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[Drama 2022] Thirty-Nine, 서른 아홉


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<Thirty, Nine> official photographer Lim Hyoseon (she was also the official photographer for <Crash Landing On You> and <Something In The Rain> Son Yejin acted in) left a comment on Son Yejin latest IG post. 


“Mi-jo is beautiful.  Yoon Jin-ah…Yoon Se-ri… Even Cha Mi-jo is together”







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THREE food truck support for <Thirty, Nine> on Christmas Eve at JTBC Pagu


First food truck support from Directors Jeong Jong-beom & Jang Yoon-su for <Thirty, Nine> Director Kim Sang-ho and Cinematographer Lee Hyun Hal-young.







crd: caferun IGS


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SYJ filming ends around 12amish KST fm her staff IGS  



Son Yejin Taiwan fans posted IGS last nite that their FT will be greeting Son Yejin on Christmas Day, today:)




Flowershop also posted flowers from First Hand Taiwanese fans to go with the FT today






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2nd FT support from fan union of 24 fans organised by tweeter twonyam for Son Yejin, Jeon Mido and Kim Jihyun.  So sweet of her to organised for the 3 actresses.

Because of the packed filming schedule, Son Yejin couldn't come out and check the coffee cart.  Fighting Son Yejin!!!  Another month to film…


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 Son Yejin posted IG thanked her Cinderella friend Lee Min Jung and fans for the FT support on Christmas eve



“Did everyone have a great Christmas?
I have to film on Christmas Eve, Christmas and even today!! Ahahaha
I took a pic in front of this tree on Christmas to post but I only remember to post it now because it was so hectic. 

However, thanks to the coffee and breads that fans and Minjung sent to me on Christmas Eve and Christmas, I wasn’t alone AT ALL 
Thank you as always Minjung ah~ thank you! I really enjoyed (the food)!! Let’s hangout after this ends. I hope you spend a nice 2021 year that is only less than a week left ~ Son Yejin 











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'Son Ye-jin to shoot '♥' instead of Hyun Bin... Lee Min-jung "Let's play after it's over" [TEN★]


2021.12.26. 7:54 pm

Reporter Kyu-min Noh 




[Ten Asia = Correspondent Noh Gyu-min]

Actress Son Ye-jin announced that she spent Christmas on the set. 

Son Ye-jin posted several photos on her Instagram on the 26th with the caption, "Have you all had a good Christmas? I'm on Eve too! Christmas day! Today! I'm filming!! Ahahaha". 

In the photo, Son Ye-jin caught the eye with a fashion that matched a white dress with an overfit cardigan. In particular, the legs revealed through the mini-dress draw admiration. 

Along with this, Son Ye-jin said, "I took a picture in front of the tree while filming to upload it for Christmas, and now I remember and upload it. I'm not in the mood. Still, on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day, my fans and Min-jung sent me coffee and delicious bread as gifts, so I'm never alone. I didn't. Thank you always."


In another photo, Son Ye-jin and actress Lee Min-jung are smiling broadly while drawing a V in front of the snack truck sent to them. The snack car draws attention as it contains Lee Min-jung's message, "Let's finish filming Ye Jin-ah safely and well and play." 

Son Ye-jin is currently filming for the JTBC drama 'Thirty, Nine'. 



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Lee Moosaeng recent IG post photo was taken at the same place as Son Yejin at Swiss Grand Hotel in Seodamgu Seoul while filming last week.

He played the calm & caring Camp Entertainment CEO Kim Ji Seok, who knows Cha Mi Jo from school and fell in love with the acting teacher, Chan Young (Jeon Mi Do) at first sight.









Christmas at Swiss Grand Hotel in Seodamgu Seoul




Throwback  Lee Moosaeng cameo in Son Yejin 2018 drama <Something In The Rain> ep 15 as Yoon Jinah new boyfriend







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