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[Drama 2021/2022] Uncle,엉클


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November 8 2021
Teaser trailer 4 for TV Chosun drama “Uncle”



Teaser trailer #4 added for TV Chosun drama series “Uncle” starring Oh Jung-Se & Jeon Hye-Jin. Captions in the teaser state (0:21) “We are a happy family,” (0:39) “Protecting our family,” and (0:44) “Only one superhero.”

“Uncle” first airs December 11, 2021 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Joon-Hyeok (Oh Jung-Se) is an unpopular musician. He’s like a loser and his life has hit rock bottom. He has broken off his relationship with his older sister Joon-Hee (Jeon Hye-Jin). One day, Joon-Hee’s son appears in front of him. His nephew became OCD after Joon-Hee divorced. Joon-Hyeok begins to live with his nephew and takes care of him.

Meanwhile. Joon-Hee divorced her husband after 12 years of marriage. Her ex-husband was physically abusive to her. She moves into a cheap rented apartment and must deal with her ex-husband and his mother, as they try to take custody of her son.

Hey-Ryeong (Park Sun-Young) is a resident of the expensive apartment complex Royal State. She is the president of the mothers’ community at the apartment complex and is admired by the other mom members. Kyeong-Il (Lee Sang-Woo) is a resident at Royal State. He has a sweet and warm personality. After his wife died, he has raised his daughter alone. Yoo-Ra (Hwang Woo Seul Hye) is a member of the mothers’ community and admires Hey-Ryeong.




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'Uncle' Oh Jeong-se × Lee Kyung-hoon, uncle and nephew's reversal chemistry



Oh Jeong-se and Lee Kyung-hoon, uncle and nephew's polar opposite atmosphere was captured.


TV CHOSUN's new Saturday-Sunday mini-series 'Uncle' (directed by Ji Young-soo/played by Park Ji-sook/produced by High Ground, Monster Union), which will be aired for the first time at 9:00 pm on Saturday, December 11, is a comical, cheerful growth and survival story of a trash loser musician uncle.


In this regard, 'Uncle' is robbing the attention of two people by showing off two posters showing the unique chemistry of 'bad uncle' Oh Jeong-se and 'adult nephew' Lee Kyung-hoon. First of all, in the first poster, Oh Jeong-se complains about something towards Lee Kyung-hoon with a crooked pose with one hand stuck in his pants pocket and a face full of irritation. On the other hand, Lee Kyung-hoon raised the tension by capturing a meaningful face-to-face moment, staring at Oh Jeong-se with a serious attitude.


However, the second poster exudes a warm atmosphere that has changed 180 degrees from the previous one, raising curiosity. Oh Jeong-se looks at Lee Kyung-hoon with his warm eyes full of affection and a warm smile, and Lee Kyung-hoon makes eye contact with Oh Jeong-se quietly with his eyes full of water. With the addition of a warm and reassuring log line, 'My Savior, My Superman, and My Uncle's Story', the curiosity and anticipation of what kind of story and event the two people will be intertwined with is raising expectations.


The production team said, "Oh Jeong-se and Lee Kyung-hoon's amazing character digestibility and chemistry are always full of laughter on set."




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'Uncle' Oh Jeong-se, handsome man... Former musician J-King transformation




'Uncle' Jeong-se Oh has revealed the 'Flashback First Force', transformed into a handsome musician J-King that captivates women.

Oh Jung-se takes on the role of Wang Jun-hyeok, a loser, a white-bearing musician who stands on the brink of betrayal and fraud in 'Uncle'. After the divorce, Wang Jun-hyeok takes responsibility for his nephew Min Ji-hoo (Lee Kyung-hoon), the only son of his older sister Wang Jun-hee (Jeon Hye-jin), who appears out of the blue, and is reborn as an unexpected 'parenting uncle'. Wang Jun-hyuk is expected to bring fresh laughter and empathy to the small screen with an attitude that does not lose his dignity in every situation, even in the worst situation of falling into a pit in an instant.


