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[Official Thread] Gong Jun/Simon Gong 龚俊


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First Name: Jun

Family Name: Gong

Native name: 龚俊

Also Known as: Simon

Nationality: Chinese

Born: November 29, 1992

Age: 28




2016  Lost in Japan 东京大冒险

2017  Rebirth Partner 异生探 as Lin Xi

TBA   Project X-TractionX牵引项目 as Hai Ming




2016 Sword Chaos刀剑缭乱Bi Lu iQIYI


2017 Lost Love in Times醉玲珑Yuan Che Dragon TV, Youku, Tencent, iQIYI

         Lost Love in Times SP醉玲瓏番外之玲瓏醉夢Yuan Che Youku

         Advance Bravely盛势Xia YaoTencent


2019 Unique Lady Part 1绝世千金第一季Zhong Wu Mei iQIYI

         Unique Lady Part 2绝世千金第二季Zhong Wu Mei

         Flavor It’s Yours看见味道的你Lu Wei Xun


2020 The Love Equations致我们甜甜的小美满Zhao Fan Zhou Tencent

          Begin Again从结婚开始恋爱Ling Rui Mango TV

          Unique Lady 2绝世千金完结篇Zhong Wu Mei Youku


2021 Word of Honor山河令Wen Ke Xing Youku

         The Player指尖少年Ren Yi Xia Mango TV

         The Flaming Heart你好火焰蓝Huo Yan Youku


TBA    ART ON!ART ON!艺术生Fang Yan

           Dream Garden沉睡花园Lin ShenHunan TV, Mango TV




2019   "But it is For You"但为君故 Unique Lady OST with Zheng Qiuhong


2020   "Sweet Little Satisfaction"甜甜的小美满 The Love Equations OST with Liu Renyu

            "Youth With You"有你的清纯 with Liu Renyu, Yang Ge and Yan Bingyi

            "Used To You"习惯你 Begin Again OST with Zhou Yutong


2021   "Faraway Wanderers"天涯客 Word of Honor OST with Zhang Zhehan


           "Burning Medals"滚烫勋章 The Flaming Heart OST With Pang Hanchen, Zhou Yanchen, Lu Yupeng, Wang Yizhou and Zhang Huiwen


            "Light Up the Future"把未来点亮 CCTV’s May Fourth Gala With Tang Yixin and Zeng Shunxi




2021 OK! Magazine Awards Most Anticipated Male Artist

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Some CFs/Endorsements (All photos/videos Via @/gongjun_ Twitter)


Tiffany & Co.












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Weibo and Insta Update (Via Gong Jun Updates )









LIFESTYLE Magazine Updates






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On 7/9/2021 at 12:43 AM, Wuzetian said:

@Yumiyue Sister I didn't know you created a thread for Gong Jun. Thank you!



 I felt like if A'xu have one his Lao Wen also should have so :transforms:


I'm trying to finish Flaming Heart just because of this man...


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