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[Drama 2022] Thirty-Nine, 서른 아홉


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Thirty-Nine: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

by quirkycase



It’s time for final goodbyes in our bittersweet final week. Everyone prepares for the inevitable, leaning on each other as they work to ensure their friend spends her remaining days happy. She, in turn, does everything in her power to make sure her loved ones don’t suffer too much in her absence. It may sound like a depressing affair, but thanks to all the love and support among our found family, there’s still light to be found.




We pick back up with Mi-jo visiting Kyung-sook in prison and telling her in no uncertain terms that she is not her mother, and this will be Mi-jo’s last visit. She leaves after warning Kyung-sook not to contact her or anyone around her ever again. Although she was quite nice about it, Mi-jo can’t help feeling somewhat guilty later, but she stands firm.

With that out of the way, we move onto our final and biggest challenge. Chan-young is steadily getting worse, and although everyone knew it was coming, that doesn’t make it any easier. She’s as determined as ever not to burden her loved ones, so she begins handling her affairs on her own.

After hearing that Chan-young even went alone to get her funeral portrait, Joo-hee drags her and Mi-jo out for a photo session. She borrows Hyun-joon’s camera and goes a little overboard taking photos and stressing them out with her orders to look natural. But they end up having fun with it.


Chan-young also spends a lot more time with her parents, worried about how they’ll fare when she’s gone. She wants to do something for them, so Mi-jo helps convince them to let Chan-young pay for renovating their restaurant. It ends up being a group project with the whole crew helping on-site. Even Hyun-joon shows up, miffed that he didn’t get invited when he thought he was part of the group.

Meanwhile, Sun-woo meets up with Mi-jo’s dad to openly tell him about his father’s hurtful words to Mi-jo. It’s an impressive show of honesty, which Mi-jo’s dad appreciates. He surprises Sun-woo by being entirely supportive of their relationship and hoping his father’s issues won’t affect them.

As if Sun-woo weren’t already smitten enough with Mi-jo, So-won tells him she’s taking up piano again thanks to her. Pretty sure he’s about to combust with gratitude and love. Sun-woo then comes for dinner to officially introduce himself to Mi-jo’s family. It’s awkward at first, but soon enough, everyone warms up and Mi-jo’s father is even singing his favorite song into his spoon mic.


All these new beginnings happen right as the end is near for Chan-young. She takes a major turn for the worst and is in and out of the hospital with unbearable pain. Chan-young admits to Mi-jo that she’s scared and has been spending more time wondering what dying will be like. But she handles it all remarkably well and is still mostly concerned about her loved ones.

It’s been obvious that Chan-young and Mi-jo have a special bond, but that becomes more evident in Chan-young’s final days. She tells Mi-jo that she thinks of her more than anyone else – her parents, Joo-hee, Jin-seok. No one gets her like Mi-jo, and Chan-young knows she can rely on her. Chan-young begins leaving Mi-jo instructions for taking care of her parents when she’s gone, checking up on Jin-seok, and even puts her in charge of her list of people she wants at her funeral.

This leads to a lovely, touching scene where Mi-jo surprises Chan-young by having everyone she wants at her funeral gather to see her before she dies. Chan-young is overwhelmed to see all her friends and loved ones there, and says even though her life is cut short, she’s received enough love for lifetime.

And she is indeed loved. Her parents, Mi-jo, Joo-hee, and Jin-seok (along with our newbie group members Sun-woo and Hyun-joon) make sure she’s as happy and taken care of as possible. Jin-seok is so caring that even Chan-young’s mom comes around and encourages him to move in with Chan-young, entrusting him with her care.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2022/04/thirty-nine-episodes-11-12-final/

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Jeon Mi Do On Her “Thirty-Nine” Character, Why She Cried At Son Ye Jin’s Wedding, Possibility Of “Hospital Playlist 3,” And More


Apr 13, 2022
by S. Cho

In an interview with SPOTV news, Jeon Mi Do talked about her latest drama “Thirty-Nine,” working with Son Ye JinKim Ji Hyun, and Lee Moo Saeng, “Hospital Playlist 3,” and more!

On March 31, “Thirty-Nine” aired its finale to its highest viewership ratings. The JTBC drama stars Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Do, and Kim Ji Hyun as three friends who met in their second year of high school and are now on the verge of turning 40.

Son Ye Jin plays Cha Mi Jo, the head dermatologist of a clinic in Gangnam, while Kim Ji Hyun stars as Jang Joo Hee, a department store cosmetics manager.