In this regard, when Oh Jeong-se was active as 'Jking' in the past, the first force exuding the musician's aura was captured. A scene in the play where J-King gets on the stage of a small bar and sings while playing the acoustic guitar. Although it is a light outfit and simple ornamentation, the natural pose of holding the guitar and a serious expression reveal the 'Born2B musician' mood that cannot be reached. I am curious about the story of Wang Jun-hyuk's masculinity, whether J-King, who seemed to be walking only on a splendid flower road after taking first place in the terrestrial survival audition program, somehow lost everything and became a loser.

(Google translate)



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Uncle Jeon Hye-jin, "Today, I'm going to hold on strong!" The second act of life in an unpretentious gaze




TV Chosun's new Saturday-Sunday mini-series 'Uncle' (directed by Ji Young-soo/played by Park Ji-sook/produced by High Ground, Monster Union), which will be broadcasted for the first time at 9 pm on Saturday, December 11.

Jeon Hye-jin plays the role of Wang Jun-hee, her dolshing and working mother, in 'Uncle'. Wang Jun-hee, who escaped from her abusive husband and moved to a rental apartment in Seongjak-gu, where racism is rampant, with her son Min-ji-hoo (Lee Kyung-hoon), is a person who fights with her mother-in-law and ex-husband who are trying to take custody of her. . It is expected that the small theater will be warmly colored with the temperature of sympathy and hope as she advances steadfastly despite the challenges of her second act of her difficult life.


In this regard, the first force of 'Honey dripping eyes', where Jeon Hye-jin and Lee Kyung-hoon wish for a happy future and toast a glass of water, is attracting attention. In the play, Wang Jun-hee and her son Min-ji-hoo (Lee Kyung-hoon) have a small celebration party on the first day they move into a rental apartment. With food such as fruits and donuts in between, Wang Jun-hee and Min-ji-hoo's hats are sitting opposite each other, and Wang Jun-hee leans her arm on her table and shows her sweet eyes dripping with honey, revealing her son's foolish side. And soon, the two of them clink glasses of water with faces full of bright smiles, creating a friendly atmosphere. Wang Jun-hee, who escaped from her hellish marriage life, is curious as to whether Wang Jun-hee will be able to protect her son and move forward despite her unkind gaze towards him.


Moreover, Jeon Hye-jin, who has been active on a wide stage across plays, movies, and dramas, is receiving a lot of trust from viewers by making full use of the charm of her character with her heavy aura and unique colors in each of her works. In particular, Jeon Hye-jin, who played a dignified and dignified character in 'Enter a search term WWW' and 'Secret Forest 2', will challenge 180 degrees of transformation as 'Uncle' Wang Jun-hee, and what kind of charm will imprint on viewers is raising expectations. 


Above all, Jeon Hye-jin, who appeared at her first filming site with a smile that crossed her excitement and tension, absorbed her character's situation with her excellent immersion and concentration, admiring her scene. Jeon Hye-jin said, "I'm looking forward to the remaining filming of her because she's been able to work with a good production team, good actors, and more. She will do her best to create a character that viewers can sympathize with and love.”


The production team said, "Jeon Hye-jin is an actress who believes and sees expressive power that captures her complex and subtle emotions only with her eyes and facial expressions."




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‘Uncle’ Lee Sang-woo “I’m back as ‘Parenting Daddy’”




'Uncle' Lee Sang-woo heralded a new transformation into the role of 'Joo Kyung-il', who is perfectly equipped with a tall height, delicate manners, and a smile of a flower in full bloom.

Lee Sang-woo takes on the role of Joo Kyung-il, the father of Juno-eul (Yun Hye-bin), a bereaved man living in the Royal State, a symbol of Seongjak-gu's development in 'Uncle'. In the play, Joo Kyung-il is a person who is popular because of his looks, physicality, and personality, but there are no scandals, and he does not stand out and always keeps his distance from people in a gentle way. Meanwhile, Wang Jun-hyeok (Oh Jeong-se), Wang Jun-hee (Jeon Hye-jin), and Min Ji-hoo (Lee Kyung-hoon), who moved to a rental apartment, gradually became closer to the family and actively helped Wang Jun-hyeok, earning the resentment of the ‘Royal State’ moms.


Above all, Lee Sang-woo has shown solid acting skills with his own unique color in his various work activities. Recently, he showed off a sense of entertainment that was hidden in 'Golf King' and 'Mulberry School', and attracted a hot response with his eight-color charm. Lee Sang-woo, who is returning to the small screen in about two years after 'Golden Garden' in 2019, is attracting attention as to what kind of transformation and charm he will show as Joo Kyung-il.


