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[Thai Drama 2021] Praomook, พราวมุก - Pon Nawasch Phupantachsee & Bua Nalinthip Sakulongumpai


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21 minutes ago, partyon said:

I have no idea, but whoever thought making a drama where the FL is being treated poorly for more than 14 episodes and the ML never redeems himself was wrong.


People tuned in to watch romance, and we got way more romance between Lan and Nutch than we did with Lan and Mook. Lan and Nutch even had a tearful goodbye in the last episode. It really felt like he loved her all of this time instead of Mook. Even the ending scene between Lan and Mook felt totally unrealistic.

So much pain that he inflicted on her.... He should have been groveling for her forgiveness for at least 2-3 episodes.


This is my first ever lakorn and I don't have a good impression about this drama! I am too sad, chingu! :sweatingbullets: The writer totally needs more training on writing romantic scripts. Let's hope Pon and Bua make wise decisions in picking up their future dramas! Their beauty was totally wasted for nothing in Praomook! :blink:


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