Jeon Mi Do played the role of acting teacher Jung Chan Young who dreams of becoming an actress, but whose life changes when she’s diagnosed with a terminal illness.

As her character’s imminent death was implied from the beginning of the drama, Jeon Mi Do had to take a different approach to “Thirty-Nine.” Regarding Episode 12 and the scene of Jung Chan Young’s death, Jeon Mi Do commented, “It felt really strange. It was a bit weird. From a certain point on, it didn’t feel like [watching] me and I was only watching Chan Young, so it was really sad.”

The actress hilariously added, “I said [to people around me], ‘I also cried so much watching Episode 12’ and they replied, ‘You cried watching your own acting?’ I brushed over it while jokingly saying, ‘No, it’s because I watched scenes I didn’t know about,’ but I think the sadness was all the same.”




Besides her two closest friends, another important character to Jung Chan Young is her longtime lover Jin Seok (played by Lee Moo Saeng). After their ambiguous break up, Jin Seok gets married, but the two maintain their close relationship, raising questions from viewers about whether the drama was romanticizing affairs.

Jeon Mi Do cautiously commented, “Honestly, when I first received the script, I can’t say I didn’t have concerns about how people would take this.” She continued, “However, the drama is anyways written like that, and from another perspective, I felt that it made her a more realistic character. Since she isn’t perfect in every way or always calm, the fact that she had that foolish side to her felt realistic.”

She explained that Jung Chan Young is character that’s unable to succeed in her dreams nor love, but is still able to think ‘I lived a good life’ when inevitably faced with her death. Jeon Mi Do added, “Despite all that, I thought it’d be difficult to convince [viewers] of their relationship.”

Although Jin Seok eventually gets a divorce and begs Jung Chan Young to marry him, she firmly rejects him until the very end, which Jeon Mi Do stated was a decision that she understood and accepted.

Jeon Mi Do continued, “However, mixing in complicated relationships like that…People of that age group do not only have simple relationships. I thought, ‘Did [the writer] want to explain that?’ It was difficult to act while thinking, ‘This is right, this is wrong.’ However, I tried to accurately express what was written. It was quite hard.”



When asked whether there was any competition between the three main actresses, Jeon Mi Do shared that there wasn’t. She added, “We’re thankful that Ye Jin led us. Since Ji Hyun and I don’t have a lot of [media acting] experience, we couldn’t find the camera. We’d grab onto Ye Jin and do this and that. I felt apologetic and thankful, and we benefit a lot. I think we just had synergy. Just from looking at that, our chemistry was really good.”

She continued, “I never felt uncomfortable while acting. Ji Hyun and I have actually been friends for nearly 10 years. We acted together a long time ago, then weren’t able to for awhile, but after working with her this time, sure enough, she’s such a good actor. Ye Jin was so good, there’s nothing to even say. I had a good time among good actors.”

On the same day as the “Thirty-Nine” finale, Son Ye Jin held her wedding to Hyun Bin. Jeon Mi Do explained, “It wasn’t intentional, but the date just happened like that. As we went on hiatus for a week because of the election or the Olympics, the dates fell like that.”

Sharing an anecdote from the star’s wedding, Jeon Mi Do shared, “We said things like, ‘I couldn’t watch Episode 11 because I was preparing for the wedding,’ and ‘We’ll have to binge-watch it.’ Since the dates fell like that, it was like a conclusion. Because it was so chaotic, we couldn’t talk for long.”

She added, “I went into the bride’s waiting room and both Joo Hee [Kim Ji Hyun’s character] and I cried. It felt like marrying off a longtime friend from high school. Weirdly enough, seeing her in a wedding dress made me tear up. In the drama too, I wanted to help Mi Jo [Son Ye Jin’s character] get married. I think that’s why. Seeing me, even Ye Jin asked, ‘Why are you crying?'”


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1521743wpp/jeon-mi-do-on-her-thirty-nine-character-why-she-cried-at-son-ye-jins-wedding-possibility-of-hospital-playlist-3-and-more

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Kim Jihyun guested SBS Power FM’s “Pata Choi ” on 04/26 afternoon and mentioned about working with Son Yejin in <Thirty, Nine>

“We’re of the same age so when we talk, there are many things we can relate to. We communicate well, are friendly and laugh a lot. When on set, we chatted so much and it was so nice that I hope we could have more time to film” ~ Kim Jihyun



<Thirty, Nine> Jang Joohee cut

Full version







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Kim Ji-hyeon "It looks like you went on a pleasant trip with Son Ye-jin and Jeon Mi-do, 'Thirty-nine' = a gift" [X's interview③]

2022.05.02 12:01pm




(Export News Correspondent Kim Hyeon-jeong) (After interview ②) Musical actress Kim Ji-hyun with excellent singing ability showed a tone of voice in the JTBC drama 'Thirty, Nine'. In her recent appearances in the musical 'Eyes of Dawn' Yeo-ok Yoon, 'Sweeney Todd' Mrs. Lovett, and 'Man of La Mancha' Aldon Jawa, she also showed other pure wacky aspects. 