In this regard, Lee Sang-woo is stealing attention by first revealing the aspect of Joo Kyung-il, who creates warmth with a bright smile. A scene in which Joo Kyung-il, who wore a navy colored shirt and a natural haircut with bangs down, gave a gentle smile when looking at someone. Moreover, with his arms hanging over the railing and his gaze set somewhere, he radiates soft charisma, raising expectations for the next step of single daddy Joo Kyung-il.


At the first filming site, Lee Sang-woo made eye contact with the staff one by one, stood in front of the camera, and concentrated on the character's situation by reading the script. Lee Sang-woo said, “It was my first time filming and it was my first meeting with the director, actors, and staff, so I felt a little awkward, but everyone was considerate and good people, so it was good to be able to adapt and focus on filming.” He shared his impressions of the first shooting.


The production team said, "Lee Sang-woo will make the role of Joo Kyung-il shine even more with a mask that makes you feel reassured just by looking at it and a warm and gentle charm. Meanwhile, TV CHOSUN's new Saturday-Sunday mini-series 'Uncle' will be broadcast for the first time at 9 pm on Saturday, December 11th.




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  • 3 weeks later...

Cozy up with plenty of new dramas this month!


Here’s what to anticipate in December:






Cast: Oh Jung Se, Jeon Hye Jin, Park Sun Young, Lee Sang Woo, Lee Si Won, Hwang Woo Seul Hye, Jang Hui Ryoung, Lee Kyung Hoon, etc.


Premiere Date: December 11


Broadcast Details: Saturdays and Sundays at 9 p.m. KST on TV Chosun


Based on a BBC sitcom, “Uncle” is a comedy drama about Wang Joon Hyuk (Oh Jung Se), an unemployed loser who has not given up on his dream of becoming a musician. He cut ties with his sister Joon Hee (Jeon Hye Jin) years ago, but when she gets divorced to get out of an abusive relationship, she sends her son to Joon hyuk, and he ends up in charge of his young nephew who struggles with anxiety and OCD.




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'Uncle' Jung-se Oh will return with 'Uncle' on the 11th... As musician J-King




“The man who became ‘Uncle’ as a loser from the number one musician!”

The scene of 'Tears of Glory', where 'Uncle' Jeong-se Oh is enjoying the joy of victory after winning first place in the audition program, was captured.


TV CHOSUN's new Saturday-Sunday mini-series 'Uncle' (directed by Ji Young-soo/played by Park Ji-sook/produced by High Ground, Monster Union), which will be aired for the first time at 9 pm on Saturday, December 11th, will take on the niece in elementary school unexpectedly due to the divorce of her older sister. is the story of a loser musician's uncle's comical cheerful growth and survival. 'Uncle', a remake of the BBC drama of the same name, is directed by Ji Young-soo, who has proven his sensuous directing skills through 'Nine Room' and 'Falling in Innocence', and his emotional writing skills as he wrote 'The Spring Day of My Life' and 'Hero'. Writer Park Ji-sook of Here, actors Oh Jeong-se, Jeon Hye-jin, Park Seon-young, Lee Sang-woo, Lee Si-won, and Hwang Woo-seul-hye, who have deep and solid acting skills, form a harmony, raising expectations even more.


In particular, Oh Jung-se plays the role of Wang Jun-hyeok, who does not give up on his dream of becoming a musician while riding an anchovy fishing boat in 'Uncle'. In the play, Wang Jun-hyeok was a promising musician 'J-King' who had won first place in the audition program in the past, but his money and dreams were taken away due to betrayal of family and friends. After the divorce, his older sister Wang Jun-hee (Jeon Hye-jin) appears out of the blue, and her nephew Min-ji-hoo (Lee Kyung-hoon) is reborn as a child-rearing uncle.


In this regard, the scene of 'Tears of Glory', where Oh Jeong-se is experiencing a moment of joy, is robbing the attention. In the play, the musician J-King is called as the main character in the audition program. Standing side by side with his rivals on a stage watched by a huge crowd, J. King shows tension and earnestness with his stiff face and clasped hands. Finally, when his name was called as the number one protagonist, J-King bursts into joy as he raises his arms and bursts into tears through the golden dust. It is amplifying the curiosity about the story of a promising musician who met the best moment of his life, and turned into a loser in one day.


