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Natural Wavy Hair

Guest daxeun

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with some major frizz
First, sorry if there is a similar post on this topic.

This is only like my second or third time in the health, beauty, and fashion section.

Mods can close this thread if there is a similar topic. :vicx:

Okay, so I have naturally wavy hair.

And it looks very similar to the two pictures below when it's wet/in the process of drying.


However, while my hair is air drying, the frizz becomes super noticeable and it covers up my waves.

I've tried using some anti-frizz products, but it all failed to do their job. :(

So I guess my question is, how do I maintain this uncontrollable frizz?

Are there any anti-frizz products that actually worked on you and/or others?

I grew tired of getting magic straight perm every 6 months, so I want to figure out how to bring out my natural waves.

And being me, I lack complete knowledge on hair and almost anything related to it.

So suggestions/help/recommendations will be greatly appreciated. :)

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Guest nutella

I have naturally wavy/ EXTREMELY frizzy hair also and what works for me is after i wash my hair i use an curl-enhancing product, like luscious curls cream by frederic fekkai, when its still damp and then while its still drying, i use an anti-frizz serum called phytolisse ultra shine smoothing serum, which works pretty well for me but the products do get on the expensive side. If you go to sites like makeupalley.com, theres tons of reviews on pretty much every kind of hair/face/body product so you dont have to break the bank on buying things that dont work.

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