Kim Ji-hyun, who left an impression by naturally digesting the charm of a lovely mother-in-law, said, "'Thirty, Nine' was a drama like a gift." 

“There are works that cannot be done after that age. I think 'Thirty, Nine' was just that. It was a story about the friendship and parting of three friends, so it was a work that I sympathized with and laughed and cried a lot.”



Thirty, Nine', which ended on March 31, was well received by dealing with the deep story of friendship, love, and life of three friends who are about to turn forty. Kim Ji-hyun played the role of Jang Joo-hee, a department store cosmetics manager who is clumsy in her relationship but is pure and lovely. 

It stars Ye-Jin Son (as Mi-Jo Cha) and Mi-Do Jeon (Chan-Young Jeong) as her best friends from high school. As she is three people of the same age, she is actually close enough. The news of attending the wedding of Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin, along with Jeon Mi-do, became a hot topic due to their relationship with the drama. 

“It was an honor to be able to act with these two wonderful actors. When both actors met on set, they were the characters themselves. They are actors who have lived in the same era, so we get along well and both have very good personalities, so I couldn't stop laughing every time we filmed. I feel like I went on a fun trip with my friends.”




Ji-Hyeon Kim is a member of 'Going a Performance Delivery Service' based at the Korea National University of Arts. She made her debut in 2004 with the play 'Mirror Princess Peace Story'. She has been active in a variety of genres, including plays, musicals, dramas, and movies. 

“The attraction is different. It's all difficult, but it's different and has its charm. The things that were not fulfilled while working in one area are filled while working in another field, and conversely, the missing parts in other places are filled in another place. There seems to be a need for endless learning.


After the end of 'Thirty, Nine', she is performing on the stage of the musical 'Let Me Fly' in Daehangno. She is playing the role of Seon-hee, an old woman who watches the elderly Nam-won's exploration of the future and helps her. 



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Ahn Soohee talks about her role in <Thirty, Nine> and acting with Yeon Woojin and Son Yejin in her Marie Claire Korea interview





Ahn Soo-hee’s New and Happy Day
Actress Ahn So-hee's pictorial and interview

Ahn So-hee's tomorrow filled with things she likes



2022.05.09 12:01pm


Thirty-nine wishes Ahn So-hee

Thirty-nine wishes Ahn So-hee
Beige top and skirt JACQUEMUS by 10 Corso Como, white clog Arket , socks from the stylist's own.

The weather is very sunny. The magnolia, which Sohee said earlier, that she liked, was also in full bloom in the alley near the studio. That's right! The weather makes me feel so good. It's been a long time since I've taken a pictorial in a natural atmosphere in the sunlight, so I was very comfortable while filming.


The drama 'Thirty, Nine', where I starred as 'Sowon', ended a while ago. How did you feel when you watched the show? 


It started airing after filming ended, so it was like being a viewer. So I was able to feel the work more fully. I was curious to see how the other characters that I had only encountered through the script would be expressed, and even though I watched it knowing the story, tears came to my eyes.


What was Sowon's first impression? 

After spending her childhood at an orphanage, Sowon was adopted into a good family and loved by her older brother Seon-woo (Jin Yeon-woo) and her mother, but I thought that her memories of the past would not have completely disappeared. Even if the pain did not appear on the outside, it seemed that she was deeply entrenched inside. I felt she was a friend with a 'heavy clearness' that wasn't as bright.


It seems that it was not easy to express that heavy clarity. How did you approach the character Sowon?

When I meet the characters in the work, I am drawn to them because of their striking charm, but somehow, I just lost my mind. I thought about the reason, but it was similar to me that there was a bigger person, Seonwoo, by Sowon’s side. I tried to understand my wishes while thinking of my feelings towards my real sister.