On the other hand, the scene of 'Tears of Glory', which was filmed at a studio in Jung-gu, Incheon, was a scene containing the important narrative of Wang Jun-hyeok in the play, so from the rehearsal to the main filming, the scene was full of tension. In particular, Oh Jung-se drew a more dramatic scene with a roller coaster emotional performance that points out various moments from the eyes of mixed impatience and earnestness to the expression of tears of emotion.


The production team said, "It was a scene where he was so immersive and expressive that Wang Jun-hyuk, not Oh Jeong-se, was unimaginable.







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Premiere Watch: Our Beloved Summer, Artificial City, Uncle

by missvictrix



I never thought I’d say this amidst all the new dramas we’ve had the last few weeks, but I’m ready for some new ones! It feels like I’ve been waiting a long time for that drama that hits me with frying pan level infatuation — maybe it’ll be here this week? Headed our way is another summery romance, a psychological chaebol mystery drama, and an ensemble comedy that remakes yet another BBC drama.





Time slot: Saturday & Sunday
Broadcaster: TV Chosun
Genre: Family, comedy, coming-of-age
Episode count: 16

Reasons to watch: Mixed feelings on all the remakes we are seeing in dramaland lately, but I guess if it means a platform for Oh Jung-se, who can complain! In Uncle he plays the eponymous character — a lowlife musician who’s broken off contact with his family. When he takes in his young nephew, though, his life starts to change. It sounds heartwarming from here, but I’m also seeing a lot of sit-com references — at any rate, I expect this to take on a particularly nice K-drama tone. Maybe a nice drama for the holiday season?





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TV Chosun drama Uncle press conference




Armed with a warm story and the excellent acting skills of the actors, 'Uncle' visits the small screen. Oh Jeong-se, who has transformed into a loser musician, is going to give viewers a pleasant consolation.


On the 9th, an online production presentation of the TV Chosun drama 'Uncle' was held. Director Ji Young-soo and Oh Jeong-se, Jeon Hye-jin, Lee Kyung-hoon, Lee Sang-woo, Lee Si-won, and Hwang Woo-seul-hye attended the event.


'Uncle' tells the story of an uncle, a loser musician, who unexpectedly takes on his nephew in elementary school due to his sister's clear divorce. It is a remake of the BBC drama of the same name. Director Ji Young-soo, who received great love for 'Nine Room' and 'Falling Integrity', and writer Park Ji-sook, who wrote 'Spring Days of My Life' and 'Hero', collaborated for 'Uncle'.


"attracted by the warmth"




The actors were drawn to the warm atmosphere of the work and the charm of those who were with them, and decided to appear. Oh Jeong-se, who plays the musician Wang Jun-hyeok, who is in charge of his nephew, said, "It was a pleasant and warm drama. And there were many points in which I had close contact with the character Jun-hyuk. He is an immature character, but he is also warm. I thought that I would like to travel with this friend."  Jeon Hye-jin said, "I thought it was a comedy with a different texture. When I heard that actor Oh Jeong-se took the role of Jun-hyeok, I thought, 'It's perfect. I'll have to trust it.' I wanted to work together.”


Lee Kyung-hoon, who will meet the public as Min Ji-hoo, said, "My role was important and attractive. I was greedy and excited." He said, "I was contacted for an audition, so I prepared hard with my dad." Lee Sang-woo, who plays Joo Kyung-il, a parenting father, said, "Director Ji Young-soo worked with So-yeon in 'Falling for Innocence'. I heard a lot from So-yeon that the director was a good person. He also revealed that he was attracted to the actors and the script.


Siwon Lee, who plays the role of Song Hwa-eum, a fan of Wang Jun-hyuk, said, "When I read the script, I felt warmth. I had expectations that makers and actors would also be happy. Hwa-eum is an elementary school teacher, but actually my mother was teaching "I thought I could use the family opportunity." Seul-hye Hwang, who plays Kim Yu-ra, who has a plastic surgeon husband and a pretty daughter, said, "If I trust her seniors and participate together, a warm drama seems to come out."




