin, Jeon Mido came and they film another scene together.  There was also a fighting scene but the voice belongs to a young woman not Son Yejin!


“Hotteok. Busan is over! Let’s go to Chungcheong-do”



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2021/11/14  Busan filming at Nambu Police Station and Subway Station (Part 2)

Son Yejin was alone at the subway station.  The staff said “I am done with Mijo-nim”.  Son Yejin said “I am done?” then she took out a kf mask from her pocket and wore it.  OP said it was so cute to see her putting on the kf mask.


Son Yejin sat at the subway, spacing out with earphones on , , waiting for someone and then making eye contact with someone in the subway - that was the scene.   Son Yejin was filming at the police station whole day and she looked really tired



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Son Yejin, Yeon Woojin and Ahn Soohee were shooting last nite 2021/11/16 at MelangMalang Boemgye wine cafe, Dongan-gu, where OP works





“The opening hours maybe delayed due to JTBC drama filming.  I am sorry” 













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