It must have been important to work with actor Yeon Woo-jin, who took on the role of Seon-woo.
I acted together with Yeon Woo-jin in the short film <Ano and Hoiga>, and the scene at that time remains a good memory. It was nice to meet you again through <Thirty, Nine>. We filmed the first scene where Sowon and Seonwoo had a conversation while going to the restaurant (laughs), but as we worked together, the tension from the first shoot was relieved quickly. I am grateful to my seniors who helped me to think comfortably like a real family.


Not only Seonwoo but also Mijo (Son Yejin) must have been a great help to Sowon. Mijo and Sowon grew up in an orphanage and were adopted into a new family because they have one thing in common.
There must have been a part that only Mijo could sympathize with. While reading the script, I made a lot of marks on Mijo's words. For example, they say, 'No matter how much you are loved, you can't erase the wounds of being an adopted child'. And when Sowon, who happens to meet his father, tries to run away, Mijo holds her hand, telling her not to go. It was a scene that I developed while aligning with Son Ye-jin on the set and talking about Sowon and Mijo’s feelings, and even when I was taking my own cut, the senior held her hand tight. At that moment, I was able to raise the emotion of Sowon even more.


In the second half of the work, Sowon faces a big change. After her mother passed away, she resumed playing the piano, which she had stopped, and the wall in her heart towards her father broke down a bit.

I felt that the change of wish started from within. I was living with the idea of 'I am an adopted child' implicitly, and then I came to accept myself. So the wish is very special. It will not be easy for anyone to accept and change themselves as they are.


I once said that <Thirty, Nine> was 'a work from which I was able to learn various things'. What did you learn the most from this drama?
Although I am not yet 39 years old, I fully sympathized with the characters in <Thirty, Nine>. I think a story similar to the 39-year-old friends in this drama could happen to me today as well. It was a work that gave me a chance to re-examine my surroundings and personal relationships.


Have you ever thought about what kind of life you would like to live if you were actually 39?
I don't usually imagine in detail 10 years from now, but I do hope that I can continue to get along well with my old friends. When I turned 39, I want to maintain relationships like Mijo, Chanyeong (Jeon Mi-do), and Joo-hee (Kim Ji-hyeon) in <Thirty, Nine> with friends who have been with me for more than half of my life.


Many viewers were envious of the relationship between Mijo, Chanyeong, and Joohee, who continued their close friendship until their late 30s. I had this conversation with a friend last weekend. No matter how close we are, we don't see each other often as we go through life, but if it's us, we see each other a lot. We spend time together at least once or twice a week. While looking for restaurants, going to exhibitions, and confiding in every little detail of our daily life.


If you were to compare Sohee, who is now 31 years old, to time, what time would it be? 11-12 a.m. It's time to start working in earnest. Usually right after work, I drink an Americano and do other things, and then I get to concentrate around 11 o'clock. Now that I'm in my 30s, I feel like I'm a little clearer than when I was in my 10s or 20s. I'm taking the time to take care of myself and try to do something.


11 a.m. is also the time left after a long afternoon. However, I think the feeling of waking up is different in the morning and in the afternoon.


I know exactly the pattern of office workers. (Laughs) 

All my friends go to the company. Thank you so much for letting me know about things I've never been through.


Conversely, there will be things that Sohee tells her friends. 
think I get a lot… .(Laughs) As an actor, you have a variety of experiences, such as changing jobs for each project. I wish I could share with my friends what I have learned through experience.


Do you have any daily experiences that have helped you make a living as an actor? It's about exercising regularly. When a project starts, you have to be immersed in acting day and night for several months, so you have to be physically fit. ah! And dancing helps too. Eyes and voice are important, but I also think the body should be treated well. I have moved my body a lot while dancing, so I think I can do big and small movements more easily.


Do you think you will be able to digest the action acting well

Recently, I've been doing an exercise called 'Bungee Physio'. I tried it for the first time through YouTube content, but I was attracted to it and I am doing it consistently, but the way I wear a harness connected to a rope hanging from the ceiling like a bungee jump is similar to a wire action. 'I'm ready!' (Laughs) I am interested in getting the actors to work together, so I hope one day I get a chance to play a character that needs action. Among the actions, especially swordsmanship.


Looking at Sohee's YouTube channel, I can feel that she is spending each day with various experiences.
When she is not appearing in a production, her daily life is almost the same every day. There are times when my mood subsides, but when I need time to be still, I take a full rest, otherwise I try to move diligently. Ever since I started YouTube, I have been able to practice not just the thought of ‘wanting to do something’. Even though I have a busy daily life, I do not get tired easily.


Are you planning to spend your rest period after <Thirty, Nine> well? 

of course. I want to fill the time until I return to the next project with fun things.



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