You could also hear the breathing of Oh Jeong-se, Jeon Hye-jin, and Lee Kyung-hoon, a family member in the play. Oh Jeong-se and Jeon Hye-jin act as her siblings. Jeon Hye-jin said, "It was my first time working with Oh Jung-se, and I felt comfortable. It really suited me." Oh Jeong-se said, "I started the work after seeing only the first part of the script. I felt the charm of Jun-hyeok, but I was afraid of what the end of 'Uncle' would be like. I was going to go alone, but it felt like armed special forces were with me. It gave me a lot of strength in the field.”


In the drama, Lee Kyung-hoon expressed his gratitude to his uncle Oh Jeong-se and mother Jeon Hye-jin. He said, "The thing I was grateful to my uncle (Oh Jeong-se) was that he met me before filming and read and played with me. The thing I am grateful for is that he treated my mother like a real mother. I also took my snacks," he said.







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“Uncle” Cast Members Introduce Their Characters And Share Why They Chose The Drama


Dec 10, 2021
by J. Ahn

On December 9, TV Chosun’s upcoming drama “Uncle” held an online press conference with director Ji Young Soo and cast members Oh Jung Se, Jeon Hye Jin, Lee Kyung Hoon, Lee Sang Woo, Lee Si Won, and Hwang Woo Seul Hye.

“Uncle” is a remake of BBC’s sitcom with the same title. It is about an unemployed musician who ends up having to look after his nephew after his sister gets a divorce. The drama will look closely into the transformation of the uncle as he learns to look after others and becomes a responsible adult.

When asked about the difference between the original sitcom and the upcoming remake, the director said, “The remake will focus on the idea of a more traditional Korean household with more emphasis on the theme of family.”

Oh Jung Se plays Wang Joon Hyuk, an unemployed musician who suddenly becomes the new caregiver for his nephew after his sister suddenly leaves her son with him after the divorce.

He commented on his decision to play Wang Joon Hyuk, saying, “It’s a heartwarming story with a comedic twist. I felt like I had a lot in common with my character. He’s childish but has a good heart.”




Jeon Hye Jin plays Wang Joon Hee, the older sister of Wang Joon Hyuk. She also talked about her decision to join the cast, saying, “When I heard that Oh Jung Se was cast as Wang Joon Hyuk, I thought that this was the one. I also knew the director and writer when I was a stage actor, and I’ve always wanted to work with them.”

She continued to talk about her character, commenting, “My past roles were strong and confident characters. There was no one like Wang Joon Hee. Wang Joon Hee has no choice. Her parents passed away when she was young, and she had to take care of her brother. She barely escaped from her miserable marriage and now has to create a new life for herself and her son. She may have these major life problems, but she’s still a strong woman.”



Lee Kyung Hoon plays Min Ji Hoo, the son of Wang Joon Hee. Although his family was wealthy, he grew up in an unhealthy home environment. He shared his deep analysis of his character, saying, “Min Ji Hoo acts like an adult but is also a normal kid who likes to have fun. I made sure to focus on portraying his adult-like characteristics. He’s also musically gifted, so I tried to portray that side of him as well.”







Lee Sang Woo plays Joo Kyung Il, a widower with a daughter. Lee Sang Woo explained his decision to join the drama. “I loved the script, and I’m excited to work with amazing cast members. My wife Kim So Yeon said good things about the director, as well, because she worked with him in a drama before.”





Lee Si Won plays Song Hwa Eum, the one and only fan of Wang Joon Hyuk who used to be in a band. She shared, “Hwa Eum is an elementary school teacher, and my mother used to also be an elementary school teacher,” and revealed that her mother was the happiest when she chose to take on the role.







Hwang Woo Seul Hye has taken on the role of Kim Yoo Ra, a member of the Royal Moms’ Club. Hwang Woo Seul Hye commented about her character, “I hope the viewers don’t think badly of my character. Kim Yoo Ra is a mom who just wants the best for her child.”




The director spoke about the cast members, “I’m beyond grateful that the actors decided to take on their roles. Lee Si Won is a relatively new actor, but she had a great understanding of her character and was eager to take on the role, so I trusted my instincts and decided to cast her. Child actor Lee Kyung Hoon is great at acting, and I thought he was quite lovable.”



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